Mom’s Home Movies Ch. 05

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Thanks to Literotica member, Smoothed for his help with editing and creative detail.


After Ben’s nap, he thought deeply about Taylor’s proposal. He couldn’t help but consider the possibility that she was interested in much more than just helping him to record. He fantasized about how hot it would be if Taylor and his mom took turns doing movies with him as the male actor. The thought made him hard immediately.

He needed to talk to his mom about Taylor visiting. He decided he should try to make the first couple of visits friendly, with no mention of any video ideas, just to break his mom in to the idea.

He knocked on his mom’s bedroom door.

“Come in, sweetie.” He heard from the other side.

“Did you have a nice nap?” Ben watched his mom lying on her bed in a T-shirt. She stretched her arms above her head and yawned.

“Oh, my goodness. That was wonderful!” She looked over at her phone to see what time it was.

“I feel so relaxed. Thank you for today.” She looked up to him with a smiling face. “I was going to make chili tonight, how does that sound?” Tiffany rose and began making her bed.

Ben observed the bottom curves of her plump ass as the shirt rode up in the back. He continued to stare at her shamelessly.

“That sounds delicious. It’s been a while since you made chili.”

“Great! I’ll get it started then.” She turned and smiled at Ben, touching his chest as she slipped past him.

Tiffany stepped into her walk-in closet and lifted her shirt off over her head, making no attempt at modesty. Ben watched intently. She rummaged through some hanging clothes and selected a yellow, summer skirt and a tight, white blouse from her closet then walked back out to her room.

She passed him, completely naked, to stand before her bureau and mirror. “Was there something else?”

Ben was staring at her enormous, bare breasts. He shook his head as they made eye contact.

“Actually, yes. Taylor is having some trouble with Alex and doesn’t want to be around him tonight. Do you mind if she eats with us?”

Tiffany stepped into her skirt and pulled it up, checking herself in the mirror. She looked back at Ben over her shoulder. He had no trouble appreciating his mother’s exposed tits in the mirror.

“What kind of trouble?” Tiffany asked casually, then pulled her tight blouse over her head.

“He’s been getting drunk quite a bit and she called me about it. She can’t stand to be with him right now. We could just go out and get something, but I thought you might be able to offer her some advice.”

Ben knew his mom wouldn’t be able to resist such an opportunity to help. Her father, Ben’s grandfather, was an alcoholic, so she had plenty of experience with that topic, not to mention a soft spot for women having to deal with drunken men. This happened most recently with his cousin and her husband a few years ago. His mom took her under her wing and helped her get through the rough patch while he entered a recovery program.

Tiffany stretched the shirt over her broad tits and let the tight fabric snug to her skin. She turned to Ben, who could clearly see her firm, pink nipples through the stretched white blouse.

“Oh, poor Taylor!” She turned from the mirror and moved to her neatly made bed. Taking a seat, she continued, “See, I told you. I don’t trust Alex. I want you to stay away from him too. You tell Taylor to come over for dinner, and if she needs to, she can stay the night in one of the guest rooms.”

“Okay, I’ll ask her. Thanks, Mom.”

“Well, if you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen fixing the chili,” Tiffany said amiably, rising and kissing Ben on the cheek before exiting her room.

Ben wasn’t anticipating his mom’s encouraging invitation. He would have to be sure Taylor plays up Alex’s drinking as part of her complaints about him.

Ben bounded up the stairs to his room to text Taylor.


She responded a minute later.


Ben pressed the accept button when Taylor called.

“Hey, Taylor.”

“Shit, Alex is a total ass. He got up and immediately started drinking again. Now he’s lying in bed drunk out of his mind.”

“Damn, Taylor, that sucks. Do you want me to talk to him?”

“No way. He’s on his way out. He’ll be asleep in no time.”

There was a pause. When Taylor continued, the tone of her voice had changed completely.

“So, anyway, what’s up, stud?” She had a playful sound to her voice again.

“I spoke to my mom.”

Taylor was silent on the other end.

“I told her that Alex was drinking quite a lot. She said you should come over for dinner and if you needed to spend the night, you could sleep in a guest room.”

“Woah! That conversation went pretty well, I’d say!”

Ben thought she sounded delighted. “I know, right?”

Ben wanted to officially invite her over, but wasn’t sure what to say. After a brief pause, he awkwardly asked,

“So, would you like to come over for dinner and spend the night?”

“What, are we in high school? ataköy türbanlı escort Just kidding. Yes! You tell your mom I’d like a cheese omelet for breakfast.” Taylor laughed.

Ben felt his cock harden.

“Great! I’ll text you my address.”

“I’ll be there in about an hour. Is that okay?”

“Perfect. I’ll let her know you’re coming.”

Tiffany already had the chili working on the stove when Ben came downstairs.

“Okay, Mom. She’ll be over within the hour. She really appreciates the gesture.”

Ben’s mom sighed and returned to her bedroom.

“Where are you going?” Ben stood in the kitchen as his mom walked passed.

“I can’t have Taylor see me like this! I’ll be right back.”

Tiffany had changed out of her sexy clothes and was now wearing a white, button-down, blouse and a bra. She replaced her sexy skirt with a pair of beige Capri pants. Brown, sandal pumps completed her outfit. She entered the kitchen.

Ben sighed. One of the drawbacks to having a guest over is his mom’s return to wearing appropriate clothing.

“You like nice, Mom.” She had a classic look to her that he liked.

She turned to Ben, put a hand on one hip, and aimed her chili spoon at him.

“Nice, huh? I know, it’s more…” she looked down, over her outfit. “Conservative. I thought I would be a mom for Taylor since it sounds like she needs some support.”

“That’s okay, I understand.” Ben sat at the kitchen table.

Tiffany joined him with two glasses of red wine, setting one down in front of him.

“Wow! Thanks!” Ben sipped the wine.

“It will be nice having company.” She smiled at Ben. “Will recording one of our videos be a topic we discuss this evening, or should that wait?” Tiffany drank from her glass looking at Ben.

“I don’t know, Mom. We can talk about whatever comes to mind, I guess. Taylor probably won’t want to talk about Alex all night, you know?”

Tiffany nodded her head in agreement, then took her wine to the stove and stirred the chili.

Ben helped his mom for a bit, then went to his room to check on the website. After an hour, the doorbell bell rang.

Ben went to answer the door while Tiffany stirred the pot. He opened it for Taylor, who stood with a purse slung over one shoulder and a large overnight bag on the ground next to her. The outfit, a short red skirt and white, spandex-style shirt, immediately caught Ben’s eye.

‘Well, at least Taylor didn’t dress more appropriately, thank God,’ he thought.

Taylor’s tits were shaking with every small motion she made as she stepped into Ben’s home.

“Hey!” She quickly moved forward for an open-mouth kiss and the two locked onto each other, breaking off only after they heard Tiffany’s heels click from down the hall.

Ben cleared his throat, “Mom? Taylor’s here.” He hefted her large bag inside and closed the door.

Tiffany was closer than Ben realized, appearing around the corner a second after he called to her.

“Hi, Taylor. I’m Tiffany, Ben’s mom.”

Taylor and Tiffany embraced. Ben couldn’t control his imagination and watched excitedly as the two women hugged, their chests pressing together in an unexpectedly sexual, yet subtle display. Tiffany rubbed her hands up and down Taylor’s back as they briefly held each other.

Tiffany broke the embrace and held Taylor at arms-length by her shoulders, looking her over.

“Nice to finally meet you in person, Tiffany. I feel like I already know you.” Taylor smiled a sexy grin.

Tiffany looked over to Ben and raised an eyebrow. Ben thought she expected him to say something, but in that moment, he wasn’t sure what to say.

After a slightly awkward pause, Tiffany said, “Let’s go out to the patio.” She turned to Taylor. “Would you like some wine?” she offered.

“That sounds great! Yes, please.”

Tiffany began walking down the hall with Taylor following, then Ben. Taylor looked playfully over her shoulder back at Ben.

Ben’s heart was racing. Two women whom he had fucked within twenty-four hours of each other, two of the best sexual experiences of his entire life, were now in his house, together.

The three sat around the table under the veranda as the sun set. Taylor took a sip of wine, looking around.

“I feel like I know this place.” She grinned.

“Really? Why is that, I wonder?” Tiffany gave a sly look at Ben. “Honey, why don’t you go stir the chili while Taylor and I talk?”

Ben reluctantly left the two outside and went into the kitchen to stir the chili.

From the kitchen windows, he could see Taylor wipe her eyes and Tiffany reach over and rub her arm. They were obviously talking about Alex. He chose to stay in the house and peek at them, rather than go outside and interrupt. Ben knew how his mom prepared the chili, so he decided to finish it for her to give them time to talk. He took out some shredded cheddar cheese, and sour cream and placed each into its own small bowl, then he set the table and finished his glass of wine, quickly ataköy ucuz escort pouring himself another.

After about twenty minutes, Taylor and Tiffany came back into the kitchen.

Tiffany left the two and went upstairs.

Taylor used the opportunity to talk to Ben about the conversation she had with his mom.

“Your mom said I should tell Alex’s parents about his drinking so they can get him help.”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

“She also said to break up with him.”

“Really? Are you going to?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll see whether he sobers up in the next couple of days. It’s not just the drinking, Ben. It has been hell just to get him going at all. We should be working on a video every day, but it’s like pulling teeth to get him to do anything. He doesn’t seem interested in me.”

“That’s not exactly how it works around here,” Ben said trying to hold back his smile.

“You’ve made more than ten videos in two weeks. No, you two do things a little differently.” Taylor teased.

Ben’s eyes moved down to her tits.

Tiffany returned with the camera, then went to her room and came back with her purple book. When Ben saw the book, he felt his arousal level increase. That purple book meant exciting, forbidden pleasures were surely in store. He adjusted his growing cock, curious about what his mom had in mind.

“Ben, we’re going to eat in the living room. I want to show Taylor the video we recorded today.”

He paused, looking at Tiffany dumbfounded.

‘Today?’ Ben mentally reviewed the past few days. The last video he remembered recording was “Mom and the Tennis Pro”.

“Mom, we already posted the Tennis Pro video.”

“No, silly the one from TODAY,” she replied, adding emphasis to the last word with a head nod and widened eyes.

Ben soon realized what she was implying. It hadn’t even occurred to him that Tiffany had recorded their first, real sexual experience when she had set the camera up in his bedroom earlier. He thought she did it just to make herself feel more comfortable. His mind raced thinking back to his performance, now that Taylor was about to watch what happened.

“Oh? I didn’t notice that you had recorded the scene.” Ben realized that his mom must have pressed record when she set the camera on the tripod. Come to think of it, he didn’t remember her turning it off, either.

Taylor leaned into Ben and whispered, “This is going to be good!” She laughed, watching for his reaction.

The three sat on the ground in the living room, eating chili from bowls set upon the large coffee table as Ben, who still wore a somewhat worried expression on his face, hit play.

Ben had to fast-forward to the part where he backed his mom onto the bed as the camera wasn’t pointing in the direction where they had played the little “no-touch” game.

“God, that’s sexy.” Taylor moved herself so that she was closer to Ben.

Tiffany was watching Taylor as she viewed the scene play out. When the video ended, Ben paused the camera.

“Well, what do you think?” Tiffany was all business at that point.

Taylor moved from the floor to the couch.

“Wow! Best parts first, there’s a lot of passion. It’s obvious there isn’t any acting going on. It’s different from your other videos mostly because there’s no role play, and it looks like the camera caught an encounter almost incidentally.”

“I have to confess, Ben didn’t know I pressed the record button.” Tiffany cracked a bashful grin, looking at Taylor, then Ben.

“That would explain it then!” Taylor nudged Ben.

“Ben looks great in the video. He has stamina, and a good overall presence.”

“Okay, now, how about areas we could improve?” Tiffany opened her purple binder and held her pencil at the ready.

“Well, first and foremost, you can’t do a scene like that from a fixed position and not have it look like a beginner’s effort. Having an amateur feel is a good thing. A lot of people go to Hot Amateurs just for that reason. There’s something genuine and real about a video that looks like people are recording because they just love to have sex, but it also has to be high quality. This looks like someone secretly turned on a camera.”

Tiffany was writing furiously in her book.

“Where would you have placed the camera?” Ben asked.

“It’s not a video where you could set a single vantage point. There’s just too much going on. You would probably need to record from one place, then move to another, and still another, then combine the shots when you edited them. A handheld perspective would improve the look of the entire scene. Some of your other videos are like that too. They could all benefit from two camera positions, and, ideally, a person not directly involved that could film the scenes: a third person.”

Tiffany made a quick note to watch some of Taylor’s videos.

Ben was carefully monitoring his mom’s reactions to what Taylor was saying, hoping to glean some insight about her willingness to use Taylor to help record.

“Taylor, ataköy üniversiteli escort can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course.”

“Why are you making adult movies. You’re beautiful, smart, charming…” Tiffany trailed off.

“There’s a lot of money to be made for one thing. I never thought about being a model, or doing anything even close to making videos, but one day about a year ago, I saw an independent porn video online and checked on the name of the production company. The movies only had two people acting, the same two people, in every video. I discovered that I could make videos with Alex and never have to worry about having to perform in the industry and the mess that came with it.”

“Interesting,” Tiffany said.

“I wouldn’t be making these if I didn’t have complete control over every aspect of the process.” Taylor shrugged her shoulders.

“Very interesting. I’d like to talk more about it, and more about how to improve our videos sometime.” Tiffany closed her book and stood up.

“Anytime, Tiffany. And thanks for the advice about Alex. He hasn’t always been like this, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to return to who I fell in love with a year and a half ago.”

Taylor rose to hug Tiffany.

“Good night you two. I’m off to bed.” Tiffany kissed Ben good night and disappeared down the hallway to her room.

Ben was about to show Taylor to the guest room where she would be spending the night, when she whispered in his ear.

“I want to fuck you while watching you fuck your mom.” She pulled herself back and smiled as she reached down to throttle his semi-erect cock over his shorts.

Ben didn’t understand what she meant. “Well, there might be an opportunity to do that someday, but I don’t think my mom would be up for that yet.”

Ben went quiet when he saw Taylor hold the camera up and playfully turn it from side-to-side in her hand.

“Hello? The video your mom shot today?”

Ben suddenly understood what she was getting at and felt like a fool for not following what she was saying the first time.

“Oh, of course. Yes,” he whispered back.

“Now that I think of it, your idea is hotter, but this will have to do.” Taylor nibbled on his ear as she whispered. “So, where’s your room?”

Ben and Taylor eagerly ascended to Ben’s room, hand in hand, where they loaded the video onto Ben’s computer.

“Will your mom come up here?”

“No. She’s done for the night.”

“That’s too bad,” Taylor teased.

Ben set the laptop up on his desk, turned off all his lights except for the one on his bedside table, then he sat at his chair and hit the play button.

The video showed the camera angle was from Ben’s right side and slightly back. The shot showed a clear picture of Tiffany lying on her back. Ben’s lower body entered the frame, including his enormous cock. The scene clearly shows his bare cock penetrating Tiffany. Taylor watched her struggle to accept her son’s thick member. Seeing the strained, but determined look on Tiffany’s face reminded Taylor of how it felt to be stretched by Ben’s cock. His face wasn’t even in the frame.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” she said, a menacing smile spreading over her lips.

Taylor kneeled in front of Ben and spun him around so that she was facing the screen while Ben was facing the side as the video played.

“Are you watching it? I have to turn my head to see it,” he complained.

“Exactly.” Taylor lifted her shirt off and rubbed her big, perky tits briefly before unbuttoning Ben’s shorts and sliding them off his body. Ben took his shirt off and was now naked sitting in his chair.

“So you really were paying attention during our tutoring session the other night, weren’t you? Slow approach, completely hard…look at how hot for you your mom is!” Taylor ducked down and wrapped her wet lips around his cock, her eyes peering up to watch the video.

Ben didn’t even try to turn his head and look at what Taylor was commenting on about the scene. Her full, pouty lips were demanding all of his attention.

She lifted her head up and continued to comment. “Look at her face! She’s so turned on! Oh, my God!” Taylor seemed to be talking to herself. Ben could see that she found his incestuous relationship with his mom particularly arousing.

Her hand reached between her legs as she sucked the thick cock into her mouth, wetting it and sliding her mouth over it until she was down to the middle of the shaft. She sucked noisily on half of Ben’s cock, getting it slippery as she shoved more and more into her mouth and throat. She broke away.

“Mmm!” She took a deep breath, then went down again, and again. She saw something on the video and pulled back up.

“Jesus, Ben! Look how hard you’re fucking her!” Taylor jacked Ben’s cock with her gaze fixed on the video. “Her tits are about to jump off her chest entirely. Did you fuck me that hard?” she mused rhetorically.

Ben just watched Taylor work, reveling in her skillful handling of his cock. She stroked him and played with his balls, then put her mouth back on his dick and resumed eagerly bobbing her head, her eyes glued to the computer screen.

Ben noticed that she seemed to be growing more and more anxious as a result of watching the video. She was intently sucking his dick, but she began pumping her hips and increasing the pace of her blowjob. Ben sighed.

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