My Sister , I

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We; being my husband and I Tammy his wife of fourteen years do enjoy playing rolls in the bedroom and in our sex life. However never before have we allowed anyone else to join in our friendly games. Tonight is different. Tonight my younger and newly widowed sister has joined us.

I had just come out of the shower and stood there naked with my bath towel hanging loosely over my shoulder watching my husband Derrick and Sandy. Derrick was standing on one leg with his other leg up on the bed. Kind of like a dog with a leg hiked up to take a piss. Sandy was on all fours with her head up between his legs licking his balls.

Sandy is twenty six, slim, smallish tits pointed with long nipples. A narrow waist and a fine tight ass supported by long thin legs. Her hair is long, down over her shoulders and dark as night. Her eyes are dark blue set in a square face with puffy red lips. In other words Sandy is a beautiful girl. I was smiling as she licked up Derrick’s balls and on up his hard cock underside. Sandy was a good player of what we call “Doggie Oh doggie”

My loving husband Derrick is forty six, thick through the shoulders and with powerful arms. Only five foot eight and some two hundred well placed pounds. His cock is thick, solid as rock and he will explode twice or more before he looses it. His cock is not the longest I have ever had in me but he can make me climax in just a few minutes anytime and several times over and over and over. Well you get the idea.
He loves oral sex and so do I. That is to give or receive. I have received that strong cock in every orifice I have and loved every inch of it.

As for me I am Tammy age 38, tall like my sister two inches taller than Derrick but unlike my sister who now had the head of his cock in her mouth. I am blonde, busty a true 40dd and my ass is broader than I like but Derrick said “Baby you got a great ass.” So I don’t mind that I am a few pounds over weight. I know I have a pretty face with bright blue eyes and a well shaped mouth. Derrick tells me I got a great mouth for sucking cock. But he also likes to just kiss me too.

Watching the scene sarıyer escort before me made my nipples get hard and my pussy start to drip and that wetness was not because I just came out of the shower. My pussy gets so wet it drips when I get turned on and Derrick loves to lick my pussy when it is real wet.

Sandy was now really getting serious about sucking him off. Derrick has turned around and sat on the bed while Sandy was still on all fours kneeling in front of him bobbing her head up and down wildly.

I had watched long enough so I joined the action. I pushed Derrick back flat on the bed. Quickly placing a knee on either side of his head I lowered my dripping cunt to his mouth so he could lick me. However I was facing his knees so I could watch Sandy suck his cock deep in her mouth.
Bending forward I placed my mouth next to my sisters. She slipped his cock out of her mouth and let me suck on it for a few seconds before taking it back into her mouth. My loving sister was sharing my husbands cock with me, how nice.

Derrick came a few seconds later and Sandy shared his thick warm cum with me too by kissing me and slipping her tongue into my mouth. I came and filled Derrick’s mouth with my sweet nectar. A few minutes later we were all three laughing and hugging as my sister became my husband’s new second wife.

Derrick suggested we go into the den and have a drink. Sandy walked ahead of us and as Derrick’s eyes followed her firm little ass he said. “My love I think I should do the doggie thing except I’ll fuck her ass instead of her cunt. What do you think?”

“Oh, let me ask her if she has had a cock up her ass. I mean, darling you got a thick cock. I love you to fuck my ass but maybe you’ll need to take it easy on Sandy. Let me ask her.” I said.

“Sandy, did you like our little game of Doggie oh doggie?” I asked her. Sandy nodded and smiled. I went on.

“There is more to that game that we really enjoy. But I have to explain that sometimes when Derrick gets behind me he puts his cock in my ass. I love being ass fucked. But if you have not been silivri escort ass fucked before, I mean; his cock it pretty thick. Maybe we should take it easy and work up to that. You know what I am saying.” I said smiling at my sister as Derrick handed us both drinks. Derrick was smiling from ear to ear. I knew he wanted to fuck her tiny ass hole and have me watch as he cums in her bowels.
“Gee’s Sis you would think I was not a hot number in college like you were. Of course I have been ass fucked. Christ, girl I was known as Tammy Rice’s better fucking sister.” Sandy said laughing at my expression. But I knew what she meant and I did remember how often I screwed around in College.

“Well I don’t know if you’re a better fuck than Tammy but I do know you are one hell of a fine cocksucker.” Derrick said laughing. We both noticed his cock was bouncing as he laughed and it sure looked hard. I think he like the idea of having two women in the house for his pleasure when ever he wanted it. I can tell you this Derrick wants it all the time day or night and any time or place we are alone.

I have to admit Sandy sure looked good down on all fours with her ass aimed high in the air. Her elbows were resting on the soft rug in front of the fire place. Her ass was held high and Derrick handed me the K-Y jelly as he knelt waiting for me to rub a coating of jelly all over this cock and then apply some to Sandy asshole.

I bent down and took the head of his cock in my mouth first and let it slip back in my mouth savoring the feel and taste that I loved so much. He moaned with pleasure as I let my mouth open to release his cock for other duties. His cock was covered with the jelly and her ass was quivering as I pushed the jelly deep up inside her. I slowly finger fucked my darling sister’s ass and was enjoying it as she was.
Derrick pushed my hand away and grabbed Sandy by the hips and pulled her back until her tight little ass hole could feel the heat of head of his cock press firmly against her. Then I tightened my own asshole as I watched the head of my darling husband’s cock disappear şirinevler escort into my sister’s ass. I cried out “Oh, God”, and clutched both hands between my legs as I came. The pure joy I knew my sister was about to get excited me so I climaxed.

I was gasping for breath as I watch his manly cock slide effortlessly up her ass. I stiffened and pressed my hands into my crotch as I watched. Derrick worked his cock back and forth a few times getting the jelly well worked in between them. Then I let my breath out as he pushed his thick hard cock all the way in and her ass was buried in the hair around his cock. I watched as his cock came back out dragging the inner skin of her ass with it. He was turning her ass inside out. But the way Sandy screwed with pleasure it was not hurting her. Not at all. Sandy reached back between her legs and let her fingers tips be her eyes as she felt the cock moving in and out. Derrick was moving faster and pounding deeper and harder. Sandy was screwing “Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Oh, God fuck my ass harder.”

Derrick obeyed and plowed her a new asshole Sandy screwed all the while as he came and when I saw at cum flowing from her pussy I knew she loved the delightful ass fucking she was getting. How well I knew that feeling of his cock jerking in my ass and the warm feeling spreading through my body. I knew the feeling Sandy was feeling at that moment.
Derrick stood at the sink as I rubbed my soapy hands on his cock. Ever so gently I washed his cock, his balls and I even let my fingers play across his sweaty ass hole. Lovingly was rinsed him clean and patted him dry with a towel. Sandy was sitting on the toilet feeling the after math of his cock cumming in her ass. She now knew that Derrick was a master of ass fucking and she would I do believe grow to enjoy it as much as I do.

I always take the left side of the bed and Derrick the right but tonight Derrick was in the middle and Sandy was on the far right. Derrick had to go into work the next day so we decided to go to bed and rest up for when he got home tomorrow.

Part II

“While Derrick works Sister’s play”

I’ll send in Part II as soon as I see how this short story is received… My Dearest Friend and author Ruby Bango has encouraged me to do this and I do hope to write many more.

For those of you that have not read Ruby work I think you will enjoy her many stories. Enjoy


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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