Mrs. Mathison, Brandy, and a Movie

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“Hi, Mrs. Mathison. My name’s Garrett. I just moved in across the street and was doing some yard cleanup after last night’s storm so I thought I’d cut up some of the fallen limbs in your yard too as long as I had my chain saw warmed up.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet. My son-in-law would have done it in another week or so, but, oh, that was such a nice gesture. Come in, come in.”

“Thank you m’am.”

“I just hate lightning and thunder. Always have. Now, Gary, he was brave. He would have stood right there in the doorway during the worst of the storm and smiled at it.”


“Gary was my husband. He passed away about ten years ago.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right. Although it takes a long time to get over it. Don’t believe what people say. It takes a long time.”

“Yes, m’am.”

“You’ve been here about a month now, haven’t you.”

“Yep, moved in just over 3 weeks ago. I’m almost settled now.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t get over to say hello. I used to bring cakes or casseroles to new arrivals. I don’t know if anyone does that anymore. Nowadays I don’t do get out of the house much except to buy groceries or have lunch with old friends. I really don’t even like to cook for myself. Old age, you know . . .”

“You don’t look that old.”

“That’s sweet of you. I have a standing appointment at the hairdresser’s every week and try to get made up even if I’m not planning to see anybody that day – like today.”

“Well, I think you look great.”

Oh . . . you’ve just become my favorite neighbor. Believe it or not, I’m going to be 82 in two months. Here let me get you a small glass of cheer to officially welcome you into the neighborhood – and to thank you for cutting up my tree limbs . . .”

“Oh, that’s not necessary. It’s only 2 o’clock. . .”

“Nonsense, I insist. I’ve got the bottle right here. It’s Cardenal Mendoza. It was Gary’s favorite Brandy. There’s a little bit of a caramel taste to it but I like it. What do you think?”

“It’s good. It’s really warm going down too. Maybe you could top it off for me.”

“Sure. You know, some days when there’s not much happening – which is most days, to be honest – I’ll pop open a bottle and pretend I’m drinking it with Gary.”

“Well, Mrs. Mathison, today you won’t have to. Cheers!”


“Wow, you’re 82. I just can’t believe it. You look . . . wonderful.”

“Oh, shush, sweetie. Now you’re just flattering me. If you were 40 years older or I was 40 years younger, I’d be worried. Tee hee. How old are you, Garrett?”

“Now you’re the one who’s flattering. I’m 52 as of last Tuesday.”

“Posh! I don’t believe it. You’re tall antalya escort and muscular. I wouldn’t think you’re over 45. Why, you look like a taller version of my Gary.”

“Thanks. I work out a little.”

“Where’s. . . um, Mrs. Garrett.”

“If we’re going to talk about her I will need another glass of the Cardenal. Fact is, I don’t know for sure where she is. She took off about 6 months ago and I haven’t heard from her. She left without a word.”

“Oh, that’s awful. What about your children?”

“Fortunately, there weren’t any. She sent me a post card saying she was trying to ‘find herself.’ Do you believe it? She’s 48 years old and hasn’t found herself yet?”

“You poor man (pour me some too, while you’re at it). You have such strong hands but they’re soft. What do you do, Garrett?”

“I’m a sales manager. I work mostly out of an office and we just relocated here last year.”

“Whew . . . . excuse me. I’m getting a little woozy. I should have had some lunch, I guess.”

“Here, Mrs. Mathison, let me help you over to the couch. Just take my arm. No, wait, hold onto my shoulder and let me put my arm around your waist. There. Is that better?”

“Wow, I haven’t had service like this since Gary was alive. He was such a gentleman, just like you. There, that feels better. Sit down over here by me so we can talk some more.”

“It’s kind of a small couch. Do you think there’s room?”

“I’m sorry. You probably need to get going. You don’t want to spend time on a tiny couch with an old woman. I’ll walk you to the door . . . ooh . . .”

“Don’t get up, Mrs. Mathison, or you’ll fall down again. I’ll come over there. Mind if I have another sip of your brandy?”

“No, not at all. Bring it over here with my glass. I’m a lot better now that I’m sitting down.”

“Here you go, Mrs. Mathison. You don’t mind me putting my arm behind you, do you?”

“No, not at all. Tee hee. You know, this is what we used to do in the movies. When I was dating – and yeth, yes, they had movies then! – boys would sneak their arm around me and try to hug me or sometime even steal a kiss.”

“I think boys are still doing that.”

“Some things don’t change, I guess. Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, m’am. Boy this brandy is sure warm going down. Oops, sorry.”

“That’s okay, sweetie.”

“Your skin is really soft, Mrs. Mathison. A lot of ladies, when they get older, their skin gets sort of flabby. Your arm feels soft and smooth. You sure you’re 82?”

“Almost. Top it off for me, darlin’.”

“I’ve always had a kind of thing for older women, women older than I am. My first two girlfriends were in college when lara escort I was still in high school.”

“You must have been big for your age.”

“That’s what the girls said!”

“Oh, you naughty!”

“Um, Mrs. Mathison. I’m really having a nice time. Do you mind if I kiss you . . . on the cheek?”

“I . . . guess not. Ooh . .. do you think we should?”

“You taste sweet like caramel candy, Mrs. Mathishon, Mathison.”

“It’s the . . . brandy, sweetheart.”

“You’re so soft and smell just like baby powder. I think I’m going to kiss you again.”

“You’re going to make this old girl swoon. Maybe you’d better be going, Garrett.”

“Your tongue seemed like it wanted to play too, Mrs. Mathison. Let’s pretend we’re in the movies and the lights are out.”

“Then you’d better close the blinds.”

“Is that better? Does it feel like a movie theater now?”

“I’m a little nervous, Garrett. We just met. I’m an old woman. Oh! What are you doing?”

“It’s like in the movies, Mrs. Mathison. Shhh. Just sit still and watch the movie….”

“You’re unzipping the back of my dress!”

“Quiet or the ushers will hear you! Oh, you have the smoothest back, Mrs. Mathison. I just have to put my mouth there.”

“You feel so . . . warm. Please don’t . . .”

“It’s okay. It’s dark and you feel so wonderful.”

“I’m fat. I don’t know why . . .”

“You have the softest breasts I’ve ever felt. Here. Let me pull the top of your dress down.”

“Mmm. Yes, okay . . . .Yes, suck there baby. Suck on grandma’s titties.”

“You’re being such a good girl, Mrs. Mathison. Open your legs a little wider. You feel very warm there, like the brandy. Does that feel good, Mrs. Mathison?”

“You’re touching my sex! Oh my, oh my, oh my. Garrett, no, sweet baby but . . .”

“I’m going to get on the floor and pull your panties off, Mrs. Garrett. Lift up a little off the couch. That’s good . . . yes, you have soft pussy hair as I knew you would. Um, delicious.”

“Are you going to have . . . sex with me. It’s been 10, no, 20 years almost . . .”

“And yet, you’re getting nice and juicy, Mrs. Garrett. See how easily my finger slides in and out of your pussy? You have a little friend that keeps you happy, don’t you Mrs. Garrett?”

“Oh . . . friend? (go a little lower, sweetie)”

“A dildo that you slide in and out when the mood strikes. Am I right?”

“This is much better though. Oh, my! You are big for your age! Did I make you get big like that?”

“Yes, you did, Mrs. Mathison. Now grab me with those beautiful fingers and stroke, oh, yes . . . very, very good manavgat escort . . . hand me that bottle of brandy, please.”

“W-what are you going to do with it. Oh, lord!”

“Don’t waste a drop, Mrs. Mathison! Lick it off quick before it drops on your carpet . . . that’s right. Good, very good. I knew you’d have a soft mouth. Let me squeeze those soft and lovely tits while you suck my cock, Mrs. Mathison.”

“Mmmpf. . .mfff… mmm.”

“Very nice. Very, very nice . . . hold it. I’ve got another surprise for you. On the floor, please.”

“The dress is bunched up around my waist. Let’s both take all our clothes off. You’re lovely. Let me kiss your penis again. Please!”

“Not now. On your back. Can you reach the brandy? Thanks. Now . . . just lay still. . .”

“That’s so warm. Hurry before it spills on the carpet . . . ohh,. Ohh, lap it all up, baby. Lick mommy’s sex. No, no, do it again, do it again. Put your tongue in me like that. It feels so good when you squeeze my rear. Tee hee. The brandy is leaking . . .”

“Turn over!”

“Oh, oh, nobody has ever done that. Your tongue is there. It’s soo, so naughty. If you pour that brandy on my back I’m going to be a sticky mess.”

“Oh, Mrs. Mathison, I can practically guarantee it . . . I love licking you all over. Have I missed any? I don’t want to stain the carpet.”

“Well, you might have missed just a little around my, you know, rear end.”

“You like me licking your asshole, don’t you Mrs. Mathison?”

“You naughty, naughty boy. You make me feel like 17. Do what you want.”

“I want to fuck you, Mrs. Mathison.”

“Such language. Yes, yes. Let me hold you, er, cock again. Umm . . . it tastes like brandy and man. Stick it in me, Garrett. Hurry! Please!”

“Here it comes, Mrs. Garrett. All for you. What nice big tits you have and what a soft delicious ass. I’d like to fuck them all but I’m not 18 any more. Open your legs . . .”

“Oh, yes, but easy. I had hip replacement about 5 years ago. You’re so big. Can you get it . . . . oh, oh, yes, you can, oh I feel you warm like cock brandy!”

“In and out, in and out, Mrs. Mathison. You still have a nice, tight cunt. There. I’m all the way in now. I’m not going to last long! You smell like baby powder and you’re soft and squishy like a beautiful, fat 82 year-old woman who’s going to get all my cum in just a few seconds more.”

“Ohh, ohh, give it to me. Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod. Oh, my face is getting warm. Fireworks. Fireworks in my head! I feel you coming in me. Ahhhh….”

“I’m pumping all my jism into your twat Mrs. Mathison. You’re getting everything I’ve got. Give me that ass. I just love sinking my fingers into it. Oh, you’ve cum, you’ve cum. Ahh, ahh, ahh . . . I’ve never had an orgasm like that one.”

“Garrett, my sweet baby. What a surprise and what a great fuck! Tee hee. Let’s have another drink and turn the lights on. I think this movie is over!”

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