Mistress Diabolique Ch. 07

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Mistress Diabolique and Tammy waited patiently, occasionally kissing Caleb on his mouth and then his cock, and within 15 minutes of his premature ejaculation the 40-year-old domina pronounced the lad ready for his “punishment” for failing the endurance test so miserably.

“Aunty,” said Caleb, as he rose from the bed, stiff-pricked once more before walking back down to the torture chamber with his aunt and her lovely ebony 25-year-old assistant, “why do I have to be erect before I’m punished?”

His aunt kissed him lingeringly on his mouth, rubbing her lovely 34DD boobs across his muscular chest. “Because, silly boy,” she chided him, “the pain is all the more pleasureable when the recipient has a hard-on.

“Without the erection he can only concentrate on the punishment being inflicted on him. But when he’s sporting a nice thick dick, well it makes the punishment all the more erotic. Now, shall we go?”

Back down in the “games room”, as his aunt sometimes referred to it, Caleb was ordered to fetch a “strap-on” from an equipment bench in the corner of the well-equipped chamber.

He handed the red-pricked beauty to his aunt, looking puzzled.

“What’s bothering you, darling,” asked the erect-nippled domina, “never enjoyed the pleasure of an anal intruder?”

“No, aunty, I’ve never been raped, if that’s what you mean,” said the clearly nervous sex slave.

“Darling,” said his aunt, in as comforting a tone as she could muster for the lovely 18-year-old, “it’s not rape, whatever gave you that idea? I’m going to ease it up you, gently, sensitively.

“It’s going to give you a big buzz, believe you me. Rape, indeed!”

Tammy laughed. “It’ll work wonders on that seven-inch cock of yours, Cal,” she informed the newcomer to rear action sports.

“Enough chat,” said the boy’s aunty. “Time to lube up. Cal, up on this bench, on all fours, knees almost at the back edge, there’s a good little sex slave.”

Caleb climbed up on a black leather-padded bench and placed his knees almost at the back end, as instructed, which left his legs from just below the knees, and his feet, protruding from the furniture.

Then his aunt smeared a small amount of KY jelly onto his anal ring, pressing her forefinger very gently into the first inch or so. Caleb took a deep breath in as he felt her digital intrusion.

Next the lovely domme pulled the strap-on up over her hips, until the six-inch rubber cock was swaying stiffly in front of her otherwise nude body. Then she thoroughly lubricated the strap- on’s fake cock with more KY and pressed the glans of the machine to the boy’s rosebud bum orifice.

But before she began to push the red ramrod up Caleb’s anus, Tammy went to the head of the leather bench and straddled it with her feet on either side, and bent slightly so her glorious arse was presented to the sex slave’s face.

Mistress Diabolique could even detect the lovely feminine aroma wafting up from her assistant’s snatch, so she was sure that Caleb was getting a very heady perfume from where his head was almost in contact with the shapely buttocks.

“Now Cal, when I start to ride you with my strap-on, you start to make love to Tammy with your tongue, OK?” commanded the 40-year-old.

“I understand canlı bahis aunty, don’t hurt me, aunty,” said the teenager, in a quavering voice.

“Shut the crap up about ‘hurting’ you boy,” snapped his aunt, starting to lose her patience. “Trust me, I’m a dominatrix!”

And then Mistress D thrust her hips forward and the large head of the rubber knob inserted itself into the first inch or so of the lad’s anus. Caleb let out a sharp sigh as he was invaded.

From above him, his aunt’s left hand reached out and stroked his still thick and stiff cock. It was dripping quite large quantities of pre-cum onto the leather, but the domina didn’t mind – it showed how aroused the lad was.

As she paused for a moment, Mistress D checked to see that Caleb’s mouth was working away at Tammy’s anus and buttocks, was satisfied he was, indeed, “at work” and then she drove further and deeper until the red monster had buried itself in the boy’s rectum.

Checking his cock again, Mistress D found that it was, as she suspected, thicker and harder than she had ever felt it. Then she began to arse fuck the teenager, thrusting slowly back and forth in his back passage, her mons grazing against his buttocks with each delicious forward driving momentum.

As she established a nice, steady tempo with her prosthetic prick, Mistress D asked her assistant: “How’s he coming?”

Tammy laughed. “I don’t know about him, but I sure as hell will soon. He’s got his tongue up my cunt, but soon I’m gonna order him down to my clit, and then I’m anyone’s, fuck I’m wet down there.”

And as Mistress D slightly increased the speed of her fucking, Tammy barked out “Clit me, boy, clit me” and the 40-year-old heard a distinct slurping as the boy’s mouth obviously moved from the ebony beauty’s cunt, over her labia to her prominent clitoris.

“Fuck, don’t drown him, Tammy,” called Mistress D, panting slightly as her orgasm neared, “he’s the only nephew I’ve got!”

And then both mistress and assistant found their arousal too much to contain and almost simultaneously – although Mistress D thought she peaked first – both women came with cries and shouts of excitement as the sex slave brought off the assistant, while his aunt banged away to completion with the dildo in his backside.

Waiting for a while, the 40-year-old pulled the smeared rubber ramrod from the boy’s now gaping anal tract, and removed it from her hips.

“Stand up, Cal, let’s have a look at you,” his aunt said, and Caleb, his face sticky with the black assistant’s sex juice, stood before his mature domina, cock stiffly swaying from his groin.

“Well?” asked his aunt. “How was it?”

Caleb blinked his eyes a few times – his face was also perspiring with sweat as well as sex juice – and smiled: “It was lovely, aunty. I’ve never felt, well, never felt so thick and so hard, it was sensational.”

“That’s because the rubber cock inside you was putting pressure on your sphincter muscle, darling,” Mistress D informed the lad.

“Would you like to feel that glorious hard-on for a bit longer?” she asked him, knowing exactly what his response would be.

“Would I what!” exclaimed the teenager. “But how? You can’t walk around behind me all day with the strap-on inside bahis siteleri me, can you?”

“Of course not, silly,” said his aunt. “But what we can do is get an anal intruder which is attached to a strap leading to an engorgement device, and that way you’ll be permanently erect, as massive a hard-on as you’ve ever experienced.”

The lad looked like he’d won the lottery. “Can we, aunty? Fuck, that would be terrific!”

His aunt tossed the strap-on to one side and walked to a drawer in a chest of drawers in a far corner of the torture chamber. From it she produced an anal intruder, which was not as thick as the rubber cock she’d thrust into Caleb’s back passage, but was exactly the same length – six inches.

“Bend over, darling, let aunty slip it into you,” she instructed.

The boy looked questioningly at his aunt. “Jelly, aunty?”

Mistress D shook her head. “Won’t need it, darling, you’re nicely lubricated already, and it won’t hurt, now over you go.”

Caleb turned his to his aunt, bent over and placed his hands on his knees. His arse was thus perfectly presented for the black anal intruder in his aunt’s hands.

The thing slid smoothly and effortlessly past his anal ring, then deep into his rectum. “Now stand and face me,” said Mistress D, slapping him playfully on one bare buttock.

The lad did, and from between his thighs, Mistress Diabolique searched for the rest of the equipment. From the front base of the anal intruder, was a strip of sturdy rubber, and at its end an unstrapped piece of leather.

Pulling the strap so it was flush on his groin and leading up to his scrotum, Mistress D then buckled the leather strap around the boy’s ball bag and cock.

“Wow!” exclaimed the teenager, as the anal intruder plus engorgement strap was finally fitted around him. “This feels terrific, aunty!”

Tammy stepped in front of the 18-year-old and ran a hand along his vein-popping shaft.

“I know it’s probably an illusion, but this device makes him look even bigger – possibly by as much as an inch, Mistress D,” she told her employer. “Reckon you can keep it up longer with that, if we let you play the numbers game again, slut boy?”

Caleb nodded his head so eagerly, his aunty thought it might drop off.

“Yes, pleeeeease, Tammy,” said the lad, enthusiastically. “I know I can hold out longer than four minutes or whatever it was,” he cried. “I’ve never felt this hard!”

“Well,” his aunt laughed, “tell you what. It was four minutes and 35 seconds, since you appear to have forgotten. And with that ring around your crown jewels I think you might find it harder to control yourself than you did in your debut.

“Wanna bet?”

Caleb looked a little furtive, then nodded. “Yes, aunty, I’ll take the bet. I know I can last longer than five minutes, I know it!”

Mistress Diabolique looked at her earnest young nephew and smiled. “All right. Last longer than five minutes and you can fuck us both all afternoon without any time constraints.

“Come before the time control, and Tammy’s mom will call round tomorrow and really put you through your paces. OK?”

Caleb looked a little hesitant now. “What’s she like, aunty?” he asked.

“I’ll show you a picture of her from bahis şirketleri the dommes’ directory,” said the maturer domina of the two. “Then you’ll know what you’re gonna be up against!”

Back upstairs, in the lounge prior to the lad’s second endurance test of the day, Mistress Diabolique opened the directory to the page where Tammy’s mother had her half-page advertisement.

Headed “Are you man enough, or are you a sissy boy like all the rest?” the ad featured a strikingly tall black woman, with large breasts, a big butt and lovely long legs. The advertisement said that “Mistress Ebony” was a 43-year-old domina, with 15 years experience in “the art of gentle and not-so-gentle persuasion”.

Mistress D thought the teenager would come over the page when he saw the beautiful black beast.

“Bet still on, Cal?” asked Mistress D, teasingly.

“Yes, aunty, yes it is,” he nodded firmly.

“Right,” said Mistress D, placing a firm hand on his rigid member, “let’s see how you go this time.”

Back in his aunt’s bedroom, Caleb lay back in the middle of the bed, while Tammy lay beside him on his right, his aunt on his left.

“I started last time,” said Mistress D, “so it’s Tammy’s turn now. He’s all yours Tammy.”

Mistress D lay back and guessed that the lovely black domina would start with something teasing, but she was wrong, the little minx went for the jugular.

“Three!” Tammy commanded the slave lying between them and the 18-year-old mounted the firm-bodied black beauty.

After pressing her stopwatch, Mistress D let him fuck the girl slowly for a full minute then called out: “2, Cal.”

The boy pulled from the assistant’s snatch, lay on his back, cock “circumcised” by the tightness of her cunt, counted slowly to 3, then placed his burgeoning hard-on between his aunt’s full, firm globes.

Again he was allowed about a minute, then Tammy snapped “1” and the lady returned to the centre of the bed, counted “1, 2, 3” then climbed across the 25-year-old’s body, placed his knees on either side of her shoulders and the woman took his smeared cock in her mouth and began to fellate him.

Mistress D permitted him to be sucked for about a minute, then called out “3” and soon the lad was fucking her hard, but he had only proceeded for some 30 seconds when Tammy again called “3”.

Mistress D knew he would by now be close to collapse, and she was proved right. Caleb lay on his back, his cock pulsing and throbbing as he slowly counted to 3, then, just before his cock entered the assistant’s tight cunt, he gave a shudder as his hand tried to steer it home.

A plume of spunk shot over Tammy’s belly and landed with a light splosh on her lower left breast. Then two more globs of semen landed on her.

“Fuck,” said Caleb, through gritted teeth, then “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck!” as his failure registered with him.

Mistress D leaned over and kissed him on his sweat-stained face. “Oh, dear, darling – I make that 3 minutes 49 seconds, which means you lose. And that means that not only do you get punished again for failing to reach the time control, you also get punished tomorrow by Mistress Ebony.”

Caleb fell onto his back as Tammy cleaned herself up.

When she had completed that task, the lovely lady kissed Caleb warmly on the mouth.

“Don’t worry, darling,” she whispered. “I’ve told mom all about you and she’s dying to meet you.

“She was coming round tomorrow no matter what time you did!”

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