My Sister Wants to Hire Me Pt. 01

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.


Chapter 1

My work phone rings twice, I pick it up using my deep suave, and sexy voice with a bit of breath in my words, “Hello, Jim’s Video Service. How may I be of service to you today?”

I hear a voice, “Oh, you sound sexy. Your Better Business rating is a perfect 5.0, and you come highly recommended by several friends I know. Your discretion is unparalleled, and your reputation is perfect.”

I know this voice.

I inquire with my regular voice now, “Who is this?”

I hear a giggle, then the name, “Beth.”

I hang up. What the hell, that is my older married sister.

My phone rings again. I slide the button, “hang up.”

When my phone rings again, that gets hung up as well, I am busy editing my last gig. I am a senior in college and am big enough to do porn. I have been working out for years, getting ready to be an actor. I want my degree just in case acting doesn’t work out. I got started with my girlfriends. I made all the rookie mistakes, moving the camera, using the built-in mic, finger in the picture, no sound, lose sound. I did it all.

I cared about the finished product, though. A built-in mic and all that squeaking sound are like nails on a chalkboard to me. I can’t believe the number of people still using those things. How amateur. I quickly got much better. I got good cameras and professional lighting. I got a better computer with enough power to do video editing and then bought decent software, stuff I can afford. Then I practiced and got better.

My girlfriends were so impressed with the quality that many sent them out to porn sites and shared them with their friends. Given the size of my cock and my skills, I had a long line of women in my life. In college, I made a business out of it. I do POV, Point of View, and couples. POV is where you don’t see my face. My face technically is my camera. You see me having sex with a woman, but your screen makes it seem like you are doing it when done well. My face is never seen when done well.

I will also film a couple having sex. I give pointers of what looks good on film, and I have the lighting, so it looks good. Those films are for private showings, and never the internet. I digitally enhance everything while removing blemishes and birthmarks if desired. The editing takes a lot of time.

Obviously, these are private and intimate recordings. I never keep anything. When I finish, I burn everything to a DVD, and the customer gets that on delivery. I wipe my hard disk after. I make good money doing this. It almost makes me want to do directing, lighting or filming for a career rather than acting. Hell, maybe I continue to do this.

I make nice cash, but the POV is fun as are the tips. Fairly often after filming, the wife is horny, and the husband is all out, and soft. If he cares about his wife, he lets me fuck her or she gives me a blowjob.

My doorbell rings. Oh, fuck no. It rings twice more. Fuck me. I answer my door. My irate sister is standing in the doorway. Wow, I didn’t see that coming from 100 miles away. How predictable. She storms past me, so I can’t close the door in her face. If I weren’t stunned, I would have closed the door.

I scream out, “NO! I don’t care what you say, NO! Have you gone mad? What will your husband say?”

Beth smiles at me, “This is Roger’s idea. You have done three couples where he works already. He needs this, or he looks like a prude. The fucker likes the idea of someone else fucking me. This showed up on his list for Christmas presents. It was number one on his list. Trust me, we talked a lot about this. My biggest fear is that I am not good enough. Am I too fat? I have a birthmark. I don’t want to embarrass my husband.”

I blurt out, “What about having sex with your brother?”

Beth looks nervous now, “I have seen your work. I have seen you naked. Hell, I see your body now, with clothes on. They make statues of men like you. It would be weird, but the thought of being stuffed by your joystick makes up for everything. Roger is big, you are just … bigger. I dream about your cock now. Yes, I could fuck you.”

She is biting her lower lip, that means she is nervous. In a flash, she pulls off her t-shirt and lets her shorts fall to the floor. She is naked. What the hell! Standing in front of me is an ex-cheerleader. Tall at about 5′ 10″, long, athletic legs, and a tiny ass from jogging. As she continues to model for me, her round perky chest comes into view. She had surgery done, they used to sag. About the same size, though. A great handful.

She widens her legs, and I look down to see the shaved pussy. It looks moist. She is getting off on this, she enjoys being viewed. She pulls her lips open to reveal a pink inner set of lips and the hole. She continues turning and bends at the waist. Her hands etiler otele gelen escort pull her ass cheeks wide, and there is a clear glass butt plug in it. She is training.

I notice a mole on her ass, a bad tattoo on her arm, and a purple splotch on her inner thigh. I touch all three spots.

Beth giggles, “I forgot about the inner thigh, can you remove that?”

I smile, “I will remove all three. You will want highlights in your light brown hair, it will look awesome on camera. Highlight your eyes, and light on the blush, no other makeup. If we have time, lose a few pounds, and you will be awesome. If not, I will trim on film. That is time-consuming, and sometimes you can tell. Natural is better. You have a pretty face, beautiful breasts, awesome long legs, and a tiny ass.

“Fuck you.” She looks shocked. “You know you’re hot. Men drool over you. Your natural beauty makes you perfect for film, you will look great. You have a nice house; we can shoot there. Natural sun is far better than artificial lighting. Roger can help with set up; bet he can’t be there for filming. I don’t mind myself. However, some husbands get jealous of watching a guy fuck their wife, and you will get nervous with him being there, watching you.”

Beth says, “You’re the expert. We did do a lot of research. In the end, it is your discretion and honesty that leads us to you. We know you charge $2,000 for POV, and you start at $5,000 for a full movie. We can go $10,000 plus benefits.”

I know I shouldn’t ask, but I do it anyway, “Benefits?”

As Beth falls to her knees, her fingers hook inside of my shorts. My shorts and boxers go down as fast as my sister does. Before I can object, she impales her face on my meat. With Beth being naked, of course, I am hard. She may be my sister, but she is still a tall, shapely, and sexy woman that my cock wants to fuck. As soon as she stripped, my cock was rock hard.

I see lots of naked women and have sex with most. My sister is better looking than all but a few. Add to that, her bubbling personality, and she is all but irresistible. I tried to be a good brother, but she just wouldn’t reason with me.

Now she is in front of me with a huge smile as she plays with my ten inches. She is taking her time with me like she is playing with me and enjoying this. I can’t lie, she is incredible. I am too thick to deepthroat, she doesn’t even try. Both of us are moaning. Her hands go up, and down my pole with almost no pressure, they glide. Her mouth is magic. Her tongue flicks back, and forth quickly while her mouth is pulling away from my cock head that is trapped behind her teeth, and gums that hold me in place.

Her coup-de-grâs is a digit up my ass. Very unexpected. I blast away five solid ropes of cum, and two weak dribbles. Unlike a real porn star, I don’t shoot a bucket of cum. I am above average, but I am far from a world record holder. Beth is licking her chops from sucking me dry. Her smile tells me that she enjoyed that tremendously.

Beth stands up, grabs her clothes, and walks into my kitchen where she sits down. I grab water for both of us and hand one to her as I look on dumbfounded. Beth can see my look and is amused with me.

Finally, Beth explains, “Roger, and me, are both very sexual, and willing to try anything. As you know, we are both writers. We both finished books recently and are going through the editing process. We have lots of free time. We write short stories for a few web sites to test the porn world out. We both watch lots of porn, and like you said, the amateur and even some of the professional stuff sucks.

“The plots and scripts are amazingly terrible. For the POV, we want a good old fashioned angry POV blackmail. With what we learn from that, we want to do a full porno where a husband and wife challenge each other to different types of sex. You have seen the categories on web sites, we want to try most of them. Roger has no desire for Gay, and there are a few we just don’t want to do.

“Otherwise, we want to do a scene of each style. We are not swingers, but we have talked about some fun shit, and this will draw it out. I am hesitant to do the gangbang. It seems like fun, but it’s also a lot of sex with strangers, and I don’t think I can do that to Roger. He will say he wants it because he thinks I do, I don’t.”

I add my opinion, “There is so much you can do in sex, if you miss one, it won’t kill you. Stick with the things you want to do. We do have a time limit. Besides, you’re doing this for fun, have fun with everything you do.”

Beth smiles at me, “I like your thinking. I know I am right; I know you will be perfect. If this does well, and he gets bragging rights at work, he thinks it will mean a promotion or him. Possibly a VP at his company. This means a lot to us.”

I relent, “Ok, I will do it.”

Beth cries out, “Yes!” She then jumps on me and gives me a non-sibling like a kiss. She whispers, “Thank you.”

Beth then backs up to the etiler rus escort kitchen table, lays back, which forces her legs to come up. She pushes those long legs back over to her ears. Her hands are holding her thighs.

Beth says with a growl, “I am so fucking horny right now. I need you to stick your meat into my sloppy pussy right now. I need to know if it fits. I can’t wait.” She has tears in her eyes. “I am such a slut; I can’t help myself. It will kill me if I show up and find you can’t even get in me. I NEED to know. Have fun, use me. Use me like the slut that I am.”

Wow, I had no idea this was going to happen today. I can’t deny her. Secretly, I have dreamed of her for years. On a more important note, in two hours, I have clients coming over. I move into position and then push my way in as quickly as I can. Like most women, that takes a while. Beth is no different. She is just more eager to get me inside of her.

When all in, she shouts, and then says, “Holy fuck this is a thing. I never knew my body had all those places. It took forever to get in. IT FITS! NOW fuck me! Fuck me good!”

I don’t plan to disappoint her. I also don’t have time to give her a proper fucking, maybe next time. I surprise her by moving to the fastest speed I have. Her vocabulary now consists of “Ug, ug, ug, ug.” I get one every time I thrust into her hot body.

She has the audacity to smile even with minimal brain activity. I have reduced her to primitive caveman mentality. Feel good, enjoy the feeling. She doesn’t need anything else right now. I am amazed that she spends the energy to smile, most women don’t when I fuck them. Beth feels awesome. She’s much looser than the average women, but she seems to press her walls together by clenching muscles. That’s an excellent feeling.

I am closing to shooting my load, and I have no idea where she is. I decide to reach down and clamp my forefinger and thumb on each nipple. Her eyes explode in surprise, she screams a grunt, her head falls back to the table with a thud, and her legs go limp. I fire off three powerful ropes of cum into my sister’s pussy. She would have to be on the pill. Right?

My legs are weak, I wobble as I pick up my sister, and carry her to the living room, and my couch. I sit down, she curls up on my chest, hands around my neck, like a chain. Her eyes are closed, her breathing is back to normal, and her heartbeat seems normal. I am exhausted, I fall asleep.

I wake up, and it is dark outside, my doorbell is ringing. FUCK! At least my naked sister isn’t in my arms still.

Chapter 2 – POV

It’s Friday night, Beth just walked into my place. She has on just a simple blouse and short shorts. She is hot. Tuesday, I got the script from them. My sister and brother-in-law may be great authors, but scriptwriters, they are not. There is no body movement direction. Nothing tells them how to move around the room. The script, it seems like a suggestion, and making it up as you go is preferred. I will need to work with them and give them some examples.

I have a spare bedroom set up in the basement. I have high ceilings in the basement, and that’s perfect for me. I have a few cameras hidden from view that will record along with the camera’s that I have on me. Beth will start in “her” bedroom, with her top off, and looking at her phone. I am supposed to knock on the door. Like I would do that if I am going to blackmail her.

We are calling each other Bro, and Sis. We never did that, must be a Roger thing. All my lighting is good. I have used this room a lot, I know what light works, and what doesn’t.

I barge into the room, the door slams into the wall, making noise, and startling my sister. She shrieks, and yells out, “Bro, get the fuck out!” Her hands go to her tits to cover them up.

I laugh as I say, “Oh Sis, look at them tits. They look even better in real life. Move your hands, let me see them.”

Beth says, “Fuck you and get the fuck out. I’ll tell mom and dad!”

I am confident when I say, “No, you won’t. I know about your webcam business. I have the URL highlighted for last night’s recording. Shall I pass that on to mom, and dad?”

Beth yells at me, “Fuck you!”

I snicker as I say, “OK, um, copy, um new email, mom, and dad, now paste. Where is that send button?”

Beth yells “NO! STOP! OK, anything you want. Just stop!”

I smile, although only Beth can see it, “You did say anything.”

Beth quickly adds, “Well, almost anything.”

I giggle, “Where is that send button again?”

Beth screams with desperation, “NO! Ok! Anything your mother fucking heart desires. I HATE YOU!”

She said that with such intensity, I almost believe her myself.

I command her, “On your knees. Now.”

I get a shot of my cock sticking out, and my shorts, and boxers on the floor. My boxers have happy faces on them.

Beth has a fearful look on her face, “What the fuck is that? NO, NO! I can’t do that.”

I rage, “Sis, you said etiler türbanlı escort you would do anything! Now suck my God damn cock, or I am pressing send. It’s pretty fucking simple. Suck end of cock, and swallow my cum OR I email mom, and dad.”

Beth looks to be mad as hell, “One of these days, I am going to get even with you.”

I laugh at her, “Well, it isn’t now, so get sucking Sis.”

She tries to grab it angrily, but the whole shaft is rock hard. She slips a smile and then hides it almost immediately.

Beth takes her tongue and spits while running her tongue along the length of my shaft. She uses a firm grip and twists my cock in opposite directions as it slides down my cock in a helix pattern. Meanwhile, her mouth covers the knob, she is trying to get it wet. Her tongue is active on the underside of my cock. It goes forward, and backward, then right, and left. She adds suction to make it more interesting. Her hands move off my shaft and are now massaging my balls very gently. Her mouth now takes my cock and guides it in partially. She then bobs on my cock. She can’t take much, but it is hot as hell to see.

Because of my length, the cameras are taking everything in. I move a hand camera down to get a side view of her face. I then pan around to the front, pass over her head, and then continue. I am getting great footage.

With an enthusiastic blowjob, it’s not surprising that I am going to blow soon. I almost make the mistake of warning her.

I shout out, “Sis, look at me!”

Her submissive eyes travel up my body until they meet mine and the cameras. I let loose my load of five good ropes of cum. She tries to pull her head away, but I am cupping her head, effectively holding it in place so she can’t pull away.

I fire blast after blast into her mouth. I grunt loud each time that I shoot a rope. Beth’s eyes go wide in surprise. PERFECT! The second camera on my head is positioned to catch any cum that may drip out of her mouth. I have not heard her swallow yet.

I release her head and command her, “Show me my load?”

With a sad expression, she opens her mouth wide, and the tongue is playing with the cum in her mouth.

I give her a single word, “Swallow.”

Beth shakes her head no.

I warn her, “You can swallow that load or if needed the next. How many times do you want to blow me?”

She moves closer to the mic and then swallows. It came through crystal clear.

Beth then says in a soft voice, “I fucking hate you. That was bullshit. I never agreed to swallow. Not your slime.”

I use a commanding voice, “Oh yes, you did. Anything means anything. We are going to have a lot more fun. You did well, you can lose the attitude. I will be back in a day or two. You can finish masturbating now. Goodnight Sis, I love using your body.”

Beth throws pillows at me, and screams, “I hate you, you pervert. No normal person asks for a blowjob from their sister.” With raised eyebrows and venom in her voice, “Get the fuck out of my room! NOW!”

I say with a happy voice, “Fine.”

I turn off the cameras.

I ask Beth, “Well, that’s it. We’re all done.” It will take me two weeks to edit it. You will have it well before Christmas.

I pull up my boxers, and my shorts, and then sit on the bed. Beth follows me to the bed; she seems really happy. No, she is exceedingly happy. She wants to say something, but she is waiting for me to speak first.

I ask was a bored voice, “Well that was fun. What do you think? Did you enjoy it?”

Beth screams and attacks me with a hug that threatens my health.

I excitedly say, “Woah, Woah, Woah, let me breathe. So, dear sister, did have fun sucking cock.”

An animated Beth expels, “Fun? That was a blast! You made it so easy, they dialog just flowed. I know we deviated a lot, but we followed the general guide, and when in doubt, I fell back on the script. That was fucking insane, I can’t wait until Roger gets home. I am so horny right now. I am going to attack Roger when he gets home. I will text him to leave early.”

I smile for my sister, “You go home, and wait for hubby. I got some cleanup, and then I need to pack up for another shoot tonight.”

Beth questions me, “Why clean up? We hardly did anything in here, it’s good to go.”

I laugh at my sister, “It’s not fair to the next couple, I make sure everything is perfectly clean. Maybe a stream of my cum shot up on to the bed. Is it fair for them to see it, and wait for me to clean the room? I just got into the habit that if I use a room, I clean the room. Now go home!”

I turn off my lights. I have new digital lights. I don’t need to let them cool down, but I still do, a habit from when I used bulbs. They had to cool before packing them up. Beth starts ripping the pillows out of the pillow covers and stripping the bed. Now she looks at me with the bedding in her arms.

I say, “Down the hall, it’s on the left, last door. On the right is clean bedding, and sheets. Take from the right, I rotate them.”

While I am storing my lights, my video camera, my mic, and the cables, and batteries I need, Beth is back and putting new bedding on the bed. When she finishes, she helps me drag all my bags to my van.

I hug my sister, “Thank you. I understand why there are so many people on a set. Everyone has a specific job.”

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