Meredith Ch. 04

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After our threesome, we all fell asleep, exhausted by the action. I was awoken the next morning by the sunlight coming through the blinds, which had been left slightly angled open. The sun cast line shadows through the slats and onto our bodies, Morgan’s head was on my shoulder, her arm draped across my chest. Meredith was plastered to my side in such a way that her pussy was rubbing against my thigh. It was a scene straight out of a romance novel, the picture could’ve been considered art to some. I set to trying to figure a way out of bed without waking the girls. I managed to slip out using some contortion and sleight of hand.

I slipped into my room, grabbed a pair of shorts and headed up to the balcony with my laptop. I checked my email, unread count: 20. Most were from some clients I had. I was a freelance web designer and had some small accounts with a couple of businesses. Naturally I answered those, all of them were quick little questions that I was able to handle quickly. The last one was a little more complicated, and it involved me logging into a server and making some changes to a MySQL database.

I was in the process of purging some entries when I heard footsteps behind me, then I felt a pair of hands running through my hair. The hands moved down my head and neck and started rubbing my shirtless chest.

“I loved last night,” Meredith sounded even more sultry in the mornings, her normally raspy voice sounding even deeper, “I didn’t think I would, but I did. I actually want to do it again.”

I just chuckled and shook my head.

“What are you doing?” Asked Meredith, moving onto the couch next to me.

I gave her an explanation, which she may or may not have understood. I gazed into her eyes, so deep and reflecting. Nothing escaped those big green eyes, they were like the dark void of a black hole, sucking me into them. I broke the stare and went back to work. Meredith just laid her head on my shoulder and looked out over the ocean.

The problem was bigger than I thought, meaning that it took me longer to solve. I was wrapping up, finishing some tests when Ben burst in, talking on his phone.

“Seriously? Well, who approved that? Why weren’t we notified?”

Ben worked with his dad’s finance company. I’m not exactly sure what they did, but the phone call didn’t seem to bear good news.

“All right, bye,” Ben said, hanging up and turning towards us, “well that was Maurice, our manager. Apparently one of our biggest clients called an emergency meeting and are requesting Dad and I come. Now I have to leave and drive back right now. Micah is going with me, he decided now would be as good a time as any to head back. Apparently he’s tired of the beach already.”

We both just looked at him blankly, as is expecting more information.

“So here’s the plan,” Ben continued, “Tom, you’ll be staying here and bringing the girls back. Micah’s parents and our parents already left. I really have to get going if I want to make it. Just take good care of the girls, Tom.” He walked over and kissed Meredith on the head on his way out.

“There’s our chance,” a choice from behind us came.

We both jumped. Morgan had been standing behind the shadows of a doorway. “Morgan, has anyone told you that you’re incredibly creepy when you do that?,” I asked.

She moved over to where we were sitting. She ran her hand through my hair. “Well I have to keep you two on your toes!” She said with a smirk.

The phpMyAdmin window in front of me displayed an error message. This database was killing me! “I hate to disappoint girls, but this problem is going to take me a while to solve,” I turned to explain, “why don’t you girls hangout this morning and I’ll catch up with you this afternoon?”

They liked that idea and started discussing which stores to visit at the local outlet mall. I went back to the task at hand and they slowly made their way out the door. I was still working, getting increasingly frustrated with the issue. I opened up my music collection and put on a Adele/Ed Sheeran/Florrie playlist. Gosh, I was apparently really into British pop. That was my secret to focusing and it really helped. I soon got a handle on the issue and wrestled it into submission.

In the meantime I kept playing back the events of the previous night. The feelings of love, lust, desire, passion and what they drove us to do. The sight of two beautiful girls in bed with me, the feeling of their soft skin, the sound of our heavy breathing, the ecstasy that came from our sex. I decided I’d be willing to try again, not that there was much argument against it.

I quickly showered, got dressed in my favorite UK basketball T-shirt and a pair of shorts and struck out walking. The shopping area where they’d gone wasn’t very far away. I figured I’d stroll around and I’d run into them at some point. I was strolling around the palm tree filled plaza when I saw them. They were across the way, entering what was clearly a lingerie shop. Don’t get me wrong, I love lingerie, just not lingerie stores. It was like a post I saw the other antalya escort day about being a guy in Victoria’s Secret. There’s no way to make it less awkward than it obviously is. I decided to wait on the bench just outside the door. They were in there for what seemed like an eternity. I engaged in some quality napping, which with the sun warming me, was wonderful. It was a “power nap” as my grandmother called them.

I was awoken by the sound of Meredith’s voice, “Wake up, sleepy head”.

I sat up in a start, and they both started giggling.

I rubbed my eyes and asked the obvious question, “Did you guys get anything?”

“Yes,” replied Morgan, “you’ll find out what later on.”

By this time it was around lunch, so we agreed the girls would walk their bags home and meet me back at one of the plaza’s restaurants. I strolled over to a seafood place, got a table, and sat down to ponder the menu in the meantime. Last night’s events were still running through my mind. I was definitely ready for the next time.

I had just decided to order the shrimp scampi when the girls showed up. They must have seen me being absentminded.

“Penny for your thoughts, Tom,” Meredith said

“Oh nothing, just random thoughts,” I replied

“What should we get?” asked Morgan

“Ooh, the red snapper was delicious last time,” Meredith suggested excitedly. I noticed that she was very bubbly today. Morgan decided she wanted to try it as well, and when the waiter came they both ordered the same thing. I ordered calamari and a salmon filet. The waiter hurried off with our order.

“Not to seem impatient, but what do you guys want to do this afternoon?” I asked.

“Hmm, well to start lunch, then I was thinking of hitting the beach, laying out for a while, then maybe have some fun?,” Morgan suggested.

“No, I’ve got a better idea,” interrupted Meredith, “lunch, beach, then dinner, then back to the beach for sex in the dark, on the beach!”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” I offered, not wanting to burst their bubble but doing it anyway, “think about the sand, plus people walk along the beach at night.”

“True,” agreed Morgan, “plus we have a show to put on for Tom.”

Meredith nodded in agreement, sipping her cherry cola. She spoke after drink, “Oh yeah, I’m sure he’s excited”.

“With you two? Certainly,” I said, nodding, “after last night’s performance I’m ready for an encore.”

We talked the rest of lunch, mostly about our lives and people we knew. I paid the check and we were out of there. We strolled back to the house, the girls ran to change. I checked my email and messages and saw nothing important, so I changed and started out the door. The front door was right by the main staircase, which went up the entire 3 stories of the house.

“Oh Tom, wait a sec,” I heard Meredith call down.

I looked up and saw Meredith standing topless at the top of the staircase, leaning over the balcony. Her breasts, large, and generally, all-around perfect, were hanging over the railing. They were so enticing I wanted run up all three flights of stairs just to squeeze them.

“If you’re going down to the beach, do you mind taking our stuff down?,” she asked, “It is all down by the door. Morgan and I are still getting ready.”

I looked down and saw the pile of stuff. “Sure”, I answered reluctantly.

“Thanks dear,” Meredith replied.

That took me by surprise. That was the first time she’d ever called me “dear”. It was a good feeling that I took with me as I carried the mountain of stuff the girls needed. Chairs, an umbrella, towels, bottles (yes bottles) of sunscreen, and other assorted miscellany. I dropped it all at a convenient spot on the beach. I surveyed the beach, not many people were out there, I guess most people had gone in for lunch a little late. I headed straight for the water, where I once again spent a long time swimming. Swimming and running are my way of focusing, clearing my head of all my troubles, not that I had many lately.

When I can back onto the beach, the girls were laying on their towels. Morgan was facing down, her tight little ass facing up. Meredith was laying on her back, her boobs standing tall off her chest. They both looked positively irresistible. I sat down next to Meredith, on the hot, white sand.

“Welcome back,” Meredith said, “we thought you had swam up the beach to town. Are you training for the Olympics?”

“Nah,” I replied casually, “I just like to get some good cardio in every chance I get.”

“Well don’t get too tired, because I want a lot out of you tonight,” Morgan said with a devious smile on her face.

I chuckled, “Don’t worry about that. All I need is a quick bite to eat and I’m ready to go again”.

“You better be,” Morgan replied, in a sarcastic way.

“Oh and I want some too, so save some for me,” Meredith said in an almost innocent way.

I realized then and there the difference between love and infatuation. I liked Morgan, she was really nice, funny, and beautiful, but we really didn’t click. serik escort Meredith and I just clicked, I loved everything she did. Her laugh, her smile, the way she talked, the things she said. I seemed to know what she was thinking. We just had chemistry, an unexplainable bond or link. We reveled in each others company, and wanted to be together.

After a little while we went back to the house. We all agreed to order pizza and have a night in. The girls disappeared to change and shower and I sat down and turned on ESPN to check on the NBA. It was playoff seasons after all. All of sudden Morgan came out wrapped in a towel.

“Listen, Mer just got into the shower, why don’t you go surprise her?” Morgan suggested, “I think it’d be incredibly romantic.”

“Really?” The look on my face was one of surprise and reluctance.

“Positive,” said Morgan with that smirk.

I snuck into the bathroom, quietly padding across the tile trying to take off my clothes at the same time. Meredith was standing in the shower, her back to me. The shower was one of those that you just walk into, no door. The sight of her standing in the cascading water, her head leaning back, the water dripping onto her chest and stomach, made me hard instantly. I slipped in behind her, letting my cock rub up against her butt. She jumped, but I whispered into her ear, “It’s me, don’t worry”.

I began to slowly thrust my cock between her legs, made slippery by the water and soap. She threw her head back onto my shoulder, enjoying the tingly sensation of the water and the feeling of my cock sliding past her pussy, running up on her clit. I felt many of the same sensations, the water, the tightness with which she had clenched her thighs, making each thrust even more pleasurable. I worked my hands up her body, drawing intricate patterns across her abs and stomach.

Our bodies rubbed against each other, we slipped past each other easily and smoothly. My hands made their way up to her breasts, the ones I adored so much. I grabbed one in each hand, slowly caressing them at first, lightly rubbing my way up to her nipples, which I worked between my fingers. Meredith moaned at this stimulation, so I kept going. I began to kiss the back of her neck, eliciting squirms from her as she arched her back.

Eventually she broke the silence. “I’m ready, put it into me,” she said. The amazing thing about this shower was that it had these little built-in seats, in two different heights. She bent over, leaning on the taller of the two chairs. I slowly moved into position, putting my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Normally I would’ve gone slowly, thrusting in more and more of my cock progressively. I decided to mix it up. I plunged my cock in deep on the first thrust. She let out a gasp and pulled back. I kept thrusting and soon she settled into the rhythm of our bodies. We reached a point where, with the warm water raining down on our backs, we could feel the climax building with each thrust.

“Wait,” Meredith said, withdrawing from my cock, “let’s try it this way”. She got up on the smaller seat, which lined up her pussy perfectly with my crotch. She spread her legs and beckoned me into her pussy. I went straight in, and she wrapped her legs around my back. Thrusting deeper and deeper, we reached a point of synchronization, her hips coming to meet mine. It went on for what seemed like an eternity, we were just stuck in a endless cycle of pleasure. Eventually she came, throwing her head back and moaning very loudly, her fingers digging into the skin on my back. Shortly after I came into her pulsing and throbbing pussy. It had been such an intense experience we were both left trembling.

We finished cleaning up, kissing deeply as we went. After a few minutes we both got out of the shower, wrapping up in towels and going to get dressed. Morgan passed us on her way into the shower, completely naked, carrying her towel slung over her shoulder.

“Have fun?” She asked.

“Oh yes,” Meredith answered, “it was heavenly. Have a good time!”

“Oh, I will,” Morgan replied with confidence.

I got dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, then ran up to the kitchen. I decided to cook some dinner. Pizza, in fact, from homemade dough. My mom had shown me the recipe and it was amazing. It took a little longer than delivery, but I felt it was worth it. I ran back downstairs, grabbed my dock, popped my phone in and queued up a Sinatra playlist. If you haven’t noticed yet, I have odd music tastes.

About an hour later, the pizza was in the oven. The girls finally showed up, Meredith wearing a camisole without any bra, and some shorts. Morgan was wearing a long T-shirt and some blue briefs.

“A little casual, are we?” I asked the girls.

“For now,” Meredith replied.

“Yep,” added Morgan with a smile, “later we’ll be more dressed up.”

“Ah, special occasion?,” I asked, trying to play along.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” Meredith answered mischievously.

This vacation was getting out of control. I side escort thought about the fallout. Would Meredith and I keep going after we got back?I sure hoped we would, but who knew anymore? Life was complicated sometimes.

We ate dinner quietly, well relatively quietly. We conversed about our lives, people we knew and such. I learned some interesting things about Morgan. The more I learned about her, the more I was surprised. She was certainly an interesting girl.

The evening faded on and we kept talking. We took turns telling stories about our love life. I had had very little experience in the field, but had been involved with a few interesting girls.

Eventually Meredith and Morgan looked at each other and mande a mental connection. They both got up an headed down the stairs towards their room.

“Stay right there,” Meredith ordered, somewhat dominantly.

That was fine by me. I sat in my chair and looked around the room. I thought back to my life before this party and how much this vacation had changed it. It was deeply meditative stuff and I got lost in it. I stared at the ceiling for the entire time.

The girls clattered up the steps. I looked down from the ceiling. There in front of me was a vision. My heart palpitated. Both girls looked so beautiful that I was speechless.

Meredith was wearing a black corset that pushed her chest up to new levels. Her breasts looked like two majestic mountains. They were squeezed by the bodice, which made them push out above the neckline, forming delicately soft mounds of flesh. Her outfit was capped by a pair of white panties.

Morgan was dressed as a french maid, or at least what they’re portrayed as looking like. Her black and white dress came right on her hips, then flared out at the waist, coming out and stopping just above mid-thigh. She swirled and bent over, revealing she had no panties on.

Looking back, it would be been funny to have a slow motion shot of my crotch. That way you could watch my cock get hard as I took in the sights. It got hard fast, then progressively got harder. My shorts were straining to contain the bulge. I wasn’t super big, but I fell somewhere in the six to seven inch range.

“I’m guessing he likes it,” Morgan commented.

“Let’s help him out,” Meredith suggested, bending down to undo my pants.

Morgan bent down next to her and when she unbuttoned the pants, my cock flew out. Morgan seemed to catch it in mid motion and slip it into her mouth. I settled in and prepared for a treat.

She licked my cock generously. She ran her tongue around the tip many times, making it feel tingly and warm. Then she plunged it down her mouth, almost to the edge of her throat, and held it. When she came back off, she let go and Meredith took over.

Meredith had developed her own style. She liked to take things slow and tease. She licked the sides and bottom very carefully. Then she started stroking my cock with her hands. The mouth action had provided plenty of slickness, and her hand glided over my cock smoothly. Her mouth moved down to my balls, where she took turns with them. I noticed Morgan was undressing, at least she had removed her top, exposing her cute little breasts.

She too my cock back while Meredith took off her corset and panties. Morgan aggressively sucked my penis, seemingly trying to suck the cum straight out of it. She licked and sucked thoroughly. Her mouth began to feel more and more smooth, lubricated by more and more saliva.

Morgan and Meredith were tag teaming me at this point. Morgan took a step back and let Meredith crouch by my cock. She grabbed both breasts and slid them toward my penis, sandwiching them. With all of Morgan’s saliva, her breasts slid smoothly when she began to stroke my cock. I aided her, thrusting quietly between her breasts.

That continued for a while, in a hypnotizing pattern that was pure ecstasy. Morgan than stepped in, pulling me off the chair and motioning for Meredith to sit in the chair instead. She crouched in between Mersdiths spread legs and raised her skirt. Her pussy glistened with moisture. I got on my knees and stuck my finger into her.

She was not only very wet, but she was warm and tight. She gasped as I explored her inside with my finger. After a bit, that got old and I grabbed my cock. It was painfully hard at that point. I positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and pushed it in. It slid in slowly, seeing as she was so tight. She moaned and lowered her head into Meredith’s pussy. She began to lick her! That was surprising to me at the time, but looking back, was really par for the course during that vacation.

I watched as she at Meredith’s pussy. She tantalizingly flicked her clit with her tongue, eliciting moans from the mouth of Meredith. I’d grabbed hold of Morgan’s hips, and was feeling her fit tummy. I latched on and began to thrust, slowly to start. Morgan continued to kiss and caress Meredith’s pussy lovingly.

As time went on, both Morgan and I got more aggressive. I began thrusting harder and faster. Morgan began licking and sucking more vigorously. We were all thriving in the pleasure, and soon we all reached our own climaxes. Mersdiths was first. Morgan’s licking had pushed her over the edge into bliss. Then, shortly after, came Morgan, bucking as she came with me inside.

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