My Itch

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Lust has a strange way of making people do foolish things. I’m married with two kids but every now and then, I like to have sex with men. This “itch” needs to get scratched once a year. Sometimes it was just a blowjob, other times I’m getting used by two guys like a Thai whore. This year’s itch came around spring time just after we relocated our office 30 minutes east.

I put up an ad on Craiglist and waited for the flood of emails to come. While I finished up work for the day, I went through the replies to see who would be the lucky guy or guys to scratch my itch. Most were predictable with pics of their cocks in hand. I bet 75% were flakes, but one headline caught my eye. It read: Have you been a naughty boy?

I quickly shot back, “Maybe…what did you have in mind? Stats? Location?” Within minutes and a couple more exchanges, I learned he’d just moved here from the UK and didn’t know anyone. He hadn’t had a good piece of ass yet and came across my ad. He said he was a bit kinky and wanted to know if I would be game for a little fun with a blindfold and ropes. I was extremely aroused now.

My itch nearly became unbearable at that moment. We exchanged pics and he looked like he was in good shape. His name was Giles and in his mid-40s, pretty clean cut, and a nice 6 inch cock. We agreed to meet at his place in an hour so he could prepare for our fun night. The thought of being tied up in a stranger’s home was both exciting and uncomfortable. Was he a crazy killer?

Surely he wasn’t, there’s email trails that lead right to him. Images of me being tied and fucked all night got me hard as a rock. I loved feeling like a slutty whore and covered in cum. When I started getting the itch, I always clean myself out regularly because I never know when I come across potential fun. Last year was at a convention in Florida, the year before was at a wedding reception not too far from my old office. I couldn’t wait for what was about to happen.

When the time came, I arrived at Giles’ townhouse. As I stepped onto his porch, the door opened and he appeared. He looked just like his pic. My fun for the evening was dressed in a white dress shirt and black slacks. He waved me to come in and shut the door behind me. Giles lead me to his bedroom and handed me a tall shot of tequila.

“To a night of debauchery,” He toasted. We clinked and took the shot. We started to feel each other up and he started to undress me. I tried to undress him also but he stopped me. I knew I was to be his toy for the evening. As he helped me strip, I looked over to the bed and saw the blind fold and rope restraints. They were already fastened to the bed posts and ready canlı bahis for me to slip into them.

Giles slid off my underwear and kissed me as he fondled my erect cock with one hand and my ass with his other. He motioned me to the bed. I complied so he fastened my arms to the bed posts. Before he put the blind fold on, he pulled out a drawer and showed me what was in store.

“This evening, I think I’ll skip the paddles and riding crop. I want to see you squirm,” he said in his sultry accent while picking up a small vibrator. He slid the blindfold over my eyes and I could hear him open a bottle of lube. I instinctively bent my knees to give him total access to my hole. As I felt him get onto the bed by my head, he joked, “Someone’s a bit eager.” I heard a zipper pulled down and his touched my cheek. I turned to take it in my mouth as a cool touch encircled my eager hole.

He was readying me for the ecstasy that was too come. His flesh slid between my hungry lips as his finger entered me. Giles added more lube to penetrate me further while I sucked his cock. The warmth of his precum was now coating the inside of my mouth. I could taste the salty and erotic fluid. Two fingers were now penetrating me. Our low moans indicating how good we were feeling.

He withdrew his cock from my mouth and I felt his weight leave the bed. He took some other restraints and tied my ankles to the corners of the bed. I was now spread eagle and at his disposal. I fiddled with something and then I felt something at the entrance of my ass. With a click, I heard and felt the vibrator. Giles slowly slid it into me as I moaned. I wanted it to be his cock so bad. I begged, “Please, Giles. Just fuck me already!”

I could feel him smile as it slid in and out a few times. He turned up the intensity and left it in me. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to be fucked like the dirty slut I knew I was. I squirmed and writhed to feel the vibrator go in and out of me. He got on the bed again and I hungrily took his cock in my mouth again, sucking with a purpose. But then, I felt something on my cock. It must have been a feather. That with the vibrator in me while I was sucking a cock was driving me insane. I wanted more. I wanted to cum and I wanted him to cum in me.

He must have been getting close because he got up again. I yelled out, “No! Please! Come back! I need your cock!” He removed the vibrator and I begged again for him to fuck me. He loosed the ropes and told me to turn over. I quickly did to get on with it. My animalistic lust was now in full control. I wanted him to mount me and fuck my brains out. I wanted to feel him squirt his semen deep in me. He slid a bahis siteleri couple pillows under me to get my ass up. He fastened the ropes again.

This time, I felt something bigger. It wasn’t his cock. It was another toy. He slowly slid it in and out of me. It was pretty filling. I moaned loudly into the mattress. I begged again, “Please, fuck me! Please fuck my ass!” And then I heard a click and the thing started to violently vibrate inside me. Only, “Ahhhhhhh!” came from my mouth. He muffled my mouth with ball gag and then started to spank me.

“You are such a dirty slut! Dirty sluts need to be punished! You American filth!” He yelled as he spanked my ass. He pulled my hair up and got into my face, “You love this don’t you whore?” and the rubbed my face in his crotch. The sight must have been too much for him. He pulled up the vibrating dildo and tossed it to the ground. He spread my cheeks and spit into it. I finally felt his cock inside me. He rammed it in with both hands firmly on my hips. He was going to take me and make me his.

With each violent thrust he yelled, “You…fucking…slut! Take…my…cock…whore!” He continued to spank me while ravaging my ass. Giles grabbed a handful of my hair again, and said into my ear, “I took a Viagra and I’m going to destroy this ass all night. That mouth too. My cum will be in and all over you slut.” He mercilessly fucked my ass. He pulled out and flipped me over. I spread wide as he thrusted in me again. His cock felt so heavenly slipping passed my hole. One hand grabbed my ankle and brought it up to his shoulder and the other went for my throat.

His firm grip slowly restricting the airflow as his cock pumped in and out of me. I could feel the pressure building in my face, I knew I was turning red. I watched his lustful face enjoy his handy work. I’d never felt more alive. I totally submitted to him. He could do whatever he liked to me.

“Yes, take my cock bitch. Take my cock,” he growled. He relented his gripped and I gasp for air. Giles then grabbed my other ankle and put it over his shoulder. His cock dove further into me. I could hear the pounding he was giving to me. The sound of flesh slapping against each other. The feeling of his crotch and balls slam into me. Again and again, the thrusts became more urgent. His moans became louder. I could feel it building in him.

Just when I thought he would explode in me, he got off me and sat on my chest. He slapped me with his cock a couple times and I opened my mouth to take it. His hips bucked and he was now fucking my mouth. I carefully relaxed my mouth and jaw, careful not to let my teeth get in the way. I also relaxed my throat bahis şirketleri as each time he thrusted, he was going further into my throat.

“Oh yeah, baby! Here it comes,” He yelled as he pulled out and shot all over my face. I felt the first string hit me in my right eye just as I closed them; then on my forehead and then my lips. Giles used his cock to smear what was there all over my face. He then took the tip and pushed it passed my lips. I sucked and licked his cock clean.

He laid down next to me and said, “I’m tired, but I’m still hard. Come on, show Daddy how well you can ride.” He handed me a small towel to wipe up a bit. I straddled him but he stopped me.

“No you dumb slut. The other way,” Giles corrected me. I repositioned and sat on his still hard cock. His hands caressed my ass as I started to lift and drop my ass onto him. I bet my cheeks were still somewhat red from the spanks he gave me earlier. He reached over to grab something and said, “Don’t look back unless you want your face to be seen. I’m recording this for a little bit for lonely nights. Yeah, that’s it. Ride that cock you slut. Come on, show Daddy you want that cock.”

I began to really ride him. My hips rocking and engulfing him with every move. He began to spank and grab my ass. I repositioned myself to where I was squatting on his cock. I bounced up and down. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted his cum in me. An appreciative, “Yeah! That’s it baby!” came from him. His hands on my hips, slamming and impaling me on his cock. My slutty moans filling the room. The lust building to a peak. I was hard as a rock. He was about to cum again. I could feel it.

Giles pushed me forward to my hands and knees. That animalistic growl came from behind me. He started to fuck me hard. Grunts escaped my lips as he pounded me. Again and again, I could feel every inch of him sliding in and out of me. I couldn’t control it anymore. I exploded all over his bed.

“You fucking dirty whore!” he yelled as he grabbed my hair again. With his other hand, he dipped it where I came and then made me suck it from his fingers.

“Ohhhh my god! Ah! Ah! Ah!” escaped from my mouth. And with a couple final thrusts, he buried his cock deep in me and gave me what I wanted. I felt the warm liquid seep from my filled hole. He collapsed back and ordered me not to move. I heard a few camera pics being taken and then the phone was tossed aside.

“Come clean up,” he commanded. I crawled over to him and began to lick and suck him clean again. The room smelled of sex. Giles turned on the TV and said, “Let’s take five. Then we’ll start again.” I definitely got what I came for and then some. By 3am, my hair was caked with sweat and cum. My jaw and ass was sore. Giles offered me to stop by again sometime. And next time, maybe he’d have a friend drop by. I could already feel that itch start up again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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