Mom’s Bridal Lingerie Ch. 06

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I apologize for the delay in getting this chapter posted. Sometimes real life stuff just gets in the way. Once again, if you are looking for male and female characters of average size endowment, please look elsewhere.

Also, I am asking for help from my readers. In the next chapter, mother Nicole will be wearing another sexy lingerie outfit for her son. I’m asking readers to submit photos from websites with outfits they’d like to see this gorgeous stacked MILF wearing.

Thanks for reading…rmdexter


Mitch gripped his mother’s ankles in his hands and pinned her legs back almost to her shoulders, tilting her hips upwards so her hot juicy cunt was in the perfect position for him to drill her deep into the mattress. He flexed back and slammed his hips forward, the bed squeaking in protest as he drove over 10″ of thick hard cock all the way to the bottom of his mother’s velvety love pocket, the overheated pink tissues inside her gripping his rigid erection like a hot buttery fist.

“OH FUCK! NOT AGAINNNNNN…” Nicole wailed as she climaxed, the exquisite sensations flashing like a million fireflies throughout her lush mature body. Her son had been fucking her almost continually for over two hours now, and she’d lost track ages ago of how many times she’d come. It seemed like she’d just start to come down from one delicious orgasm when his gorgeous hard cock and firm muscular body would take her to the brink of another scintillating climax. Her body felt almost numb at this point from the heavenly torture he was putting her through—but she loved it, and didn’t want it to ever stop. She was realizing in a hurry she’d finally found the perfect partner to meet her own insatiable sexual appetite—and that person was her very own son. Mitch had the stamina and endurance to match her unquenchable ravenous desires. As he drew back and jackhammered his hips forward, crucifying her sinfully as the rigid stake between his legs nailed her deep into the bed, she knew that the 18-year old hung stud living in the room right next to her was the perfect lover to quench her voracious hunger for cock—big rock-hard cock that could turn you inside out and make your eyes roll back in your head. Yes, there was nothing like a permanently hard teenage cock to satisfy a lusty 39-year old MILF’s itchy needs.

“OH JESUS, MOM…SO HOT…” Mitch moaned as he kept slamming his engorged erection deep into his mother’s welcoming cunt. With his hands wrapped around her slender ankles holding her body spread out like a wishbone, she was in the perfect position for a relentless assault on her hot mature pussy. And as Mitch levered back and thrust his hips forward, he was giving that needy cunt all it could take…and more.

When they’d come up from the kitchen, they’d torn the clothes off each other and tumbled into her king-size bed, their mouths meeting in a searing kiss as their hands eagerly explored each other’s bodies. He’d gotten hard surprisingly quick after his previous climax, her talented hands and succulent mouth working to bring his boiling blood to where it was needed most. He’d turned her over and fucked her doggy style, his bloated balls slapping noisily against her shiny labia as he’d hammered away. After she’d come a couple of times, he rolled over, pulling her with him. She quickly took charge, riding him in reverse cowgirl fashion as he held onto her wide motherly hips, letting her set the pace. She climaxed again, and another time after that before he spun her around, his cock still impaled deep inside her. She continued to ride, sitting deep in the saddle as his cock plundered the hot oily tissues high up inside her velvety snatch. His eyes feasted on her mouth-watering tits as she bounced, the massive orbs wobbling and jiggling invitingly. Mitch then turned her back over onto her stomach and slammed her into the bed from behind, plundering the depths of her steaming box over and over again as she lay totally prone beneath him with her legs spread out to each side, her hands clutching the sheets tightly.

After what seemed like an hour of continuous fucking, Mitch finally came, flooding her succulent pussy with another load of thick creamy teenage cum. His mother climaxed at the same time, screeching like a banshee as the tingling sensations overwhelmed her. But she wasn’t done with him—not by any means.

Mitch had barely regained his breath before his mother was sucking on him again, her soft pouty lips licking his spent prick clean of their warm fragrant juices. She looked into his eyes sluttishly as she ran her broad flat tongue all over his groin, licking and sucking up the wads of milky semen clinging to his body. As he started to get hard again, the smile on her face was bewitchingly sinful as she sucked even harder, her lips stretching further open to encompass his swelling prick. When he was fully hard, she pulled him back on top of her, and they started again.

Mitch was in heaven, fucking his mother’s hot mature pussy for all he ataköy escort was worth—and it never seemed to be enough for her. He loved the intensity of her lovemaking. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He’d had his fair share of girls, nearly all of them unable to take more than half of his massive cock. But even the ones he thought were really good in bed couldn’t hold a candle to his mother. No—she was something quite spectacular. He’d jerked off to his mother for years now, pumping out thousands of loads while fantasizing about her. But everything today had been beyond his wildest dreams. He knew that even an experienced porn star would be no comparison to the scintillating delights his mother was providing for him.

Now they’d been fucking for well over an hour again, the bed constantly creaking and shaking as he’d had her in every position he could think of. The room reeked of sex, both of them covered in a glistening sheen of perspiration from their exertions. His pistoning cock was coated in a frothy foam of cunt-juice and semen. The previous loads he’d deposited deep inside her were being forced out of her overflowing twat by his invading member, the huge dick filling the hot void like it had never been filled before, gobs of spunk being forced back out of her to coat his heavy nuts and stain the sheets.

The sheets were a total mess. In fits of rapturous ecstasy while climaxing, she’d pulled at the sheets viciously, the corners of the mattress now exposed as the sheets came loose in her shrieking death grip. There were wet spots and glistening gobs of white cum everywhere, plus an overall dampness from their sweaty bodies moving constantly from one part of the bed to another as they tried a new position. The headboard was beating a drum-like tattoo on the wall as Mitch pounded away, splitting his mother in two with his stallion-like cock, the sound nothing more than a repetitive din compared to her wailing shrieks of ecstasy when she came…time and time again.

“I’m getting close. Where do you want this one, Mom?” Mitch asked, feeling his balls drawing up close to his body.

“All over my tits, baby,” she gasped back at him, her body folded up like a pretzel beneath him, her talented cunt gripping his engorged prick possessively.

As the semen started to speed up the shaft of his rearing prick, Mitch released his mother’s bent-up legs and hastily withdrew from her clutching vagina, his throbbing dick coming out with a nasty wet sucking sound. Nicole quickly shifted backwards until she was leaning up against the headboard, making her voluminous tits a perfect target for her eager son. She cupped her massive breasts in her hands, presenting them to him temptingly. Mitch scrambled over her supine form and straddled her midsection, his cannon-like prick pointed right at her inviting tits and ready to fire. He wrapped his big hand around his throbbing member and started to pump, just as the first thick white rope jettisoned forth.

“HERE IT COMES!” he warned, watching the streaking ribbon of white plaster itself against his mother’s sumptuous tits.

“Come on, baby,” Nicole cooed warmly as she looked down at the enflamed head of her son’s massive cock. “Give Mommy every drop of that sweet cum.”

Mitch didn’t have to be asked twice as he jacked vigorously, milky wads and pearly strands of thick teenage semen spewing forth as he absolutely flooded his mother’s big heavy tits with his cum. He pumped and pumped as the tingling contractions continued in his midsection, totally unloading all over her perfect 36Es. Nicole smiled as she looked down at her chest, watching her breasts quickly getting covered with a shimmering coating of whiteness. Shot after shot of thick teenage semen rained down on her, the warm seed feeling deliciously erotic as it landed on her huge tits.

Mitch eventually stopped as the last tingling shiver tripped down his spine. He flicked off the final few drops of cum, and then looked down at his handiwork. The stuff was everywhere, almost totally covering her chest with thick rivulets running into her deep cleavage. Gobs of jizz clung to the soft skin alluringly, the longer strands crisscrossing the huge mounds in a bizarre mosaic. He smiled to himself as he looked down at her bullet-like nipples, a big gob of milky semen dangling lewdly downwards from each rubbery button.

“I can’t believe how much cum you can still shoot, even after all those loads you’ve already gotten rid of today,” Nicole said, her face still flushed with desire as she teasingly traced her fingertips through the layer of cum covering her tits.

“It’s pretty much always that much,” Mitch said. “Sorry about that. I guess I kind of made a mess.”

“Oh, there’s nothing to be sorry about,” Nicole said, looking up at him with that teasing look in her eyes. “I love it. Don’t ever stop.” She reached both hands beneath one breast and lifted it upwards as she tipped her head forwards, her ataköy eve gelen escort eyes still locked on his.

Mitch watched, totally enthralled, as his mother’s tongue slid out from between her lips and lapped at one breast, the tip of her tongue flicking upwards as she drew a long slimy trail of semen into her mouth. Her neck muscles contracted provocatively as she swallowed, the silky ribbon of cum sliding right down her throat.

“Mmmm…” She purred like a kitten with a bowl of warm milk as she lifted her breast higher, pursing her lips into a sexy ‘O’ before latching on to her own cum-covered nipple. She purred again and closed her eyes in bliss as she sucked on the strawberry-like button, her tongue slurping noisily as she sucked up her son’s warm tasty seed.

Mitch thought it was just about the hottest thing he’d ever seen, and just stared open-mouthed as his mother continued to suck and lick at her own big tits, drawing as much of his thick viscous semen into her mouth as she could. Her hair was matted with sweat and was a total mess, but Mitch thought she looked beautiful. Strands of hair clung damply to her cheeks, and he reached down lovingly and pushed it back, giving him an even better view of her pretty face as she finally finished, swallowing lustily as she took the final warm gobs of cum deep into her welcoming stomach.

“C’mere, baby,” Nicole said as she pulled him down next to her and pulled the disarrayed sheets over them. “I think we both need to rest for a few minutes.”

Mitch snuggled up behind her, pressing his spent dick against her round curvy bum. His mother reached behind and took his hand, placing it beneath her breast as she wiggled back into him. Deliciously spent, both of them fell asleep in less than a minute…



The soft buzzing of Mitch’s cell phone woke both of them out of a deep and well-deserved slumber. As Mitch reached for the phone he’d placed on the bedside table, Nicole looked at her alarm clock next to her. They’d been asleep for over two hours, both of them dead to the world after their marathon fuck session.

“It’s only Justin,” Mitch said, picking up the phone and looking at the caller I.D.

He was about to ignore the call when his mother spoke, “Answer it, sweetie. Put him on speaker phone so we can both hear what he has to say.” She rolled over and snuggled into Mitch’s side, her hand tracing tenderly over his washboard stomach.

“All right,” Mitch said, touching the appropriate buttons on his phone. “Hey dipshit, what’s up?”

“Not much, dickwad. Did your mom tell you I called?” Justin’s voice rang out clear throughout the room.

As Nicole snuggled in closer, Mitch slipped his arm around her. “Yeah, she told me you called right after lunch.” He reached further around with his other hand and cupped one of her breasts, hefting it in the palm of his hand. “Sorry I didn’t call you back; I’ve kind of had my hands full all afternoon.” Nicole looked up at him, both of them smiling as his thumb rolled playfully over one thick nipple.

“Yeah, it sounded from what your mom said that she was going to be working you pretty hard today.”

“Yeah, it was pretty hard most of the time, but it felt good when it was finally over.”

“I’ll bet. What the hell was she talking about anyways—laying pipe and filling in a trench or something?”

“Is that what she said?” Mitch asked, he and his mother continuing to share a smile.

“Yeah, some kind of plumbing problem or something? She mentioned there was some kind of discharge overflow. Was it really messy?”

Mitch slid his hand down his mother’s body and slipped a finger into her swollen pussy, spinning it around as he played in the mixture of semen and cunt-juice within her moist hole. “Yeah, it was bubbling up like crazy for a while there. I ended up spending most of the afternoon laying pipe deep in the trench, just like my mom told me to.”

Nicole winked at her son, her hand circling the root of his dormant cock and squeezing affectionately.

“So did you get it all fixed?”

“Yeah, once I had the pipe laid nice and deep, we tested it to make sure there was good flow. Once we saw that it was working just the way my mom wanted it, she told me it was okay to fill in the trench.” Mitch withdrew his gooey finger and held it up, his fingers glistening lewdly with her creamy nectar and a couple of strands of milky semen. His mother eagerly slipped her lips over his cummy digit, licking it clean. “Now that my mom’s shown me once, if that discharge overflow problem happens again, I know just what to do to help her.”

Nicole smiled as she listened to the boys talking, while her hand kept busy, stroking teasingly back and forth along her son’s prodigious member, the sleeping monster slowly awakening within her warm grasp.

“Jesus, laying pipe, filling in a trench—that sounds like brutal work. How’s a wuss ataköy grup yapan escort like you doing after that? I figured a little priss like you would be whining and complaining all day.”

“Screw you, Nancy-boy.” Mitch looked down at his mother’s hand tugging in a teasing corkscrew motion as his prick started to harden and extend in her hand. “Actually, I’m okay. But I imagine I’ll be stiffening up soon.” Nicole almost burst out laughing.

“Okay, enough of that shit. I’ve had to do my share of chores I hated too.” Justin paused for a second before shifting to a new topic of conversation. “Man, you should have been at the mall around noon. I was there with Luke and we spotted these two MILFs that were shopping together. Fucking gorgeous, man.”

“Oh yeah. So what did you do, perv, follow them around like you always do?”

“Like you’ve never done that?” As Nicole looked up at Mitch with a feigned look of surprise on her face, he blushed, having been caught out by his own mistaken question. Justin continued, “They ended up going into the La Perla lingerie store, so Luke and I went in pretending to look for stuff for our girlfriends.”

“Oh no, please tell me you didn’t do that?”

“Of course we did. I think those two liked the fact that we were eyeing them up. They seemed to make quite a show of it when they were holding up corsets in front of themselves. I’ve never seen either of them before, but they both looked fantastic. One was brunette and the other was blonde, and both of them had huge racks. You would have loved the blonde. I know how much you love blondes with big tits.” Nicole smiled up at Mitch when Justin said that, her own blonde hair spread out over his shoulder as she lay against him.

“Yeah, well, I’m glad you pervs had a good time,” Mitch said, anxious to end the call before he got himself into any more hot water.

“Speaking of having a good time, do you feel like going out and getting a bite to eat? Ashley called and her cousin Jeri got into town a couple of hours ago. The four of us could make a night of it.”

“Nah, I think I’ll pass.” Mitch squeezed his mother’s breast gently while leaning over and placing a tender kiss on the top of her head.

“C’mon, Stevens. It’ll be fun. I know Jeri’s not built quite the way you like—”

“She’s built like a little boy,” Mitch interrupted, happily filling his hands with his mother’s heavy boobs.

“Well, yeah, but she is pretty. You could probably get her to give you either a blow job or a hand job anyways.” Nicole softly sniggered as she kept her hand busy, her fingers teasingly tracing up and down her son’s stiffening prick.

“No, thanks for the invite, but I don’t think so. My mom said she’d take me out for doing this work today, and I promised I’d go.”

“Hey, your choice, buddy. Just know that if you can’t make it, I’ll ask Luke. But just think, while you’re out dining all prim and proper with Mommy, me and Luke will most likely be down in the basement at my place watching TV and getting our dicks sucked. Like I said, it could be you instead of Luke.”

“Yeah…yeah, whatever.”

“Okay, Momma’s boy, your loss.”

“Yeah, I’ll probably just have an early night. Go to bed early.” Mitch gave his mother’s generous bosom another affectionate squeeze as he winked at her.

“All right. Oh yeah, thanks for sending me the link to that MILF website the other day. There are definitely some hot ones on there.” Nicole gave Mitch a scolding look, but she couldn’t hide the smile on her face as she continued to stroke his stiff cock.

“Uh yeah,” Mitch said, embarrassed once more. “Look, I gotta go. You guys have a good time tonight, okay?”

“Sure. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“See ya.”

Mitch pressed the button on his phone, ending the call.

“So, MILF websites, eh?” she asked teasingly, her hand still stroking up and down his now rigid cock.

“Well, uh…yeah,” Mitch confessed, not seeing the use in trying to deny anything.

“You and your friends are interested in MILFs?”

“All guys are interested in MILFs, Mom. Even old guys—they think about how much they loved them when they were younger.”

“Do you think I’m a MILF?”

“Oh Jesus, Mom. You’re so gorgeous, you’re beyond a MILF. If anything, you’d be Queen of the MILFS.”

“Do your friends think of me as a MILF?”

Mitch paused, unsure of what to say, but realized that based on what had happened with his mother today, honesty had to be the best policy. “Y…yes.”

“I kind of like that,” she replied, her smile easing his temporary anxiety. “It’s nice to be thought of as attractive by younger men. You’re not just saying that to make me feel better, are you?”

“Gosh, no. All of my friends think you’re the hottest mom around. They don’t say much right to my face, but I know they talk about you all the time.”

Nicole felt her pussy give a little twitch at the thought of all those hung young studs thinking about her. She gave Mitch’s cock a testing squeeze, feeling the incredible stiffness against her circling hand. “Well, it seems like my little boy likes what this MILF is doing to him. I can’t believe how hard you are again after what we’ve already done today.”

“As far as you’re concerned, Mom, I’m pretty sure I can be hard 24/7.”

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