Matriarch Pt. 08

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Her master, our master was amused at this. Bruce stayed down. The other man, Charles, went down and stayed down. Heidi set fire to the clothes, stripped down and went to her knees in front of her brother.

‘How can I serve you, sir’?

‘Take this one’.

He gestured at the young girl sucking his cock. Tish raised her eyes to look at him.

‘Do something with her’.

Heidi pulled the girl to her feet.

‘Come with me’.

Heidi pinched the girl’s nipples. Tish yelped.

‘Nice tits’.

My son put himself away and zipped up. He put his hand out and moved his fingers up. I got up.

‘Take this one. Do the best you can for now. Tomorrow fix the rest’.

He didn’t have to explain. I knew there was only so much I could do for her. She would need hair care and a makeover, new clothes and shoes to be acceptable to master.

‘Take both of them to Sam while you’re at it’.

He turned to Bruce and Charles.

‘You two. Outside’.

Dana followed them out. They looked around as they stepped out of the house, checking if they would be exposed to anyone. Dana was there to learn. She stayed in the background, taking everything in.

‘I know your whole story. You treat your mother like shit and you try to fuck your sister every chance you get. Your bullshit stops here and now’.

Bruce opened his mouth.

‘Not a fucking word. You think Heidi fucked you up? Come get some from the guy that trained her’.

Dana smiled at this. Her master, her lover, her partner had spent many hours training her, mentally, physically and emotionally. avrupa yakası escort She knew what he was capable of. Even in tandem, these two were no match for him.

‘I didn’t think so. You only have 2 choices. You can do what I say without question and earn yourself a place in the family or you can leave, now. The gate is over there’.

He pointed. Both of them looked long at him, then at the gate, then back at him. Dana stepped up.

‘You can ask permission to ask questions. You will address him with respect, so you may call him master or sir’.

‘You will address her as your mistress. We are the 2 at the top of the food chain. You are at the bottom. You have no rights and no privileges. You will earn every piece of clothing and every scrap of food. If you want sex, you can suck each other’s dicks for all I care. All women are off limits to you unless you have my express permission. I will give you one night to consider your options. You sleep there’.

My son pointed at the garage. A small apartment had been built over the garage for convenience. It wasn’t much. There was a small bed, a couch, bathroom and a kitchen of sorts, an apartment size refrigerator, 2 burner hot plate, a small microwave and a small sink. There was, however, a small furnace and a hot water tank, an old television and a radio, so it wasn’t completely without comforts.

‘If you want to eat tonight, I’ll make a list’.

I wasn’t a witness to any of this. Dana told me the story later. The list was simple. A few jobs anyone could do. Detailing bahçelievler escort bayan his and Dana’s cars, sweeping off the walk and the porch, organizing some things in the garage. What they didn’t know, was that my master was watching.

There were cameras everywhere. They were all high quality, able to pick up sound and could be adjusted to see every corner of every part of the property. Master sent the list with Dana. He watched the interaction and questioned Dana when she returned.

It took a while, but I got my sister into the best shape I could. She was scrubbed, shampooed and shaved. We put some make up on her, probably for the first time in years. We couldn’t do much with the hair, so we pulled it back into a ponytail. We came out about the same time as Heidi and Tish. We were all naked.


Heidi and I pulled the newbies down with us. The 4 of us were on our hands and knees, facing away from master and mistress, holding our pussies and asses open. My sister and I felt a foot push on our asses.

‘You two, clean up the phones and start dinner, You two,’.

The younger 2 got a push.

‘Service your mistress’.

Heidi took the lead. She pulled Tish up and undressed Dana. Her clothes were folded neatly and placed on a chair. I heard Heidi whispering to Tish as they went, explaining the proper way to do things. My sister and I were on a scavenger hunt for tiny pieces of plastic and glass.

I watched them whenever I got the chance to look away. We were finally satisfied bakırköy escort that we had gotten up all of the phone pieces and went to start dinner. Master was going back and forth to his bedroom. Dana was holding Tish by the back of her head, pulling her into full contact on her pussy.

Heidi was sucking Dana’s nipples. She heard a gasp come out of Dana’s mouth.

‘Permission, sir’?

Even Dana wasn’t allowed to cum without permission.


Dana let out a moan of pleasure as her orgasm hit her. My sister, Lisa, had been stealing glances at Dana being serviced. Now the beautiful blonde got up and stretched. I didn’t know what was on her mind, but the actions of Tish really surprised me. I reasoned that one of 3 things was probably true.

Master had explained the situation to them very well, and they had accepted their new roles within the family. They had been in the basement over an hour, more that enough time to explain the punishment and rewards. He was good at explaining things in clear words. He had probably also given them an out, telling them that they always had the option to leave. I knew though, that if they took this choice, they would never be invited back in.

It could have been that the tiny, shy girl had us all fooled. Appearances were often deceiving, and she could have been the biggest slut, and just knew how to hide it well. She could also be gay, and servicing the females was what she had always done or what she had always desired. Either way, she had taken to it like a duck takes to water.

I thought, watching the girl, that a third option was the reason. Tish had been hiding from her own desires for a long time. She was probably afraid of giving in to her needs, exposing her to a bad reputation, her brothers taking advantage, or just being used. She had now found a place where she could finally let herself enjoy this part of her life without fear. She would be safe and protected.

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