Mum’s Girlfriend Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Jack was nervous as he looked at his smartphone, he hadn’t put on his light, May’s light was still on. He was on his message page, he took a deep breath as he clicked to open his mail. It read, “Dear Paul, many thanks for your kind message. I love the pictures of your Prince, he is impressive. You have chosen your alias well, big boy. I am fifty, as in my profile, I am honest. I like you am looking for online fun. I must be discreet as I am married. I’m married in name only, I haven’t had sex with my husband for over fifteen years. He is fourteen years older than me. He is a heavy smoker and drinker. We have separate bedrooms. He has a housekeeper that cooks, washes and cleans for him.”

“To be honest, I can’t stand the sight of him. We have a daughter, she lives in America. Apart from birthdays and Christmas we have little contact which is my daughter’s decision. She is like her father, who finances her, she thinks she knows best though I have a feeling that the tide is changing as she gets older and wiser.”

“Why am I on this site? I enjoy sex, I need sex, I want sex. I enjoy dirty texting, I have just had a camera and microphone installed today. Now I can have cam sex which I’ve never had in my life. I have only been writing seriously with one young man here. I now think he’s a fraud, he told me to set up for Skype but now he doesn’t want to have cam sex. We would write dirty things to each other. We would exchange dirty pictures. I love doing that, I can orgasm very easily by stimulating myself when I see and read dirty things. I have never had phone sex though I think I would love it.”

“One final thing that I should tell you, I’m bisexual, I have a girlfriend who is widowed, since her husband died, we meet and give each other relief. She has a son at University, it’s difficult for us to meet especially to stay overnight together but that happens occasionally as we are members of the same club which has away fixtures. We do it together as we both enjoy the physical touch of the other. How can I make you happy, let’s write and get to know each other. I have attached some naughty pictures. I have also attached a video of myself using my two hands to stimulate my hungry cunt, it’s the only one that I’ve got of this, it was filmed by my girlfriend. If you like it, I will get her to film another one for you. Have you any pictures or videos of you cuming? I would love to watch you squirt your cock juice. I’ll be honest with you, please be honest with me. Hope to hear from you soon, May aka hot mature.”

Jack couldn’t believe what he was reading, May and mum were lovers. Mum was taking videos of May masturbating, it was unbelievable, who could have imagined that. May can’t stand her husband, that was understandable. Jack was now looking forward to tomorrow. He would cut the grass twice tomorrow so he would be there for longer. Then his phone beeped, he couldn’t believe it, he had a WhatsApp message from May, it read, “Dear Jack, thank you so much for the excellent work that you did for me today. I really appreciate it, I phoned your mum after the hairdressers today, they cut and highlighted my hair, antalya escort see the attached picture. I’m on the board of the local private school, tonight we had a serious meeting about the future of the school, hopefully it will remain private but that will be decided by the pupils parents in a vote.”

“I had supper with some of the board members in the pub, the food was excellent, I’m just home. Tomorrow, I’d like to invite you for lunch, I would have done it today by I had my hairdressing appointment. Where would you like to go? If you want bring a change of clothes and you can shower here. I think that you look fantastic in your gardening clothes. Maybe after lunch we could go to the Garden Centre then I can get some plants for the garden. I enjoy a little gardening work then we could both work in the garden together. Let me know what you think, thanks again, I appreciate it a lot. Just tell me what you would like? Your May.”

This was amazing, Jack was stunned, he switched on his bedside light, May would now know that he was awake, he also opened his curtain a little, he now had a clear view of May’s bedroom window. He studied the picture May had sent, May had included her massive breasts in the picture, her hair and highlights suited her perfectly. He then replied, “Dear May, it was my pleasure to help you today. I would love to lunch with you tomorrow, why don’t we go to the pub, we can walk there so we don’t need to drive then we can enjoy a glass of wine. I’ll be with you at eight if you want then we can go to the Garden Centre after I’ve finished. I should be faster today as I broke the back of it this morning. May, you’re good to mum, let me be good to you. What I would only want from you would be a kiss and a cuddle, I would love that, though it would be better if we didn’t tell mum. I love your picture, the cut and highlights suit you perfectly. Is eight good for you? I’ll bring a change of clothes if it is. Jack.”

May’s light was still on, Jack thought that he saw a shadow moving in the bedroom but he wasn’t sure, then he saw May walking slowly in the room, holding her iPhone, she had a big smile on her face, she was also naked. She was obviously typing, Jack knew he had a reply coming, he had a good feeling about May, he knew that she was interested in him.

His phone beeped, May had replied, it read, “Jack, that’s a bargain that you’re offering me but I’ll accept it though I will warn you, it will be a special kiss. Eight is good for me but I will be in my dressing gown. I may wear heels as that will save you stooping when we kiss. I love to kiss and cuddle in the morning, in fact, I love to kiss and cuddle at any time. Don’t worry about your mum, we are both adults. Yes, that’s a good idea with the pub, the food is good and their wines are very drinkable. I will be honest with you, I’m so looking forward to tomorrow. We must go to bed now as we must be fit in the morning. When you have read this message look at my bedroom window, I want to see you before I go to bed, long hot goodnight kiss, May xx.”

Jack read the message then went to his window. May’s bedside kemer escort light was on, not the main light. May was standing at the window, her hair looked good, she had a towel wrapped around her chest. When she saw Jack she removed the towel, he could see her massive tits as May, using her hand blew kisses to him, she had a big smile on her face. Jack blew kisses back to her then May went out of sight and her bedroom light went out. They were both happy.

The next morning Jack woke at six, he got his laptop, there were no new messages on the website. He thought it better to end Paul’s relationship with hot mature, he wrote, “Dear May, thank you for your reply, unfortunately last night I met one of my old teachers who was recently divorced. One thing led to another. I have decided that it would be better if I started to build a relationship with her. I hope that you can understand. I also hope that you find what you are looking for. Good luck, Paul.”

Jack felt relieved that he had sent that, May is a very intelligent woman, one mistake and she would have seen through Paul at once, it was a risk that Jack didn’t want to take. Mum was in the shower, he said good morning to her as she had left the bathroom door open, “You are up early this morning, what’s on? I’ll cook you breakfast if you want?”

“That would be great mum, I’ve to be at May’s at eight, I want to cut her grass early then she wants me to go to the Garden Centre with her, when can I get into the shower? I also need to shave.”

“Jack, I’m in the shower, you can come in and shave but promise to keep your eyes off me in the shower?”

Jack went in and started to shave. As mum was about to come out of the shower she realised that the towel was to far away, mum said, “Darling, can you bring mummy her towel?”

Jack brought the towel, he held it up so he couldn’t see mum’s naked body. Mum took it but Jack inadvertently saw his mum’s beautiful naked body. Jack was a little cheeky, he said, “Mum, you have a beautiful body.”

Mum laughed then said, “You shouldn’t be looking but thanks for the compliment.”

“Mum, you know that I love beautiful things, you’re body is beautiful.”

Mum went to make breakfast, Jack then decided to shave all the hair from around his cock and balls. If May saw him smooth then she would never connect him to the hairy pictures that he had sent last night. It felt so sensitive after he had shaved.

After breakfast mum left for work. Jack then had a message that he had a new message at the website, out of curiosity he logged on, the message read, “Dear Paul, thank you for your message and honesty. I also was talking to a young man that I’ve known for a long time. I think that he’s interested in me. I would like to concentrate on a relationship with him. I feel like a teenager, I hardly slept last night thinking about him, I have a good feeling about him. I’m happy that we’ve both found partners. Every good wish for the future. May.”

Jack was happy with what he had read. He knew that May was interested in him, as he walked to the back door of konyaaltı escort her bungalow, he was a little nervous. May opened the door, she looked great, her hair was good, she was wearing a red silk dressing gown, Jack knew that she was wearing nothing underneath it. May closed the door behind Jack, then took him in her arms and said, “Would you like your kiss now?”

Jack didn’t reply but their mouths met, May’s tongue slid deep inside Jack’s mouth, she was pushing her pussy hard against Jack’s leg. Both their hands were exploring, Jack found May’s left breast, it was more than a handful, the kisses were tender with lots of affection. A couple of minutes later May said, “I want you Jack, I want you so much.”

They kissed again then Jack said, “May, I want you too but let me work then we can go to the Garden Centre, we don’t need to go to the pub, mum wants me home at six. If we do that then we can have hours together, I don’t want to rush anything on our first time.”

“Jack, you’re right, Alex’s housekeeper is here in twenty minutes, we can’t let her catch us at it. She leaves at twelve then we have the house to ourselves.”

Jack cut the grass then they went to the Garden Centre. They worked in the garden together until twelve then they both went into the bungalow. They showered, they washed each other lovingly. They kissed as they washed, as they dried each other, they both now new every inch of the other’s body. They then went to May’s bedroom, they lay on top of the bed, kissing, touching, feeling and exploring. Both their tongues and lips were everywhere, the oral was unrushed and satisfying, Jack felt the warmth of May’s cum twice, both times he held her cum in his mouth, then they cum kissed.

The lovemaking continued, May loved Jack’s deep penetration. In three hours, May had cum three times, Jack had cum once but he still remained rock hard, the benefit of youth for a fast recovery. May made lunch then they went back to bed. May climaxed another three times, on her last orgasm, Jack had cum with her simultaneously. They showered again, May said, “Jack, we’ve had a wonderful day, can I see you tomorrow?”

“May, I want to see you everyday.”

May gave Jack a key to the bungalow telling him that she would wait for him in bed the next morning. Jack arrived home just before six, mum was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Mum had changed, she was wearing leggings and a tight top, she looked good, she gave Jack a hug when he came in.

Jack poured himself a glass of wine then topped up mum’s, he said, “How was your day mum?”

“Better than yesterday, did you get everything at the Garden Centre? How was the pub for lunch?”

“Yes, May bought a lot, we worked in the garden then May made lunch, we were busy so we didn’t go out.”

Over dinner Jack said, “May asked me what I wanted for helping her with the garden, I joked with her and told her, a big kiss would do. Then she cuddled me and said, “Are you ready for your big kiss?”

“Mum, she then tongue kissed me, she’s a great kisser, I enjoyed it, we kissed and cuddled for a while. Was that bad for us to do that?”

“Jack, you’re both adults, if you both enjoyed it, why not?”

As they were clearing up after dinner, mum said, “Jack, I appreciate the wonderful job you do with our grass, can I give you a big kiss to thank you for doing the grass for me?”

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