My Sister Sharon

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I lay in bed sleeping. The first thing I knew was there was someone crawling into bed with me. My first thought was it was Lucy, my girlfriend, and of course I was over-joyed at her sudden change of heart. She moved under the sheets, slid her leg over me and moved on top of me. I could smell the alcohol and cigarettes on her breath. I whispered “Hey,” and she quieted me, her finger on my lips. Then she ran her hand over my clothes down to my crotch. My cock sprung to attention.

“Just let me,” she whispered.

It was not Lucy. I knew the voice, but as she pushed down my shorts with one hand and cradled my cock with the other, I could not bring myself to protest. It was my sister, Sharon. “I am gonna fuck your brains out.” She crooned, and moved her crotch over mine. She was already naked. I felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy on my throbbing meat.

“Sharon,” Part of me wanted to kill the other part of me for stopping what was happening. “Wait.” My cock in her hand, she nestled my glans in between her wet slick cunt lips.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I haven’t missed any pills.” And with that she pushed herself down onto me and me into her. Her pussy felt like paradise, tight and slick, and I could feel her vaginal muscles clenching around my cock. I lost my ability to reason, much less object. What was happening did not even feel real. I doubted my sanity, thinking, pretending that I was only losing myself in one of my masturbatory fantasies.

She closed her eyes and threw her head back, her breasts jutting out – beautiful in silhouette. “Oh, fuck” I moaned. This was real. This was so real.

“Michael, fuck, Michael, you feelso, mmm, fucking good”

She thought I was Michael.

I wanted to let her know it was me, it wasn’t her boyfriend. I wanted to groan Lucy’s name so she would know something wasn’t right. I wanted to push her off me, pull my cock from her hot love box, my sister’s pussy, squeezing milking my cock, I wanted to but I couldn’t. Just one more minute, I thought to myself. Just a little bit longer, I can stop it at any time.

I began to make little thrusts up, meeting her thrusting pelvis with my own. I angled myself for deepest penetration. I felt my cock nudge the back of her vagina. She instantly reacted, surprised, and became a bit more tentative. By her reaction I’m sure Michael had never gotten that deep before. She paused for a minute, and in the darkness, I almost thought she was staring at me, deciphering the lines of my face. I thrust up into her, came down controlled, then thrust again. She groaned with each thrust, the flash of doubt disappeared and she began to rock her hips in pleasure. The dim light coming through my window gave a faint orange glow to my sister’s beautiful body. Her breasts were perfect, even better than I imagined. She closed her eyes, her back arched as she thrust her hips forward and back, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

This seemed so wrong I was almost in disbelief it was real. But I decided what the fuck, I would enjoy it as long as I could, and just claim I thought Sharon was Lucy if she came to her senses. I began to thrust upwards, matching the lust-crazed movements of her hips. My eyes were watching her silhouette, my mind was remembering all those times in recent years, growing up, seeing her in her bathing suits and locking myself in my room and jacking my cock, imagining she was naked with my cock driving deep inside her until I would cum all over my hands and stomach. And now here I was, by accident, by her drunken misperception, with her taboo cunt gripping my cock, her hips rocking back and forth, up and down. I was fucking my sister.

She leaned forward and down, her cheek next to mine while my cock slipped in and out of her wet cunt. She was grunting, suppressing moans I’m sure Michael was very used to. Her eyes were closed tight and she was meeting my thrusts, our hips moving rapidly in sexual ecstasy. Her large breasts were flattened against my chest. She moved her head slightly and began to kiss me, her tongue thrusting in my mouth. Kissing my sister was something I could never have imagined and it was so damn sexy I had to fight not to cum right there. Her hips moved faster and faster and she broke the kiss, burying her head in between my head and shoulder. She began to get louder, ‘oh god, oh, god, fuck!’

My eyes looked to the hotel room door. I was sharing a room with Michael. My sister was sharing with Lucy, next door. I suddenly realized I had no idea where either of them were, and either or both could show up at any minute.

‘Oh fuck!’ Sharon moaned loudly. Then whispered ‘Are you ready to cum?’ I hesitated, my brain scrambling with objections. ‘I want you to cum with me’ she whimpered.

‘Yes’ I whispered back. She began to move her hips violently, and I could literally feel her pussy squeezing my cock. She was having an orgasm and I could not hold back, witnessing that, feeling that. Her body began to convulse and I felt the cum rising in etiler eve gelen escort my shaft. My brain flashed ‘pull out! pull out!’ But even had I tried I know I couldn’t have moved her off of me, and I did not care (that is the moment when a man cares least) as my ecstasy rose to heights beyond consciousness and with a clenching of my buttocks I thrust up and deep inside her and a rich jet of cum exploded out of my cock. My body was caught in spasms and I couldn’t see or hear anything, just felt that forbidden pussy squeezing me, milking my cock. She was squeezing me with her cunt, her legs spread wide as she ground down onto me.

We collapsed together. Time oozed by, my sister lying on top of me, our breathing matched, my cock softening in the warm and wet embrace of her cunt. I suddenly realized I didn’t know how long we’d been lying like that: minutes? An hour? Reality came rushing back to me and panic set in as I had no idea what to do next. I knew I had to get one of us out of there. She began to drift off and I thanked my lucky stars. Whispering soothing words to her, telling her I (Michael) would be right back, I covered her with the blanket and, throwing on some clothes, slipped out of the room. I shut the door behind me and looked down the hall. No one. I thought of my sister in my room, lying there with my cum in her pussy. Then I slipped off, hoping no one would see me.

I found myself at the hotel bar and lounge and slipped into one of the dimly lit booths. My mind was racing, literally, trying to comprehend what I had just done, the taboo I had just broken. I had always been honest with Lucy, totally honest, and it felt so good. Now there was something I could never tell. Her, or anyone. The cocktail waitress came by and asked me what I wanted. ‘To disappear,’ I said. She just looked at me for a second, then told me she could come back if I liked. Jack Daniels. On the rocks. I wasn’t much of a liquor drinker, but at this moment I would be.

We were on a family vacation and tonight we were at a Holiday Inn in Ft. Lauderdale. My parents had a room, I had a room with Michael, Sharon’s boyfriend, and Lucy shared a room with Sharon. And we had a week left, which I was sure would be miserable after what had just happened. Fuck! I thought, I had just fucked my older sister and cum in her! And I had to spend the rest of the week with her, knowing what had happened. The waitress brought the drink and I told her to bring another. As she turned back to the bar I drained the glass in one gulp, scowling after I swallowed. I wasn’t happy, yet my cock was getting hard again just thinking about what I did. Fuck.

I didn’t know where everyone else was. Michael, Sharon, Lucy and I had gone to a club, but I was kind of bored so Lucy and I came back early. My parents had gone out who knows where and were down at the beach at night when we came back. I went to my room, irritated and tired. And that’s where I was, in bed, when Sharon crawled in horny. When the waitress brought the other JD I gave her a ten and walked out with the plastic cup to the beach. I saw some people there on lawn chairs, and as I got closer I saw it was who I thought it’d be. Michael was there talking to my parents. Lucy was nowhere to be seen, gone to bed already. I’d tried to get her to fuck earlier but she wouldn’t, saying Sharon and Michael might come in, or my parents might come looking for us. Michael smiled as I walked up. My parents really like him. He was handsome, well mannered, already accepted to law school. I talked to them for a bit, saying I’d woken up, restless. After a minute I excused myself, saying I was tired. Michael said he’d be going to bed soon, too. I didn’t want to go back to my room, and was trying to think of an alibi, so I went to Sharon and Lucy’s room, which was right next door to mine. Lucy was awake.

‘Where have you been?’ She asked. I told her I couldn’t sleep and went to the lounge and then down to talk to my parents. ‘I know you might be weird about this’ she said quietly, a nervous energy to her voice, ‘but you won’t believe what I just heard.’

My heart thudded. ‘What?’

‘Well I was trying to go to sleep and started hearing something coming from your room.’ She hesitated. ‘For a second I wondered if it was you, but… then I realized what it was.’

‘What?’ I was curious and worried to know what she thought.

‘It was Sharon… you know. I went out into the hall and went to the door, because at first I thought you’d picked up another girl,’ she laughed. ‘I know that’s stupid, but… it was Sharon and Michael, you know, having sex.’

I raised my eyebrows and laughed, ‘No!’ I felt sick to my stomach.

‘God, she was so loud! I mean, I recognized her voice from out in the hall, and you could hear almost every word!’ I laughed with her. ‘They must’ve gotten back, seen you weren’t there and…’ She giggled. Her cheeks were flushed. ‘It was kind of a turn on to listen to them. I’m sorry about earlier…’ etiler grup yapan escort I picked up the signals from her. Listening to Sharon had affected her. ‘And if they’re in there…’

‘Lucy.. are you sure?’ I was not in the mood for this, unfortunately.

‘Do you wanna see if we can outdo them?’

I almost said -what about my parents?- but stopped the words before they came out of my mouth. I knew not only would my parents probably stay out there forever, but their room was further down from Lucy and Sharon’s and they didn’t have to pass the door on the way, so they probably wouldn’t hear. Lucy moved to me, moving sensually. She was so damn beautiful and sexy and since I met her it’s like I barely even registered the presence of other girls. It would take one climbing into my bed naked and horny while I slept for me to cheat on her.

So Lucy moved in front of me, still on the bed, and began to do a striptease. God, she is so unbelievably sexy. She stopped, her blouse halfway off, went to the door and hung the do-not-disturb sign outside. The way she looked at me when she turned around, I knew I was helpless to resist. She walked -no; more like swayed- to me. She has the most beautiful eyes, eyes which break your heart everytime she looks at you. Her fingers were slipping the cream buttons of her blouse through the slits. I knew this body like nothing else. I thought about it when I was awake and dreamt about it when I slept. Lightly tanned skin, perfect C cup breasts, smooth stomach, toned legs, lush lips. But what got me most about her were always her eyes. Despite myself I was rock hard.

Her blue silk top slipped from her shoulders onto the floor. She hooked her thumbs into her shorts and slipped them down, shaking her ass. I pulled my shirt over my head. Her shorts came past her ankles along with her panties and now she was leaned against the backboard of the bed. She put a hand between her legs and began to rub herself. I shed my pants and stood at the end of the bed, naked, my cock hard in my hand, stroking slowly as I watched her fingers slip inside her cunt, wet with juices. ‘Mmm, do you want me?’ She asked.

‘God yes.’

‘Do you wanna be inside me?’

‘Oh, fuck yes.’ We usually didn’t talk dirty, but the gleam in her eye made me. ‘I’m gonna fuck you so hard.’


‘I’m gonna make you scream.’

She moaned in response and I moved onto the bed. She was watching my cock, her fingers moving quickly over her clit. I was on my knees between her open legs. With my hand I moved my cock, dripping precum, to her cunt. I rubbed the glans along her wet cunt lips, spreading the juices, over her clit. She gave a quick groan. I positioned myself for the initial thrust.

‘Wait.’ I held still and looked at her. ‘A condom,’ she said.

‘I don’t have one.’ A pause. ‘It’ll be okay without one.’ I wasn’t breathing. We never had sex without a condom, even though she was on the pill, she still insisted on it.

‘I don’t know. Should we?’

‘It’ll be okay’ I repeated. ‘You’re on the pill.’

‘Can’t you get one?’

‘Baby, everything is closed.’

‘I’m sorry.’ The way she said that, I knew she meant no sex. I was hoping to tempt her into it still. I moved my penis through the folds of her cunt lips. She closed her eyes and moaned. ‘No!’ She pushed me back. ‘I’m sorry, you know I can’t without a condom.’

‘Fuck.’ I muttered, sitting facing away from her at the end of the bed.

‘I’m sorry.’ she paused. ‘You’re not mad, are you?’

‘I’m not happy.’

‘Because of this? You know I can’t have unprotected sex.’

‘You are on the pill. We’ve been together for two years, only you and me.’

‘Don’t get mad at me about this’

I didn’t want to get in a fight. ‘I’m going to go for a walk. Cool down.’ I was being cold to her. I started to dress.

‘Fine.’ She grabbed her clothes and started to put them on. ‘Don’t have an attitude about this.’

I walked out. My cock was still raging hard. My first thought was to go to the bathroom and finish myself. I went to my room. Hoping neither Mike nor Sharon would be there I went in, though I figured Sharon was still there sleeping. I didn’t turn on the lights but went straight to the bathroom and in. I opened the door to check, the bathroom light spilling out behind me. Looking around the corner I saw her was still there, apparently sleeping. I stood still for a moment and for an eternity which was only a few seconds various thoughts ran through my mind. Wake her up and send her to her room, go in the bathroom and jack off and slip out, …slip in the bed and fuck her again. The last thought stuck in my mind and I went back into the bathroom. I was at least going to jack off, I thought, and shut the door and pulled out my erection. I began to pull on it, my mind replaying how it felt earlier to fuck my sister, fantasizing. I’d already had sex with her once, I thought. The second time is etiler masöz escort just a continuation of the first, I was already incestuous. I played it out in my mind. Strip, slip in bed, fuck her, cum quickly and get out before anyone knew the difference. If I’m caught I could claim a case of mistaken identity. To her anyway. I hadn’t decided, but I was already stripping. At any point I could decide not to, I thought. So while I pretended to be neutral, my mind and body was already made up.

I turned the light out and slipped out of the bathroom, naked. I padded to the bed and slipped in under the covers, putting an arm and leg across my sister. She moved, waking groggily. ‘Mmm, hey, where you been?’

‘Shhh’ I whispered, entwining with her. I rubbed her body, her legs, her ass, slipping a hand to her cunt. It was dry, but I began to work my fingers in, moving my cock closer for penetration. She moaned in approval. My cockhead was already slick with precum and I rubbed it on her pussy. I pushed the head in and out, getting deeper and deeper as the juices spread.

‘Oh, fuck.’ She moaned. My cock was now wet up and down and I was able to thrust in and out freely. I was over her, between her legs, pounding down into her hard and fast. Her hands slapped my sides. ‘Fuck!’

I adjusted my legs so I was practically on my haunches, able to thrust stay deep and thrust with short quick strokes. I only wanted to cum and slip away. ‘Fuck fuck fuck’ she groaned. I was getting ready to cum, but she stopped me and pushed me over, moving on top of me. She lowered herself onto me and started to jerk her hips fast and furious. I was thrusting up, only wanting to cum in her pussy again, my eyes closed. My head was swimming as her pussy slid slickly up and down my pole. I felt my orgasm rushing on. The light came on and I opened my eyes in surprise and looked to the door. It was shut. Sharon was turning back from flipping the wall switch. ‘I want you to see… me.’ I looked at Sharon. My eyes were as round as saucers. ‘Oh shit’ she gasped.

We were frozen, my cock hard in my sister’s cunt, as if afraid to move and invite the return of the pleasure. I watched her face, my own blank, trying to read her. Her mind raced with the realization of what was happening. She moved, sending a small jolt of pleasure up our bodies.

Without warning she jumped off, my cock slipping wetly out of her. She covered herself, pulling the sheet off the bed. Hiding her face, she ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. “Fuck,” I muttered. I hoped my shame, embarrassment and surprise at getting caught came across as surprise I was fucking my sister and not my girlfriend. A voice inside my head told me to get dressed and get out of there. I turned to find my clothes then remembered they were in the bathroom. Sharon’s clothes were littered on the floor around the bed.

My mind raced. What to say, what to tell her? A case of mistaken identity. She was supposed to be Lucy. Which would work as long as she didn’t talk to Lucy about this. Why would she? Neither of us would say anything about this, ever, probably not even to each other. ‘I fucking can’t believe this’ I muttered to myself. I felt no better than the basest animal. I gathered her clothes, her underwear, and walked to the door. I knocked. ‘Sharon?’

‘Go away!’ she yelled.

‘Sharon. I’m sorry.’

‘Go away you -what were you, raping me?’

‘Sharon you were supposed to be Lucy!’ Fuck. The walls were paper thin, I remembered. I hope to hell Lucy didn’t hear that. There was quiet in the bathroom. Sharon was considering this. ‘I have your clothes, give me my clothes. Please.’

After a moment the bathroom door opened. Sharon peeked around the door at me, her eyes red. I was standing naked holding her clothes. She reached around, my clothes bundled in her arm and dropped them. I handed her clothes to her. I even saw her eyes steal an impossibly quick glance down at my package, which was half deflated by the way. She shut the door and I picked up my clothes and dressed quickly.

I left the room and went to the hotel bar, but it was closed. My mind still held to that image of Sharon naked, turning back to me from the wall, my cock deep in her pussy as I fucked her. Her body with more curves than Lucy’s, wider hips, larger breasts. If Lucy had the body of a runway model, Sharon was a swimsuit model. I walked out toward the beach, avoiding where Michael and my parents had been sitting. I wanted to be alone, and at least give Sharon time to get back to her room. Fuck, I hoped Lucy hadn’t heard what I said. So I sat there and wondered how this would play out, if I would come out clean -well, respectively of course- after all of this blew over. I had a feeling Sharon would buy the mistaken identity argument, if only to preserve the illusion of normalcy.

After some time brooding in the dark and empty hotel lounge I decided it was time to go to bed, there was nothing I could do but see how things play out. When I got to the room, Michael was already in bed, sleeping. I changed, crawled into my bed and slept.

The next day we were supposed to be going down to Miami Beach. As we got dressed and ready, Michael was oblivious and clueless as to what had happened the night before. He spent most of the morning telling me about some band he’d just found out about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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