My 30th Birthday Celebration

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My 30th birthday was coming up and I was feeling a little depressed about it. I thought about it and realized that it might be fun to celebrate my birthday at the swingers club. My birthday was on a Tuesday. If we went to the party the Saturday before maybe I would have some really fun memories to dull the pain of turning 30! I talked about it with Darlene and she thought it could be fun. We thought it would also be fun to have a little swinger birthday celebration. We called the three couples we were playing with at that point. Brady and Lindi, Kevin and Pat, and Paul and Dori. If they could meet us at the swinger club that night it would be a lot of fun! Brady and Lindi and Kevin and Pat told us they could make it and thought it would be a lot of fun to meet us there. Paul and Dori let us know that it was a bad time of the month for Dori but they would love to join the party just to socialize at the very least. We thought that was really nice of them. It looked like it might be a memorable 30th birthday after all! I was feeling a lot better about turning 30.

Usually when we go to the clubs we like to get there early. The doors open at 8pm and we usually like to get there soon after. One of the things we like to do is watch all the couples arrive. Sort of a sexy red carpet! In this case however we ended up running late. I can’t remember why? We ended up getting there at around 9 or so. The parking lot was already getting full. It looked like it was going to be a big party that night. That could be a good thing!

We walked in, checked in, payed our entry fee and walked in the big social room. Almost right away we saw Kevin and Pat at a table with Paul and Dori. It was one of the big social tables and they were talking to two other couples. We went over and said hello. We hugged and kissed our friends and then made some introductions. Ken and Susan were a couple that Kevin and Pat had met before at the club but we had never met them before. Ken was tall and handsome and had a full beard. Susan was also taller and had a nice curvy figure and long curly blond hair. She was wearing a long sort of loose fitting hippie dress. It looked like she had a really nice body underneath it. They looked like a really nice couple.

Then there was the other couple. It turned out that nobody had met them before but they sort of drifted over to our group. It seemed like everyone was trying to figure them out. To be blunt he was big, fat, ugly, and old and she was young, pretty, and super hot. I’m going to call him Duane because he sort of reminded us of Duane the Hut. (I know that’s mean but really, he sort of looked like Duane the Hut!) I’ll call her Liz. She was amazing. Totally hot. She looked like a lady you would see in a porno film or something. A playboy model. She was about 5’6″ with curly dark hair and a body that looked like it was that classic 36D/26/36 figure. Beautiful large round breasts, an amazing ass, and fantastic legs that looked to be in garters and stockings. Almost as soon as we got there Darlene pulled me to the side and we whispered to each other.

“What’s up with her?! Why would a lady that pretty and hot be with a guy that hideous? Is she a trophy wife? Is she an escort? What do you think is going on?”

They acted all lovey dovey though. Holding hands and giving each other looks. We decided to just say “fuck it” and go with the flow. Who knew what their deal was? Did it really matter?

Soon after that Brady and Lindi showed up and gave us big hugs. They had met Kevin and Pat before but they hadn’t met Paul and Dori or Ken and Susan. More introductions were made and suddenly we had a nice big group full of sexy people! Six swinging couples at the table. I thought that this could be a really fun and interesting night.

One of the critiques we’ve heard over the years about swinger clubs is that they can be “cliquey”. We think this can sometimes be true but… we also think that in a club setting like that people tend to gravitate towards people that they know. That they already have a comfort factor with. I think that night people might have looked at our table and thought we were acting cliquey. I’m sure if you were a new couple at the club and hadn’t met anyone before it would have looked intimidating to approach a group like ours where everyone seemed to know each other all ready. We’ve been on the other side.

We spent the next hour or so just hanging out and talking and flirting and having fun. We really enjoyed hanging out and talking and laughing with our friends. We were really glad that Paul and Dori were able to make it because Paul was so funny. It also seemed like one of those nights where I was on my game. I was telling stories and jokes and everyone was laughing. Good times! At one point Dori came over to me and whispered in my ear, “I’m really sorry that I can’t play tonight but I promise I’ll make it up to you. Happy birthday!” She reach down and stroked my cock and gave canlı bahis me a deep french kiss that curled my toes. In the haze I realized that everyone was cheering and hooting and clapping for us! When we broke our kiss Dori went over to Darlene, whispered in her ear, and then gave her a nice long kiss as well. It was hot and I think everyone at the table was starting to get very worked up.

We got to know Ken and Susan a little more and they seemed like a really great couple! I was getting hornier by the minute thinking about what the rest of the evening could possibly bring. One “problem” however was the issue of Duane and Liz. Nobody seemed to know what to do about them. Nobody wanted to be rude and ask them to leave our table or anything. They also were kind of fun to hang out with and I, at least, still thought she was totally hot.

At one point Duane pulled Darlene and I to the side. He said that he and Liz had come to the club the week before and he had taken a bunch of pictures. He wanted to know if we wanted to see them because he was really proud of them. He thought Liz looked amazing in them. We looked at each other and I said, “sure, why not?” He pulled out the pictures and said, “here, take a look at them and tell me what you think.”

This was in the days before the internet and digital cameras so naked pictures were still sort of a hot thing! He handed me the pile of photos and Darlene and I started to go through them one by one. I wondered where he had gotten them developed? (haha, remember that?! taking your rolls of film in to get developed?!) Yes, they were clearly taken at the club while it was empty. He said that he had taken them the week before. They had come and gotten a tour of the club to check it out and see if they would feel comfortable coming together to a party. The pictures were breathtaking and really sexy and hot. They almost looked pro. She looked amazing in them. In many of them she was only dressed in a garter belt and stockings. Her breasts looked amazing. Her pussy was shaved which was still sort of rare at that point. She was really good at posing in different positions. She almost looked like a model. I started to get hard just from looking at them.

Duane asked me what I thought and I told him that they looked incredible. He asked us what we thought of Liz and Darlene said that she was really sexy and looked amazing in the pix. Liz was sort of blushing through all of this. She actually seemed a little bit shy. Duane was beaming. He seemed proud. I was still wondering what the fuck was up with the two of them? Duane told me to feel free to pass on the pix to our other friends. I asked Brady who was sitting next to me and seemed very curious about everything if he wanted to see them and he said, “YES!” very quickly, so I handed them off.

Then Duane leaned into me and made his pitch. He said that all he wanted to do was watch Liz play with another man or couple. He only wanted to watch and didn’t want to participate. He said that as soon as we walked in the room they knew that they wanted us to be that couple or I could be the guy. He wanted to take pictures that would only be for the two of them. For their personal collection. He really hoped we or I would be interested. I looked at Darlene and she gave me a look like she wanted to talk. I had a feeling that I shouldn’t just say “SURE!” on behalf of the two of us and so I said, “Can I talk to Darlene for a minute?” Duane said, “of course. Please, talk about it and let us know. We know this is a bit unusual.”

Darlene went off to the side so we could try to talk. I asked her what she was thinking. She told me, “I’m really sorry but I really don’t want to be anywhere near that guy if I’m playing. He creeps me out. Even though he says he won’t play I would be really afraid that he would want to join in.”

I said, “Yeah, I can understand that. I still don’t understand what’s up with the two of them? I think she’s totally hot!”

Darlene then said, “Yes, she totally is! They said they were interested in a guy as well. Why don’t you go for it birthday boy? Have some fun with them and then we can have fun together later on. Just don’t take too long playing with her!” She gave me a big kiss. Wow… it looked like the night was about to turn a little more interesting. I said, “really? Are you sure about that?” and Darlene said, “sure! I’m happy to hang out for a bit longer and talk to our friends. Just don’t take too long! I might be busy later.” and she winked at me.

I walked back towards the table and sat next to Duane and Liz. I told them that unfortunately Darlene wasn’t interested but if they were still looking for a guy I would love to help them out. Liz got a big smile on her face and Duane said, “Why don’t we go upstairs then? I’m really looking forward to this!” He was looking forward to this? I was the one who was going to be fucking Liz. I was REALLY looking forward to this!

At this particular bahis siteleri swinger club the social/bar area is on the first floor and most of the playrooms are on the second floor. Same of my favorite moments in swinging have been the moments when I’m walking up those stairs with Darlene and another couple (or two or three). A couple that we’ve been talking to and flirting with and now we know we’re going to be going upstairs to play. It’s hot walking up those stairs. The anticipation is half of the fun I think sometimes. I hate to say it but sometimes the build up is better than the sex itself! That would not be the case tonight.

Duane started to go up the steps with Liz behind him and me behind her. I loved looking at her ass sway as we walked up the steps. I could slightly peek under her skirt and see her stocking tops. I was starting to get hard already. We got to the second floor and Duane found a semi private smaller room towards the back of one of the playrooms. We got inside and Liz almost immediately turned to me and I took her in my arms and started to kiss her. Liz put her arms around my neck and pulled me in. Duane said, “please don’t start too much until I get out my camera and started to ruffle through the bag he had brought up with him”. I took my time just kissing Liz. I moved my hands down to her ass and started to squeeze and rub her ass. All she did was moan. I really wanted to start undressing her and playing with her more but I waited a minute more. Liz reached down with one of her hands and started to rub my now very hard cock through my jeans. Duane said, “I’m ready, and I saw the camera flash for the first time.”

Liz stepped back from me. She started to unbutton her dress. I kicked off my shoes, took off my socks, and watched as she slipped her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. She was dressed in a very sexy lacy bra, a black garter belt and dark seamed stockings, see through panties, and high heels. She looked amazing. Flash. Duane took another picture. I felt like I had won the swinger lottery! I pulled off my shirt and Liz stepped towards me again. We kissed again but this time I could feel more of her sexy body. Flash. Another picture.

I felt for her bra strap, found the clasp in the back, and unhooked it. I slipped the bra straps off of her shoulders and her breasts were free. They looked perfect. Probably about 34D with beautiful long pink and very hard nipples. I leaned over and started to lick and suck on of them. Flash. Liz started to moan. She slipped one of her hands in front and felt my now almost painfully hard cock through my pants. Flash. I leaned up and kissed her deeply again while I felt her breasts and she felt my hard cock through my jeans. Flash.

Liz then started to work her way down my body. She started to kiss that spot by my ear. Then my neck. Then she moved down to my chest and nipples. Soon she was on her knees leaving a trail of kisses all the way down. Flash. She started to unbuckle my belt and pants and soon was pulling them down. Flash. I stepped out of my pants. I was wearing a pair of boxers and my cock was making a huge tent in them. Liz started to lick my cock from the outside. It was totally teasing me and driving me crazy. It also probably looked great for the camera. Flash Flash Flash. Duane was starting to take a bunch of pictures. I remembered all the porn I had seen and tried to help by doing things like making sure Liz’s hair was pulled to the side and my hands or arms weren’t in the way of a good shot.

Finally Liz pulled down my boxers and my cock sprung free. She started to give me head. She was good. Really good. She took a long time just licking all around the head of my cock. Then she started to lick up and down the sides. It was driving me crazy. Then she started to suck me into her mouth. Deeper and deeper until I was down her throat. She seemed to have no gag reflex. Meanwhile Duane was taking pic after pic after pic. I was starting to get so turned on I was afraid I would cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and leaned down and started to kiss her again. She stood up and I felt her ass again through her panties. Then I started to push her panties over her hips and down her legs.

I felt between her legs and she was shaved smooth. She had a small landing strip on the top. She was also already very wet. I put a finger inside of her and she felt like she was really tight. All this time I was kissing her. She was also an amazing kisser. But I wanted to taste her pussy. I hoped that it would calm me down if I took a little break. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to eat her pussy and she and I laid down on the mattress that was in the room. She laid back and I started to kiss my way down her amazing sexy body. I played with her breasts and sucked and licked on her nipples for a long time. I loved how pink they were and how hard they were getting. She was getting goose bumps. Finally I moved down and went bahis şirketleri between her legs so I could eat her pussy. She smelled delicious. I started to lick up and down her lips and she tasted so sweet. A very yummy pussy. I started to suck and nibble on her clit and she started to moan louder. Once again Duane was taking pictures of all of the action. After just a few minutes Liz said, “Please, please fuck me… I really want your cock in me.”

Duane reached into his bag and pulled out a condom. He said, “You’ll have to wear this. I hope that’s OK?” I was perfectly fine with that and put the condom on. Liz was still on her back so I started to fuck her from on top. Almost as soon as I put my cock in her I knew that I wasn’t going to last long. The whole situation was just too hot for me. Liz had such an amazing body. On top of that her pussy was incredible. She was really tight and I could feel her squeezing my cock. I felt like I was going to cum after being in her for about 30 seconds. I pulled out and suggested we switch positions. I wanted to fuck her from behind.

She looked amazing when she bent over. She had a perfect round ass and I loved the way it was framed by the straps on her garter belt. Duane moved to the side to he could get some good shots of me putting my cock in her from behind. I took my time and tried to make the moment last. I was trying to calm down as much as I could. I teased her pussy by rubbing the head of my cock up and down her inner lips. Finally I put the head of my cock at her opening and started to slowly go in. Once again I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I started to fuck her nice and steady from behind. I hoped I would last a little longer this way. Duane took a few more pix and then all of a sudden he sort of grunted and pulled open his pants. He moved to the front of Liz and she put her head in his lap and started to moan louder. I could feel her pussy start to clench around my cock and I was pretty sure she was cumming hard. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. All of a sudden Liz started to bob her head up and down on Duane’s cock. There was something about the fact that she was sucking him while I was fucking her that started to set me off. Liz started to moan louder herself and I could feel her start to cum again. Duane took another picture of her with his cock in her mouth while her face was contorted in pleasure. Soon enough I could feel that feeling in my balls and I started to cum hard. I buried my cock deep inside of her pussy and filled the condom. I wish it had lasted longer. I think I only fucked her for about five minutes. But it was amazing!

When I pulled out Liz said, “I wish you had cum all over my face. I love a good facial. Can you do that the next time?”

I started to feel a little guilty for leaving Darlene all alone and wanted to get back together with her. I told Liz and Duane that I thought Liz was amazing but I really wanted to go see if I could find Darlene. They understood and told me that if I wanted to hook up with them later that night I was welcome to do so. I thought that I might take them up on that!

I put back on my clothes and gave Liz another deep french kiss. I started to get hard again just from kissing her but I managed to pull myself away so I could go and find Darlene. I peeked into the other play rooms but I didn’t see Darlene anywhere. It seemed like all of the playrooms were already full but I didn’t see Darlene. I was a little nervous as guys weren’t really supposed to be upstairs without a lady. I hoped we wouldn’t somehow cross paths. I didn’t want to go downstairs, find that she wasn’t down there anymore, and feel like I couldn’t go upstairs as a single guy by myself to find her. I also really had to pee at this point. I decided to duck into the bathroom, pee, and wash myself off.

I finished up in the bathroom and went back outside into the hallway. Almost as soon as I went out I heard/saw Darlene coming up the steps with Brady and Lindi. It was perfect timing! Darlene saw me and we gave each other a big smile. She said, “Are you done already?” Lindi winked at me and said, “and are you ready for more?” I laughed and told them they caught me just at the right moment and maybe we should try to find a place to play. It was already really crowded. We looked around and couldn’t find any spaces in any of the private or semi-private rooms. The only spot that seemed to be open was a space in the main orgy room. We had never played in the orgy room before. It was supposed to be more “open” and Darlene was nervous about that. I loved the idea! We decided to go for it since there was nowhere else to go. Both of the ladies knew that the rule was that they could always say “no”.

We all took off our clothes and put them under some of the chairs that were nearby. The orgy room was a big room that had one wall with a line of mattresses all in a row and on the opposite wall a row of chairs so people could watch if they wanted. The spot that was open was sort of in the middle. There were couples that were playing on both sides of us. It was really hot to look over and see them playing. But they also seemed like they were lost in each other.

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