My Night as Mom

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“Right, goodnight then.” My mom said as she cleaned my room, picking up a few more items of clothing off my bedroom floor and put them in my washing basket.

“Night mom. I’ll see you in the morning.” I said as she began walking away though I hoped it would be much earlier than that when I did see her. As she left I shot her in the back of the neck with my latest invention, she didn’t even flinch as the tiny nanochip fused with her skin.

“Night.” She smiled one last time before closing the door shut and heading off towards her bedroom.

I couldn’t believe that I’d actually gone and used my latest invention on her, I mean I’d tested it on a rat, but that was totally different to a human, would it even work? I would find out in an hours’ time. I looked down at my own large nanochip watch, ‘Installing nanobots’ it flashed and next to it a timer counted down the hour. “Well I’ve got some time to kill.” I stated whipping out my laptop and loading up some porn.

The next hour went pretty quick and before I knew it my watch started beeping. I didn’t even have time to let go of my penis before I blinked, and everything went pitch black.

I sat up and spun my legs off the bed, then getting up and heading toward the lit up outline of the door. I quickly exited the room and entered the hall, wasting no time heading over to a mirror in there surprised at my reflection.

“Shit me! It fucking works!” I exclaimed, hearing my mom’s voice leave my lips and watching her fist pump in the reflection. “The device fucking works! I’ve possessed my own mom’s body.” I stated pleased. A mischievous grin spread across my stolen face as I gazed over her reflection, my eyes zooming in on one, well two, specific spots. My mom’s huge breasts which now pushed epically out of her thin nightie, I could see her, seemingly, large nipples as they poked proudly through the material.

“Why hello there!” I grinned as I reached up and grabbed the two breasts, feeling my, now small, hands sink into the overabundance of soft plaint flesh. I watched my mom feeling herself up in the mirror, grabbing and groping at her huge tits before pinching her nipples and beginning to twist and pull at the large rubbery nubs. My legs weakened as I went to town on myself.

“This thing has to come off.” I stated as I grabbed at the hem of my mom’s nighty and pulled it in one swift motion over her head to reveal my mom standing there totally naked. I gulped loudly as I saw her, she looked fucking epic!

Her whole body was a pale, milky white which just made her soft curves look so much more delicious. Especially her huge tits, which, now completely naked, looked even bigger than before. Each big round mass of flesh been practically the size of basketballs, both hanging low from her chest, completely covering her rib cage, yet they were both still so full and firm. They looked like two huge teardrops and in the middle of each were her large brown nipples stretching about an inch from each mountain of flesh, and around them was a tea saucer size areola, scattered with hundreds of little pimples, the dark brown surface of which contrasted nicely with her milky white skin.

Below her tits she had a little pudgy stomach, as expected of a 45-year-old woman, and below that her hips and thighs were wide and fleshy. In-between there was her vagina, it being fulya escort covered by a thick bush of dark black pubic hair, my mom having left it quite unkempt. Though I didn’t care, I played with the thick bush of hair for a moment, twisting and combing at it before pulling it aside and bending over slightly to give me a view of her vagina. I could make out her soft looking labia and I reached down with two hands and pulled them apart, opening my mom’s vagina to look inside. I could see her pink wet folds of flesh, each one looking so soft and inviting, I couldn’t help inserting one of my fingers inside. Feeling my whole-body tingle as it brushed against the smooth flesh, it making me twitch and spasm uncontrollably. I pulled my finger out and brought it up to my nose taking in the, it smelt like a mix of sweat and deodorant being pleasantly arousing yet disgusting at the same time. I put a finger back inside before pulling it out and taking another whiff, basking in the erotic scent of my own mom’s sex.

After enjoying her scent for a moment, I looked back over her curvy body, this time doing a 180 to check out her large ass, giving it a spank and watching it jiggle and ripple like jelly before resting back into position. I brushed my hand between my mom’s butt cheeks and felt the surface of her asshole, putting something in there was probably too fair, though I really wanted to. But sparing my mom at least an ounce of dignity I decided not to and instead made my way up to my bedroom.

Entering the room, I spotted my body exactly where I’d left it, as naked as the day I was born, lying on top of the sheets with my laptop flopped out on my chest and my cock in one hand. I came in closer staring at it, it wasn’t every day you got to see yourself from a different perspective like this. In fact, I was probably one of the only people to ever see myself like this, though I suspected if I could invent a body stealing device then there were others who had probably already done so too.

“So this is how other people see me. I could do with losing a little bit of weight!” I said, moving my laptop and slapping my belly watching it jiggle slightly, years of pizza and takeaways hadn’t been good for me. Overall though I didn’t look bad at all.

“I’d totally bang me!” I joked. It was then that I looked down at my body’s penis, still totally erect from my wanking, and realized. “I could totally bang myself!”

I was only meant to use my mom’s body as a test and obviously to get myself off a little, but then this was the opportunity of a lifetime. I could finally lose my virginity! It would be in my mom’s body though, could I really do that to her, I was already stealing her body for the night, could I really use it to have sex? I thought about it for a moment. It wasn’t really any different to what I’d already planned on doing, just instead of my hand going inside her vagina it would be my penis. And this was my chance to finally become a man, albeit I’d actually be experiencing it from the woman’s side but then again that was arguably better, none of my mates could say they’d done that. Though it wasn’t exactly like I’d be able to brag about this, having sex with my mom whilst I was wearing her body like a suit, it being seriously fucked up, but then I couldn’t just pass this up. I had to fucking do this! I was gebze escort going to fucking do this!

A tremble of excitement shook my body as I came to grips with what I was about to do. I turned briefly to the mirror. “Sorry mom but it’s not like I can pass this up.” I apologized to her.

“Don’t apologize son, I want your cock deep inside me!” I purred, impersonating her. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Ask and you shall receive.” I joked before turning back towards my unconscious body and its beckoning boner.

I quickly clambered onto the bed, standing with a leg at each side of my lifeless naked body. I mentally prepared myself for what was about to happen, well as well as a boy about to have sex as his own mom with himself could, before I slowly began to lower myself down until I could feel the tip of my penis touching my mom’s now wet quivering pussy. I guided it into the right position before counting myself down.

“3… 2… 1…”

Then with speed I dropped down onto my penis feeling it as it entered my mom’s pussy, which squeezed tightly around my penis, feeling it as it pressed against every single wall, it feeling like nothing I’d ever felt before… It feeling amazing!

I gasped uncontrollably as I felt my penis pressing against my mom’s cervix. Electric pulses of pleasure coursed through my whole body as I arched my back and thrust out my hips. Without thinking I began bouncing up and down feeling my body’s penis brushing in and out, all the while sending the most intense tingles of pleasure through my body. I could hardly control myself as I went to town on my lifeless body, my hands coming up and groping violently at my mom’s huge breasts which bounced around manically as I rode myself.

I couldn’t help myself from moaning “Oh yeah” in my mom’s voice as I released my breasts and put my hands on my head and through my mom’s long dark hair which whipped around as I bounced up and down. The pleasure was turning me into an animal, as it increased I rode myself more and more rigorously which made it all the more pleasurable. Caught in a vicious cycle of pleasure as I fucked myself, sweat dripping down my mom’s body, imagining that if somebody walked in now and caught me my mom would be in a shit load of trouble. Violently raping her unconscious son like a bitch in heat, she could probably go to jail. Though right now I didn’t care.

Driven by sheer sexual arousal I reached my hands back down and grabbed my breasts bringing the left one up and clamping my jaw down tightly on the rock-hard nub. I began nibbling violently at it between my teeth and my other hand went to work on my right nipple as I gyrated my hips up and down, feeling my rock-hard penis scraping against my insides. I could feel the pleasure building up inside of me and eventually as the bed began creaking as I rocked up and down the pleasure came to a peak and with a loud gasp I exploded into a huge orgasm. I felt my mom’s juices squirt all over my body’s penis as I slumped down on top of myself unable to move, numb from the pleasure.

I lay there for a few minutes simply basking in the pleasure of the best orgasm I’d ever had, enjoying the tingling feeling in my loins and vagina, and pretty much my whole body. I didn’t want to move, lying there with my tits mashed against my bodies belly and gültepe escort my face buried in its chest. Though that was when I saw it, the wrist watch on my bodies arm, the timer was ticking down. “1:59”, “1:58”, “1:57”. It took me moment to comprehend, my mind overwhelmed in pleasure.

“Shit!” I quickly sprung up. In just under 2 minutes I was going to get kicked out of my mom’s body and she’d regain consciousness. Leaping off the bed I sprinted out the room, my mom’s breasts swinging up and hitting me in the jaw as I did, it actually hurting slightly. In the hall I grabbed my mom’s discarded nighty off the floor and began to put it back on. The thin material stuck to my mom’s damp sweaty body, though there was nothing I could do about this now, she’d dry up eventually, the problem would be the stench of sex which radiated from her body. Knowing I didn’t have time for a shower though, I quickly tiptoed back into my parent’s bedroom. It still being pitch black I creeped over and clambered back into the bed. Just in time as when I lay down and closed my eyes I suddenly felt myself transported back into my room and into my body.

As my eyes creeped open I looked down my body to see my, now flaccid, penis soaked in what I knew were my mom’s juices. A pleased smirk curled across my lips, “Not an 18 year old virgin anymore!” I said. And with that I got myself cleaned up and headed off to sleep, my mind filled with images of my mothers naked body as she straddled on top my unconscious body. “Oh Dan! Dan!” She moaned.

“Dan!”… “Dan!”… “Dan! It’s time to get up!” I was suddenly startled awake by my mom. Her initial calls having been integrated into my dream. I shuffled uncomfortably trying to hide my hard penis, which was erect due to the image of her.

“I’m up!” I groaned as she swung open my bedroom curtains allowing the blinding sunlight to seep in. “No!” I cried shielding my eyes as they adjusted, once they had I looked over at my mom who was now opening the window. “No keep it closed!” I demanded.

“It’s smells of teenage boy in here.” She retorted back, I gave a sniff, recognizing it as the stench from last night. It was her stench.

I noticed she wasn’t wearing her nighty anymore, seemingly having gotten showered and dressed into her normal clothes. I wonder if she suspected anything off about last night.

“So, mom. Did you sleep alright last night?” I tried to ask as casually and normal as possible, though the question itself sounding a little out of the blue.

She didn’t seem phased as she folded and put away some clothes. “Yes, actually I did. One of the best sleeps I’ve had in a while.” She told me. Interesting.

“And uh… are you feeling alright today?” I asked, sounding totally weird again. She turned and looked at me questioningly.

“Yes. Totally fine.” She smiled, shrugging off my odd questions. “Are you feeling alright?” She asked back quizzically.

“No. Yeah. I’m fine too.” I jumbled my words awkwardly. “Totally fine.”

“Alright. Well breakfast is on the table if you want it.” She said as she picked up her laundry basket.

“And where’s dad?” I enquired.

“He’s at work.” She said firing me an odd look, I should have known that, before she turned to leave the room. But with dad out the house my mind buzzed. I couldn’t, could I? I totally fucking could! And with the speed of a cheetah I reached into my draw pulled out my invention and shot her in the back of the head just as she turned the corner.

Looking down at my wrist watch I saw the timer begin to tick. I knew exactly what I was going to be doing in one hours’ time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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