Mandy and Me Ch. 04

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Mandy and Brian continue their activity. Chapter 3 ended with mom coming home and sucking Brian off.


After mom had finished getting me off, we all cleaned up, got dressed and had lunch. Mom was tired after traveling, so she took a nap in the afternoon and Mandy went to her room to play music. I just lazed around the house and waited till dinner time, when they both appeared and prepared a meal.

As we were eating, Mandy told mom what we’d been doing and told her she feels almost ready to take Justin’s prick in her ass. “Let’s check after dinner, dear,” mom said. “I bought more toys, and one of them is bigger than the one you had in today. If you can take it in easily a few times, then I’ll agree that you’re ready for Justin’s prick.”

“OK, mom, that sounds good. I’ll try my own after we finish the dishes and leave it in till we go upstairs later, it goes in easily right now. When I took it out before, I tried it again a couple of times and it slid in quite comfortably.”

“Fine,” mom said, “But we’ve got a lot to do, so let’s finish the dishes. I know I need to shave my pussy and, from what I saw earlier, you could use a fresh shave too, then there’s Brian, he’s going to take a little while to do.”

After we finished the dishes, mom told Mandy that, if she was going to put something in her ass, she should use a butt plug, then she could go without panties, so she wouldn’t have to worry about it. “Go and pick one from my toy drawer and put it in. If you need help, I’ll be up in a minute.”

A couple of minutes later, mom took my hand and we went upstairs. She sent me to my room to get undressed and went to the bathroom. When I got there, both mom and Mandy were naked, mom was just finishing putting Mandy’s butt plug in and then she ran the shower. Both of them got in and soaped their pussies, then started to shave themselves. They did each other when they were doing down between their legs and mom bent over with her back to Mandy and me. “Brian, can you hold my cheeks apart while Mandy shaves me in there?”

I held her cheeks and Mandy shaved her ass smooth, then mom got up and took Mandy’s razor. “Your turn now, bend over. Brian, would you pull the plug out of there for a minute please?” I took Mandy’s plug out and held her cheeks while mom shaved her, then, “OK Brian, you can put the plug back in now.” I pressed the point of the plug against Mandy’s ass hole and it started to slide in easily. As it went in a little bit, I had to press a little harder, to keep the widening plug going, but it slid in smoothly and then, when it was in to almost its base, it popped right in and stayed there.

“Brian, you stand straddled over the toilet now, I’m going to trim your pubic hair short before we shave you. That way it’ll go in the toilet and not make a mess on the floor.” I obeyed mom and stood as she asked. She started trimming with scissors, while Mandy held my prick and balls out of the way to give mom space to work. When all I had left was stubble, mom asked me to turn round and bend over. I did so and Mandy held my cheeks open while mom trimmed round my ass hole. “He really doesn’t have much hair here, but we’d better get it anyway,” mom said. “Hair round the hole sometimes gets caught and it hurts when you’re sliding something inside there. OK Brian, go in the tub, we’re ready to start shaving.”

I stepped in the tub and Mandy soaped my stubble, making sure to get in between my legs and round my ass hole, then mom started shaving me. When she’s finished my front part, she asked me to turn round and bend over, so she could get between my legs and my ass. She left my ass hole till last and, when she was about to do it, she slid a finger in. “My goodness, he is warm in there, I’m going to enjoy playing with this ass.” Mom told Mandy.

“Yes, I know. I have a lot of fun there, I can’t resist sliding a finger erenköy escort in when I’m getting him off.” They finished shaving me, mom felt around inside my ass for a little while, then took her finger out.

“OK, rinse off and dry yourself, we’ve got a lot to do and I’m ready for a good cum myself,” mom told us. “Come to my room when you’re ready and I’ll be preparing for us. Mandy, you should bring your slim dildo and the one you had in this morning.”

A few minutes later both Mandy and I got to mom’s room and found her naked on the bed, holding a vibrator deep in her pussy and another little one on her clit. “I need a quick cum before we start, this won’t take long.” We both watched as she played the small vibrator round her clit and held the other one deep in her pussy. After a very short time, she arched her back, raising her hips and came with a moan. I could see her pussy lips pulsing round the butt end of the vibrator, then she lay still, her eyes closed.

After a short time, she recovered and opened her eyes. She looked at us and started taking the vibrator out of her pussy. Mandy kept her eyes on the long vibrator and asked mom, “Can I try that one later? I’ve never used one that long.” Mom told her, this is one of the ones she bought while she was gone and she got another dick shaped dildo just as big.

“I want to try that one in your ass, she told Mandy. Yours doesn’t reach as far as some dicks can, and I want to show you how to get a long one all the way in. Come and lie down here and I’ll get you off real quick, then I’ll show you.” Mandy lay down and spread her legs with her knees tucked up as far as she could get them. “Brian, you stand at the foot of the bed, you should see this, it’s good for your education. I did as mom said, just in time to see her stroke Mandy’s pussy with the flat of her hand, then slide two fingers all the way in.

She stroked in and out of Mandy’s pussy, while at the same time stroking round her clit with her thumb. “You see this, Brian? I’m working her G spot with my fingers and her clit with my thumb. When she gets close, I’ll take my fingers out and use the long vibrator to finish her. She kept stroking for a few minutes then, “She’s getting close. I want you to watch this closely.” She took her fingers out of Mandy’s pussy, picked up the long vibrator and turned it on, then starting on Mandy’s clit with her other hand, she slid the vibrator in a little way. “This is what I want you to see, Brian. When the vibrator goes in, you need to press it lightly against the front wall of her pussy. That way you’ll pass along her G spot and when you’re all the way in, the point will hit her A spot. You can’t get that deep with your fingers, so you need a vibrator for that.”

With that, she slowly but deliberately slid the vibrator in, pausing at a few inches, then continuing the rest of the way, till the vibrator came to a stop. I could see her moving the tip of the vibrator around inside Mandy, who raised her ass up a little and started rotating her hips. She then looked straight at me and said, “The tip of the vibrator is as far in as it’ll go and pressed against the front wall of my pussy. Just watch me, I’m getting close and I’ll be cuming real soon.”

I watched for a while and she pulled her knees up to her chest. “Brian, put some lube of you middle finger and put it in my ass. Just put the tip in for now and I’ll tell you when to slide it all the way in.” Mom was holding the vibrator from the top now, to give me space to get to Mandy’s ass, so I put my lubed finger on her hole and put the tip just inside. After a few seconds, Mandy, still looking straight at me told me, “Put it in now, all the way and hold it there.” I quickly slid all the way in and she arched her back and grabbed my wrist to pull my finger in even farther.

“I’m cumming!!!” I felt her ass hole göztepe escort contracting round my finger as her hips shook and shuddered. Her eyes turned up to the ceiling as she held both my wrist and mom’s, keeping both the vibrator and my finger as deep inside her as they would go. After a short time, her orgasm subsided and she relaxed. She looked at mom and told her, “Mom, that was the best, deepest cum I’ve ever had. I’ll need to do it like that myself from now on, thank you.”

“I’m very pleased, my dear,” mom told her, “When dad comes back tomorrow, you can ride him with your pussy and you’ll see how to get a cum like that with a real dick. Why don’t you rest a few minutes while I get ready to do some more work in your ass. If you come across a long dick, you need to know how to take it in all the way. First I’ll show you how to find the place with your longest finger, then I’ll put your long slim dildo in there before trying with my big one.”

Mom got the slim dildo, lubed it and handed it to me, then she got her own big one, about eight inches long, and thick like Mandy’s short one. “Here, hold this one too. I’m going to show Mandy where the top opening in her ass is. You pay attention, we’re going to be doing the same with you sometime soon. Mandy, raise your knees up again, like they were before.” Mandy raised her knees and held them tight to her belly and mom massaged her ass for a minute before sliding her middle finger straight in.

“Now watch this. I’m going to back out a little and go along Mandy’s backbone till I feel her other opening, then go in the rest of the way.” I could see her moving her hand, feeling inside there and then the finger slid in till mom’s palm was pressed against Mandy’s ass. She took it out, took the slim dildo from me and slid it half way into Mandy’s ass, moved it round a bit, then it just seemed to slip in the rest of the way on its own.

“Oh, my God!” Mandy cried, “I’ve never had anything so deep in my ass, and it feels so good. I didn’t think it could be done. She now had the base of her eight inch dildo right up against the crack of her ass. Mom rotated the dildo in there for a little, took it out half way and slid it in again.

“Here Brian, I’ll take it out and you try to get it in there. Try your finger first.” I handed the other dildo to mom, lubed my longest finger and slid it easily into Mandy’s ass. I remembered mom saying to go along her backbone, so I did and about an inch before I was in all the way, I felt the other hole and my finger went into it easily. I took it out, took the slim dildo from mom and carefully sliding it in, it went all the way on its own. “That’s fine, Brian, take it out now and I’ll use the big one. Are you ready Mandy?”

“Yes mom, I can’t wait to feel your big one in my ass.” Mom took the big dildo, placed its tip against Mandy’s asshole and slowly pressed. I could see the fake dick head disappearing inside and, when it did, the shaft just slid in right after it. It went in about four inches and stopped. Mom moved it around and it started going in again. It slid in another inch and mom gave it to me to put in the rest of the way.

“Brian, let Mandy have the dildo to use herself and you play with her clit to get her off again.” I took my hand off the dildo and Mandy took it. She put it in a little farther, till there was only about an inch left for her hand, then started stroking in and out.

“Mom, this is the greatest. I don’t think I need Brian on my clit, but would you put two fingers in my pussy and work my G Spot?” Mandy’s pussy was soaking wet and mom easily slid two fingers in all the way, then backing them out a little, started massaging inside her pussy. “I’ll be cuming in just a minute,” Mandy said, “When I arch my back, massage me real hard, then go in all the way and stay there. Mom, I’m cuming!” Mandy arched her back, kadıköy escort mom massaged harder, then drove her fingers in all the way to her palm.

Mandy finished her orgasm, lay down with her eyes closed and relaxed for a while. When she opened them, mom took her fingers out and Mandy slid the long dildo out of her ass. “Mom, that was the very best cum I ever had. Just give me a minute and I’ll do you.”

After a couple of minutes, Mandy got up from the bed and mom lay down, raised her knees and spread them wide. “Mom, do you want a dildo in your ass? I’m going to do your G spot and your clit with my fingers.”

“No dear, I might ask Brian to put a couple of fingers in just before I cum. Mom’s pussy was already dripping, so Mandy just gave her a couple of strokes inside her lips and her fingers went in. She started stroking, then massaging mom’s pussy, while her thumb worked round mom’s clit. It really wasn’t long before mom told her she was close and asked me to put two fingers in her ass. There was plenty lube from mom’s pussy already, so all I had to do was get my fingers wet there and they slid right in.

“Put them in all the way, Brian. They went in real easy because I dildo myself often and your dad fucks me there quite often too.” I pressed harder with my hand, getting my fingers in as far as possible and moving them around inside. “I’m cuming!” I could feel Mandy’s fingers in mom’s pussy through the wall, massaging harder and plunging deeper. Mom’s back arched up and she pulled Mandy’s hand in harder, then took a deep breath and relaxed. “That was great. Now I need a minute and we have to get Brian off. I can hardly wait to get my lips down to his smooth crotch.”

After a minute, mom got up and told me to lie down. They spread my legs wide and mom told me to raise my knees. She put lube on her fingers and slid a finger in my ass, moved it around and took it out. ‘That was just to lube you up and we don’t have to do it while we’re working on you. Mandy, let’s both get between his legs, so we can both suck him and finger him.”

My knees were now out by my sides and mom lay down and took my dick head in her mouth. She just kept it there for a minute, running her tongue round the tip. She then came off and told Mandy to get my whole dick wet and slick. “Yes mom, it’s much easier to slide him in and out when he’s wet all the way down.” Mandy put her mouth over the top of my dick and I watched as spit dribbled over it from her mouth and she spread it down all the way with her hand. “I’ll take him for a while, but will you take his load this time? I told him I want to get Justin’s dick in my ass before I take his cum in my throat.”

With that, Mandy closed her lips on my dick head and, looking me right in the eyes, slowly but steadily slid all the way down, till her chin was touching my balls. Just as slowly, she came back up and handed me over to mom. ” He can’t hold it for too much longer and I know you want to put him down your throat a couple of times before he cums” Mom just took my dick in her mouth and took it in till her face was buried in my smooth crotch.

She came back up, “I can feel it and you’re right. I’ll go down two more times, then the third time, I’ll put my fingers in his ass.” Mom took my dick in her mouth again and went down half way, working her tongue on me at the same time. She came back up and then all the way down and back out. I felt fingers on my ass and mom started the tip of one in my hole. Then I felt another finger starting as mom took my dick in her lips the third time .

She pushed both fingers all the way in, going down on my dick at the same time. She curled her fingers and massaged my ass on the inside and, when she pressed harder, I could feel my first shot going down her throat. She stayed all the way down till I’d finished shooting, and came back up. Mandy took my dick, went down on it all the way, washing it with her tongue, then came out. “That’s the sweetest cum I’ve had for a long time.” mom said. “It’ll have to do till dad gets home tomorrow and we both get some of his. He’s going to need to get off at least twice when he comes home.”

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