Mom Pursues Taboo Desires Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Julie is a 54 year old divorced mother who has raised two sons. Both are now adults and neither live at home with her.

Throughout all of her adult life she has had a ravenous sex drive with many kinky desires. Although she’s had a number of different sexual partners on a frequent basis she masturbates several times a week to satisfy her lustful cravings.

Julie also has an infatuation for larger cocks. Her husband was average in size but after her divorce many years ago she has always looked for well endowed men to fulfill her desires.

If a man she is with doesn’t have at least eight hard inches of cock he doesn’t get the pleasure of fucking her hungry slutty cunt. Julie may suck the man’s cock or jerk him off to satisfy him but that is the extent she allows the sexual activity between them to go. After finding that a lover is not of adequate size for her pleasure she moves on from that relationship and seeks out a larger cock to satisfy her needs.

Of all the kinky slutty desires Julie has, her most taboo involves having sex with her oldest son Josh. It began when he was eighteen.

Julie had come home from work early one afternoon and through a partially open bedroom door she saw her son laying naked on the bed. He was holding a pair of her dirty panties near to his nose and stroking his cock. Julie was angry for the invasion of her privacy when she saw he had her panties. Her immediate instinct was to walk in and scold him but she quickly realized that he was just doing something that teenage boys do. Using her better judgement and not wanting to embarrass her son she decided not to say anything.

Julie was about to walk away but she felt a strange desire to continue watching. She had never seen her grown son completely naked and certainly not with a fully erect penis. She had no idea how well endowed her son was until that moment when she watched him stroking ten inches of thick cock.

Julie felt guilty for watching her son but she couldn’t take her eyes off his big cock. Within seconds after she had started watching him he shot a large amount of thick white semen all over his chest. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen and had to bite her lip to keep from making any sound.

When Josh had finished ejaculating she quickly went back down the stairs. About ten minutes later when her son appeared in the kitchen to get a snack Julie pretended to have just gotten home. He had absolutely no idea that his mom had just watched him jerk off.

For the rest of that evening Julie couldn’t get the vision out of her mind of her son’s big cock and his creamy load of cum shooting on his chest. As she laid in bed that night thinking about it she couldn’t resist sliding her hand between her legs and massaging her clit. Within a few minutes she felt herself nearing orgasm as she rapidly fingered her clit while replaying the events of that day in her mind. As she envisioned Josh shooting cum all over his chest she couldn’t control her excitement any longer and had an incredibly intense canlı bahis orgasm.

Immediately afterwards Julie felt guilty for having sexual thoughts about her own son as she masturbated. The feelings of guilt were temporary and by the next night she enjoyed the same pleasure again. With the intensity of the pleasure Julie was having from her naughty thoughts it was only the beginning. She masturbated many times after that while having fantasies about her son.

In the beginning her thoughts were limited to her son masturbating but eventually her thoughts became much more sexual. Julie became so absorbed with her fantasies that she bought a dildo that was similar in size to her son’s hard cock. Even with the many well endowed men Julie had enjoyed over the years, the first time she slid the dildo in her pussy it felt huge. It took her very little time to orgasm while using it and thinking about how wonderful her son’s cock would feel between her legs.

During that time in her life there was nothing that gave Julie more pleasure than using her big dildo while fantasizing that Josh was fucking her horny mom cunt. Despite the incredible orgasms Julie would always feel guilty after every time she masturbated with her dildo while fantasizing about her son. It took several months but eventually she was able to put her naughty fantasies and desires behind her.

It has been more than fifteen years since Julie saw her oldest son masturbating. While she no longer fantasizes about having sex with him she never forgot watching him. In her mind she can still visualize how big and sexy his cock was.

Josh is now thirty-three and happily married. He and his wife recently visited Julie for the weekend and shortly after they left she noticed something unusual. When she emptied the hamper to do the laundry she noticed two pair of her dirty panties from earlier that week were near the top of the hamper. She knew for certain they were panties she had worn four or five days prior and that someone had to have been in the hamper. With the exception of Josh and his wife no one else had been in her house since she had last done her laundry.

Julie found it hard to believe that her married son could still be getting aroused by his mom’s big size 10 cotton underpants but she suspected that it had to be Josh who had been in the hamper. A few days later when she was cleaning her bathroom her suspicions were confirmed. There was a dried substance down the outside of the toilet bowl. As she looked at it closely she had no doubt in her mind that it was dried semen.

After realizing it was dried cum Julie could only assume that Josh had masturbated in her bathroom, most likely while smelling her dirty panties like he did when he was younger. The incident brought back all of her memories from seeing him masturbate when he was eighteen. That night as Julie laid in bed she started thinking about her adult son standing in her bathroom, sniffing her panties and jerking his big cock. All the same desires from many years earlier bahis siteleri were suddenly back.

Julie slid her hand between her legs and again began fantasizing about being pleasured by her son’s big cock. She was already wet with desire as she inserted two fingers into her pussy and rapidly fingered herself. It took very little time before she enjoyed another one of those incredibly intense orgasms like she always had before when she had fantasized about Josh.

When her pleasure subsided Julie was overcome with guilt in the same manner as the other times she had masturbated with sexual thoughts of her son. This time however she felt even more angry with herself than usual. She vowed to not get back into having her same slutty desires and habits as before. Despite her vow Julie couldn’t ignore the pleasure she’d again felt. The next night she was again fucking her horny mom cunt with her big dildo and fantasizing it was her son.

Julie was not certain how to handle her naughty taboo feelings of being a mom that enjoys fantasies of having sex with her son. With being so conflicted she decided to pose the question of her desire for having sex with her son in an online forum. She assumed she would get plenty of negative feedback that incest was wrong thus reinforcing her feelings enough to put an end to her slutty mom desires.

Some of the responses that Julie got to her question were that it was indeed a very strange desire and she was not a “good mom” for even thinking about it. Despite those comments she was surprised that she received more positive responses than negative. The consensus among most was there was nothing wrong with it as long as it was between two consenting adults.

Julie received a number of responses from individuals who said they themselves had engaged in incest and added that it was some of the best sex they ever experienced. They told her she should have no shame or guilt for her feelings and encouraged her to investigate the possibility of fulfilling her desire. Some suggested that her son may be more open to it than she would think.

Julie was feeling much better about herself from receiving so many positive and encouraging responses. She wasn’t certain about the suggestion of her son being “open to it” but if there was a way to turn her fantasy to reality she wanted it to happen. After having so many feelings of guilt from her fantasies Julie was happy that she could finally admit to herself that she really did want to have sex with her son. She had no idea how she could ever accomplish what she wanted but if there was a way she was determined she was going find it.

It happens that plans had already been made for Josh to come to his mom’s house in a few weeks to put new flooring in her bathroom. He was going to be there for the entire weekend. When Julie found out that his wife was not coming with him her mind moved into high gear. It seemed that it could be the perfect opportunity for her to get his cock between her legs. She immediately began thinking about a plan bahis şirketleri in which she could make it happen.

After the recent episode where Julie thought her son had masturbated with her dirty panties she was certain if he had the opportunity he would do it again. Since his wife was not going to be with him during his stay at her house Julie was confident Josh would find time to pleasure himself. She thought if she could catch him in the act that would give her a chance to take things further. It had been fifteen years since Julie first fantasized about sucking her son’s big cock or getting it deep in her pussy. After her recent revelations on incest she was now more than ready to pursue those pleasures.

The more Julie thought about her “slut mom” desires the more motivated she was to fulfill them. After she had started thinking about a plan to catch her son masturbating it didn’t take long for her to come up with an idea. It was so simple and she was so confident of it working work that she began to mentally prepare herself for the moment.

Julie wanted to make absolutely certain that if she did get the opportunity to have sex with her son that she didn’t let it slip away. She felt certain that if she was horny enough when she caught Josh jerking his cock she wouldn’t be able to resist her naughty desires and she would follow through with her plan.

To achieve the degree of horniness Julie wanted, every night in bed prior to her son’s visit she masturbated while fantasizing about what she wanted to do with him. She would bring herself near to orgasm each night but would make certain to always stop before reaching her climax. As each night of masturbation went by her feelings of sexual frustration increased and her desires intensified. After a week of her nightly ritual Julie was already so horny she could hardly contain herself from finishing her pleasure.

For the final five nights prior to Josh coming to her house, Julie wore panties to bed for her masturbation session. As she masturbated she would push her fingers through her panty into her cunt to make certain that the gusset would get wet and creamy. She wanted to make certain her panties would be fragrant and aromatic from her dried juices for her son to smell.

When she awoke on the Saturday morning before her son’s arrival, Julie was feeling as horny as she had hoped to be. Her cunt was aching for her son’s big cock and it was all she could think about. She masturbated one final time and denied herself the pleasure of orgasm as she thought about what she was hoping to do later that day. When she removed her panties they were wet and creamy with the juices from her slimy horny cunt.

Julie placed her dirty panties in the hamper on top of her other clothes. Her other worn underpants from earlier that week were scattered in amongst the rest of her dirty clothes. She was thinking to herself “that should give Josh plenty to choose from for his sniffing pleasure.”

As the time for her son’s arrival drew nearer Julie kept thinking about watching him sniff her panties and masturbate his cock. As she took a shower and prepared herself to fulfill her slutty desires she couldn’t keep from thinking about the pleasure she was planning to have that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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