Marlene and Tiffany Ch. 04

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Abella Anderson

Finally having arrived at their beach house, Marlene, Tiffany, and Steve had gotten right to it.

Tiffany was wearing an angel night-gown and a halo. She leaned back into her cousin, as Marlene pressed the Hitachi tightly against Tiffany’s inflamed pussy. Marlene was wearing a red nightie and devil horns.

She’d hooked her legs inside of Tiffany’s and forced her to keep her legs spread nearly impossibly wide. Tiffany moaned as the vibrator buzzed and Marlene kissed her neck. She struggled to close her legs, but the orgasms kept her from being able to resist Marlene’s strength.

She coiled and shrieked as a third orgasm ripped violently and forcibly from her body. She whimpered as Marlene released her. Marlene smiled at Steve and said, “Your turn.”

Tiffany melted into the pillows on her back as she weakly reached out to Steve.

Sensing she would be sensitive after the ordeal she’d endured, Steve entered Tiffany gently as she laid on her back. She clasped him as he began to thrust. Many people think missionary is too vanilla, but Tiff thought they were all wrong. She loved being able to cling to her lovers and look into their eyes. Steve smothered her neck with hot, sensual kisses as he thrust urgently into her. The girls had been crystal clear that they hoped to add two more girls to their happy family.

Marlene surveyed the scene and pulled the e-cigarette from her lips. She slowly blew a plume of vapor to the ceiling as she watched Steve and Tiff fuck. Both girls had been devoted smokers, but after Mar lost her mom to cancer, they quit for their health and their daughters. They had gotten Steve to agree to the concession that they could still vape on special occasions. Steve frowned when Marlene had pulled it out earlier, but she merely shrugged and said, “We just dropped our first-born off at college, and my daughter has just taken my niece’s cherry. I think I’m entitled.”

Tiffany had chimed in, “What about me? My niece has just seduced MY daughter and taken her cherry.”

Shocked that Steffany had already fucked Domino, Steve was unable to counter the logic.

Marlene’s focus shifted back to the couple thrashing before her, as she continued to exhale conical plumes of vapor into the air. After nearly two decades together, she still enjoyed watching Steve and Tiffany fuck just as much as she enjoyed fucking each of them. Pleased with how the life she’d orchestrated had turned out, she let her hand drift lazily to her snatch and began to play with herself.

Tiffany had come several times already as Marlene’s loving assault with the vibrator had sensitized her pussy. Steve had already filled Tiff once and was at it again as he tried to ensure their wishes became a reality. The only things Steve loved more than the two cousins who had lured him into their hearts and bed was the daughters they had made along the way. He felt truly blessed.

He gasped as he came a second time, and rolled off Tiffany and onto his back. Marlene reached over to him and began to rub his crotch, imploring his member to rise again. Tiffany rolled toward him and gently suckled and kissed nişantaşı escort his man nipple.

Steve said, “I’m going to need a bit of rest. I’m not as young as I used to be.”

Marlene grinned, “Don’t worry, we’ve got all weekend, plus I got you some Viagra, old man.”

“Sit on me, and I’ll show you old,” he growled playfully.

Marlene hopped on him for some cowgirl fucking. She planted her tiny hands on his still muscular chest and began to bounce enthusiastically up and down on him. She smiled at him and reminded him that she and Tiff had pulled out all the stops for this. And they had. Steve had been stunned when they both revealed pierced nipples under their angel and devil nighties. Then Marlene’s relentless vibrating of Tiffany’s pussy had him almost humping the bed in anticipation.

With a salacious grin, she thought of the other surprises they had in store for him. She was pretty sure his mind, and his cock would explode when they brought out the superheroine costumes.

Feeling the urge to include Tiffany in their love-play, she hopped off Steve’s throbbing prick and knelt on top of Tiffany and kissed her hungrily. Steve got behind her and tapped her inner thighs. She widened her legs a little, and he entered her firmly from behind. Marlene kissed Tiff’s taut pierced nipples and pinched them with her lips as Steve began fucking her in earnest. She loved when he pounded her doggy style, and she came quickly. Steve bellowed as he spewed semen into her shortly after that.

“I am going to need a rest, girls. Three bouts of lovemaking after dropping the ‘twins’ off at school and then driving here to the beach house has me worn out.”

“Poor baby,” the girls cooed together. “You’re right. Just relax and get some rest.” They kissed him gently on his shoulders, chest, arms, and abdomen until he drifted off to sleep. They snuggled tightly next to him and fell asleep as well.

Steve woke to the smell of freshly cooked bacon wafting from downstairs and realized Marlene was giving him a morning blowjob. Running his head gently through her hair, he said, “Hey, let’s not waste that. We’re going to need every drop for your plan.”

She giggled, “Don’t worry. I just wanted you up. You’re going to come in my pussy.” She laid down next to him, onto her back, and said, “Choo-choo, all aboard!!” as she pulled him on top of her.

He loved that she could always make him laugh, even after their nearly two decades together, and he marveled at the life she’d given him and Tiffany.

“I’m so lucky that you and Tiff chose me,” he whispered as he drove her into the mattress and pillows with each thrust.

“You are lucky, love,” she breathed into the side of his neck, “But so are we. Don’t ever forget that.’

He looked down at her lovingly and kissed her deeply as they mashed their bodies together in a sweaty, writhing mess.

They both came within seconds of each other, and heard Tiff call from downstairs, “That’s enough fucking! Breakfast is ready.”

Grinning with hunger, they both ran downstairs to eat without bothering ortaköy escort to put on clothes.

Tiffany smiled as Steve and Marlene entered. “Well, I see I’m overdressed for this party,” and quickly took off her apron.

They sat down together and enjoyed bacon, eggs, pancakes, and syrup.

Steve chuckled to himself, and the girls both inquired, “What?”

He laughed, “I’m just thinking how much I’m going to love licking the leftover syrup off you both later.”

Marlene playfully spilled a little on Tiffany’s pierced nipple and licking it off, giggled, “Why, wait?”

Steve cleared away the plates, and Tiffany guided Marlene flat on her back on the table and held her legs in the air. Pulling her forward so that her pussy was accessible, she let Steve snake under her arm. Putting Marlene’s legs over his shoulders, Steve entered her hard and deep.

Tiffany pranced around to the other end of the table and stretched Marlene’s arms out above her head and pinned them to the table. Marlene moaned, and the table creaked as Steve slid in and out. Faster and faster, he thrust into his loving and loved wife. Her breasts jiggled as Steve’s hips moved in and out like a metronome. Her stiff, pierced nipples floated on her firm, jutting breasts.

Tiff planted her mouth on Marlene’s and kissed her, as Steve continued his rhythmic cadence. Tiffany’s mouth muffled Marlene’s moans their tongues danced.

Steve groaned and came violently. Ribbons of warm cum shot into his wife’s eager, wet pussy.

He pulled out and collected himself. Tiffany broke the kiss, and snuck over and stuck her finger in Marlene’s pussy, and drew out a tiny bit of cum on her finger. She pressed her finger to Marlene’s mouth who inhaled it eagerly.

“Who’s up for some beach time?” Marlene shouted. The only thing she loved more than fucking was lying in the sun.

Tiffany raised her hand, “I’m in.”

Steve got some blankets, and the three of them headed down to their secluded section of beach. They’d bought it for the privacy afforded by the rocky outcroppings and lack of tourist trap attractions. The boardwalks and amusement parks were all hours north or south.

Spreading the blankets near the water, they all laid down and sunbathed nude. They took turns spreading sunscreen on their naked bodies. When the mood struck them, the girls would kiss and caress each other. Their playful teasing allowed Steve to rebuild his stamina, while also inflaming his ardor.

After several hours in the sun, they decided to head back to the house. The respite combined with their flirting and kissing had re-energized Steve.

He laid Marlene on her back on the couch in the living room, and Tiff sat on her face. Marlene licked Tiff’s pussy like it was the first time, and Tiff loved every minute of it. Steve entered Marlene and fucked her in a loving, but skillful fashion. His task was to impregnate his loves, and he meant to accomplish it and please them simultaneously.

He spurted into Marlene again, and Tiffany shouted, “My turn.” The girls switched places, and Steve went pendik escort to work on Tiff while Marlene sat on her face.

After they’d all cum again, they were exhausted. Tiffany suggested they shower and go out to dinner. Steve and Marlene readily agreed. After the sun and the lovemaking, they didn’t have the energy to cook.

They went off to a local seafood place and had an enjoyable meal, good wine, and pleasant conversation. They wondered what Steffy and Domino were up to, and Steve reddened at the thought of his daughter’s making love.

The girls enjoyed teasing him, but also saw his point. Their relationship was unconventional, yet at the same time very traditional. An outsider who watched them at home for ten minutes would walk away sure that they loved each other and their children.

Refreshed after their meal, they returned home, and Steve made gentle love to each woman, and they again drifted off to a contented sleep in a tangle of arms and legs.

They woke up Sunday morning when the sun started to peek in the windows. They again made love, and Steve was pretty sure that they’d had enough sex that the girls would both be pregnant.

Marlene said, “Nothing doing, buddy. You promised us sex until Tuesday morning.”

Steve held up his hands in mock resignation, “I wasn’t backing out. I’m just hoping we did what we came here to do. The house will be quieter without Steff and Sugarbear around. Well, without Steff, I mean. Sometimes Sugarbear is so quiet you forget that she’s there.”

Both girls smiled at him, and his heart melted.

Meanwhile, back on campus, the girls had worked out an arrangement. Steffany didn’t want to hear her sister even hint at an exclusive relationship until Domino had dated five other people. “You don’t have to sleep with them, and they can be boys or girls. But, you do have to give it an honest effort. I want you to see what else is out there.”

Domino had agreed.

Steffany and Domino were kissing under the shower in their dorm room. They’d just returned from their morning run. As Steffany pressed her older sister against the shower wall, she kneaded and mauled her breasts, and Domino panted with lust.

“Sissy, I know we talked about this, but I can’t help it. I still want to fuck Daddy.”

“Oh, Sugarbear,” her sister sighed, “I don’t think that’s going to happen. Think about their relationship for a minute. Daddy’s not committing incest, our moms are. And, well, look at them, sure it’s kinky that there are three of them, but have you ever seen people so committed to each other?”

Dominica sighed, “Okay. I get it, but I’m not giving up on this idea.”

Steffany kissed her, “I don’t want to see you get hurt, Sugarbear. I love you too much.”

“Love you too, Sissy.”

Back at the beach house, their parents continued their torrid lovemaking. At some point on Sunday evening, the girls came into the bedroom in Batgirl and Robin costumes, and Steve nearly nutted just looking at them.

The girls kissed each other playfully and then removed the parts of their costumes that would interfere with Steve’s access to their pussies.

The three of them fucked like teenagers until Tuesday morning, when it was time to return home.

A little more than a month later, the girls were sure they were pregnant. They all had their fingers crossed that it would be two more daughters, but only time would tell.

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