Mommy’s Panty Boy Ch. 03

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I got so turned on from that session with Janet and her son Wendell that I could not think of anything else. At work Janet and I had trouble keeping our hands off of each other, but it was more fun to wait until after work when I’d go over to her house and we’d both play with her son–and with each other. I really loved calling her “mommie” in our role-playing. For some reason it just incredibly turned me on so much more.

The more I thought about it, the more I got turned on just by the plain idea of incest. All of that made me start to think of my own mom in a different light.

Mom was 43, but looked young for her age. She was trim, and had tiny, almost flat titties like I do–so nothing sagged. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I just had try it with her. I would love nothing better than to be able to take her over to Janet’s for some group fun, but first I had to break the ice with her some how.

I knew that mom had not had any sex since dad left us. She had to be horny as hell. That should give me an advantage—but how to break the ice?

Janet had told me how she broke the ice with her son by taking him dancing, so I decided to try the same trick on my mom. The club Janet told me about was open to girl-girl couples as well as guy-girl couples. That sounded like a good place to be able to do my thing without being disrupted–or stared at–by others.

My throat was as dry as the Sahara that Saturday when I asked my mom if she’d like to go out clubbing with me. I was afraid she’d claim she was too tired, or she had work to do, or she’d feel out of place with a young crowd, or some such thing. I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed without protest.

That evening after dinner, as I was getting myself ready, my hands trembled so much I could hardly dress myself. Feeling so incredibly naughty I decided to not wear any panties. I pulled on a bright yellow latex mini that I somehow squeezed my butt into. I just loved the feel of that sexy rubber on my bare buns and on my crotch. With the waist of the skirt a couple of inches below my belly button the hem just barely passed below the pouting, glistening lips of my horny cunt.

Looking myself in the mirror just made me get all the wetter. That skirt was so short, and pulled so tight that I knew people would be able to see my dripping wet pussy whenever I sat down or bent over. The thought of flashing my mom that way sent tingles all through me.

Next I pulled on a skin tight almost transparent white T-shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror again plucking my erect nipples to make sure they stood out through the material. To complete my ensemble I slipped on a pair of white pumps–then I went to see how mom was doing. Mom sat on her bed in white bra, white panties and garter belt. Seeing her like that made the blood rush to my face–not to mention my pussy. I watched fascinated as she rolled her nylon stockings up her legs. How much I wanted to help her, but I was afraid to move too far too soon.

Mom saw me watching her get dressed and her face flushed red.

“I-I-I-I’m sorry mom, I just wanted to see how you were coming along. Can I help you pick out a dress?”

“Sure, honey she said,” looking me up and down. “But I don’t think I want to try something as racy as you have on.”

I blushed and giggled. “Oh, come on Mom. You’ve got to live a little. Let’s step into your closet and see what you have.”

I stepped into her walk-in closet, and to my delight mom was right behind me in her bra, panties, and garter belt. I felt her breath on my neck as I rummaged through her wardrobe.

“Mom, your clothes are all too square. I’ve got just the thing for you in my room.” I brushed up against her as I stepped out of the closet. I made sure my arm brushed against her bra cone and my thigh scraped past hers. “Come on,” I said, taking her hand.

I held her hand as I led her through the hallway into my bedroom. I gave her hand a little squeeze just before letting go as I rummaged through my closet. Mom just stood in the middle of the room watching me. “Here,” I said, “this one will be just perfect for you.” I pulled out a bright blue T-shirt mini.

I held the dress up to her body, touching the shoulders of the T-shirt against her shoulders to see how it would look on her. “Yes, I think this’ll look real nice and sexy on you.” I freed one hand to run it down her front as if smoothing the material out against her body. I pawed first one breast then the other, then ran my hand slowly down her stomach until I reached the hem of the skirt at the very top of her thighs.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I said, looking her in the eye. “This will be perfect. But first we’ve got to take your bra off. You’ll look so much sexier.”

“I-I-I-I don’t know . . .” Her face turned bright red.

I tossed the skirt onto my bed and then reached around my mom to unhitch her bra strap. Fumbling for the latch on her bra strap I used that as an excuse to lean forward and touch my already bakırköy escort throbbing nipples against the tips of her bra cones. I exhaled hotly down her neck as I unhitched her bra, then looked her in the eyes and smiled. “Got it!” I Said stepping back as I pulled her bra off.

I sat her bra down on my bed and picked up the T-shirt mini I had picked out for her. “Here, let’s get this one you,” I said, stepping up behind her. “Now raise your arms up.”

I pulled the skirt down her arms letting my fingers tenderly caress her skin as I worked my way down. When I got to her face I was thrilled to feel how hot and flushed her cheeks felt. I lingered there just a second, letting my fingers caress her face, then continued working the dress down, working my hands around and around the hem making sure I pulled it down evenly. Again I lingered when my fingers touched her bare nipples. When I felt them quiver to life against my touch a thrill of hot wetness stained my panties. I continued smoothing the dress down over her body, caressing and fondling as best I could without being too obvious.

I wanted to touch her pussy so bad–but I was afraid to go too far too fast and ruin it.

Instead I just slapped her playfully on the butt, then slipped my arm around her waist and turned her towards the mirror so we could look at each other side by side.

“Now, don’t we look like a sexy couple mom?”

She giggled. “Well, if you say so, dear.”

“Let’s be off then.” I kissed her on the cheek and led her out the door.

At the club I finally got mom up to dance after a few drinks. The first number we danced to was a slow one. At first we held each other in formal ballroom position, but as the song wore on I was able to maneuver myself in closer to her.

After a fast number to loosen things up, they played another slow song. This time I dispensed with the formal stance and grabbed mom around the waist pulling her in close to me. Instead of pushing me away, she placed her hands around my waist too. I smiled at her and held her even closer. Since we were the same height I naturally let my erect nipples touch hers, then as our bodies swayed to the music I rubbed my nips back and forth against hers. And, now I was ultra glad I had made her take off her bra because I could feel her nipples growing hard against mine. And, my pussy just dribbled.

By the end of the song I had my face snuggled against hers as our bodies swayed back and forth. “You are so beautiful, mommy,” I whispered into her ear. “I feel so proud to be with you.”

“Well, thank you dear. I’m proud to be with you too,” she said.

Just as the song ended I gave her a wet kiss on the cheek.

The next number was a fast number and I decided to have some fun with mom. Many of the dancing couples were taking turns dancing into a squatting position in front of each other as an excuse to fondle each other’s legs, so I was hoping to get mom into the spirit of things.

After pretending to shake my tits at her (as if I had anything to shake) making her giggle, I worked myself into a squatting position running my hands down her body as I descended. She giggled and smiled down on me.

I know my skimpy latex skirt was hiked past my hips in this position so she just had to be able to see my slobbering pussy–but she didn’t seem shocked or put off by it.

After running my hands up and down her dancing legs while dancing in the squatting position, I began to swish and sway my body back up to my full height. As I did so, I let my hands slide up the backs of her thighs. Looking up into her face and smiling I let my hands slip under the hem of her skirt to fondle her ass for just a second. Her face turned bright red but she didn’t move away or anything.

We finished the dance holding on to each other’s hips as we swished and swayed away.

The final number was another slow one. I pulled mom in close to me and soon had both my hands on her ass, feeling the cheeks flex and roll with each movement of her body. I rubbed my aching nipples against hers much more brazenly this time–and to my delight hers were poking out through her T-shirt mini about has hard and long as mine were. And that felt so fucking sexy to tease her nips like that while we danced.

Holding firmly on to her ass I slipped one of my thighs between hers as we swayed and rocked back and forth.

The heat of her crotch against the top of my thigh was electrifying–as was the way her nipples seemed to suddenly jut out even more against my own.

Soon her own thigh was pushing in between mine. Only too gladly did I grant her entry. Only too gladly did I begin rubbing my throbbing wet cunt against the top of her thigh.

We had been dancing cheek to cheek. She suddenly pulled her head back a bit to look at me. “You’re not wearing any panties are you?”

I smiled and giggled. “No, mom. I just feel so much sexier without them–especially when I’m dancing.”

“Oh,” she bakırköy eve gelen escort said, returning her face to its position against my cheek.

I gave her ass a little squeeze and breathed deeply letting my exhaled breath cascade down her neck.

When the dance was over, I held her tight and gave her a kiss right on the lips. When she made no effort to move away, I started to give her a little tongue. She flicked back once real quick with her own tongue, then pulled away from me.

“I think maybe we’ve both had too much to drink,” she said. “Perhaps we’d better go now.”

“Certainly mom, as you wish.”

We picked up our purses and headed out to the parking lot. Since mom was driving, when I climbed into the passenger seat I slide over to the middle to be next to her.

“I’m so glad you decided to come dancing with me, mom,” I said, gently setting my hand on her thigh just above the knee. “I had a wonderful time.”

“Me too, dear.”

I yawned, then sighed, then leaned my head against her shoulders and pretended to go to sleep. With each stop and start of the car at stop lights, I managed to move my hand a little further up her thigh, and to position my head a little bit more towards the front of her shoulder.

With my face mere inches away from her right nipple I directed my breath against it as I breathed the deep breath of sleep. And, my hand continued to nonchalantly creep up her thigh. When she turned the last corner into the street our house is on my hand slide off the top of her thigh to rest on her inner thigh only centimeters from her pussy. My lips were practically kissing her nipples as I continued to breath in and out hotly delighting in the way her nipple stayed so hard and erect from the steamy heat of my breath. By the time mom pulled into our garage I was no longer pretending to be asleep but had latched my lips onto her nipple and was sucking her off through her T-shirt mini. My hand slipped up under her skirt to rub her crotch.

That took mom’s breath away. I felt her sudden gasp of air ruffle my hair as I greedily sucked on her tit. My thumb teased her clit as the palm of my hand rubbed her cunt lips through her panties.

Mom’s hands were white-knuckled glued to the steering wheel. With the engine still running she cried “no, no, no, we should not be doing this.”

“Oh yes we should,” I giggled into her breasts. I dove into her more furiously now, sucking first one tit then the other, rubbing her cunt and clit vigorously with my hand.

Tears streamed down mom’s face. “We better go inside,” she said, gently pushing me away and turning off the ignition.

We grabbed up our purses and strolled to the front door neither of us saying a word. I feared that perhaps I had tried to take this thing too far too fast and had spooked her. After all, a mother and daughter getting it on is not an everyday occurrence. I fumbled for the house keys in my purse as we approached the front door. I let mom in first and stepped in behind her. I turned around to lock the door, half expecting a some kind of reprimand from mom for my behavior, but as soon as I pulled the key out of its little slit mom literally pounced on me. She threw her arms around me and began kissing the side of my neck. Her erect nipples throbbed into my back.

Rubbing her hot crotch against my latex-covered butt she said, “what have you done to me, you naughty daughter you. I’ve never been so hot in my entire life.”

I managed to turn myself around within her embrace so I was facing her. “Me neither,” I said with a sly grin as I slipped my arms around her waist. I rubbed my nose against hers, then I kissed her on the lips and felt the thrill of new heat coursing through her body. I teased her lips with my tongue and little moans escaped from her lips tingling all through me down to the tips of my toes.

I inserted my tongue and her lips parted taking me in to her warm wetness. As our tongues wrestled, we began rubbing our hard-on nipples against each other much harder than we did before at the dance. Our hands slid down to each other’s butts to play and fondle as we tongued each other’s mouths out.

Still playing with mom’s butt with one hand, I slipped my other hand around the front to touch her pussy while we face-fucked each other. My fingers grazed the hem of her T-shirt mini as I fumbled for the hem, then I slipped my hand up under her hem and cupped her panty-covered pussy in the palm of my hand. The hot wetness of her panties startled me at first, then thrilled me.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned as I started to rub her up and down. She began to fuck her cunt against my hand as I played with her. The damp heat of her cunt felt so fucking good on my hand.

Soon her own fingers were kissing the tops of my thighs as she sought the hem of my latex mini. “Yessss! Mommy, yes!” I gasped as her fingers began to explore up and down along the length of my sopping wet slit. “Yes, make bakırköy grup yapan escort me feel good, mommy.”

Now she began to rub my cunt like I was doing her. I was so hot and wet it made “squish! Squish! Squish!” sounds. “Mmmmmmmmommmmy, yes!” I moaned.

“Maybe we better head for the bedroom,” she said, breaking off our make out session.

“Yesssss, let’sssss.” I said

She grabbed my hand and led me to her room. She led me with the hand that had been playing with my pussy, and I could feel all of my hot juices all over her hand. And that made me all the hornier.

She paused at the edge of her bed and turned to face me. I raised her cunt-stained hand to my face, and looking her straight in the eyes began to kiss and lick my own juices off of her hand.

As I kissed and licked her cunt-stained hand, she began to fondle my nipples through my T-shirt with her other hand. Then she slipped both her hands up under my shirt and slid it up my body.

As soon as mom had my shirt off, she dived into my hard-on nipples sucking furiously on them, first one then the other. As mom sucked my nips I played with hers through her T-shirt dress. I’d grab one between my thumb and forefinger and pull it out as far as it’d go, then I’d release it and grab the other one.

This made mom even hotter and she began sucking my tits so hard the obscene sucking sounds echoed down the hallway (we’d had no need to close the bedroom door). She pawed my latex covered ass as she sucked me off.

“Yesssssss, mommmmmieeeeee, yessssss!” I moaned.

Mom then began just flicking her tongue on my nipples while fondling my ass. She looked up at me, a sexy smile on her face.

I dropped to my knees and began kissing her feet and ankles. As I slowly kissed and licked my way up her ankles and legs I looked up her skirt lusting after her sopping wet panties. Up above I could see mom playing with her own tits while I worked on her legs.

“Nggggggggggg,” she moaned when I started licking the backs of her knees. Her legs almost buckled on her. Had I not been half holding her up with my hands fondling her thighs she might well have fallen.

Kissing and licking her legs, I worked my way up the backs of her thighs—then I wedged my head between to kiss and lick the insides of her thighs. The muskiness of her steaming womanhood wafting down from her miniskirt assailed my nostrils making me drunk with sex lust. I felt totally enveloped by her heat.

Not able to resist any longer I stuck my head right up her skirt and planted my eager mouth on her soaked panty-covered crotch.

“G-g-g-g-g-odddddd!” she moaned when she felt my mouth sucking at her. Her hips began to move spastically as her cunt instinctively tried to fuck my face.

“Yessssss, mommy, fuck my face, ride me hard, fuck me mommy,” I moaned into her steaming wet panties. My hands up under her hemline I grabbed her ass and crammed her cunt into my face as I sucked her off as hard as I could. While sucking mom off, I positioned myself so I could rub my own throbbing wet cunt against her ankle.

“Ngggggggggggg!” Mom moaned as she trembled all over. Then she came in her panties.

I pulled her sopping wet panties down her legs and had her step out of them. Then I stood up facing her, and looking her in the eyes and smiling I rubbed her big wet spot all over my nipples, actually jerking my nipples off with her steamy panties.

“Oh, mommy,” I said as I held her panties up to her face, “see how hot and wet you are?”

“Uhhhhhh” she whimpered as I began to rub her own wetness across her face.

“Go ahead, mommy,” taste your hot sex on your panties. As I held her cum-soaked panties in front of her face I stooped down just a bit so I could rub my hot cunt and latex mini against her thigh.

To my sheer delight, I watched mom’s tongue slither out from between her lips and flick up and down against the wet crotch of her panties.

“Yesssssss, mommy, lick your own wet sex. Your tongue is making me so fucking horny!”

While mom licked at her panties, and I rubbed my sopping cunt against her thigh, I pulled her T-shirt mini up. Then I tossed the skirt and her panties on the bed and began sucking on her nipples and gently playing with her pussy.

By this time mom’s eyes were practically rolling back in her head. She dropped to her knees and buried her face into the crotch of my latex mini.

“Uhhghghghhghh” she moaned as she munched my crotch right through my latex mini. Then she positioned herself so she could rub my ankle with her cunt as I had done her. Her hands went up under my skirt to fondle my ass while she sucked cunt and fucked my ankle. With her nose she pushed the front of my mini up just enough so she could get at my cunt better.

“Ummmmmmmmm, yessssssss, mommmmmmie!” I Moaned, “suck my cunt and fuck me, yesssssssss, yessssssss!”

Soon I was trembling all over. My hips thrashed spastically as I fucked mom’s hungry face, then I came all over her.

Mom then slid my skirt down my legs and stood up to hug me tight to her body. Our faces quickly melted together into a hot kiss as we each tasted the other’s cum on each other’s lips. We gently and slowly rubbed our still throbbing nipples together. We pressed our crotches together each relishing the heat and soft wetness of the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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