My First Time with My Sister-in-law

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I was 28 when I got married, and my wife was 33.My sister-in-law was 38. We had been married for about two years, but I had noticed a long time before, that every time I was around my wife’s’ oldest sister she always made it a point to bump into to me or kinda rub up against me. My sisters-in-law as my wife were very attractive women. My sister-in-law was just a bit taller and a little more endowed, I always thought about a 36D.

Well trying to be polite I didn’t make of it. But that all changed one Saturday afternoon. I had to work that morning but my wife told me to go to her sister’s house after work, we were grilling out and going to swim.

It just so happened that when I got to her house, I rang the bell and she met me at the door. She was wearing a hot 1-piece swimsuit that fit her very well; I told her that she looked great. She said “thanks” and kissed me on the cheek. She then told me that everyone else was in the back by the pool, and that I could change upstairs.

I went upstairs and started to change when she opened the door antalya escort on me just as I was completely naked. She smiled and told me that I had a nice package! She quickly shut and locked the door and made her way to me, pulling the top part of her swimsuit down as she got to me. I had admired her figure for quite awhile and had always wondered what she really looked like. I was not disappointed. As she reached me, she began kissing me and took my quickly growing cock into her hand. As we broke from our kiss she commented that she had wanted to see me like this for a long time.

Her hand began stroking my now fully erect cock, as I began kissing and sucking on her lovely set of breast, her nipples were rock hard and stuck out at least an inch. With my free hand I moved down to her stomach, till I found her swimsuit. I then moved my hand inside them and found her pussy. It was completely shaved and very wet! She moaned deeply as I inserted my finger into that inferno of a pussy.

We kissed and then she dropped to her knees and took lara escort my cock into her mouth, she expertly began licking and sucking the whole length of my shaft, making a popping sound as she let my cock leave her mouth. She then began sucking my balls and then back to my cock. It wasn’t long before I felt the urge building, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would cum. I then started fucking her sweet hot mouth, as she took my whole length, she moaned and grunted with each thrust. And sooner than I wanted I couldn’t hold back any longer, I told her that I was going to cum and she grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her. I exploded with such force that she started pulling back, but I grabbed her head and drove my cock into her mouth till my balls hit her chin. I held my cock there until I finished, then I slowly started withdrawing my still hard cock out of mouth. She slowed me down and finished me off by licking me clean of cum.

As she stood up she removed her swimsuit, and kissed me very hard and deep; I could side escort still taste my own cum. I then picked her up and sat her on the edge of the sink, and started kissing her inside of her thighs and occasionally her lips of her pussy. She commanded me to FUCK HER NOW! At which then I picked up off the sink, told her to get on all fours, and moved in behind her. She was begging me to “stick that cock into her pussy.” As I entered her, I moaned form the tightness of her cunt. (She was the mother of 2) I slowly started fucking her until I got the entire length of my cock into her sopping wet pussy. Picking up the pace she soon started driving her ass back to meet me as I drove into her pussy. On the wall of the bathroom she had a full length mirror, at which I could see her heaving breasts swaying back and forth as I pounded her pussy. She was amazing she came at least three times before I felt the “urge ” building again.

I told her that I was going to cum and she told me to bury my cock deep into her pussy and cum, at which I promptly did. As I pulled my waning cock out of her pussy she turn around and cleaned my cock off once again. She then said that we better get to the party.

This was the first of many encounters that I have had with my sister-in-law, I will tell of another encounter next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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