My Former Coworkers

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When Laura let me know that she was going to be in town, I was glad that the timing worked out that I’d be able to see her. I was also happy that Cindy had offered to host both of us for drinks and snacks at her house since her boys were with her ex that weekend. The three of us had worked together many years prior but had not seen each other in a long time, though we stayed in touch through social media. Laura had moved a few hundred miles away and, though Cindy and I didn’t live that far apart, we didn’t hang out. Even though I saw pictures of her regularly on social media, I was pleasantly surprised by how attractive I found Cindy when she opened the door upon my arrival. She’d definitely matured into a MILF and, when we joined Laura in the living room, I could see that Laura had, too.

While Cindy went to the kitchen to grab beers for all of us, Laura had me sit in the angle of the L-shaped couch. When Cindy returned, she sat on the opposite side of me from Laura and we toasted then sipped our beers and started to catch up. It wasn’t long, however, before we were talking about Cindy being divorced and raising her two boys which then progressed to her confessing that she was not currently intimate with anyone. I was a little surprised that the conversation went in that direction but we were all adults so I didn’t overthink it. Laura then picked up that thread, though, and stated that she had been with only her husband for more than twenty years. It became clear to me that these revelations were for my benefit and that they both already knew these details about each other.

“We were talking before you arrived,” Cindy said, “and thought that it would be fun for the three of us to fool around.”

“Just some consensual adult activities between three old friends,” Laura contributed, her hand dropping to my thigh followed by Cindy’s, which was soon massaging a growing bulge in my jeans.

“I am most definitely in,” I replied, not even needing to think about it. I set my beer down and enjoyed the feeling of Cindy’s hand massaging my stiffening cock through my jeans before the two of them began to undo my belt and open my jeans. I was leaning all the way back, watching and quite surprised by how fired up they both appeared to be. Once my jeans and underwear were down enough for my cock to spring out, Cindy gently pumped the base then lowered her head and engulfed it in her hot mouth. Laura was watching closely then, after a highly pleasurable minute or so, took over as Cindy offered her my cock. I was moaning almost continuously as they took turns engulfing my throbbing cock in their mouths. Both proved to be talented cocksuckers and I was relishing not just the feel of their lips sliding up and down my rigid shaft but the visual of the two of them alternating as well. Since they were sitting on either side of me, leaning over to suck my cock, I also reached out to cup each of their breasts, though they were still restrained within their bras.

It was only because of their talent that I was able to last longer than a minute or so; their mouths both felt outstanding but they were able to draw out the pleasure so that I could enjoy it longer and, presumably, so they could, too. I suspected that this was not going to end with just a blowjob so I wouldn’t have been put off if I’d ended up cumming quickly as I anticipated getting them naked, eating their pussies and, after an anticipated speedy recovery, fucking them both. I was happy to be able to enjoy a longer blowjob than expected, though, and relished the building pleasure and slight differences in technique. As my cock began to thicken even more as I got closer to cumming, neither of them was affected and the cocksucking continued until I spewed into Cindy’s mouth. She continued sucking while swallowing the first spurts then had Laura take over so she’d received some spew as well. They continued alternating, nursing every bit of cum out of me, then straightened up again as I started to go flaccid.

“That was amazing,” I said, “and I’m going to make sure that you both get a similar treatment but let me start first with something I can do for both of you at the same time.”

I had them sit at arm’s length on either side of me then started to open both of their jeans simultaneously. Once I had both open, I slipped a hand into each, Laura on my left and Cindy on my right, caressing their pussies through their panties while determining that neither was waxed smooth because I could feel their bushes through their panties. When they both started squirming before I’d even contacted their pussies, just based on lightly caressing them through their panties, I knew I needed to keep going. I slipped my hands into their panties and through their bushes then ran a finger between each of their lips, feeling how hot and wet each of them was. They were both moaning as I slipped a finger into their pussies, slid it briefly in and out, then lightly caressed their clits with my fingertips.

I glanced to each side and both had their eyes closed and their expressions indicated that bostancı escort they were experiencing a good deal of pleasure. I was happy to be having that effect after their tag-team blowjob and with just initiating this situation in general. I could feel my cock trying to revive as my fingers stimulated their pussies and, when Cindy reached over and started to caress it, the blood was definitely flowing back to it. They were moaning more and rocking their hips the longer I was fingering them and I could tell by how much wetter and more engorged their pussies were becoming that they were both building up toward orgasms. I couldn’t tell if one of them was closer than the other but I had a feeling that they would be cumming pretty close together. I was just hoping that they were experiencing as much pleasure as I had and I was feeling pretty confident that it was close.

Laura gasped suddenly and started shaking but I just kept up what I was doing and hoped that Laura cumming first didn’t cause Cindy to feel any pressure. When she started cumming even before Laura finished, I suspected that Laura’s orgasm may have inspired Cindy if she was already that close to cumming. My hands remained in their panties, continuing to lightly caress their clits, until they both went still and sighed. I eased my hands free and tasted their nectar on my fingertips, first Laura’s then Cindy’s. I really wanted to devour both of them after that sample and, thanks to Cindy’s now more focused stroking, my cock was nearly rigid once again.

“Do you have a nice, big, comfy bed we can retire to and continue?” I asked Cindy.

“Yes, I do,” she replied with a smile then she leaned in and kissed me while continuing to stroke my cock. When we parted, I turned to Laura, who was ready for some kissing as well. We made out for a moment then all got up, leaving our beers, and followed Cindy upstairs to the master bedroom. We all still had our jeans open and my rigid cock was sticking out in front of me. As we stood at the foot of the king size bed, I raised Cindy’s shirt up over her head, revealing a pretty sexy bra restraining her average size tits. I caressed her tits through her bra then turned to Laura and removed her shirt, revealing a more average bra and a smaller pair of tits. I caressed her tits, too, then dropped to my knees and, since her jeans were already open, I started to work them down, leaving her in just bra and panties. After admiring her for a moment, I took Cindy’s jeans down, too. They both looked amazingly sexy in just bra and panties so I knew I’d be requesting photos but had no interest in stopping at the moment to take any.

Since I was down there, I went ahead and removed panties next, sliding Cindy’s down first and revealing a dark, well-groomed bush. I kissed her hips and abdomen while caressing her bare ass before focusing on getting Laura out of her panties. Her bush was also well-groomed but lighter brown. I planted similar kisses on her hips and abdomen while caressing her ass then stood, my cock still standing out in front of me. While they were both gazing at my throbbing cock, I reached behind Laura and unfastened her bra. I slid it down her arms, revealing her small tits topped with thick, hard nipples. Her areolas were small and seemed to be puckered along with her nipples. As her bra dropped to the floor, I was fondling her tits then lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples.

I didn’t want to leave Cindy out, and I didn’t want to focus too much on tits when there were hot, wet pussies for eating and fucking, so I raised my head and fondled Cindy’s tits again before reaching behind her to unfasten her bra. Her tits were considerably bigger than Laura’s with large areolas and small, hard nipples. I fondled them and briefly licked and sucked her nipples before they started to remove my shirt. They ran their hands over my bare chest, down my abs and caressed my cock and balls before working my jeans and underwear down. I was gazing down at them naked before me as they helped me out of my jeans and underwear, each briefly licking and fondling my cock and balls before standing again.

“I get to fuck him first, since I’ve known him longer,” Laura proclaimed. I would have assumed it had been longer since Cindy had gotten laid but I knew I’d be fucking them both and eating both of their pussies so I didn’t care what order we did it in.

“As long as somebody besides me finally makes me cum, I’m fine,” Cindy replied. I lay in the middle of the bed and watched as Laura crawled on, her small tits swinging, and straddled me. Cindy was approaching from the side but we were both watching as Laura took my cock and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my throbbing cock but she just sat there for a moment, feeling it inside her. Before she started riding it, Cindy was positioning herself over my face. I watched her titties bouncing then her dark, trim bush approaching. I cupped an ass cheek in each hand then ran my tongue along her slit, büyükçekmece escort causing her to moan. Cindy’s moan must have kicked Laura into gear because she started moving up and down on my cock as I continued to lick Cindy’s pussy. She was overflowing with pungent juices and I was doing my best to lap them up.

Glancing up, I could see Cindy’s titties swinging overhead as she gripped the headboard and subtly rocked her pussy toward my face. I brought one hand down from her ass and slipped a couple of fingers into her, easily due to all of the lubrication she was creating. As I pumped them in and out while licking and sucking her clit, she was moaning even louder and longer. Meanwhile, Laura was continuing to ride my cock and her hot pussy felt outstanding as she moved up and down. Her moaning was a little more sporadic than Cindy’s but I was pretty sure that she was enjoying herself and I was certainly appreciating the pleasurable feeling of her pussy sliding up and down my rigid cock.

I’m not sure if the anticipation of putting their plan into motion had both of them that much more worked up or if it was just from the plan successfully going into motion, with the blowjob and the manual orgasms, but they were both on fire. This became even more evident when Cindy suddenly gasped and started shaking as she had her first orgasm. Her already hot and wet pussy was flooded with even more lubrication and, had I not already been experiencing another incredibly hot and wet pussy, I’d have been anxious to get her riding me. Since I was good in that respect, I just continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my fingers in and out of her, through her orgasm and as it tapered off. She seemed to be immediately building toward another, however, and Laura’s pace was beginning to pick up as she was getting more vocal, too.

I ended up removing the hand that was still caressing Cindy’s ass and dropped it to Laura’s thigh, then slid it up toward her pussy. Based on what I was hearing, Laura was most certainly experiencing a great deal of pleasure but I doubted that she’d have a problem with receiving more. As she continued to ride me, I began to lightly caress her clit. I wasn’t sure who’d be the next one to cum; Laura because she hadn’t yet or Cindy because she’d already cum once. What I did know was that they were both likely to be cumming soon and before I did. It ended up being Laura, but Cindy wasn’t far behind. Laura dropped down on my cock and just sat there for a moment before crying out as she began to shake. I continued to caress her clit as I was still licking and sucking Cindy’s while my fingers were sliding in and out of her.

Before Laura had recovered enough to start riding me again, Cindy gasped and started shaking as she had her second orgasm. Again, I continued what I was doing but, this time, when she’d finished riding out her orgasm, and before Laura had started riding me again, Cindy climbed off of my face.

“Can I ride his cock now?” she asked and Laura nodded as she climbed off of it. I was watching their boobs bouncing and swinging as they were moving around then Cindy was straddling me and guiding my cock toward her pussy. My attention went from her tits down to her trim, dark bush as her pussy engulfed my cock and we both moaned. Laura watched until my cock disappeared then straddled my head. As with Cindy, I gripped an ass cheek in each hand and started lapping up the juices flowing between her nether lips. They were both moaning again but Cindy was immediately riding me hard and fast, happy I assumed to have a cock inside her. Laura was gripping the headboard and subtly rocking her hips, as Cindy had, and I wondered if she’d end up cumming first this time. I slipped a couple of fingers into her while licking and sucking her clit, not necessarily because I wanted her to cum quickly, but because I wanted her to cum hard. Since it had worked already, I also reached for Cindy’s pussy so I could caress her clit while she was riding me.

I wasn’t surprised when Laura suddenly cried out and started shaking so I just kept going as she was cumming. It wouldn’t have surprised me if Cindy had suddenly started cumming, too, but, though she continued riding me hard while Laura was cumming, she wasn’t quite there yet by the time Laura briefly settled down before beginning to build toward another orgasm. Before Laura achieved number two, though, Cindy dropped down onto my cock then gasped as she started shaking. I was way too focused, both on the pleasure I was feeling and the experience of pleasuring the two of them, to be impressed with myself making them each cum so much. Maybe it was because I was so focused on them that I lasted as long as I did but it wasn’t like I wasn’t appreciating how good it felt to have each of them riding my stiff cock.

Just as Cindy was beginning to slowly ride my cock again, Laura cried out again as she experienced her second orgasm courtesy of my fingers and tongue. I continued to enjoy eating her pussy and would çağlayan escort have gone for number three had she not dismounted my face once she’d finished cumming. It would have been cool if she started making out with Cindy while they fondled each other’s tits, but the two of them never laid a hand on each other. Their apparent lack of interest in pleasuring each other ruled out a number of positions but I still had an idea of what to do next that would allow me to focus a bit more on my own pleasure.

“I have an idea if you’re both interested in getting fucked some more,” I said. Since they both were, I had them position themselves on all-fours at the edge of the bed, next to each other but not touching. I climbed off of the bed and was able to stand behind each of them, alternately fucking them from behind. I started by easing my cock into Laura since I’d most recently vacated Cindy’s pussy. I fucked her for a couple of minutes while running my hands over her ass then reaching forward to cup her tits and caress her hard nipples. Then I slipped my cock out of her, moved over and slipped into Cindy’s pussy. I fucked her for a bit, too, caressing her ass and fondling her tits, before going back to Laura. I wasn’t sure either would cum again with the interruptions but I could feel my orgasm now building in earnest and I was savoring it.

They were getting to where they were pushing back as I was thrusting so I was getting a hard, deep penetration while watching the jiggling of each of their asses as my hips smacked into them. Both of their pussies started out feeling incredibly hot and wet but somehow continued to become even more so, which I thought might indicate that they could cum again but certainly felt so good that my orgasm was building up with a great deal of pleasure. While I was fucking Laura, she was pushing back hard and moaning louder so I stayed with her little longer until she let out a cry and started cumming. I continued fucking her until she finished before moving back over to Cindy. I don’t know if she’d been inspired by Laura’s orgasm, but she started pushing back harder, too.

Once Laura had recovered, she rolled over then sat up on the edge of the bed, watching me fuck Cindy. If Cindy’s hot pussy didn’t make me cum, I had an idea of what would. I’m surprised that I didn’t cum as I was looking over at Laura sitting there naked and feeling the hot, wet grip of Cindy’s pussy but she beat me to the punch. She pushed back hard and held there then started shaking as she experience another clearly pleasurable orgasm. Only when I was positive that she’d finished cumming did I slip my cock out of her and move toward Laura, guiding my rigid cock to her mouth. She didn’t even hesitate despite my cock being coated in Cindy’s juices; she wrapped her lips around my tool, gripped the base and started sucking me off. I moaned due to the sheer pleasure of it, despite having just vacated Cindy’s hot, wet pussy.

Laura was immediately sucking my cock enthusiastically as she pumped the base of my shaft and cupped my balls. I knew I wasn’t going to be good for very long because of her skill and, when Cindy rolled over and sat up and I was gazing at her naked body, that just pushed me even farther along. Cindy didn’t try to get in on the action but I think it was mainly because she was still recovering. She’d received the bulk of my first load so I’m sure she wouldn’t begrudge Laura my spew this time. My cock was growing thicker as I was getting closer to cumming but Laura never paused or slowed down or remotely hesitated. Even when I started spewing into her mouth while experiencing an unprecedented level of pleasure, she continued to expertly blow me as she was swallowing my load. When I was finally spent and starting to soften, I stepped back and just stood before the two of them, still gazing at their naked bodies.

“Holy fuck, that was awesome,” I finally said. The two of them grinned and nodded in agreement. I helped them both to their feet and kissed each of them, passionately and with plenty of tongue. We decided to head back downstairs for our beers and to have some snacks to sustain us through an afternoon that promised even more fucking and sucking and licking. We remained naked so, even down in the kitchen, we couldn’t seem to keep our hands off of each other. While Cindy was gathering some snack foods together, I boosted Laura up onto the counter and ate her to another orgasm. Between that and the two of them naked and being occasionally groped, I was rigid again pretty quickly. Laura felt guilty about cumming while Cindy was busy being a good hostess, so she took over so that Cindy could cum, too.

Since my cock was thoroughly stiff, Cindy opted to have me sit on one of her kitchen chairs and straddled me. She lowered herself onto me as we both moaned then started to slowly ride me while bringing her lips to mine. We were making out passionately as she moved up and down on my cock while I alternately fondled her tits and caressed her ass. She ended up picking up the pace and riding me as hard as she could while still continuing to make out with me. She was so fired up, whether from watching me eat Laura’s pussy or just from the overall experience in general, that it wasn’t long before she was on the verge of cumming again. I wasn’t quite there yet myself but that was okay because I knew it just meant more fucking or sucking until I was.

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