Musclebear Humiliation

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My name is Sam. I am a 36 year old male living in a small town in Arizona. To say that I am a musclebear is a pretty accurate description. At 6’4″ and 300 lbs of fat and muscle, and on top of my bulging pecs and a hefty round gut, most people wouldn’t dare to mess with me. I go to the gym religiously three times a week for nearly 10 years now. Although there aren’t that many people in this small town, there are enough men in the gym to make friends with. One person who have just joined recently, a young man named John, really caught my eye. He must have been around 5’8″ with an athletic build, and it is so hot to see him drenched in sweat after an intense workout. And so, it will be quite stupid of me to refuse an offer to a wrestling match with him in his house, which is exactly what happened yesterday.

I stood on one corner of the ring, his own homemade ring, wearing only my gym shorts. John was on the other side of the ring, clad in his black boxer shorts. We agreed on a no-hold barred match that will continue until one of us submit or get knocked out. I clearly had a massive height and weight advantage over the young man. He said he had a lot of experience handling men much bigger than him, and the reason he challenged me was because I am one of the biggest in the gym. But I have wrestled a lot too, and mostly against guys bigger than him, so really, how hard can this be?

John took the first step forward, and I took that as a cue that the match had begun. We locked up in a test of strength, and no surprise, I pushed him down easily. I watched as he struggled antalya escort against my grips, his face grimaced and his muscles tightened to no avail. I get him down to one knee then scooped him in a bearhug.


“Yeah boy, scream for me!” I tightened the hug.

I shook him up and down, left and right, while slowly but steadily increasing the pressure. He clearly didn’t wear anything under those shorts, because I could feel his cock rubbing against my gut. This went on for a full minute before I noticed that he was almost out of breath.

“Do you give, boy?” I asked him.

“Fuck, no!!”

I smiled a little. Good, don’t want to make this too easy.

After another minute or so, I decided to release him. He made a thud as he hit the mat. I thought he was out of breath at that point, but that was a mistake. A really big mistake. Before I could put my hands on him, one of his shot up and grabbed my precious jewels. I had not realized what just happened when he started to squeeze.

“AAAAAAAGHH!!” I shrieked and hastily tried to get rid of his hand. But I couldn’t. His grip was iron-strong, clutching and squeezing my balls so hard I dropped to the mat.

John let go of my balls and I rolled around with my hands on my nuts. My mind was so taken by the pain I had no idea what John was doing at the time, but soon I felt his hands on me, yanking me up and dragging me to the turnbuckle. I had no idea he was strong enough to carry me around.

By the time I regained some composure, I couldn’t move my arms. They were kemer escort strapped to the top ropes by some kind of bracelet. John was standing only a couple of steps in front of me, his eyes gazing into mine. I said to him, “You fucking with me, boy?”

He chuckled. “Why, yes I am. It was fun to have a fair match with you, though I can’t hold it much longer.”

He put his hands on my pecs and played with them. He’s a freak, I realized, then I tried to break free of the things on my wrists. My struggle was useless, they were too strong. Meanwhile, John had made a boxing stance and released a couple of jabs onto my big, round gut. One-two, one-two, he mixed a few hooks and uppercuts into the barrage, and he had good forms too, the little fucker must’ve practiced boxing.

I tried to resist against the punches as long as I could, but after a while they started to hurt. The fists sank deeper and deeper into my gut with each consecutive hits. I didn’t know how much time has passed since he started pounding on me, but I couldn’t take it anymore. His fist dug really deep at one point that I had to cough and wheeze. He must’ve realized that I’m nearly on my limit, because he stopped punching. My body went limp instantly. My gut must be all black and blue tomorrow.

I lifted my head to see him smirk, that little fucker, I’m going to kill him once I broke free. Unexpectedly, he went down and grabbed my shorts, then yanked them away before I could utter a yelp. To my disbelief, my cock was semi-erect with precum dripping konyaaltı escort out of it. His smirk became wider. He grabbed my balls again. I let out a half-groan half-moan.

“You like getting owned, old man?”

I didn’t reply.

“Just so you know, I am recording this.”

I hadn’t processed what he said when he moved his hand up my balls. I gasped. I could see some kind of camera to the side of the ring, and another one perched on one corner of the wall. Fuck, how did I miss them? John started stroking my rod and I didn’t care about the cameras anymore. God, it felt so good.

My cock quickly reached full erection at 7 inches. It wasn’t long, but it made up in size with width. After it stopped growing, John let go of it and took a few steps back, admiring his work. A musclebear resting on the turnbuckle, his arms strapped on the ropes, all his stamina gone after a relentless barrage of punches, and his fat cock dangling freely with precum coming out of it. There’s only one thing left to do.

I felt the bracelets getting undone, and then I dropped on all four. I would kill him right on the spot, but I couldn’t find any strength left in me to do so. Then I felt his arms around my thick neck. He had me in a sleeper hold. I tried to resist, but at this point it’s all over. With his other hand, John took hold of my cock and played with it. Squeezing it, stroking it, up, down, up, down, faster and faster until…

When I regained my consciousness, I must be on John’s front yard. I was still naked and my clothes were on my side. My gut hurt all over and I could feel something wet and sticky when I rubbed it. I didn’t know if I shot my load before or after I blacked out. I scrambled to pick up my belongings when I saw the note from John.

Don’t tell anyone or I release the video. Come again next week, same day.

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