Mom’s Aunt

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Grand Aunt Lilly, Lil’, was mom’s oldest aunt. She and her husband, Henry, lived on Long Island, New York.

It was lucky for me, as the business school I had to attend for two weeks in the City was only 40 minutes from their home and it saved me the cost of room and board. They were quite happy to have me stay with them, as I was one of their favorite grand nephews. Lil’ was a great cook and Henry had great stories of Korea, though Lil’ sometimes shook her head at me whenever she overheard her husband embellish the truth.

Their home, really an upstairs apartment, had a room overlooking the small street that was approximately 35 feet wide by 15 feet deep. Four large windows overlooked the street. The kitchen was at one end of this room and a makeshift living room at the other end.

In the middle of this room on the backside, was a room that comprised a makeshift bedroom. Imagine a T. A rather large bathroom sat on the other side of the living room wall. The entrance door actually entered into her bedroom. Rather nice arrangement for an elderly couple.

Their sofa, which did not convert into a bed, sat up against the back wall and I was given the choice of the sofa on the floor. I figured, at 22, I could endure anything for two weeks. I chose the old Naugahyde sofa.

They retired rather early in the evening and I found it a bit embarrassing to have to walk through their bedroom to get to the bathroom. The light coming through those large windows took a bit of getting used to, but after three days they were of little concern.

One evening, I woke at around 1:30 in the morning with a slight urge to pee. But, I heard Henry speaking in a rather loud voice.

“Lil’, let me suck on your tit for a minute.”

“Henry! For heaven sakes be quiet and stop your pestering or you’ll wake Lenny.” Lil’ whispered.

“Dammit woman! I don’t care if someone is here are not. I just want a taste of your tit for a minute or two.” Henry replied, in a much lower voice.

“And like always, you’ll want to stick your limp cock in me. And like always, you’ll leave me wanting.”

“I promise! Let me suck your tit for a few minutes and I’ll get you off.” Henry assured her. “We’ll forget about my cock until Lenny leaves.”

Things went rather quiet after that except for once or twice I heard Lil’ whisper, “Henry, wake up!” and I heard, what one can only describe as, a quick intake of air, I suppose, when she came.

That evening before dark, I watched my Grand Aunt walk around her front garden. I studied the elderly woman in a much different light.

Lil’ stood, I suppose, 5′ 10″ tall. Her gray silver hair was cut similar to that of Jamie Lee Curtis, who I saw in a recent commercial and on NCIS. She was, I would say a tomboyish type of woman. Wearing jeans, she seemed to be a big boned woman with a large ass, but her thighs did not seem all that thick, skinny almost. Her breast, overly large, seemed perky enough, though I think they had help from a good supporting bra. I guessed her age, doing some quick figuring in my head, to be late 70s or very early 80s. I did not know how early she had married are mothered my Nana. She seemed healthy enough for her age.

Henry on the other hand was a frail skinny guy. They seemed to match as a couple and I put his age in the mid-80s.

A week into my stay, Henry was admitted to the local veteran’s hospital for a heart problem. He was short of breath and had a weak heart rhythm or something.

Lil’ told me she spent the following days aksaray escort by his side in the hospital, leaving in time to prepare dinner for me. I was impressed by her loyalty and she seemed to be a bit depressed.

But try as I might, I could not forget the night I heard them arguing, sexually. I lay awake for two nights thinking of her in bed alone, just next door, so to speak. I found it fascinating that she still had, at her age, a sexual appetite.

Because she retired to bed so early, it was inevitable that I would have to go pee during the night. I noticed that her bedside lamp was on as I rolled from the sofa, heading towards the bathroom. I wore sweatpants and a T-shirt.

“You’re still reading?” I queried, as I passed through her bedroom.

“I’m a bit restless tonight, I guess.” She answered. “Am I keeping you a wake?”

“Not at all!” I assured her.

With just a moments thought, on exiting the bathroom;

“Aunt Lil’.” I always dropped the “great”. “That sofa is killing my back tonight! Do you mind if I stretch out on the bed next to you for a few minutes?”

“Not at all, sugar.” She replied, patting the bed with her right hand, without looking up from the book.

I enter the bed from the bottom, and took a position on my back to her left. I lay there quietly on the quilt, with my arms up behind my head, staring at the ceiling. It was a big queen-size, puffy bed and extremely comfortable. I tried to keep my mind civil. I pondered how long I would remain beside her.

After about 40 minutes, I became aware of her closing the book.

“I’m sleepy now.” She began. “Lenny, if you’re comfortable there just stay put. I see no harm in you staying. It will have to be our secret, but it might make me a little more comfortable and I can sleep.”

The two streetlights from the street did not light up the bedroom all that much. I don’t know how long I had slept or what time it could possibly be when I awoke. I put my arms back up, supporting my head, and lay staring into the darkness.

“Lenny. Are you awake?” I heard Lil’ whisper.

“Yes. Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m fine. Just can’t sleep.” She whispered.

For long minutes, there was silence again.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked, now in a normal voice.

“I do. I have been seeing her for about a year.” I answered.

“Is it serious?”

“It could be, I suppose.” I replied. “My job is taking up a lot of my time.”

“I guess I could have phrased that a little bit better.” She said. “I meant is she being good to you, taking care of your needs?”

“You mean sex!” I queried.

“If you don’t think, I’m being too nosy?” She replied. “A man should have his needs met.”

I was not aware of it really, until later, but it occurred to me how laying in the dark can seem surreal and a person, or persons, a man and woman might reveal their inner-selves, when they would not in the light of day.

“You must be thinking about Henry?” I asked.

“Henry. Why would you say that?” She queried.

“I thought you might be thinking you’d like to have him here sucking on your tit, rather than in the hospital?” I questioned.

There was a very long pause, much longer than made me comfortable. I thought I might have crossed over a line.

“I’ll take that to mean that you were awake the other night.” She replied. “He is always pestering me. Thank heavens his arthritis hasn’t crippled his middle finger. He hasn’t been able to anal yapan escort get it up since he was in his early 70s. I should be thankful for that. But to answer your question, yes, it would be nice to have him here sucking on my nipple, are at least wanting to. Sometimes, like if you hadn’t been here, I would have diddled his cock a little while and then let him get between my legs. Sometimes, if I guide him properly his limp cock can make me come. But, usually, I let him suck on my tit and then keep him awake long enough to finger me.”

“I have to admit Aunt Lil’ that I’m a bit surprised to know, happily so, that a woman your age still has sexual desires.” I said, turning on my side to face her.

“It surprises me to, Lenny. It’s almost a curse.” She replied. “Like it surprises me that we are having this unusual conversation. “Would you mind climbing under the covers and holding me close for a minute?”

I pulled the quilt down and slid closer, lifting my left arm to slide it under her head as she turned slightly towards me.

“That’s better. Thank you.” She whispered.

Long minutes pasted as I held her close. I kissed her softly on the top of the head. My right hand held her left hand.

“Lenny, would you indulge an old lady and suck on my tit?” She whispered timidly.

“Certainly. I would feel very fortunate to do that.” I replied.

I maneuvered backwards to give her room as she unbuttoned the top of her light-weight nightgown. I strained to see her bring forth her breast. I felt her hand behind my head as she guided me to her. I did not find it difficult to locate her hardened nipple and latch onto it. I began to suckle softly.

“You never did answer my question.” She said after a bit. “Is your girlfriend taking care of your needs?”

“Yes. Actually she is.” I muttered.

“If truth be known, it was me that pestered Henry for most of our marriage. I could never get enough when I was young and I still have strong desires. I must have conditioned him. Every night he offers to suck my tit and finger me. I fake reluctance and give in about three times a week. I was trying to show restraint with you being here. But, I gave in.”

Our hands disengaged and a second later I felt her searching for my crotch. She had command of any conversation as I continue to suck her tit.

“I should be ashamed of myself for getting you aroused. You’re hard as a rock.” She said, not sounding apologetic. “You’ve been away from your girlfriend for over a week. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to get between my legs. How could I say no.”

My free right hand slipped under her nightgown searching high for the rim of her underpants. All I found was bare skin, surprisingly me.

I backtracked and timidly moved by hand over her mound, feeling only a bit of fuzz. I was aware of her legs moving apart and I slid my hand between her legs, palming her pussy.

“Forgive me, Lord.” She openly prayed. “This should not be happening but I cannot help myself. Take care of my husband and bring him back to me. Do not hold what I am doing now against him.”

I pushed my middle finger into her pussy, feeling her moist, warm and tight hole. I heard her moan lightly and I began to finger-fuck her gently. I finger-fucked her a few minutes.

“Sugar, come over. Get on top of me.” She directed.

” Lil’, can we pull the bedding down?”

“Of course. But hurry, before I have a chance to come to my senses.” She replied.

“Should atakent escort I pull my sweatpants off?”

“I believe that would be helpful.” She replied.

I scrambled to move off the foot of the bed, pulling the bedding with me. I crawled over the bundled sheet and quilt, finding my Grand Aunt had moved to the middle of the bed. I found her legs lifted and spread. Her left hand moved from my chest, sliding down my belly, until she made contact and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

“Easy, sugar, it’s been a very, very long time.”

She placed the head of my cock to her hole and I pushed slowly, as she wiggled beneath me to achieve penetration. Soon, I was deep into her.

“Just hold it deep in me, Lenny.” She whispered in a lustful voice. “I wasn’t sure I could take all of you. It’s been so damn long! It is extremely good! Okay, I think I’m ready. Screw me slowly now, until we find out how this is going to work. It doesn’t appear to hurt.”

I did exactly as directed. I also felt fortunate. I found her amazingly tight, her body warm and her eagerness intoxicating.

She directed, after a few long minutes. “Set up, Lenny. Don’t let it come out! Now, pull it almost out and push it back in slowly.” “OOHHH! Baby! WWoooo! Do it again! Yes! Again! Just a little faster! A little harder! All the way out. YES! Come back down, sugar. Come down on top of me. I’m ready now. Screw me like you would your girlfriend.”

I dropped over her again, returning my arms under her shoulders to keep my weight off of her, yet, holding her close. I began to fuck her aggressively, but still held back a bit.

Her body felt large compared to my girlfriend’s body. Her large ass positioned her pussy high allowing for a good straight push directly into her pussy. So much so, that I wondered if my shaft was coming in contact with her clit. Since I figured she was only interested, at present, with good long intercourse, I pushed the thought aside.

There was no conversation for a good 15 minutes.

“Are you happy with my pussy?” She whispered, a bit horse from her moaning.

“Very much so!” I replied.

“I guess in the dark you don’t have to think about the old lady you’re screwing.”

“We’re screwing, Lil'” I corrected her. “And you, your age and your pussy is exquisite. I’ll remember this warmly the rest of my life.”

“You’re making this old lady feel young again. I want you to keep doing just what you’re doing. I’m going to put my hand between us to finger my clit. Is that okay with you?”

“Very stimulating, actually.” I replied.

I have to admit, I ceased my tenderness, as Lil’ began to finger her clit, causing her to moan lustfully. My cock felt like it was going to explode and my thoughts turned towards the notion of whether I should come in her, or pull out. I knew the leaking semen could make her pregnant, if that was possible, but did it makes sense to flood her pussy with my cum. Again, I pushed the thought aside, figuring my Aunt would make the call.

Grand Aunt Lil’s moans came quick and loud as she began to shiver more than thrust. She was clearly losing control and close to orgasm.

She did not become still, as I was accustomed to, but began to shake all over and moan like a stricken animal.

Joining in her sexually ecstasy, I gave her pussy three massive thrust and exploded into her.

“YES! YES! It’s been so long!” She cried. “Thank you, Lenny! Thank you!”

I was not intimate with Lil’ again, mainly, I hoped, because Henry returned home the next evening.

After taking my leave, I talked to her on the phone from time to time and saw her at Henry’s funeral a year later. She always inquired about my girlfriend, now my wife, meeting my needs. She passed a year after Henry, heart-broken. She left me with a great memory.

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