My New Place Ch. 07

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The week following Jimmy and his friends’ party was fairly uneventful. Although they messaged me a few times on IM and I even gave them all a little show on the web cam, it was only teasing and nothing fulfilling. I went no further than stripping to my underwear with a little flashing here and there.

In a way I was glad for the quiet week; I was a little sore from the gang banging I received from them earlier in the week, and although horny, needed a bit of time to recuperate. Also, it being finals week for most of the boys, they were busy studying for exams and would not have been able to come over anyways, so things were kept low key…to some of the boys’ disappointment.

By Saturday I was starting to feel frisky again. As I was drinking my morning coffee and looking outside, I noticed the flowerbeds in my yard were starting to get overrun with weeds. Now that I was a new home owner I did not have somebody to tend to the yard. Having nothing planned for the day, I realized this would be a perfect opportunity to work off some of the sexual energy I was feeling and become more domesticated as I decided today would be yard work day.

It was warm outside so I dressed lightly, putting on a pair of red cotton shorts and an old white cropped t-shirt. These were my usual working out clothes and I had cut the t-shirt into a v-neck to provide a bit more air circulation and keep cool when jogging or working out and was the perfect outfit for a couple hours of yard work. Since the shorts clung to my body and I hated panty lines, I also put on a pair of thong panties. Although the thong was not my normal “working out attire,” I would be in the front yard and did not want panty lines blatantly exposed to anybody seeing me. Finishing out my attire I wore an old pair of canvas tennis shoes I would not mind getting dirty. After putting on some sun block, I headed out to work on my yard.

I had spent almost an hour weeding the garden and doing some trimming when I noticed my next-door neighbor out on his front port watching me. Barry was an older man–probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s–and lived alone in the house to the right of mine (Jimmy and his family living on the left). I have never noticed anybody visiting him and figured he was either divorced or a widow as he always treated me politely; however, he usually kept to himself. He was the typical “quiet neighbor next-door” and other than seeing him cutting the lawn or going to and from the store, you never really paid much attention to them. He was average built with a typical older-man’s beer belly–although not fat, he was not going for any body builder trophies anytime soon! Simply put, he was pretty much your typical retired older man.

This morning he was sitting on his front porch and from the corners of my vision could tell he was watching me intently. I imagined how I must look to an older man, a young attractive girl in her 20’s wearing short tight cotton shorts hugging her ass and a t-shirt that left little to the imagination with my midriff bare and the “V-neck” cut showing off quite a bit of cleavage. In addition the shirt clung to my sweat-soaked body outlining my torso as if I were in a wet t-shirt contest. I smiled to myself as I became aware of exposing more of my body than actually covering, the day’s work leaving my skin shining in sweat as I finally stood up to stretch and turned towards his house.

Seeing me obviously noticing canlı bahis him, Barry waved and asked how the yard work was going…

“It’s going ok, but tough on my back and thighs. I guess I’m not as limber as I thought and getting a bit sore–it’s more work than you think!” I stretched again as I answered, the tight damp t-shirt clinging to my chest as I smiled, seeing his eyes stray away from my face to my body.

“Why don’t you take a break; I want to talk to you about something anyway. Come on over and I’ll get you something cold to drink.”

I was a bit surprised at his offer, like I said Barry isn’t normally this friendly and inviting and not once has he ever invited me into his house.

I walked in and recognized the layout of the place since it was very similar to mine. I guess most neighborhoods these days are so mass produced that when you live in a neighborhood like mine everyone’s house is pretty much the same except for the exterior paint color.

I walked into his place and took a seat on the couch at his invitation. It felt good to give my back a rest from all the bending and kneeling out in the yard and I relaxed a bit while he left to get us something to drink.

The cool air from the air conditioner felt good on my body as well, having worked up a sweat outside. The downside is the change in temperature was causing my nipples to stand tall and poke through my shirt like they were trying to drill holes through the fabric. I tried to cover them up, rubbing them in an attempt to warm them. I could imagine how I looked with a tight, sweat-soaked t-shirt and my nipples rock hard…

\Barry chose that moment to return from the kitchen, making his way to the living room. I must have made some sight sitting there dressed as I was with my hands over my breasts! I tried to act nonchalant by making small talk as my hands fell to my lap.

“This is a nice place. I like what you have done with it.”

“Yeah, it fits my taste pretty well. I like what you have done with yours as well.”

“Thanks. Wait. When have you been in my place?”

“I haven’t but I have seen inside; that’s why I asked you to come over. I was watching some television before going to bed the other night and noticed Jimmy and some of his buddies at your door. Initially I was worried they were up to no good but then I saw you invite them in so I figured it wasn’t a big deal.”

“So you saw in my house through the front door when they came over?”

I was really hoping he would say yes and move on, but that wasn’t the case.

“Actually, once I saw 6 boys go into your house so late at night I was kind of curious as to what was going on so I looked out my window to your house and noticed your blinds were open and I could clearly see into your living room. I have to say that I was not expecting the show that I received that night.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t close the curtains; that is not like me!”

Little did he know ha-ha.

“Yea, well you did leave them open and I got quite an eyeful from over here. I’ve wondered what some of the other neighbors would think if they found out what a little whore they had living near them.”

I almost couldn’t believe it. This old bastard was trying to blackmail me, but I bet he doesn’t realize that if it’s sex he wants I’m more than willing to give it to him. I decide to play his game though since I’m sure he’s getting off on his little power trip bahis siteleri right now.

“Oh no! You wouldn’t tell anyone about that would you?”

“Well, that depends on what you are willing to do for me sweetheart.”

It was just as I thought. I looked down and could see the bulge growing in his pants already. I couldn’t tell if it was from the power trip he was giving himself or if it was because of the fact that he has been starring at my nipples poking through my shirt since I entered the house. Whatever the reason was, I knew what he wanted so I gave it to him. Still seated on his couch with him standing in front of me a few steps away and reached down to the bottom of my shirt and raised it over my head. The cool air felt even cooler with my top fully exposed and my nipples which had started to adjust to the room were now back to pointing straight out. His eyes were fixed on my chest and I squeezed my firm tits in my hands as he watched. Then I reached into my shorts and started rubbing my pussy. I was getting so wet as I played with myself and I knew my voyeur was probably eager to see the show without my shorts blocking his view of my pussy but what good is a tease if you don’t take your time? I gave him a little smile and then slide my shorts off my legs and tossed them on the floor. Throwing one leg over the edge of the couch I opened my legs nice and wide so Barry could watch me play with my smooth, pink, mound. As my fingers continued tracing my clit I moved them a little further down to my tight opening and slowly worked two fingers into my pussy. I moaned as I filled up my own pussy and started finger fucking myself in front of my old neighbor. I opened my eyes to see him stroking his cock through his pants.

“So, is that what you wanted Barry?”


With that he approached me on the couch. I started to sit up so I could give him the blow job I’m sure he was looking for but as I sat forward he pushed me back down on the couch.

“I need to taste this little pussy first.”

He moved his head between my legs and his mouth found my pussy. God it felt good as he started flicking his tongue lightly over my clit. He seemed to be enjoying himself and I was more than happy to let him eat me out as long as he wanted. My body was writhing around in pleasure as his used his expert maneuvers on my clit. I threw my legs over his shoulders as he continued working me over with his mouth. I felt him slide a finger or two into me as he continued his work and the internal and external stimulation at the same time was so good. My body reached all it could take as I tightened my thighs around his head I could feel my ass lift off the couch as my body tensed in orgasm. I could feel my body spasm and twitch as I came hard and when he was done and removed his fingers from me my body was almost limp.

“While you give that pussy a little rest, why don’t go ahead and start getting my dick ready for it?”

It took all the energy I could muster to sit up after my climax but I made it up and had Barry take off his pants and sit on the couch next to me. I got off the couch and onto my knees between his legs. My hands worked their way up his bare legs until they reached his growing erection. He got harder than I expected a man his age to be able to get and I knew I would be having a lot of fun with this old man’s dick in the future. As I hovered, my head above his lap, I stuck out my tongue bahis şirketleri and touched it to the bottom of his shaft and ran it up the full length of his dick. I wanted to do my best to please him the say way he pleased me so I opened my mouth wide and took as much of his dick down my throat as I could. I had it almost to the base before I had to come back up for air. The next time down I got all the way down until my nose was touching his stomach. I started bobbing my head up and down on his dick with my hands gently rubbing his balls. The drool was running from my mouth and down the length of his dick so I started stroking his shaft with one hand as my mouth continued working the head of his cock. I took a few breaks to suck on his balls while stroking him but quickly went back to shoving as much of his dick into my mouth as I could.

Barry reached down and grabbed my tits in his hands and started pinching my nipples as I continued to pleasing him. I thought he may be close to cumming soon but before he got there Barry reached down and had me stand up in front of him.

“I think that pussy has had enough time to rest. Why don’t you bend that young little ass over the edge of the couch so I can put it to work?”

I put my knees on the couch and faced the back of it with my hands on the wall. I spread my legs nice and wide to give him as much access as he needed to my pussy which was still dripping from the oral pleasure I received not 20 minutes ago. I felt the head of Barry’s stiff member lining up with my pussy and then felt the pressure of his cock against my wanting hole. I relaxed as I let his dick find its’ way inside my tight cunt and I screamed out in pleasure.

“I didn’t expect a whore like you to have a pussy so tight.”

It took a few strokes in and out of me to fully coat his dick with my juices enough for his to finally get his whole cock into me but once he did I was in ecstasy. He wasted no time giving me all he had and I was bracing myself against the wall to keep him from fucking me all the way through it. The slapping of his balls against my clit and his hips against my ass were providing their own soundtrack to the fucking I was getting at the hands of this older man. His hands were taking turns between squeezing my hanging tits as they swayed back and forth with his thrusts and my hips where he would grab my waist for leverage as he pulled me to match his thrusts.

“You ready for my cum baby?”

“Mmmm yes, please give it to me.”

His grunts from behind signaled his climax and a few thrusts later I could feel my womb being filled by several huge blasts of cum. It felt like hadn’t unloaded in months the way he exploded inside me and I was immediately glad I was on the pill because that would have knocked me up for sure. A final thrust from behind and Barry slowly removed his dick from my pussy with his load still deep inside me. I knelt down in front of him and cleaned the cum and juices off his dick and then let him get dressed. He told me that my secret life as a whore wouldn’t make its way around the neighborhood as long as I agreed to come by at least once a week and let him have his way with me. After the fucking he just gave me I had no problem with that at all but I made sure to sound reluctant when I agreed.

I put my shorts and shirt back on and headed back to my house but since I hadn’t finished my yard work yet I decided to finish it up with Barry’s huge load still in my pussy. As I moved around on my knees over the next hour in the garden I would feel his cum slowly escaping from my hole and times and run down my thighs. I have never been more turned on during yard work.

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