Mark Tells His Story Ch. 5

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After watching Melissa drive away, I know there is no way I can meet her at the mall. There is no way I can pretend that I didn’t just witness her leaving her lover’s apartment. I decide to just drive around again for a while to think things through. After driving close to campus, I realize I’m somewhat of a danger on the road right now. I decide to just park and go sit somewhere to think things through. I know I can’t ignore this like I did with Debbie. I know how that ended up. If Melissa will cheat on me now, there is nothing to stop her from cheating again. That was the hard lesson I learned from trying to salvage my relationship with Debbie.

But this hurt me much deeper than Debbie ever could. I had opened up so much with Melissa. I felt confident enough to tell her things that I could never tell anyone else. I told her my fantasies and desires. We both did. I felt like I could tell her anything and know that she would listen and try to understand. I knew she wouldn’t be judgmental. She was already involved in the kinkiest thing possible, sex with her parents. She knows I accept this and even find it very exciting. All of this makes what I just witnessed seem all the more puzzling. She knows if she pissed me off that I could really embarrass her and her family with what I know. Maybe she knows I could never do that to her though. I know I couldn’t. Not even now. Her parent’s and siblings would be hurt terribly. They aren’t responsible for the hurt I’m feeling.

I walk through the campus almost in a daze. It’s still early in the afternoon so there are still many people around. All of a sudden, my cell phone begins ringing. I know who it is immediately. I don’t even have to look at the caller id. Melissa has to be wondering where I am. She probably assumes I broke down or worse got into an accident on the way to the mall. I decide to just turn the phone off. I don’t want to talk to her now. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I find a bench to sit on out of the normal flow of students. I need to think now. How do I confront her? Do I confront her? Should I just throw away our relationship and pretend like she doesn’t exist? Sitting on the bench, I find myself looking down at the ground unable to make any real sense of things.

A voice startles me for a moment.


I look up to see this incredibly sexy chick standing beside the bench I’m sitting on. She has long nearly black hair, gorgeous face, full sensuous lips, full perky breasts, shapely hips and long sexy legs. She reminds me a lot of Melissa with her facial features but she looks younger.

“Yea. Who are you?”

“We haven’t met but I recognize you from Melissa’s description. I’m Jessica, Mel’s sister. Everyone calls me Jessie though.”

“Oh, hey. Nice to meet you.”

“I just got through with my classes and was taking a shortcut to the library. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you when you were at my parent’s house a few weekends ago. To be honest, I was passed out in my apartment,” she says laughing.

“That’s OK. I figured we would eventually meet.”

“Are you OK Mark? You look like someone who just lost his best friend. Can I sit with you?”


“I know you don’t know me hardly at all. Is something wrong?


“Does it involve my sister?”

“Yes … I just saw her go to Daniel’s apartment. She told me she was going to see a sick older lady. I saw Daniel let her into his apartment.”

“Oh my God! I don’t believe she would do that to you!”

“Believe it. Not only did I see it, but she lied to me about it and was evasive when I tried to get her to tell me where she was at, when we both knew all along.”

“Oh God, Mark! I’m so sorry! This just isn’t like my sister.”

“I know. I never expected her to do something like this to me. I never would have asked her to be my girlfriend if I thought she was capable of this.”

“Melissa can act slutty at times. But I’ve never known her to do something like this to a boyfriend. I know how she feels about you Mark. To be honest, I’ve been very envious of her. I thought she finally found someone she could really fall in love with. I’m just shocked hon.”

Jessie puts her hand on my arm.

“Thanks Jessie. Now I have to decide what to do. Do I confront her or just drop her without saying anything.”

“Mark, don’t you dare let her off the hook with this. I don’t care if she is my sister. She deserves to be hurt just like she hurt you.”

“But how do I confront her? I don’t want to get in her face yelling at her. Also, I don’t want to confront her just to have her throw my love in my face either.”

I decide to tell Jessie everything I saw. I give her every detail of what I saw Melissa do today. Everything she told me this morning, after class, and over the phone. I can tell she is stunned by what her sister has done. It is not much comfort though to me now though.

“This just really sucks Mark. I finally get to meet you and she does the stupidest thing she has ever done the same day.”

We kadıköy escort sit there talking for some time. She seems very sympathetic to my situation. I thought that after the first few minutes of hearing everything, she would gracefully leave not wanting to get anymore involved. But she listens to me talk about Melissa and our relationship. I find her so easy to talk to. She seems genuinely interested in what I have to say. If she wasn’t Melissa’s sister, I might actually find a way to push my hurt aside to pursue this beautiful chick.

“I guess I should be leaving,” I say to her.

“Mark, you don’t need to be alone right now. I feel terrible for you. Even worse because it is my own sister that has hurt you so bad.”

“It’s OK Jessie. I’ll just go back to my apartment I guess. I’ll be OK.

“No Mark, let me go with you. You don’t need to be alone right now. Let me hang out with you this evening. I don’t want to leave you feeling so hurt.”

I look up into her eyes. She seems very sincere about wanting to help me over this hurt. I can also see that there is a gorgeous chick almost begging to go home with me.

“OK. But you can leave whenever you need to.”

“I’ll follow you to your apartment. Lets walk to the parking lot. We can order a pizza, my treat,” she says.

Fortunately, Ronnie is out with his new girlfriend tonight. He has been spending a number of nights at her place lately. I don’t expect him until in the morning. Jessie and I reach our cars and she follows me to my apartment.

She walks beside me to the door and then follows me inside. It seems so empty to me now. Melissa and I spend so much time together that now I feel alone in my own place. Jessie asks where the phone is so she can call to order us a pizza. When she reaches the phone, she can see that my answering machine has a number of messages on it. She asks me if I want to listen to them and I tell her no. I know who called without looking. I’m sure Melissa is going crazy wondering what happened to me.

The pizza arrives and Jessie refuses to let me pay for it. We sit together on the floor eating and watching TV. My mind is elsewhere though and Jessie can tell it too.

“I wish that I could get your mind off of what happened today. I really do hate Melissa for what she has done to you. I know she is my sister but I can’t excuse her for hurting anyone like this.”

“Its OK, Jessie … thanks for offering to spend time with me. It’s better than sitting here all by myself. I just wish I knew why. Things have been so good between us. We were spending so much time together. I have no idea how she found the time to start an affair with Daniel. I just wish I knew what I did wrong with her. We were so good together. I thought she was satisfied with me. The sex between us has been incredible. I just wish I understood what I did wrong!”

“Mark, she is just a fool. I don’t know you that well, but I think you are a wonderful guy. I know Daniel and he isn’t the same guy you are at all. He loves to party and get crazy. I know that is why Melissa dated him for so long. She never was in love with him though.”

“She told me I was the first guy she ever really fell in love with.”

“She told me the same thing and I believe her. That’s what makes this all seem so crazy! When she was with Daniel before, she just had a great time with him is all; there was nothing serious between them. He doesn’t take anything seriously, especially relationships. When Melissa wouldn’t quit playing softball on the weekends so he could take her to parties with him, he cheated on her with his old girlfriend. I always thought Melissa was a little crazy. But I never thought she would be this stupid to go cheat on a great guy like you, especially with Daniel!”

“I guess I’m just not the guy she really wants.”

“You’re a great guy Mark. You’re so sweet. You’re very handsome too. I think you’re more handsome than Daniel. I hope I find a guy like you one day too.”

“Thanks for saying that.”

“I really mean it, Mark. My sister is a fucking idiot for cheating on you. She doesn’t deserve you,” she says, sliding closer to me.

I get lost looking into her eyes. In many ways I can see the resemblances to Melissa. Jessie is a beautiful girl though in her own separate way.

“Mark, I wish I could make it up to you … somehow.”

“You don’t have to do anything, Jessie.”

“I know I don’t have to … I want to.”

Jessie moves so that our lips are barely apart. The next thing we both know is that we are locked in a passionate embrace. Her lips are pressed to mine as our tongues explore each other. She falls to the side pulling me with her so that I’m on top of her. Her hand holds my head tightly to hers, our kiss growing ever more passionate. Pulling back from her, I try to let her know we should stop this.

“Don’t fight it, Mark. You’re not cheating on her. She already threw away your relationship by cheating on you. Her loss is kartal escort my gain, babe. I want you Mark. I want to feel your body against mine.”

I begin kissing her again. My hands touch her body. She is right. Melissa threw away our love. Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself like she is with Daniel? I don’t care about anything at the moment but this lovely girl lying beneath me, wanting me.

My hand moves over one of her firm tits. Her body feels wonderful even through her clothes.

“Touch me Mark … touch me all over!”

My hand moves down her side and over her trim thigh. Slowly my hand moves inside her legs and massages the inside of her thigh softly. With determination, my hand moves up to press into her covered pussy. She lets out a soft moan into my open mouth, as our kisses grow even wilder.

“Jessie … tell me to stop … if you don’t tell me to stop I’m going to fuck you.”

“Don’t stop … don’t ever stop … fuck me now hon … my pussy needs you inside it!”

I begin helping her get her clothes off. At the same time, she is pulling at my clothes. Both of us trying to get the other naked, lost in our raging lust.

After we strip each other, we openly admire the other’s bodies. We kiss between glares at each other’s nakedness. Her hand grabs my throbbing cock and begins stroking it.

“God hon, your cock is so fucking handsome.”

“Your whole fucking body is beautiful. I want to kiss and lick all over you girl. I want to put this cock deep inside your sexy pussy.

I reach to feel her cunt. She is soaking wet. She notices that I’m wet as well. Pre-cum is leaking down my cock. She wipes it with her fingers and sucks each finger clean.

“I want the rest of that straight from the source,” she says devilishly.

She pushes me onto my back and kneels between my legs. She slowly strokes my cock while she admires it with her eyes. She then looks directly into my eyes as she lowers her head to lick up the entire length.

“Mmmmmm … tasty,” she grins.

She begins bathing my cock and balls with her soft wet tongue. She takes her time to lick every spot on my rigid shaft. She then moves her mouth to the tip and gently licks at the tip teasingly, fluttering her tongue to the sensitive underside of my cock head. After a few moments of this incredible feeling, she takes the head inside her mouth and lets her lips slide slowly down my shaft. She works a little more of my cock into her mouth as she slowly sucks it. Her head bobs up and down until she has most of it inside her mouth. As my cock slips from her mouth, she looks up quickly at me smiling.

“I can’t get it all babe … but I do my best,” she says grinning.

“Fuck Jessie, your mouth feels incredible! Just keep sucking me like that … oh fuck yesssss!

She takes her time making love to my cock. Her mouth is incredible. I can tell she has had quite a bit of practice, just like her sister.

“I meant what I said earlier babe … I want to taste you … I want your cum in my mouth.”

“Oh fuck Jessie … here it comes baby … oh fuck yesssssss! Cummingggggggggggg nowwwwwwwwwwww!”

My cock feels like a high-pressure hose as it blasts her mouth with more cum than she can handle. She tries her best to swallow it all but a good bit leaks out of her mouth, dripping down her chin. She leans up with sperm covering her mouth, chin and neck. I notice some of it rolling down her neck and onto her chest.

“Shit babe … where did all that come from!” she says trying to wipe it away from her lips with her tongue.

“I didn’t mean to make a mess girl … it just felt so damn good inside your hot fucking mouth.”

“You didn’t make a mess … at least one we can’t clean up,” she says licking my sperm from her fingers.


“Yes, we!”

She quickly moves so that her cum coated lips are right above mine.

“Kiss me.”

I hesitate for a moment. I’ve tasted the remnants of my sperm before in a girl’s mouth. But I’ve never actually licked it like this!

“I won’t make you Mark. But I want you to kiss me. Please?”

I can resist her pleading. I put my hands on her head and open my mouth to kiss her deeply. My cum slides into my mouth from hers. Our tongues are covered with my sperm as we kiss deeply. This girl is just as kinky as her sister. We take our time kissing and licking my cum from each other’s mouth. I even lick my sperm off her neck and chest.

“I love doing that, Mark. I think it’s so sexy when a guy will kiss me like that. Not many will. But those that do usually are really hot to fuck,” she says smiling.

“God chick, I’m going to fuck you good for making me do that!”

“I didn’t make you! You did it of your own free will, babe.”

“Like hell I did! When a sexy chick is inches from your face telling you to kiss her … cum or no cum … you MUST kiss her!” I say laughing.

“Well it looks like you’re ready to fuck me good,” she says reaching for my hardened kurtköy escort cock.

“Lets go to my bedroom baby. This could take awhile,” I say teasingly.

“You can take as long as you want, hon!”

As we walk down the hallway, I can’t help but let my hands touch her cute little ass. Her body is so exciting to look at, just like her sister’s body. It would be difficult for me to say who had the sexier body. Melissa’s is a little shapelier but that is probably due to her being two years older. Other than that, the only other real differences are just the uniqueness of who they are in their own way.

Walking into my bedroom, she pulls me by my hand as she walks backwards to the bed. As she spreads her body across the bed, she pulls me down on top of her. My cock is so hard that it feel like it could break. I want to fuck this chick so badly now. Melissa is gone from my thoughts for now. I move between her legs so my cock is against her wet pussy lips.

“Fuck me with that big cock. I need it fucking me hard … please fuck me hard now!”

I’m not about to let a request like this from a beautiful girl go unfulfilled. She bends her knees more so her legs are spread wider. I tease her for a few moments with the head of my shaft, rubbing it up and down the length of her cunt, slapping her clit with it as well. With little warning, I lower my body down onto hers and plunge deeply into her pussy. She wails out from the sudden filling of her young tight pussy.

She holds me close to her with her arms as I thrust hard and deep into her body. Her firm tits feel so hot against me. Her skin is so soft, yet so firm. I reach down with my hands to grab her ass and begin to pound into her body with tremendous force. I can tell she wants every bit of this and more. My cock feels like a piece of steel inside her tender cunt. Her juices are flowing abundantly from her.

“Oh God yesssssssss! Fuck meeeeeeeeee! Oh damnnnnn youuuuuuu fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee!

She throws her head from side to side; her pussy seems to be going through one continuous long orgasm. She is so vocal, she doesn’t seem to care who might hear her passion.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss cummingggggggggggggggg!”

Fucking her with all the intensity that I can, my cock explodes deep inside her cunt. My cum floods her pussy to overflowing. I can’t believe I still have this much inside me after cumming in her mouth earlier. I collapse down on her body as we kiss gently, relaxing from the intensity of our sex.

“Feel my pussy.”

I move my hand over her cunt and can feel her sperm filled hole with my fingers.

“Move down and look at my pussy.”

I slide down her body until I can see her cunt, it is gaping open some and I can see my sperm running out of it.

“Mark, will you do something for me?”

“Ahhh … what Jessie?”

“Eat me.”


“Mark, lick my pussy … please? I need it so bad! Please?”

I have never done this with any girl before. I have heard of cream- pies. But I have never actually eaten a girl’s pussy full of cum. I think, ‘What the hell’.

I move my mouth to her well-fucked cunt and begin licking at the now gaping lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yessssss! Lick it babe! Lick it!!

I can taste my sperm just as I did earlier from her mouth. Clearly this chick is into playing with a guy’s cum! I bury my tongue into her hot cum filled cunt. My fresh cum pushes out around my mouth as I try to lick deep to clean her pussy of every drop. She presses her pussy hard into my face moaning from the pleasure.

“Eat your cum from my pussy. Oh damn this feels so fucking good!”

My sperm that once was deep inside her tight hole is now entering my own mouth and throat. She reaches to hold my head tightly to her pussy as she screams through one more orgasm. I look up at her face and see nothing but her beauty and lust. She pulls me back to her and licks at the sperm still on my lips and chin.

“That was so fucking hot! You are a wonderful lover, babe. I hope you don’t mind me getting just a little … kinky?” she says grinning.

“A LITTLE kinky?” I say in joking exasperation.

“You were wonderful. Not many guys will do what you just did. I think you’re more of a man than any of those guys. You made me feel so incredible!”

I lay beside her as I lean over to kiss her softly. Our soft kisses continue as we gently touch each other. Enjoying the intimacy of the moment. We both feel an intimate bond developing between us.

Then we both are shocked back into reality.


The loud screams cause us to jump straight up in bed. Here we are, naked, my sperm still visible on both our mouths, Jessie’s pussy still leaking and obviously well-fucked, and Melissa standing in the doorway to my bedroom looking on in complete shock at her boyfriend and sister. Melissa takes a step in the room; her face clearly shows how stunned she is to see what she never in her life expected to see, Jessie and me naked on my bed after having what was obviously tremendous sex.

“I can’t believe this! Mark … why? Please tell me … why Mark why!?” she says loudly at me.

“Why? ‘Why’ you ask me? Why the fuck not!” I scream back at her.

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