My First Experience With A Man

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I don’t really regard myself as a writer, but a few years ago, when I was in school, I always got good marks for my written English. So, as I have a story to tell that a few people might be interested in, I thought I’d try my hand at telling about my short life so far.

I’m gay. Please don’t ask me why. I think I know why but I’m not certain. I can be quite friendly towards girls but they are in no way special to me. If I didn’t see one for a month I wouldn’t worry.

On the other hand, I really like guys. I like their company, I like talking to them and playing games with them. Some even appeal to me in a sexual way. I fancy them. This is not something that happened suddenly; I’ve just grown up with it.

I have a strong suspicion that the main reason I’m gay is because I was sexually abused by my mother, and other women, as a young child. I remember some of the things she used to do to me when I must have been about four. I think this is a fairly accurate dating as I started school shortly afterwards.

When I talked with other boys at school it became obvious to me that their mothers didn’t do to them what my mother was doing to me. As I got a bit older I realised that my mother mostly bathed me when my father wasn’t in the house. Sometimes “Aunty” Mary would help her to bathe me, or some other “aunt”. I grew to dislike them all with their luvvy-dovey kissing, sucking and fondling. It was all pseudo-love!

Then came the day when my father arrived home early and unexpectedly. My mother had just bathed me and had laid me on a towel on the bed, naked, while she and “Aunty” Mary lay on each side. My father suddenly came into the room unannounced and saw what they were doing to me.

Although I was quite young, I realised that he was furious. He ordered both women downstairs while he dried me and dressed me. Then he took me to my room and told me to stay there until he came back. I could hear the row coming from downstairs. I couldn’t hear the words, but there was a sudden bang of the front door and as my father returned to the lounge I heard him shout, “And that woman is never to come into this house again.” Then I heard the word “police” mentioned and I heard my mother crying.

But, after that day, she stopped her sexual abuse and my life became fairly normal. I think all this is the reason that I now really like men – my father was my saviour, and why I am not at all keen on women – my mother was my abuser.

As I grew up I realised that, according to all the stories in the media, it was men who were supposed to be the abusers, so I made enquiries and discovered that almost two-thirds of child abuse is by women. This did not improve my opinion of them.

But enough of my dim and distant past; I have more pleasant stories of more recent years.

I did well at school especially when I was in the charge of a male teacher. My art teacher, Mr Roberts, really encouraged me and I excelled in the subject. It’s not surprising then that when I left school I applied to go to art college and was accepted.

Being a nineteen-year-old lad away from home, I looked around for things to do in the evenings, and one day I happened to pass a fitness club. I went into the doorway and inside were some advert boards with pictures of young men with attractive bodies, doing all sorts of exercises. antalya escort I’d done a bit of running that day in college and I was feeling a bit stiff, so I thought a club like this might help to keep me in good shape.

I was about to leave, when the door into the club was opened by a young man dresed in shorts and a T-shirt. He smiled at me and stood with his hands on his hips.

“Interested in joining?” he asked.

“Well… I hesitated, “I might be. I’ve never been in a club like this. Can you tell me a bit about it?”

“Come into my office and I’ll do just that.” He held the door open for me.

We walked a short distance down a passageway and into a small office. We shook hands. “I’m Terry and I run this place,” he said motioning me to an armchair to the side of his desk.

“Hi! I’m Martin.” I sat down. I looked at this pleasant young guy as he lifted a file and took something out. He seemed to be in his mid-thirties, good-looking and with a slim firm-looking body. I iinstantly found him attractive; not that there is anything unusual in that as far as me and men are concerned.

Then he handed me a folded brochure. “OK Martin, this tells you all about the club, opening times, equipment and the cost of membership. We have sessions for men, women and some mixed.”

I ran my eye over the brochure. “You have quite a lot of equipment,” I ventured. “And I see you have reduced rates for students. I’m glad about that.”

Terry laughed. “I gather you’re a student then.”

“That’s right. I’ve recently started in the art college – fine art and photography.”

Terry looked more expansive and leaned forward on his desk. “Interesting! They happen to be two of my interests. In fact I attend a life class in the evenings at the college. Like a coffee?”

I accepted the offer and while we drank it we chatted about our interests.

Then Terry rose to his feet.” Would you like to have a look round before you make up your mind to join?”

“I’d love to,” I replied.

Terry looked at his watch. “We have a men’s session on at the moment but they’ll all be finished in half an hour.”

He led me into the main hall which was filled with all manner of weights equipment, cycling and walking machines and so on. We passed through a small cafetria and then into a shower room where I could hear a few guys in the curtained-off showers. A small room led off this.

“This is the medical and massage room,” explained Terry. “As you can iimagine, we get the odd accident and strain. I’m a qualified masseur which is quite useful. Quite a few of the guys overdo it and require a rub-down.”

I smiled at him. “I know the feeling,” I said.

Terry smiled back at me. “Have you been overdoing it then?”

“No, no, not really. I did a bit of running in college today and I’ve stiffened up. Not used to it I suppose.”

By now quite a number of the men were packing their bags and leaving with shouts of “Cheers Terry. See you!” and so on.

We walked back in the direction of Terry’s office where we sat down again. “Well, so what d’you think of my little club?” he smiled.

“It looks like just what I need to keep me in trim and stop me getting stiff. Yes, I’d like to join.” I didn’t say so, but I thought it would be worth joining to see more alanya escort of this older guy.

Terry took a form from the side of his desk and handed it to me. “Just fill that in and tick the student’s box. That’ll give you a 25% discount on everything. I’ll let you have a free trial membership for four weeks. If you decide to stay, you can pay me then.”

I completed the form and handed it back. “Thanks a lot,” I said. I got up to leave and my aching legs complained again. Terry noticed my grimace.

“Oh dear, you are suffering,” he joked. “As you are now a member, would you like me to ease you muscles a bit?”

“That’s very kind,” I replied. “But it’s closing time for you now. I wouldn’t want…”

He brushed my objection aside with his hand. “Don’t worry about closing time. I’m very often here long after everyone’s gone home, tidying up and keeping records. Let’s go to the massage room.”

As we entered, Terry switched on the heater. “Don’t want you to be cold without your clothes,” he said in a matter-of-fact way. “Do you need a towel around you or do you prefer to be massaged naked?”

I smiled at him. “I’m not shy – not with a man anyway.”

“Good! It’s easier that way.”

I was warming to Terry. He seemed a genuine sort and reminded me in a way of my father. I stripped completely and lay face down on the massage table. Being naked with this guy started to appeal to me and I felt a slight moving in my groin.

He took off his T-shirt and stood by the side of the table in his shorts pouring some oil into the palm of his hand. Then he brushed them together before spreading oil right across the tops of my shoulders. He had strong, warm hands and I started to relax immediately. Slowly he worked his way down my back spreading the oil and then up my spine working his fingers into every muscle.

He poured some more oil onto his hand and then moved down over my butt spreading the oil in little circles. His hands moved up and down my back, sometimes in swift, broad movements, sometimes slowly in little circles probing with his fingers. Then his hands moved in large circles holding my whole butt and spreading out my cheeks as his thums worked up and down my cleft.

“Now for those aching legs,” he laughed. He put on more oil. “You’re quite smooth Martin,” he commented. “Nice and easy to oil.” His hands worked round and around my upper thighs, squeezing and probing. I could feel my aches disappearing.

“Mmmmm That feels really good Terry,” I said in a far away voice. I was really enjoying the attention of this guy. He worked on my calf muscles and right down to my Achilles’ tendon. Then in long strokes with ever-decreasing pressure he worked right down my body ending in feather light strokes on my legs.

“How does that feel, Martin?”

“Ooooh That was really something,” I replied. “I’ve never had a full body massage before.”

“There’s always a first time for everything,” he replied.

“Absolutely!” I agreed.

“OK! Now if you turn over, I’ll finish you off.” I turned over onto my back where I could now see Terry’s face. He looked me up and down. “You’ve got a very attractive body, Martin.” he said as he rubbed his oiled hands together.

Again he started on my shoulders and up the sides of my neck, then belek escort he moved down onto my chest and abdomen. “You’ve got a really nice body for a young chap,” commented Terry. “Your pecs and abdominals are showing quite well,” he said as his fingers probed between them.

His hands swept up my naked body and down over my ribs to my waist. He gripped me tight and it felt as though he was taking possession of me. I liked the sensation. It gave me a warm glow and I felt a distinct stirring in my groin. I knew I must be showing the first signs of an erection. I noticed Terry glance down but he said nothing.

More oil and then onto my lower abdominal muscles where he continued to probe down into my pubic hair. I knew, and Terry knew that I was becoming sexually aroused.

He then worked on my legs, taking one thigh at a time into his hands and working down and up again lightly brushing the sides of my testicles and penis as he did so, almost as if by accident. My other leg followed with the same result. I knew for certain I was getting erect as my penis moved sideways and ended up on the side of my stomach.

Terry leaned over me and looked straight into my eyes. “Don’t worry about getting aroused. Quite a few guys get an erection when I massage them. It’s quite natural so don’t worry about it.”

“You’re a real understanding chap,” I said. “You see, I think the reason for me getting…”

“I know,” he broke in. “You’re gay and I’m turning you on.”

He smiled at my surprised look. “I recognised all the signs as soon as I saw you looking at the posters outside the door,” he said. “I’m gay too.”

I laughed. “Oh well. That’s a real relief.”

“And talking of relief,” he said, “you need it I think.” And without a word he bent over and lifted my erect penis into his mouth while he cupped my testicles with his hand. I arched my back with pleasure as I felt his tongue twirling around my member. His hard sucking made me even harder so there was no holding back now. Terry then flicked his strong tongue underneath my foresking and kept encircling the head of my penis. It nearly drove me crazy.

“Aaaaagh! That’s so good,” I yelled.

“All part of the service, if you’ll excuse me talking with my mouth full.”

With my hands above my head and my thighs spread wide, he continued to work on my naked body running the tip of his tongue up the inside of my thighs and taking each testicle into his mouth to encircle it with his probing tongue.

After a couple of minutes of this I felt on fire between my legs and I was panting and moving my head from side to side in sheer ecstacy. Terry then took a firm hold of my hard-on and once more placed it inside his mouth. He nibbled on the tip and worked his way down, then sucked really hard. I was about to explode. He increased his grip and stroked my steel-hard penis up and down as he continued to suck it. He cupped my testicles and lifted them up and bang!! I ejaculated into this mouth – once, twice, three times. His tongue continued to twirl and I realised he must have swallowed my sperm. He then took my softening penis out and licked the tip as he held back my foreskin.

My chest was rising and falling as I panted with relief. Terry put a hand on each side of the table and leaned over me close to my face. “Enjoy it?” he asked.

He smiled, then planted a kiss right on my mouth. I shot my tongue out into his and they danced together as his hands wandered all over my naked body.

“Oooooh That was really something else,” I enthused. “Thanks Terry. I definitely want to join your club.”

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