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The moon is full and golden, riding high in the almost cloudless sky as we grab our blankets and coolers from the trunk of the car and make our way down the dark beach. There is a luminscent blue path of moonlight on the calm expanse of the Long Island Sound, the tiny waves occasionally hissing and splashing as they slap upon the shore.

The beach is deserted, which is pretty much what the four of us had hoped. We’re here to go skinny dipping and drink some beer, activities that are not exactly legal in this place, but once we’ve walked about a half mile along the shore, we’re safe from prying eyes.

After spreading the blankets, our talk becomes small and obviously nervous, the ice broken when your friend Laura is the first to strip. She’s dark haired, of Nicaraguan descent, her thick locks neatly tied back, about 5-foot-two with a muscular swimmer’s body. She’s cute, too, and as I pretend to fiddle with our cooler, I sneak glances at her as her t-shirt comes off over her head, exposing sexy breasts with big round dark nipples. She unfastens her jean shorts and yanks them down her hips. Her panties come with them and I see that her pussy is completely shaved.

“Nice,” says her boyfriend Greg, who is sipping a beer and admiring her.

“You like it?” she asks, stepping out of her shorts and standing before us, hands on her hips, her legs slightly spread. I figure that you won’t mind me looking. She’s asking for an opinion.

“I got a full Brazilian,” she continues.

“Did it hurt?” you ask.

“Oh, yeah, but I think it’ll be worth it,” Laura smiles, looking at Greg, who nods. “They say it makes sex feel even better, especially oral sex.”

“Think I should get one?” you ask me as you stand up and unfasten your cotton floral print skirt.

“If you want,” I say, not wanting to offend you by suggesting that I don’t love you as you are, but still secretly hoping you’ll decided to shave yourself clean. I’ve never had a woman with a completely bald pussy and I’d love to know if what they say is true.

You nonchalantly drop your skirt on the blanket and then pull down your pale blue panties. You have a sweet, soft full bush of red hair between your thighs that I love to nuzzle, but I’ll gladly do without for the sake of adventure.

“I’m kind of hairy under here,” you say, turning to Laura and putting one foot up on the cooler so she has a full view of your pussy lips. I notice Greg is admiring your ass.

“They can take care of that,” Laura says as you unbutton your blouse, peel it off your shoulders and daintly drop it on top of your skirt. Your body fairly glows in the moonlight, with your small, pert breasts and bottom-heavy, hip-py figure. I like that you are keeping your sandals on.

“Well?” you ask me and Greg as your fingers nimbly tie your hair back.

“Yeah, gotta show us yours. We showed you ours,” Laura giggles.

Greg and I glance at each other a little sheepishly. We’ve all been friends for years, but this is the first time we’ve ever done this together. Obviously, you and Laura are very comfortable with each other — you’re about as close as friends can get, even to the point of flirting with each other. But after taking a couple of swigs of beer, I set my bottle down and peel off my t-shirt and then my shorts. I pause before lowering my briefs. My cock is half-hard, but I drop them anyway.

“Ooooh,” antalya escort Laura giggles. “You’re right. He does have a nice one.”

Then Greg unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down, underwear and all. His completely shaved, circumsized cock is long and thick and not even hard.

“I guess he wins,” I sigh as I notice you two gazing at it while he takes off his shirt.

“Now, now,” you laugh.

And so we spend the next hour or so sitting crosslegged, drinking beer, chatting and enjoying the quiet night’s breeze. There doesn’t seem to be any mosquitoes out, which is good, because they’d have a feast. It feels so good to be naked in the warm night air, and the scenery is gorgeous, especially you and Laura.

Finally, after we’ve all had three or four brews, Laura stands up and asks Greg, “Want to take a walk?”

“Sure,” he says. And off they go down the beach, beers in hand.

“Want to go for a swim?” you ask, rising so your sweet pussy is at eye level.

“Sure,” I say, although there are things I’d rather do. But I follow you down to the water, admiring the movement of your ass as you walk through the pebbly sand.

The waves are about ankle high and the water is very warm, and we are quickly up to our waists in that long patch of moonlight. You grab handfuls of water, splash them on your face and hair, and then you turn to me. I take you in my arms and kiss you, pressing our nude bodies together. My stiffening cock meets your moist patch and I feel you press against me. Then you spin away and playfully dive under the water.

After floating idly and swimming a bit, I move closer to shore and kneel in the water so it is just washing over my thighs. I watch you coming toward me, naked and wet, your tits bouncing, your hips swaying, and my cock begins to stiffen again. You notice.

Smiling slyly, you drop to your knees, lean forward and softly take the head of my penis in your mouth. Your tongue moves slowly on the sensitive underside as your hand grips the shaft, squeezing me to full hardness. After sucking for a while, you look up and smile.

“Oh, yeah,” is all I can say as you take my erection back in your mouth with a soft moan of pleasure.

Looking down the beach, I see Laura and Greg in the distance. They are embracing and kissing at the water’s edge. You are are bringing me closer to orgasm, stroking my cock and licking at the slit in the head with the very tip of your tongue. It all looks so gorgeously surreal in this moonlight.

“Come on,” you say almost urgently, standing and taking my hand. “I want to fuck.”

I follow you back to the blanket, my erection bobbing, and you lie down, spreading your legs and pulling me to you as I come down. I kiss your lips, your neck, your breasts, licking the salt off them as I grind my cock into you. Your hand guides me to your pussy and I slide in easily. The wet warmth is sheer ecstasy and I pump slowly and evenly, watching the lust and pleasure growing in your eyes.

“Well, look at you two lovebirds,” I hear Laura say. She and Greg are standing over us, watching.

I’ve never had sex in front of anyone before, but I am so turned on and this just pushes me to the top. You, too. Your moans and the way you are pulling my hips toward you, taking my cock as deep as you can, make me fight the urge to come.

I gaze at the moon lara escort for a few seconds to regain control, but it isn’t easy. Laura is stroking Greg’s huge erection. Dropping to his knees,he kisses his way down her stomach as her hands cup the back of his head, spreading her legs wider and ultimately guiding his face to her nude pussy.

“Oh, god,” she moans as his mouth covers it, and pushing her hips hard against his face as he licks.

This is too intense. All boundaries, all reservations and inhibitions are being crossed on this wave of lust and drink. I feel hornier than ever before in my life and have to look away, but your cries of pleasure are so exciting I don’t have much chance to cool down. When I look again, Laura is lying on her side on the blanket next to us, and she guides Greg’s erection into her from behind, and from there they watch us intently while he slowly fucks her.

Your moans, her cries, the sight of her lustful face with half-closed eyes, her tits, and belly, his cock sliding in and out of her creamy cunt, the sensation of my rock hard erection in your warm, slick pussy, the scent of sex in the air, the breeze on our bodies, and that moonlight….

You and I come almost at once, in a shuddering frenzy. As your loud cry fills the air, Laura and Greg come, their eyes closed, their mouths open, him furiously burying his spurting penis deep within her.

After the pleasure subsides, we all lie there in the afterglow for several minutes. Then she says, “Well, I hope it was good for you,” and rolls away from Greg. I lie on top of you, my cock slowly softening in your sopping pussy as I watch her get a beer. The moonlight catches a glint of cum running down the inside of her thigh.

For the next hour, we sit quietly, still nude, drinking more beer and listening to the waves as the moon slowly courses overhead. And as the conversation returns, the subject soon becomes sex.

“Did you like being watched?” Laura asks.

“Oh, yeah, that was definitely a turn-on,” I say.

“I always wondered if I could do it in front of people,” you say to Laura. “But I liked it.”

“It is a turn-on, isn’t it?” she says.

“I like to watch,” Greg adds.

“Do you?” Laura asks, with mock displeasure.

“Sure. I’d love to watch two women.”

“Oh, really?” you ask. “Is that some kind of hint, Greg?”

“Guys always like to watch women,” Laura adds.

“Yeah,” he says, swilling some beer. “You know what really gets me hot?”

“What?” Laura asks.

“A woman eating out another’s woman’s ass,” he smiles. “Man, that is so wicked horny.”

“You’d like to see that, huh?” Laura asks.

“Oh, yeah,” he replies, knocking back another swig.

“How about you?” you ask, your hand on my thigh, your index finger lazily brushing the head of my cock.

“I have to admit all this talk is getting me fired up,” I say, and you look down, gently taking my cock in your hand and giving it a couple of squeezes.

“I’ll just bet you’d love to see me lick Annie’s ass, wouldn’t you?” Laura says wickedly, and I feel your hand tighten on my cock, which is almost fully hard again. You begin stroking it as we talk. I notice that Laurs is watching closely.

“So, you want to lick my asshole, huh?” you ask her, trying to joke but your voice wavering just a bit. I could tell you side escort were getting aroused.

“Why not,” Laura grins, looking at Greg then back at you. “I like you enough to stick my tongue up your ass…”

I feel you shudder and I lean in to kiss your neck. “That would be hot..” I whisper, half joking but fully sure that this is just another of the raw teases you two often engage in. On more than one occasion you joked about being so fed up with guys that you’d start having sex with each other. Yet it hadn’t happened…as far as I knew.

You look at me for a moment and swallow. There’s some awkward silence before Laura stands up and then sits down next to you.

“Your ass kind of turns me on,” she says, brushing a strand of hair off your face.

You smile and take a deep gulp of beer. “Oh, really,” you say softly. There is more silence. Your eyes meet Laura’s.

A bolt of excitement shoots through me as you rise to your knees, move to the head of the blanket and kneel forward with your sexy ass in the air, your legs just so. Your plump white cheeks are parted just enough so the sexy slit of your anus is visible in the moonlight. “You want to lick this?” you ask.

“Oooh,” Laura purrs, moving toward you to gently kiss your bare cheeks, moving her hands over them in slow swirls. “You have a pretty one.” Her middle finger lingers on your anus.

And when she kisses it, I notice Greg is hard again, too. We are transfixed as Laura begins kissing and licking your buttocks. She plants a line of kisses from the small of your back down to the valley between your cheeks, which she parts even wider, slightly opening your anus, which she slowly licks and teases and probes with her tongue as you moan your delight.

“Tastes so good…you’re salty,” she says, licking more intently. Greg is stroking himself now. Laura’s face is now buried in your ass, her tongue no doubt sliding deeply into your anus. You cry out as she begins tongue fucking you slowly, pulling your hips to her so she can reach farther inside you.

After several minutes of this, Greg suddenly comes with spurts of thick semen as you make sounds of pleasure I’d never heard before. Laura is absorbed in her lust until she looks up and notices him sitting there with gooey white come all over his softening cock. “Take over,” she says to me, before turning to him and licking the semen off the head, the shaft and his belly.

“I want your dick in my ass,” you pant as I approach you from behind.

“With pleasure,” I say, placing the head of my erection on your wet anus, pushing gently and finding myself sliding into amazingly pleasurable tightness.

I watch my cock moving in and out of your nude bottom, a little deeper with each stroke, and the sight is intensely exciting. Soon Laura and Greg have moved closer and are watching intently. I try to stroke slowly and make it last, but this is too much. I explode into an overwhelming orgasm and collapse on your back, feeling you shake, hearing you cry as you come and your anus clenches my spasming hard on.

It takes a minute or two for the cloud to clear, and when it does, my soft cock slides from your asshole, followed by a slick stream of come. Before I realize it, Laura is nudging me out of the way and licking it off your slightly open hole. Her tongue works in for more as you moan and wiggle your ass in her face. Greg begins to slowly get hard again. After Laura leaves you, she takes my spent cock in her mouth, urging it to swell yet again….and you begin to kiss her back….

Overhead, the full moon continues it’s journey as the waves quietly lick at the shore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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