Mating Impulse Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: As is usual to state on Literotica, all characters participating in sexual acts occurring in this story are at least 18 years of age.

It’s not strictly necessary to read the first chapter of this story, but I would recommend it, or at least the “prologue” part, to understand what is, exactly, happening in this chapter. In a nutshell, an alien device built to influence people’s minds crash-landed on Earth and is now warping the minds of the inhabitants of a small town near the lake where it fell.

This chapter contains sex scenes, done under said device’s mind control effects, between all three possible heterosexual, incestuous pairings of a family consisting of a man, his wife, their son, and his sister. If you don’t like stories like this, you’ve been warned, the choice to continue reading is only yours to make. If you do like stories like this, I hope you’ll like it and that I won’t disappoint you (much).

Please, don’t forget to comment, rate and if you like it, favorite the story. Constructive critique and feedback are always welcomed.


She just sat there as if nothing had happened.

Like nothing had ever happened.

As Irene stared at her, she had no idea how to react.

She just sat there, enjoying her meal like the others, with only the slightest, absentminded yet still icily cold glances at Irene indicating any awareness of what had happened between them, not just today, but everything that had ever happened between them, was happening, or will happen.


Those events shaped Irene, her life, her perception of the world, and her very mind, more than anything else. The loneliness, the fear, and anxiety she felt due to her presence at the table, which she felt despite the presence of her husband and son, were nauseatingly strong.

And she was just sitting there, with not a care in the world.

Of course, Irene realized, she wasn’t the one it happened to. She was the one who made it happen. She didn’t spend her time thinking of when another insult, another biting remark would come her way, guessing how nasty it would be and thinking of how to avoid it. She simply made it happen whenever she wanted and forgot about it five minutes later, not caring at all about what she did.

God, how Irene hated her.

Half an hour ago.

Seriously?! What the fuck do you think you are doing!” Irene Velazquez felt her blood pressure rise to the boiling point as she heard the shrill, high-pitched voice of her sister-in-law, Debbie, yell out at her, followed by sounds of soft, feminine footsteps racing towards Irene angrily. An annoying bitch whose eternally juvenile brain seemingly stopped maturing from the moment she was declared the prom queen, she loved humiliating and ripping into Irene at every chance she had.

The answer to Debbie Velazquez’s rhetorical question was, of course, that Irene was washing the dishes. That was what, for a split second, she thought about answering her, though with several expletives inserted into her answer, just to repay her for her own.

Before she could do that, unfortunately, the footsteps had stopped right next to her.

“Just, just give it to me,” Irene heard her sister-in-law say as she reached for the sponge in Irene’s hand, the perfectly manicured purple nails on her delicate hand digging deep into the wet sponge, pulling it out of Irene’s hand.

“Give it to me, I can already see you breaking something if you’ll keep washing, let me do that,” she said in an irritated tone of voice as she continued pulling the sponge out of Irene’s hand.

Irene stood there, immobile, breathing in and out.

This was too much.

“What the fuck is your problem?” she spat out angrily, holding back tears, as she threw the sponge at Debbie’s well-endowed chest “No, seriously, what the fuck is your problem now?!”

Debbie stared at her in shock, mouth agape, for a few moments. Never having thought about what her insults did to Irene, she didn’t realize she was just about at the limit of what she was willing to take from her.

“What exactly do you think my problem is?” she finally replied “Look at what you are doing in that sink. You are fucking throwing your arms around like Tyson if he had Parkinson’s!” she yelled.

“Let me guess,” she said as she grinned, realizing what she needed to say “You’ve been drinking again last night, weren’t you? It’s obvious, honestly.” she derisively remarked.

Irene had no will to continue their fight. She just exploded and that was it. She was done with Debbie for today, at least.

No, she wasn’t drinking last night. She wasn’t drinking for months. But then, it’s not like Debbie cared about the truth. She cared about mocking Irene, angering her, and making her suffer.

“OK,” Irene said defeated “If you wanna do it so much, do it,” she said pointing to the water running through the sink. “I’ll be in my room,” she added.

“OK,” Debbie just said. As Irene passed her by, she made sure to “accidentally” hit her with her shoulder.

“Why the fuck are you two fighting again!” Irene heard the voice atalar escort bayan of her husband, Tad, yell out of the living room “One of the fucking reasons I moved us here was that you two were going to become friends instead of throwing shit at each other, if this bullshit won’t stop soon I’ll get fucking pissed off!!”

Irene just passed him, and the living room, by on her way.

After closing the door of her room, she fell at her back, and onto her bed, glassy-eyed.

How the hell did she even get into this situation?

As was her mental ritual for the last 21 years, she quickly mentally recapped all of the things which lead to her life currently being the way it was, wondering what exactly was the moment which decided it all.

It all started in high school. Debbie and Tad were the star siblings of the school. She the cheerleaders’ captain, he the football teams’, both of them part-time models already. She, on the other hand, had nothing going for her except for being a straight-A student, and even that not in all courses and only most of the time.

By some coincidence, however, their social circles overlapped despite their wildly different social positions, with two of Irene’s three only friends being close to Tad, and by extension Debbie as well.

They were: Jenny, her only remotely attractive friend, who was Tad’s occasional sexual partner whenever he got tired of the drama always following the “popular” girls of the school, and Anthony, her stereotypically nerdy friend who hung-out with Tad and his friends, for whom he served the role of the designated joke target, though he was nevertheless accepted by them, if only because he knew half of them for years.

Thanks to those connections, as time went on, she was invited more and more to parties where she got the chance to mingle with the Velazquez siblings’ social groups, an activity she turned out to be quite apt at.

First, she just exchanged greetings with a few of them. Then, all of them. Then, they were insulting their teachers together. Then, they shared a few drinks. Then, they drank together so much no one who was there knew how they ended up home in the morning.

And then, eventually, at a party celebrating Tad’s 18th birthday (Occurring a few days after the day.), after having had a little too many drinks to personally celebrate her own 18th birthday, which was a month before and the celebrations of it consisted just of her sitting on her bed and humoring her parents’ attempt to have a meaningful and deep conversation with her, the contents of which she forgot not even an hour after they left her room, Irene woke-up to find herself half-naked, with only her T-shirt on to barely cover her bust, on Tad’s bed, with him on top of her, taking her virginity with quick, potent strokes.

She screamed a lot and ran out, home. That, she repeated when he ambushed her on her way to school the next week, pleading for forgiveness. Then, the first few times he approached her at school, though, inevitably given his much higher social status and the omnipresent prying gazes of the other students, she screamed much less there and only walked away instead of running, though still quite quickly.

The next few times, she screamed even less and didn’t run away.

Then, eventually, after he made it clear he won’t stop approaching her, she gave in.

They had a very long talk then. He said that he loved her, that he always loved her and always would, that he wanted to be forever, he apologized for the “misunderstanding” which happened and asked, begged her really, to be his girlfriend.

Never, before or after, had she ever wanted to just spit in someone’s face like when he proposed it to her. Just spit in his face and walk away. But she couldn’t. Her social position at school was cratering due to her daring to resist its biggest star, and she was terrified of how low she could sink and how dangerous it could get for her.

Also, as much as she hated the fact, she was still attracted to him. No matter what he did to her, he was still Tad Velazquez, the gorgeous football team captain whose tall stature and well-sculpted muscles moistened every pussy around him.

In the end, her fear for her reputation, and her horny pussy, made the decision.

From that day on, she was his girlfriend.

And from that day on, Debbie hated her.

She didn’t even notice it at first, but as the time went, year by year, as they graduated from school, got married, and had a son, it became more and more obvious. It wasn’t long after Harrison’s birth that scenes like what just happened in the kitchen occurred every single time the two met.

She never really understood why she acted that way, but very soon, she began thinking of the obvious.

They were an incestuous couple.

She never found any direct evidence for that, but every year, she became more and more convinced of it.

Year by year, she kept catching them acting in ways most siblings simply wouldn’t. Spending a little too much time together, touching ataşehir escort bayan each other a bit too freely, talking about things a little too intimate, sitting a little too close to each other, sleeping in the same bed a little too often.

By now, although she never really saw them doing anything, the conviction that this was what was happening between them was buried deep in her mind. She didn’t want it to be true, at all, but the more she kept catching them in awkward situations, the more she came to believe it.

Since her conviction in this belief cemented, she gave up on any idea of mending the relationship with her sister-in-law. The situation with her husband was much better and it was clear that he loved her, but she always felt a little distant from him, no matter how much she tried to break all the barriers between them.

Since the relationships she had with both of them were, by now, cemented and unchanging, she decided to simply focus on making the relationship with her son, Harrison, as good as possible, a task which she proudly considered herself to have been succeeding at so far.

Of course, from time to time, she was worried he would prefer them to her. She was his mother, usually the most important person in a child’s life, but they looked, and acted, almost nothing alike, with him inheriting their beautiful features, a well-sculpted physique, gorgeous emerald green eyes, and shiny blond hair, while she only managed to give him a flat nose, space between a few of his shiny teeth, and a rather dopey look to the otherwise beautiful eyes.

He also inherited their domineering, slightly arrogant, and narcissistic personality, though he was nothing but warm, kind, and loving to her.

She knew, however, that as much as he loved her, he also loved his father and his aunt, and would never really turn against any of them. Which she understood. They were his family, after all.

“OK,” she froze as this thought shot through her mind.

“Stop, right now. And breathe, girl, breathe,” she thought.

Stretching herself on the bed, she took a few deep breaths to get those thoughts out of her head.

As her mind reset itself, she giggled.

Then, she laughed.


She giggled and laughed at the situation. Every single time Debbie would insult her in some way, she’d end up just like now, thinking her entire married life over, planning how to use her son as some kind of a pawn to defeat her husband and his sister in some imaginary war.

She really needed to go see a doctor soon. This dramatic overthinking of her life was just sucking her out of energy, nevermind the fact that it was pointless.

Yes, it was pointless.

So, Debbie did something to almost make her cry. So what? It didn’t mean much. Debbie was a natural bitch, a 43-year-old woman who still acted like a high schooler, she was honestly rather pitiable, her acting like a bullying cunt didn’t mean anything, it just came naturally to a bitch like her.

She had to stop overthinking about that dumb cunt.

Now, about that incest thing.

It was a nice thing to think about when they infuriated her, to dehumanize them further in her mind and make her seem to herself as even more of a victim, but she had no actual evidence, and it was ridiculous to imagine. They were siblings. Of course, they would stand together and he would sometimes side with his sister over his wife.

It was natural and normal, and there were likely no unnatural relations present. She needed to take a break from thinking about it.

Instead, she should try to enjoy her new life in this, desolate and isolated, for sure, but still beautiful place. Beautiful, green scenery of trees all around the edges of the town, encircling the few homes comprising it. An inviting, crystal clear lake just a few steps by their home. With refreshingly clean air to breathe to top it off, there was no doubt that this place was one of the few natural Edens untouched by pollution and industrialization in North America, if not the entire world.

A beautiful, clean, relaxing place to live in, work in, and relax. A place most people could only hope to visit once or twice in their lives and here she was, living there!

She needed to stop thinking about Debbie and the other shit in her life, and start thinking about the positives. She was here, in this beautiful place, with her family, with her husband and son.

For all of his faults, Tad was a good husband, father, and, there could be no doubt, he truly loved her. It was his idea to move to this place, he financed all of it out of his pocket, all just so they could get closer as a family, and all of them, but especially her, could relax. She knew there was no real chance of her relationship with her sister-in-law becoming better, but his sincere belief that his family could be turned into some “I love you, I love you too,” type like they protagonists of some old family-oriented TV show was, if nothing else, quite endearing, even though his defense of his sister’s actions avcılar escort sometimes reached disturbing levels, the result of which was that her mind sometimes, such as a few minutes ago, alleged them to be committing the aforementioned forbidden acts.

As for her son, there was not much to talk about. He was a good kid, ever since he was little, and loved both of his parents. At times he seemed to her a little closer to his father and aunt since, as already mentioned, he inherited his looks from them, though this was offset by his, and perhaps all children’s, natural proclivity to first come to their mothers in search of emotional support with their greatest problems, and he was, of course, no exception.

She was proud of him. He was a handsome, athletic, kind, smart, driven, and mature young man who knew what he wanted from life and was well on the path to achieve it. Next year, he was enrolling at a business school, and he made it clear that nothing less than succeeding there and getting an MBA was a possibility for him. With his Velazquez looks he could, of course, always choose modeling like his father and aunt did, whether part-time or fully, and in fact, he had dabbed at that profession a few times already when he needed some quick money, but he was a man who loved studying and “actual” work, so simply posing for a few hours per week before some photographer simply wasn’t for him.

As she got out of her room and went to the bathroom to wash her face a little after almost crying a few moments ago, she was content.

Her life was nice. A well-built, loyal husband. A similarly well-built, ambitious son. A beautiful house in an Edenic environment. Apart from a certain annoyingly attractive, very well-built blonde exception, her life was peaceful and unproblematic.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, she took a couple of deep breaths to finish calming herself down. Then, she turned on the TV to give herself the background noise she was used to before turning her computer on as well.

The next few dozens of minutes she spent looking at her social media feeds, as well as any website that caught her attention. She spent this time lost in her thoughts, which now consisted primarily of musings about and reactions to what she saw on the net rather than what was going on in her personal life, while the sounds of TV shows provided a sonical background to her internal monologue.

So lost was she in her thoughts that not only did she lose track of time, but until he said “Mom, it’s dinner time, we’re all eating already.” she didn’t even notice the figure of her son standing in the door.

The surprise at the realization of having been so deeply lost in her mind, which filled her immediately as she heard her son’s voice, immediately gave way to the dull anger and disgust which overwhelmed her every single time that she knew she’ll have to face Debbie right after she pissed her off yet again.

As she got off from her bed and went with her son, who by now had been waiting for her to notice him and move for more than a minute, into the dining room to join her husband and hated sister-in-law in one of their family dinners which her husband had been insisting on holding at least twice a week in an attempt to get them all to bond with each other, she could barely feel anything else than said dull disgust about her current situation, overwhelming her yet again.

Back now.

And so, they all just sat there in rather uncomfortable silence, enjoying the surprisingly well-done dinner, as the tense atmosphere almost managed to hide itself.

“So, Irie,” Tad said to her, trying to break the monotonous stream of sounds of lips smacking which dominated the air in the dining room, “How was your day?”

She smiled internally at his stock question. Her senses sharpening to carefully watch her sister-in-law’s reaction to what she was about to say, she replied with “Nice. Can’t complain about anything.” A stock answer to a stock question, and one which, to her thankful surprise, aroused absolutely no reaction from the hated woman sitting next to her.

“Same here. Oh, wait,” he said in a mock-shocked tone to draw their attention “Actually, much better!”

With the eyes of all the other people sitting around the table now focused on him, Tad continued.

“Y’all remember the modeling company I worked for in high school?” he waited before they all at least slightly nodded in affirmation before continuing “They called me. Well, texted, I mean. Sent me an e-mail that they are doing some ´Where are they now?´ type of shoot and said that after seeing my photos on Instagram, they knew they needed me there.”

“Heh, at least someone gets called back from those fuckers,” Debbie said, nearly spitting out the last word and making Irene immediately jump to attention, as she was so used to Debbie’s insults being aimed at her “After I turned nineteen they said they’ll call me back for some ´Adult-themed´ work when they’ll have some of that for me, but the only ´Adult´ work offer I ever got was when Redford called me one night when I was twenty-six, seven fucking years later, I completely forgot that fucker even lived, to say that he was in town and if I could meet him for some ´Intimate, softcore and artistic shooting.´ Just from the tone of his voice, I knew exactly what that old creep wanted.” she said before closing her speech by bringing her clenched fist in front of her face to make a blowjob motion with it a few times.

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