Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 13

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Chapter 13 – Now What?

“Well, how do we do this? Do I have you strip off my clothes and you strip off your clothes or do I have you strip off my clothes and I strip off your clothes?”

She stood there, as if posing, in her brown, short skirt and green button blouse. She was nearly his height in her high heels and the mere sight of her made him want to take her in his arms and kiss her, while running one hand down behind her to feel her round, firm ass with another hand feeling her C cup breast through her blouse and bra.

“I was just thinking about that, Mom. Actually, I don’t know,” he said looking at her with a nervous smile. “Only, this won’t work in the way that I thought it would. It’s too rush and too contrived. I won’t receive the inspiration that I need to write my Nude Day story, if we just strip off our clothes and act like we’re nudists celebrating Nude Day. Other than seeing you naked, I may not get the inspiration that I need to write my story from that.”

As if he was manufacturing a back story, he was thinking that he needed a sexy scenario, other than seeing his mother naked, to help him write his Nude Day story. Even though she agreed to strip, based solely on his artistic expression, even though she bought all his lies, if only for the sake of his story, he still needed a valid reason why his mother would agree to willingly strip off her clothes for Nude Day.

“What do you mean?” Batting her long eyelashes, she looked at him with innocent vulnerability. “I thought all you needed was to see me naked to write your story.”

A player in his game of incest, now it was her turn to play the dummy. Suddenly, with an insightful glimpse into what his mother was thinking, indeed, just as he had always suspected, he felt manipulated and controlled by her. She was no dummy, no doubt, for sure, and she knew exactly what he meant. A critical time, he needed to not only be careful in what he said but also in what he did. Not wanting to frighten her into changing her mind about stripping off her clothes, at the same time, he didn’t want to come across to her, as the pervert that he was. Only, now, by all that she said and all that she did, he suspected that she was just as perverted as he was.

“I don’t know. Now that this is real, now that you’re ready to allow me to see you naked, I need to rethink this. Just as I must have a plot in mind to write my story, we need a sexy scenario, why we’re alone together and why we’re about to get naked,” he said looking to her for suggestions, while still wanting her to take the lead.

“I see. Yeah, that makes sense,” she said. “So, as if we’re actors acting in a movie or in a Broadway play on stage, what we need is a script. Is that what you mean, Jason?”

No doubt, wanting him to make the first step, she tossed the ball back to him.

“Yeah,” he said. “As if I’m acting out my story, before writing it, a script is what we need, along with a bit of direction,” he looked at her and smiled.

She was so damn beautiful, especially in his uniform of choice, a short skirt and a button blouse. Even though she already agreed to have him undress her, he wondered if she’d allow him to feel her tits through her blouse and finger her nipples through her bra. He wondered if she’d allow him to run his horny hands up her short skirt and all over her shapely thighs, before cupping her pussy through her panty and feeling her shapely ass. Already so very horny, already way ahead of himself, it was enough that she agreed for him to see her naked. Naked, naked, naked, he was about to see his mother naked. Naked, naked, naked, she was about to see him naked, too.

“Well, let’s see. Let me think,” she said pacing canlı bahis back in forth in front of him in her sexy high heels shoes. She had killer legs without them and with them, he wanted to run his tongue along the length of hem. “The sexy scenario, of course, would be Nude Day,” she said tapping her lip with her manicured index finger, while pacing across the living room rug. “There’s a lot we can do with that,” she said turning to face him, as if soliciting his ideas. “The key word being nudity, of course.”

“Yes, but unless the people stripping naked are a couple in a love relationship, typically people remove their clothes as a naked celebration with others on Nude Day.”

“Jesus, Jason,” she said stopping her pacing to put a hand on her hip and to flash him a green eyed look of parental scolding. “I’m certainly not about to invite people over to watch me strip naked for you. I’d be so embarrassed for anyone, other than for you to see me naked.”

She tossed her hair back, as if she was getting ready to kiss him. In the way that she flipped her long, lush, dark brown hair, he imagined her flipping her hair out of the way, before blowing him. If only his friends could see them now. If only his friends knew what they were about to do, a mother stripping naked for her son and a son stripping naked for his mother. Nude Day or not, they’d all wish that they were in his lucky shoes. Suddenly, he imagined his mother naked and surrounded by several of his horny friends. He imagined parading his naked mother around the neighborhood where they lived, while wishing everyone a Happy Nude Day.

“That’s not what I meant, Mom.”

“What did you mean, then, Jason?”

“I don’t know. I just need more of a storyline to write my story than for you and me to just strip off our clothes.”

“Oh, I know,” she said with a sexy smile. “What if I were a cougar, a friend of your mother’s, who always had her eye on you.”

“A cougar? Yeah, that’s good. That will work,” said Jason. “That would be fun for me to play your cougar cub.”

He wondered how far his mother would play her part. He imagined her stripping him and tying his naked body to the bed. He imagined her blindfolding him and teasing and tickling him with a feather, while she licked him where no mother should ever lick her son.

“After being out and about on the town shopping, we bumped into one another. Because you helped me with my bundles and bags, I invited you back to my place for a glass of wine,” she said sitting on the couch beside him and holding up her wine glass, as if toasting him, before taking another sip of her wine.

“Yeah, that’s good, Mother. That’s very good. I like the idea of you playing a cougar,” he said using her as a sounding board and ready to bounce his ideas off of her, too. Being that neither was willing to take the lead, the fact that they both worked in concert to develop a Nude Day stripping plan was a good way for them to make stripping arrangements without either one assuming the responsibility and feeling guilty about their incestuous plan later.

“I’m glad you like it because I do, too,” she said with a sexy smile, as if she was already playing her cougar role.

“You take me home and try to seduce me in the way that Anne Bancroft did to Dustin Hoffman in the Graduate, when she played Mrs. Robinson. That was such a hot scene, when she was sitting on that barstool with her legs spread and flashing him her panty, pantyhose crotch, or her pussy. I don’t know which, as they never showed the full frontal view,” said Jason raising his wine glass, as if toasting his mother, while thinking about Simon and Garfunkel’s song, ‘Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson’.

“Perfect,” said Elizabeth bahis siteleri with a sexy smile, while assuming the open legged sitting position of Mrs. Robinson and flashing Jason her panties in the process.

“Oh, my God, Mother, this is so much fun acting out my Nude Day story, before I even write it. Yes, this is the kind of inspiration that I need to write a better story,” he said losing his mind in the exposed sight of his mother’s white panties.

“Elizabeth, Jason, call me Elizabeth or Jennifer, after your preferred cougar celebrity Jennifer Lopez,” she said closing her legs and pulling down her skirt to deny her son any more of an up skirt view than he had already seen.

“Actually, Mother, I’d prefer to call you, Elizabeth. I’ve always loved your name. Elizabeth is such a feminine name.”

“Thank you, Jason. So, it’s settled, a way for us to remove the awkwardness in us removing our clothes, an older woman with a younger man is a great scenario for us to play, while pretending that we’re just acting. Besides,” she said flipping her hair again, “I always loved that movie. Dustin Hoffman has always been one of my favorite actors. Yeah, that would work with me playing Anne Bancroft’s role as a sexy and horny Mrs. Robinson,” she said with wickedness in her eyes. “I can definitely play the part of the cougar.”

Jason looked at her and smiled, while wondering, if his mother was going to play the sexy naked scene that Mrs. Robinson played, when she trapped Ben Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, in her bedroom.

“As if our living room is the movie set, we can pretend we’re actors on a date, a hot date, in an erotic movie with kissing and touching,” said Jason suddenly imagining making out with his mother and suddenly realizing that he said too much that revealed what he was hoping to happen.

Not wanting to play all his cards and show her his hand, just as he said hot date, he knew that he had said and suggested too much by him mentioning of kissing and touching. Not missing a chance to catch him, she was right there to pick up on what he had said.

“On a date, a hot date? What do you mean on a hot date?”

While running her tongue across her lips, before flipping back her hair again, she looked at her son with controlled excitement. Oh, she was such a sexy siren, especially when she acted so shyly demur and modesty innocent. Just as he had been playing her, no doubt, she had been playing him. Two peas in a pod, they were meant for one another. It was too bad they were mother and son. Actually, about to embark on a new sexual, albeit incestuous adventure, it was a fortunate situation that they were mother and son.

“Sorry, Mom, maybe that was a wrong choice of words,” said Jason trying to backpedal.

“By a hot date, what did you mean by kissing and touching?” No doubt knowing exactly what he meant, she paused, while fluttering her eyelids, as if she was kissing and touching him. Her face flushed, as if she was about to have an orgasm or faint. “I thought you were just going to remove my clothes,” she said looking at him, while moving her open hand to the side of her face and feigning shocked surprise. “You didn’t tell me we were going to pretend we’re on a date, a hot date with kissing and touching.”

“To be honest, Mom, and don’t take this the wrong way but, for me to write my story, kissing and touching is the only way I can get the inspiration that I need,” he said taking a leap of faith, while hoping that she’s sexually aroused enough and had enough wine to go along with his idea of kissing and touching.

“I see,” she said with another momentary pause, while looking at her son, as if he was an eligible bachelor and she was the bachelorette on bahis şirketleri the Bachelorette. “What kind of kissing? Mother and son kissing? Just a peck on the lips or,” she paused to take another sip of her wine, before refreshing her lipstick. Then, finishing off her glass, she poured herself another. “Do you mean real kissing, deep French kissing, with probing tongues,” she said with a laugh to cover her nervousness.

“I don’t know, Mom. It would be a little weird French kissing you, I think,” he said, when he wanted to say, it would be so very sexually exciting to French kiss you, while feeling your big tits. He looked at her and when she met his stare with her stare and gave him a look, as if she wanted to be kissed, he looked away.

“I agree. It would be more than a little weird for me to French kiss my son, as if he was my hot date and my potential lover” she said with a nervous laugh. “And what kind of desperate touching? Are you talking about rushed feeling and desperate groping in the way that all horny men do, when they have me alone and can’t take no for an answer?”

There she said it again. She thinks of him as her potential lover. Suddenly, Jason imagined his Mom on a hot date. He imagined a man kissing her, before touching her. Feeling her tits and going up her short skirt, he imagined the man forcing her head down to his lap to take his cock in her mouth. Even though he’d be jealous, he’d love to watch his Mom in action, while giving someone a blowjob. How hot would that be to watch his mother sucking someone’s cock?

“I don’t know, Mom, I mean, Elizabeth. For me to elaborate about really kissing you with tongues, while touching, feeling, and groping you is too much pressure and expectations. Just as it’s difficult to play out this sexy scenario with you, it’s difficult for me to imagine me kissing and touching you, and it’s even more difficult for me to play actor and director, at the same time. To be totally honest, Elizabeth, I’m just as shy about kissing and touching you, as you must be uncomfortable about me kissing and touching you,” he said lying. Honestly, he couldn’t wait to French kiss his mother, while feeling her hot body.

“Perhaps, we’re getting ahead of ourselves,” she said with motherly wisdom with a sudden dose of modesty. “Maybe we should just play it by ear and see what happens. We won’t know how comfortable or uncomfortable we are with kissing and touching, until we kiss and touch one another. “Okay?” She took a sip of her second glass of wine.

“Okay, Mom,” he said standing and pacing, while thinking.

“Drink your wine, Jason, otherwise you’ll never be in the mood to French kiss your old mother,” she said with a nervous laugh, while revealing her true intentions.

So that’s her plan. Even though she said otherwise and to play it by ear and see what happens, she wants to French kiss him. Suddenly the image of French kissing his mother, while feeling her breasts filled his mind with incestuous lust. Suddenly the image of sticking his tongue in his mother’s mouth, while sticking his hand up her short skirt and cupping her panty clad pussy in the palm of his hand filled him with unrestrained sexual desire and hardened his cock.

“Don’t worry about me not wanting to French kiss you, I’ve always wanted to French kiss you, Mom,” said Jason softly in his glass and too softly for her to hear, while he guzzled his wine.

“Come sit here beside me on the couch, Jason,” she said patting the seat next to her.

Jason sat next to his mother and, just in the way that she patted the sofa seat, she patted his thigh in a loving way, while he rubbed her knee in a sexual way.

“Well, this is nice,” he said. “With the candles soft music, and wine, it’s all so very romantic,” he said looking down at her, as if inviting her to kiss him.

“Are you as nervous as I am?” She looked at her son, before taking another sip of wine.

To be continued…

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