Mom’s Nighttime Surprise Ch. 05

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I was filled with lust and terror as we looked each other in the eyes. My thoughts raced by. Our bodies were on autopilot now. My mature hairy pussy was grinding and bobbing up and down on my boy’s rigid cock. As his streams of cum filled my pussy, I felt him pushing as deep as he could, his muscles tensed up, and his face changed from pleasure to confusion.

I started to come to my senses, my body was still tingling from the powerful orgasm. Though his cock was still hard in my pussy, the throbbing and pulsing slowly subsided. What have I done, I thought. My nerves were so shattered I almost started to cry. I leaned forward, my erect nipples made contact with his chest first. “I’m so sorry honey, please forgive me,” I said as I lay on his body kissing his lips. “Please, forgive me,” as I gave him small kisses over and over, “Please, forgive me”. He said nothing as I felt his cock get softer and softer. All at once, I felt his cock slide out of my pussy. “Oh god, let me get you cleaned up.”

I got off the bed and off my son. I ran to the bathroom totally naked. I grabbed a towel and wash cloth and headed back to the room as soon as I could. I knew he wasn’t going anywhere, but I needed to try to make things right.

As I walked back through the door he instinctively reached for the cover to cover up, then hesitated as he saw me walk in totally naked. It was still a little dark in the room but there was enough light for his eyes to explore my body. I hurried to the bed, my breasts swaying and bouncing as I moved. I sat on the bed near his waist. The mother in me started to clean him gently. All I could say was “I’m so sorry” over and over as I cleaned his wonderful cock.

He finally spoke to me, “You don’t have to do that mom.”

I said, “I know honey, but I feel so bad.”

He said “I’m sorry, mom, that was my first time.”

“Oh honey, you were wonderful, you gave me everything I wanted tonight.” “Please, please, please don’t tell anyone”, as my eyes met his. He turned his head away and said “I won’t.”

I laid down beside him and hugged him tightly. After a few minutes, he fell off to sleep, and I kissed him good night and left the room.

I lay in bed thinking, sure I would not be able to sleep. At some point sleep must have overtaken me though for when I awoke it was some time later.

I took a shower immediately after getting out of bed and then went to the kitchen to make coffee. As I was taking my first sips of coffee, my boy walked in, head down, looking tired. I asked him if he was ok; he mumbled that he was. I put my coffee down and pulled him to me, I hugged him hard. He said, “I’m just tired, I need to get a shower,” and left the room.

I thought about it for a second and I decided I was going to go to his shower and seduce him while he was awake. I had nothing to lose and it might make him feel better. I walked into his room and the shower was running. His bathroom door was open. I untied my robe and dropped avcılar üniversiteli escort it as I headed to the bathroom. I slipped into the shower and he was very surprised. He tried to cover up. I said “Hi baby, I thought I would join you, don’t be nervous.”

I took the soap and started washing his chest. He just watched me do it, not speaking. My sudsy hands moved down to his hard stomach, stopping at his waist. I asked him to turn around to face the water and started soaping his back. I moved down his back and as I neared his waist, I knelt down and was eye level with his young tight ass. I soaped and squeezed his butt as I began to get more and more turned on. I stood up and asked him to turn.

I was very pleased to see that his cock had stiffened right up. I handed him the soap as he turned around. I then took both his hands and placed one hand on each breast and told him to soap me up. He was very rough at first, but I taught him how to do it right. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling as he play and fondled his first set of breasts.

I whispered to him to soap lower. He made the move quickly, he must have already had that in mind. I felt the bar of soap travel down my tummy and pause on my hairy mound. He moved the bar round and round soaping up my pussy hair. My legs were parted, he moved the bar of soap down forcing my pussy lips open. He slid the soap up and down my pussy crack, teasing my clit.

I took the soap from his hand but he continued to explore my pussy with his fingers. I could feel his soapy fingers probing everywhere. He was pressing them into my crack, deeper he went, exploring my asshole. As he was doing that, I took his hard cock in one hand and the soap in the other and began to wash his cock. I worked my way to his balls. The more I did, the more aggressively he washed my pussy. I dropped the soap. My legs were getting weak. I grabbed him and pulled him up next to me. My soapy body slid back and forth against him as I worked his cock and he worked my pussy.

I pulled him to me tightly and grabbed on to his ass. He did the same with me, letting his soapy hard cock slide between my legs. I soaped his butt and squeezed my legs on his cock as he pumped it back and forth.

“Oh honey, I am so turned on, let’s rinse off.” He agreed and we helped each other rinse. As we got out, I dried myself then I started to dry him off. I knelt as I dried his cock. I couldn’t resist, I grabbed the base of his cock and started sucking it hard. Maybe too hard, I forgot how inexperienced he was. After about two minutes of sucking, he started to cum. It surprised me as the thick white cum pulsed into my mouth. I may have been surprised but I enjoyed it very much as sucked it all down.

After he finished he said, “Wow, I am sorry mom, it just happened.” I said, “It’s ok, I loved it. We can do more later. I wouldn’t mind laying down for a nap, go lay down and I will do the same.” avrupa yakası escort i picked up my robe and headed to my room, my pussy throbbing.

I laid down, and, fighting the temptations to masturbate, I fell asleep.


I woke up horny as hell. I went to his room, where he was still sleeping. I shed my robe and got right on top of him. I mounted him in a 69 position knowing that he would wake to my pussy and ass in his face. I started sucking his cock and it responded. He got so hard so fast

Suddenly I felt his hands starting to explore my body as he was waking up. I pulled my mouth off his cock and said “Eat Mommy’s pussy, honey, I love that”, as I pushed my pussy back over his face. I sat up, pressing my pussy into his mouth. I moaned as his tongue licked up and down my slit, probing deep into my pussy. I pressed and ground my pussy into his face feeling his warm breath and mouth aggressively tasting me.

I centered my clit on his mouth and said, “Lick right there honey”, as I parted my lips. As his tongue began to dart over my clit, my body began to quiver. I was very close to cumming. His hands moved up my body and found my heavy breasts. He grabbed both nipples and began to tug on them. Suddenly my orgasm shot through me and I moaned loudly. “Oh honey that was great”, I said, as I shifted my pussy forward. He removed his hands from my breast and one of his hands started stroking his cock. He continued to lick deep inside my pussy as he pumped his cock madly.

He paused for a moment, so I thought he might be done, but he wasn’t. He repositioned his head slightly and then I feel a very wonderful feeling. His tongue was licking my ass hole! It was lightly at first but soon he was licking hard and trying to fuck my tiny ass hole with his tongue. The desire started to build in me; it had been so many years since I gave my ass to a man. I used to enjoy that feeling so much, but that was years ago, before my boy was born.

I started to rub my clit as my boy worked on my asshole so perfectly. He continued to pump his cock and I could see he was getting close as the pre-cum leaked out. I saw him begin to tense up. The excitement and the feeling had me right on the edge of a second cum. I watched as his cum erupted from his cock. That was all it took and I too came wildly, collapsing forward. My head came to rest on his tummy. We lay there for just a moment catching our breath.

I said, “Oh baby, let me clean you up”. I got off my son and off the bed, but this time, I didn’t go to the bathroom. I bent down and began to lick the little puddles of cum off his tummy, moving closer to his softening cock. I took all of his cock into my mouth and finished the job of cleaning up.

“Thank you honey”, as I started to leave. “I hope you had fun” I walked to the door, fully nude. I turned at the door. “Honey, I think everyone will be home tomorrow. Please come to my room tonight before you go to bağdat caddesi escort bed.”


I was under the covers, in bed reading as he pushed open the door. I looked over my reading glasses and said, “Hi honey, come on in.” He walked in nervously, slowly, towards the bed. He came over to the edge of the bed, and I asked if he was ok. He said he was. “You cannot tell anyone about what we have done, understand”, He said, “I know”. I said, “NO One.”

I took his hand and asked him “Do you know how good you make me feel?” I pulled the cover down exposing my naked breasts. “Do you like mommies breasts?” He nodded his head yes. “Touch them.” He reached out and started to rub them. I showed him what needed to be done and I watched as he enjoyed playing with them. I reached over and fumbled around for his cock and finally found it. I squeezed it through the material of his boxers. “Do you like me touching you there?” He said, “Yeah, I do.”

We fondled each other for a moment, and I could feel my pussy get damp. “Suck my nipples for me, honey,” and he did as I asked. He worked back and forth on them. I grabbed the back of his hair, he looked up at me. “Kiss me”. He paused, but I pulled his face to my lips. I kissed him deeply. He was inexperienced but learned quickly. Our tongues probed each other like real lovers. I was so hot and horny, I threw off the covers. I grabbed his face, and said “Fuck me honey but stop before you feel like you need to cum.”

He eagerly jumped on the bed. I didn’t even see him remove his shorts but his wonderful cock was stiff and ready. I parted my legs giving all my pussy was exposed to him. He knelt between my legs and positioned his cock. I felt the warmth from the head of his cock as he parted my pussy lips with the head. He wasted no time but his cock thrust into my pussy, deeper and deeper. I lifted my legs as he pumped like a wild man, slamming his cock deep as it would go. I held my toes as my son pounded my pussy. I screamed out, as the waves of cum hit me. “OH, OH, OH FUCK me, FUCK me”. I don’t know if it was one long cum or many little ones. It was such a blur; he kept pumping with all he had. My breasts continued to slosh about as his cock slammed into me. Suddenly he pulled out.

We were both breathing very heavy. “I am going to cum soon mom.” “Oh baby, do one more thing and then I will let you cum – lick mommies ass again.” I pulled my legs up to my face as he bent down. I watched as he started to lick and probe my ass with his tongue. He worked his magic for several minutes. It was all I could take. “Honey, fuck Mommy in the ass” I want to feel your cum as I watch you fuck me there.”

He got to his position and took aim. “Slowly till you get it all the way in” I felt my tight little asshole resist but it finally gave way as his cock inched in. I let out a sigh as he hit bottom. “Fuck me baby, give me your cum.” With that he fucked the only way he knew. Long, fast, strokes, banged into my ass. I rubbed my clit as he fucked. Just as I felt his cock begin to throb, he shoved it deep and stopped. I felt his cum pulse deep in my ass. My pussy contracted into another orgasm as he took a few final strokes to empty his cock.

He flopped off me, pulling his cock out leaving my ass empty but satisfied. We lay still for a moment. “Let me clean you up honey”.

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