Mom Takes It in the Ass , I Do, Too

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This is a true story based on what really happened. The names were changed to preserve the privacy of those involved. I dedicate this story to Travis.


Mom Takes It in the Ass & I Do, Too

Son catches his mother anally masturbating herself with her seven-inch dildo.

An attractive 45-year-old woman sat in the empty waiting room of the psychiatrist’s office fidgeting with her purse and talking to herself.

“I never should have made this appointment. If I was crazy to have sex with my son, I was even crazier to come here,” she said incoherently mumbling to herself.

She looked as if she needed a drink and/or a cigarette but she didn’t drink or smoke. Having heard horror stories of psychiatrists prescribing dangerous anti-depressant drugs and committing people who they thought were dangers to themselves and/or to the public, understandably tense, this was Liz’s first time seeing a shrink. As if she wanted to leave, not knowing what to expect, what to say to the psychiatrist and how he’d react to all that she needed to tell him, she appeared nervous.

A blonde with big, blue eyes and very large breasts, she was a shapely albeit petite 105 pounds. At only 5’2″ tall and 5’5″ tall with her 3″ heels, a complete albeit compact package, she was as sexy as she was short. Her round ass was just as curvaceous as were her big breasts. If only she was twenty years younger and 5 inches taller, with her shapely body, she could have been a Playboy Playmate.

Dr. Reed opened his door and with her his only patient, he focused his eyes on her.

“You must be Liz. Welcome. Please come in,” said Dr. Reed extending his hand. If this went well, he was Liz’s new psychiatrist.

Just as she was glad that he was the only one in the office and that she didn’t have to deal with a receptionist, she was glad that he hadn’t kept her waiting very long. She was already feeling awkwardly embarrassed having to seek out the help of a trained professional. With her not seeing his last patient leave, he obviously had one way in and another way out of his office. When she was done baring her soul to the good doctor, she was glad that she didn’t have to walk through a waiting room of patients but could just leave by the side door that was obviously hidden in his office.

### TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo ###

He was a distinguished looking man of about 65-years-old with grey hair at the temples. About 5’10” tall, he appeared to be a trim 165 pounds. He looked a little like who she imagined George Clooney’s older brother would look like when wearing tortoise shelled glasses. A real gentleman, something she wasn’t used to seeing in her everyday life, he held the door for her as she walked in his office. Albeit, in the way she felt with most men leering at her, sadly even with him, she could feel him undressing her with his eyes.

Something she never expected a psychiatrist doing, without her even looking up at him, she could feel him staring at her big tits and her shapely ass. A learned man who was also a medical doctor, she thought he’d be above all of that sexual nonsense. With her having a body similar to Coco Austin, Ice-T’s wife, Nicky Minaj, or Kim Kardashian, she always received lots of admiring looks, uncomfortable leers, heated stares, and whistles from men. As if she was walking around naked, her pretty face, big tits, and round ass was an attention getting, sex magnet to men. Only, just because she dressed sexy and had the shapely body to match, she wasn’t a whore. She was the single mother of a twenty-five-year-old son.

“Hi, Doctor Reed. I’m please to meet you,” said Liz shaking his hand with trepidation.

If her weak, perspiring handshake was any indication, she was nervous. Feeling that he had the ability to read her mind by her body language, she feared that he would judge her. Instead of reading her mind and/or judging her, he gave her a warm and understanding smile. His comforting smile allayed her nervousness somewhat.

A comfortable place with both masculine and feminine touches, obviously to make his male and female patients feel more at ease, nonetheless his office looked like the office of a psychiatrist. With a large world globe in the corner, he had bookcases surrounding the room filled with professional books of psychology and psychiatry mixed with some fictional classics. A bust of Dr. Sigmund Freud took possession of a place of honor on his wall across from his desk. The drapes, rug, and pictures were more colorful and feminine than the masculine cherry wood that subdued the room. The chair in front of his desk was comfortably cushioned and the couch was a dark, red leather worn with deep wrinkles, no doubt, from having to listen to so many crazy stories while having to support so many patients.

“You may have a seat in the chair in front of my desk or you may lie on the couch if you’d prefer. Please sit wherever you feel more comfortable,” he said remaining standing while watching her select her seat.

In the way of a aksaray escort David Steinberg comedy routine where he played a crazy psychiatrist, as if selecting her seat was a psychological test, Liz looked at him gazing at her. Not knowing which seat to choose, she nervously looked from the chair positioned in front of his desk before turning to look at the couch against the wall that ran perpendicular from his desk.

“Where should I sit, Doctor?” She shrugged while looking at the doctor as if he was a college professor using her seat selection to grade her final exam. “Does it matter where I sit?”

He gave her a calming smile while she laughed nervously.

“Does it matter where you sit?” As if talking to him, he looked to Freud’s bust positioned on a shelf on the wall. “Does it matter where she sits?” He returned his focus to Liz. “I can assure you that it doesn’t matter where you sit, Liz,” he said.

She walked towards the couch.

“Ohhh,” he said nodding his head as if there was some hidden significance in her choosing the couch.

She looked at him surprise when he reacted to her choosing the couch and instead walked toward the chair in front of his desk.

“Ahhh,” he said raising his eyebrows above the lenses of his eyeglasses.

Liz didn’t know where to sit now.

“I’m so confused,” she said moving her fingers to her mouth. “I didn’t know choosing a seat had such psychological significance.”

Doctor Reed gave her another calming smile.

“I can assure you that it makes no difference where you sit, Liz. Pick any seat, any seat at all. Wherever you’re most comfortable sitting is where you should sit,” he said reassuring her.

She looked again from the chair to the couch.

“I’ll sit on the couch then,” she said looking at him indecisively as if ready to change her mind and sit on the chair in front of her desk. Sticking with her decision and with red her favorite color, she sat on the couch.

Waiting for her to be seated, the doctor sat in his chair when Liz made herself comfortable on his couch. He smiled at her and she turned her head to return his smile.

“Now how may I help you?”

### TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo ###

He made eye contact with her bright, blue eyes with his soft, brown eyes. With the couch awkwardly positioned against the wall and with him sitting behind his desk, she had to turn her head completely around the armrest of the couch to make eye contact with him. Having seen psychiatrists on television before, she would have thought that he would have taken a seat closer to her, perhaps at the head or by the side of the couch so that she wouldn’t have to turn her head so uncomfortably much.

“It all happened so fast, Doctor, that now it’s just a blur that feels more like a nightmare or a bad dream,” she said incoherently rambling between her tears. “Still upset, as if it had all been planned, I’m just so shocked how it all so suddenly happened. Only, I’d never plan having sex with my son. I’m not that kind of mother. I’m a good mother.

Already bored before she mentioned having sex with her son, with his curiosity piqued, he leaned forward and sat on the edge of his chair.

“There, there now,” said Dr. Reed.

Liz wiped her tears from her eyes with her fingertips before speaking again.

“Sometimes I don’t even believe that it really happened. Feeling guilty that it was all my fault, I blame myself. I’m so ashamed Doctor. I’m so very ashamed,” she said turning to look at him again but this time with panic. “I don’t know where to start, Doctor,” said Liz. “Truly, I don’t,” she said bursting into tears.

Dr. Reed opened his portfolio to reveal his note pad and removing his pen from the slit in the leather that housed his writing implement, he had his pen at the ready to write what he obviously thought was important.

“It’s always best to start from the beginning,” he said.

Liz pulled a hanky from her purse to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“I’m so embarrassed, Doctor, so very embarrassed,” she said. Obviously by continuing to call him doctor, she had respectful admiration for him. “I’m mortified actually by all that happened, all that I’ve sexually done with my son, and all that he had sexually done with me but,” she said turning to make eye contact with him again.

She paused.

“What is it? You can tell me. I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to help you,” he said.

She let out a big sigh.

“Feeling so very guilty now, I’m embarrassed to tell you that during the whole time, I was sexually aroused at the same time,” she said.

She looked up at the doctor to see what reaction he showed to her being embarrassed and sexually excited at the same time.

“You shouldn’t beat yourself up by feeling guilty. Just as it’s quite normal for a son to have sexual feelings for his mother, it’s quite normal for a mother to have sexual feelings for her son,” said Dr. Reed.

Liz dried her tears with anal yapan escort her handkerchief.

“With my bedroom door wide open, what was I thinking? It was as if I wanted my son to catch me anally masturbating myself. Only, I didn’t know he’d come home. I thought he was working,” she said.

An experienced professional, he showed no reaction to anything she said. With Dr. Reed an older man by about twenty years, he gave his patient a warm, fatherly smile.

“Don’t be embarrassed. Whatever you tell me in confidence stays in this room,” he said. “Everything we say in this room is confidential and is protected by law.”

Obviously needing his reassurance to begin, Liz turned her head from her comfortable position on the couch to look over at the doctor again. She was tempted to lie on the couch the other way so that she could face him but with the shortness of her skirt problematic, no doubt, she’d give him a continual and constant between her legs view of her bright, white, bikini panties. No doubt, just like all of the other men in her life, he’d more be staring at her panty clad pussy than he would at her beautiful, blue eyes.

“It’s my son,” said Liz. “Now that I had sex with him the one time, something that I totally regret doing, he expects to have sex with me every morning and every night. He won’t take no for an answer, Doctor. He touches me through my clothes, he feels me through my nightgown, and he walks in when I’m taking a shower to fondle my naked body. He parades around me without wearing any clothes and he always has an erection. Sometimes I feel compelled to stroke him, suck him, and fuck him so that he’d go away and leave me alone,” she said.

The doctor waited for Liz to continue and when she didn’t he spoke.

“Your son is the issue,” said Dr. Reed. “I see. What’s his name?”

Liz turned to look at the doctor again.

“Travis. His name is Travis,” she said.

Again when Liz showed reluctance to speak, in his obvious attempt to make her feel more comfortable, Dr. Reed prodded her with his next question.

“And how old is your son?”

The doctor scribbled the information on his pad.

“He’s twenty-five. I was pregnant with him during my first year of college,” she said. “I dropped out of school to marry his father and to care for him. I never returned to finish my education,” she said with sadness. “Always wanting to return and finish college, there was never the extra money to do that, especially after my husband left me for another woman, a younger woman.”

Doctor Reed nodded his head as his way of acknowledging to his patients that he was listening and that her heard them.

“I see,” he said. “We’ll talk about your husband leaving you for a younger woman later but for now, tell me more about your son. Obviously, he was that responsible for bringing you here.”

Liz silently sobbed in her handkerchief.

“He, um, my son, um, he, um, God, I’m so embarrassed. He, um, caught me. He caught me masturbating myself,” she said. “I’ve caught him masturbating plenty of times but this time was different.”

As if he had heard this same scenario a hundred times before he nodded his head in the way that a Catholic priest would nod his head in a confessional after hearing the same sins over and again.

“Different? How so?”

Avoiding making eye contact with him, not even turning around to look at him, she rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Because it was me masturbating. Most young men don’t even know that they’re mothers masturbate, but I do. I always have, especially after my husband left me for that whore. Only, my son was the first man to ever catch me masturbating,” she said sobbing in her handkerchief.

The doctor scribbled his notes before speaking.

“Masturbation oneself is part of life. We all masturbate. You have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about,” he said. “Please continue. Tell me the details of how your son caught you masturbating.”

His voluntary confession that he masturbated too seemed odd for a trained professional to admit in therapy. Normally psychiatrist didn’t say anything, especially in the beginning. Normally psychiatrist just let patients talk. They just listened. She had just met the doctor and now not only did he know that she masturbated but also she knew that he masturbated too.

“Normally, I masturbate my clit with my finger or vibrator but lately, I’ve been anally masturbating myself with my dildo. With anal sex something I was always curious about and wanted to try, I could never imagine having anal sex with a man. I could never imagine a man sticking his hard cock inside of my ass. I just thought that if I tried anal sex on myself first, if it hurt, I could immediately stop. Only, although it hurt in the beginning, anal masturbation was something that I love doing,” she said.

The doctor adjusted his tie, put a finger in his collar to loosen it, cleared his throat, and squirmed in his seat.

“I atakent escort see,” said Dr. Reed. “Tell me more about how your son caught you anally masturbating yourself.”

Liz looked over the armrest of the couch to give the doctor an embarrassed look and a nervous smile before returning her focused stare to the handkerchief she held in her lap.

“One-day last week, I was horny. I was so very horny, hornier than usual. Not having a man in my life, I needed the sexual release. I needed to masturbate,” she said pausing.

When she fell silent, the doctor prodded her.

“Why do you think you were so very horny, hornier than usual?”

She looked at him with shame.

“As if he wanted me to catch him masturbating himself, I caught my son masturbating himself again. He was wearing his headphones and had his eyes closed. Normally, as soon as I see that he was sexually pleasuring himself, I immediately close his bedroom door to give him the privacy he needs. Only, this time, I stayed in the doorway. I stared at his cock and I watched him cum,” she said. “Seeing him cum made me so horny, Doctor.”

Again Dr. Reed waited for Liz to finish speaking before he spoke again.

“Why do you think watching your son masturbating and seeing him ejaculate made you so very horny?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“It’s been years since I had sex and my son has a big cock,” she said with some sexual excitement. “When I saw his erection, I imagined stroking him. I imagined fucking him. I imagined sucking him and him cumming in my mouth in the way he ejaculated his cum all over his chest, stomach, and hand. Instead, after he shot his load, I closed his bedroom door and pretended watching him masturbating himself never happened,” she said.

Dr. Reed busied himself scribbling his notes.

“I see,” said Dr. Reed. “What happened next?”

As if she was reliving her nightmare, she closed her eyes and popped them open as soon as she started speaking.

“I was alone or at least I thought I was. My son moved out last year after graduating college and got a good job downtown. In case of anything, he still had a key,” she said.

Obviously, her embarrassment made her reluctant to continue.

“Please continue,” said Doctor Reed. “This is your time and we have so very little time together.”

Liz took a big breath and let it slowly out before talking again.

“I never heard him open the front door. I never heard him walk up the stairs. I never heard him walk down the hall to my bedroom. In the way that I had stood in his bedroom doorway watching him masturbate himself, I didn’t know my son was standing in my bedroom doorway watching me anally fuck myself,” she said turning to look at the doctor. “I never heard him strip off his clothes. If only I had the forethought to close my bedroom door but I didn’t know he’d be dropping by unexpectedly. He always called first,” she said.

Dr. Reed scribbled more information.

“I see,” he said. “Please continue.”

Liz fell quiet for a moment as if she was thinking of all that happened.

“I was in my bedroom and on my bed with my door wide open,” she said. “And my son—”

The doctor interrupted her.

“What were you wearing or were you naked?”

She looked at him as if she was suddenly having phone sex with the doctor.

“What was I wearing? Why do you need to know what I was wearing? Why do you need to know if I was naked?”

He smiled at her.

“It’s important for me to know what you were wearing or not wearing in case there are any symbolic, sexual parallels about your clothes or lack thereof,” he said.

At first she seemed more uncomfortable that he wanted to know so many details, too many details, especially what she was wearing or if she was naked when she was in her bedroom and on her bed anally masturbating herself. She obviously felt better by his explanation when she continued speaking.

“I see,” she said pausing again as if trying to remember. “I was wearing my blue sundress. I love that sundress because it’s so comfortable. It’s short and low cut and it shows off my long cleavage and large breasts. I love wearing it to the market and flashing unsuspecting men my abundant breasts,” said Liz. “It’s fun sexually teasing men by showing them my big tits,” she sis with a sexy laugh.

The doctor squirmed in his chair again and crossed his legs to hide his growing erection.

“When you said it’s fun flashing unsuspecting men your abundant breasts, were your breasts out of your sundress and brassiere? Or do you not wear a brassiere with that particular sundress? Perhaps, you lean forward long and low enough until your large breasts pop out of your sundress? Is that something you enjoy doing, exposing your naked breasts to unsuspecting, strange men?”

Liz turned to eye the doctor again, this time with shocked suspicion.

“Certainly not. Oh, my God. I’d never expose my naked breasts to unsuspecting, strange men. How dare you say such a thing? The only part of my breasts visible were the tops of my breasts and my cleavage,” she said. “And I always wear a brassiere. With me a D cup and bordering on a double D cup, I’m much too big on top not to wear a bra,” she said.

She turned away from the doctor to stare down at her hands.

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