Mike , Karen Ch. 13

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Double Penetration

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 years of age or older while actively engaging in sexual activity. This story is a prequel/sequel (sprequel?) to my other work, Alex flames will be snickered at and deleted with extreme prejudice by my webmistress. Enjoy!

Please Note: There are incest themes with a secondary couple in this story. Just a forewarning.

Chapter XIII — All Work And No Play …

1986: a comfy dorm room …

There was a flash of lightning, and the whole campus seemed to shake as thunder rolled across the sky. Lisa squealed with fright and hid her face between her bedmate’s opulent breasts. Karen rolled her eyes but smiled, and began gently caressing her lover’s strawberry-blonde hair.

“We’ve been over this, darling,” she said soothingly. “It’s just DeBourne striding across the campus.”

“Very funny,” Lisa mumbled, still not coming out from Karen’s cleavage. “I can’t help it if I’m … what’s the word?”

“Keraunophobic,” the bronze-haired woman said softly, caressing Lisa’s neck now. “And I love you just the way you are, my dear.”

“Mfffff …” was Lisa’s reply. Karen giggled. They’d just finished making love and had been enjoying listening to the sound of the rain outside their dorm, but the weather had gotten progressively worse, and now a full-blown thunderstorm was crawling over the city. And November thunderstorms were best avoided, because they were cold and miserable. Worse yet, the noise was interfering with the Debussy playing on Karen’s stereo system.

“Still weird to me that you actually love being with me,” Lisa said in a tiny voice, finally turning her head sideways and resting it on the shelf of Karen’s breasts, keeping her eyes on the far wall away from the thunder and lightning. “I mean, you could be out having fun, right?”

“I am having fun,” Karen chided, kissing the top of Lisa’s head. “What fun do you think I can possibly be having compared to right here in bed with you?”

Lisa sighed. “I know you could be out doing something sophisticated, like opera, or having sex with a couple of guys at once, but no, you’re here with mousy little lesbian me.”

“Because this is where I want to be right now, silly,” Karen pointed out, gently pulling Lisa up until they were face-to-face, her hands on the ginger girl’s cheeks. “I’m not exactly the type to do things I don’t want to do. If I didn’t want to be here, I wouldn’t be, would I?”

“Okay, I’ll allow that,” Lisa said, still not convinced. “But why you’d want to be here scissoring with me as opposed to any other sexy fun you could be having is still a mystery.”

“Well, I do not crave the company of sweaty, easily confused men and their awkward and unreliable erections tonight comes to mind. What is wrong with enjoying sapphic bliss with my roommate? I could just as easily ask why you’re not out enjoying the delights of other girls on campus, after all.”

The look she got from Lisa could only be described as wry, with a large dollop of sour thrown in for flavouring. “Because you’re the most incredible lover on campus,” the smaller girl said flatly. “No other girl I’ve been with comes even close, even if you’re only bisexual, and not actually a lesbian.”

“Maybe, but I think I generally prefer the company of women overall,” Karen mused. “I see no point in choosing when I can simply have it all. But why this dour mood, my dear? You’re almost never like this after our lovemaking.”

Lisa sighed heavily again and snuggled into Karen before kissing her deeply. They held the soulful kiss for nearly a minute before their lips parted. Lisa shrugged halfheartedly. “You’re … on nights like this, where I’m hiding from thunderstorms, I realize exactly how hard you’re going to be to give up.”

Karen thought about that for a moment, but then let Lisa continue, rather than guide the conversation. Lisa bit her lip for a moment and her cute, freckled nose wrinkled before she began speaking again. “I’ve known you for nearly two years now, and I knew within thirty seconds of meeting you that you’d be one of the most incredible people I ever met. And I … I knew that you were way beyond me.”

Karen hugged Lisa close, her fingers running slowly through the long hair. She had to admit, she’d never really considered Lisa a long-term life partner, but she was hardly just a bauble to be played with either. Karen genuinely adored her, and even loved her. She wasn’t ‘in love’ with Lisa, but she couldn’t recall ever thinking she’d been in love with anyone before. She held a private, unspoken concern that she might never find that person.

“You’re going to meet a wonderful woman one day, Lisa Heyman,” she cooed, still caressing her. “And the laws will change, and you’ll be allowed to marry her and you’ll be very happy.”

“D’you really think the laws’ll change?” Lisa asked, looking back up finally.

“I’ve no doubt they will, because izmir escort bayan you’re going to be one of the people who changes them with your social activism.”

“Well, simple human rights would be nice,” Lisa admitted. “I’ll probably meet some bull-dyke out during a demonstration, and she’ll be pretty much unlike you in a every way.”

“Oh?” Karen queried, smirking. “So certain?”

“Only because there’s no one else on earth like you, Karen Gordon!” Lisa giggled before kissing her again. The kiss became prolonged and they sank under Karen’s silken covers again, making gentle love. The storm was quickly forgotten.


“Bam, head shot!” Alex barked in glee as he watched his target spin around and hit the pavement, dead before impact. Next to him on his bed, Alexa was watching in amusement. She liked playing video games now and then, although she tended to avoid MMO and co-op formats just because of the numberless trolls who kept asking to see her tits. She could probably monetize by running a Twitch channel, but there were more fun and fulfilling ways to make money. She didn’t like video games that much.

“Nice one, son,” she heard Mike grunt over the external speakers on Alex’s headphones. Mike was upstairs in the living room, no doubt impatiently waiting to respawn and get revenge on his son for spattering his cranial grape. Karen, her older sister and Alex’s mother, was shuffling around the basement, dutifully staying out of his line of sight, but still looking for things meant for the inevitable move to the Blackwell Manor.

“You slipped up, dad,” Alex said, grinning. “You must be getting old.”

“Your dumb luck doesn’t mean I’m getting old, young man,” Mike protested.

“We’re playing on blazing fast internet connection, and we’re on consoles, you can’t blame clock speed or lag, pops,” Alex replied, trying not to laugh at his father’s discomfiture. “Guess you’re reflexes ain’t what they once were, fat pipes or no.”

“Yeah, well, I fucked your mom,” Mike shot back, his character having respawned and getting back into the wild firefight.

“Dear!” Karen called out, trying to sound aghast as she sorted items nearby, while Alexa snickered.

“Oh, please, dad,” Alex drawled, not at all bothered by his father’s attempts to ruffle him. “She gave birth to me, I’ve been farther up inside her than you’ll ever be.”

“I wouldn’t count on that, Alex …” Karen mentioned as she breezed on by, heading back upstairs. Her words broke Alex’s concentration for a moment, and he stared at her retreating form in disbelief.

“BAM! HEADSHOT!!” Mike crowed in triumph as his bullet found Alex’s character’s forehead, and knocked him on his shoulders with his feet over his head. Even Alexa winced at how brutal that kill was.

“Whoah …” she muttered. “That just happened.”

Alex looked flabbergasted. “Hey, what — no! That wasn’t fair! I was distracted!”

“Y’snooze, y’lose, little man!” Mike laughed. “No excuses, right?”

The round ended seconds later, and Alex put down his controller, sighing resignedly. Sure enough, the stats started posting and his team had lost. If it hadn’t been for that last-minute distraction …

“Can’t believe mom sabotaged me like that,” he muttered, scowling at the table. “Her own son.”

“My big sissy is your dad’s secret weapon for everything,” Alexa mentioned, pulling him into a hug and letting his head rest in her opulent bosom. She was wearing a low-cut tank top, so this was easily accomplished. “And she’s probably telling the truth in any event.”

Alex tilted his head to give her a look. She shrugged. “What? I’ve spied on them and watched them fuck. I definitely know where you get it from now.”

Alex shook his head and went back to consoling himself inside her cleavage. “Mfff …”

“Gonna play another round?” she asked, stroking her fingers through his shaggy golden hair.

“No,” he mumbled, shaking his head slightly, probably as an excuse to motorboat her. “I think I’m done for now. Need a change of venue.”

“Well,” she mused, pondering while stroking his hair. “We could stay here and fuck one another brainless, but I can sense it in your virile body, young man — you still want to kill things. What shall we do?”

Alex was silent for some time before finally coming up for air. “I know. BattleTech!”

She gave him a wry look for a moment. “Y’mean that dorky tabletop game where you and your buddies stomp around on a map in giant robots and try to blow one another up? Pass.”

“No, no, this is even better,” he said, getting up and seeming unusually eager for just having had his ass handed to him by his father. “C’mon, you’ll love it!”

“Really?” she asked warily.

“Sure, d’you trust me?” he asked, holding a hand out to her and grinning.

“Well, what girl can turn down Aladdin pickup lines, after all?” she giggled as she let her nephew and escort izmir husband pull her up to her feet.


“Oh, I dunno, guys,” Jeanie almost whined, looking hesitant as they stood inside what amounted to a huge arcade. “Don’t you remember the paintball incident?”

“We all remember, and all is forgiven, yndling,” Freja said, taking her wife’s hand and giving it a squeeze.

“I don’t remember,” Alexa added, looking at her surroundings.

“That’s because you were in Quebec City, fucking your big sister,” Jeanie muttered. “I just don’t wanna screw things up again.”

“Nonsense,” Alex said easily, waving off her concerns. “I think you guys’ll actually enjoy this. I know it’s geeky and all, but you actually get to climb inside a VR pod and pretend to pilot a giant robot. We’ll take on other teams in four-on-four battles. Sound good?”

“Actually does sound kinda fun,” his wife replied, nodding. “Like, not quite the four of us in a sex pile fun, but not a bad way to spend an afternoon.”

“I am liking the idea,” Freja agreed, still holding her wife’s hand. “I have grown up watching the mecha anime, and always wanted to try piloting one.”

“What was your fave?” Alex asked as he led them to the admissions station. “Mine was Evangelion; my dad’s was Gaiking, the original from the Seventies.”

“I was liking the Gundam series, but also Macross,” Freja said, looking at the people milling about. Outside of the actual BattleTech area, the walls were lined with small, coin-operated arcade games. She thought she might try some later. “And Sakura Taisen.”

“Oh, was that the one with the teen girls piloting a bunch of mecha that looked like garbage cans?” Alexa asked, wrinkling her nose in distaste. “I think you tried to get me to watch that, along with that hentai of yours.”

“Sakura Taisen was fun and pretty!” Freja hissed, looking offended at her oldest friend and soulmate’s words. “Just because you think it was silly does not mean it wasn’t a great anime.”

“You have my total agreement,” Alexa said, winking at Freja. “Anime is none of my business.”

“Here we go,” Alex said, stopping in front of the admissions window. “Four please, unlimited.”

“Wow, this crew is a lot cuter than your normal mech goblins, Alex,” said the young man behind the window, who began printing their admissions. “Hope they kick as much ass for you as the other ones did.”

“You’re a regular here, I take it?” Jeanie asked, since they were on a first name basis with him, obviously.

“Been a while, but yeah, they know me; I spend quite a bit of time on the leaderboard,” Alex replied before leading them inside. “C’mon, this way. I’ll get us started.”

He brought them over to a large bank of what looked like encased and interconnected pods. Once a person stepped inside, they were positioned in a seat in front of a viewscreen, and surrounded by numberless buttons, switches, and control mechanisms.

“Oh, wow, my schizo cousin has less buttons than this,” Jeanie breathed as she looked around inside the pod. “D’you have to use all these buttons and switches?”

“No, thankfully, about ninety percent of them are just for show,” Alex replied, showing Alexa the inside of a pod right next to the one Jeanie was examining. “They’ll give you instructions and a demo, but since we’re here, let me tell you ahead of time.”

Alex explained how everything worked, and what they’d be doing. Since the mechas one could choose from had different weights, speeds, amounts of armour and weapon loadouts, he asked them to think about what they might like to play as.

Alexa answered readily: “I’m pretty aggressive, I’d wanna be in close, a tanky-type.”

“And I am loving missiles, plenty of missiles, so I would be good at fire support,” Freja suggested. “I am liking the look of this Archer mech.”

“And I like the Crusader or the Thunderbolt,” Alexa said, pointing to two mechs on a chart. They look pretty punchy.”

Alex looked at the last member of their lance. “Jeanie?”

“Oooh, I don’t know!” she whined, flapping her hands. “I … something fast, that I can run away in!”

He laughed and suggested a lighter mech for her that had great speed and jump jets on it for mobility. It had a single weapon, but the weapon had some punch to it. He just wanted her to enjoy herself. “I guess I’ll take the Warhammer, then!”

Another team was finally formed, and an instructor approached them, instructing them to get in their pods, once they were fully activated and lit up. It was as if the pods had come to life.

“I’m surprised your dad doesn’t play this with you,” Alexa mentioned as she clambered into her cockpit.

“He can’t,” Alex laughed. “He doesn’t fit inside the pods!”


The instructions they were given took about ten minutes, and they were told they could communicate with one another on a channel, and also the administration team running izmir escort the simulations if anything went wrong. They were given five minutes to practice with their mechs before the match would begin.

“Okay, guys, let’s try walking and running,” Alex announced, clearly the team captain for this game. “Remember, speed affects your accuracy, so — hey, lookin’ good, Jeanie.”

“Thanks!” her heard her chirp from her pod as he watched her small mech walk gracefully across his screen. Without instruction, she broke into a run, changing direction easily. ‘This is kinda fun to run around in!”

“Try your jump jet controls,” he said, smirking. “See if you can –”

“Woo-hoo!” she called out as her mech leaped into the air, jets blazing in its feet and on its upper back. She soared overhead and landed readily, breaking into another run.

“How we doin’, Fre?” he asked, turning to face her position as indicated on his heads-up display radar.

“This is slow, but very stable, I am liking it,” she replied, trudging heavily across the flat plain. “So I am having these long-range missiles and many medium-sized lasers as my backup, ja?”

“Kee-rect,” he said, turning to face Alexa’s Thunderbolt. She also had missiles and lasers on her mech, but the war machine was also meant to get in close, mixing it up with the enemy because of its heavy armour. “How’s that feel, Alexa?”

“It’ll feel better when I’m crushing some guy’s cockpit with my fist,” she answered, practicing swinging punches. It was a risky way to play, since you had to catch your opponent, but he had faith in her.

“Hey, folks,” came a voice over the intercom. “We actually have five teams aside from yours, how would you feel about a big six-on-six match?”

“I’m okay with it,” Alex said.

“Count me in!” chimed Alexa, trying to strike a pose with her mech.

“I am good for this as well,” Freja added.

“Uhhh, well, as long as I can identify who the baddies are, I guess that’s okay,” Jeanie said somewhat hesitantly.

“Arighty, then, two minutes to start!” the voice announced. “Make your plans, folks!”

Alex took a deep breath, knowing they were as ready as they could be. A six-way brawl should be interesting; they just needed to stick together, and not lose one another in the thick of things. He accepted that today wasn’t about getting back on the leaderboards; he was just here to have fun with his wife and their friends. It would be a good time.

“All right, ladies, sound off!” he said in a loud voice, trying to get them in the mood. “My call sign is Shiva.”

“Nice, nephew,” Alexa said somewhat sarcastically. “You’d better live up to that. I’ll make my call sign Kali, then.”

“And I will be Cha-Cha Maru!” Freja announced.

“Dorrrrrrrrrrrrk!” Alexa called over the airwaves, eliciting an indignant grunt from her best friend.

“Jeanie?” Alex asked, ignoring Freja and Alexa squabbling.

“Uhhh … HMS Fuckpumpkin signing in!” she called back hurriedly.

The intercom channel wasn’t open at that moment, but Alex could hear the staff running the simulations roaring with laughter, even over the din of his mech and the cockpit door being closed.

Large numbers now appeared on his screen, counting down the seconds to the beginning of the match. He hoped he’d deployed and instructed everyone properly.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

And then virtual Hell broke loose.


“Cha-Cha, give Kali some support as she charges that Marauder!” Alex called out while he twisted his mech’s torso and fired one of his charged particle cannons at an enemy mech nearby. The ion blast melted the armour on his target’s right torso and he whooped in triumph as the ammunition bins inside exploded, blowing the mech apart in an intense pyrotechnic display. He nodded to himself in satisfaction.

“I am having her back!” Freja replied loudly, clearly into the fight. She used rounds from one of her missile launchers to pound a heavy foe. She didn’t penetrate its armour, but she induced the mech to change course and head in another direction, which led it directly into Alexa’s path …

She discharged several of her lasers at short range, shearing off slabs of armour and punching holes in both legs before her mech slammed its giant fist right down onto the cockpit, crushing it savagely.

“GOT ‘IM!” Alexa crowed while both girls cackled maniacally and began singing a loud Wagnerian Valkyrie chant in celebration. Of their twenty foes, Alex had taken down two already, and Alexa and Freja another. They both went after different targets now.

Alex ran his mech sideways, aiming carefully with both of his particle cannons and blasting a lighter mech right off the map when he hit it square in the rear torso. “Fuckpumpkin, where are you?”

That last query sounded just plain weird to him.

“Having fun!” she called back, launching her mech over hilly terrain with her jump jets. Before she had even reached the ground, she was aiming her gauss rifle at the much heavier mech that had been chasing her. She hollered in delight as the massive slug punched right through his cockpit.

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