My Sister’s House

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My sister lives on the other side of town with her husband and her two kids. I am just “uncle” there, and I have my own set of keys. I frequent the house a lot and I am pretty much a member of the household. Her husband and I go hunting now and again, sometimes bringing their son along, but their daughter, Kaylynn, never joins us. When she was little she was a great kid, but as she grew up she grew a bit cold, and distant. I guess she grew into a woman very quickly, and once she started dating her mother tells me she got to be a real bitch sometimes. The infusion of confidence and power into her was simply what she needed to go from giggling girl into a willowy, statuesque, almost hauntingly beautiful woman.

She and I used to have a great report, but lately, things have been complicated between us. We don’t talk anymore, as there is some sort of unspoken wall between us. She knows what I do to women, and I have guessed what she does to her boyfriends, and we have decided to leave it at that, and not cross paths, like a lion and a tigress sharing the same turf.

Now this one night it was pouring down, and it got bitterly cold. I had planned to go out to the bars, but most of my friends had bailed out on the idea, and the thought of walking from bar to bar in the rain simply was not my idea of fun, so I drove over to my sister’s house. She wasn’t home I knew that. She, her husband and their son were off on a trip with his school or somesuch. Kaylynn was never home either, she hung out at the mall, or slept at friends’ houses when her mother was not there to command her home. As I drove up the house was dark and the driveway empty. I parked and let myself in. I shook some of the worst rain off a I hung up my heavy coat.

The lights all off in the house, only the glow from the TV to light the den next to the door, and I turned I saw something, quite amazing, as she’d fallen asleep on the sofa, stretched out in panties and a tank top, skin chilled from the cool night air. It was Kaylynn. I shook off some more rain from my hair and face before I head into the den, stopping as I see the curvy shape in the couch, glowing in the low-light of the television. I felt my breath catch at the vision before me.

“Oh my….” She was deep into her dreams, the din of the TV drowning out all other noise. Her restless body shifts, stretches… rolls gently, slowly. She was lost in her deep sleep, weary from a long day and happy to dream of wonderful things. I walked somewhat closer, seeing the way her smooth skin curved and dipped over her nineteen year old form, the perfect round breasts in that top, the way her abs stretched and flexed as she moved, the hint of muscletone of her thighs as she turned. As I watched a slight groan escaped me, a vision this lovely, this strong, can simply not be real, or resisted. But then again, we had steered clear of each other for a few years now, and there was no friction. Was it worth the risk?

In the dream, warm summer sun glowing down on her, she dropped down into the long grass. Bare bodied, the cool feathery blades of grass caress her flesh, cool the heat of the day. She stretched yet again, inhaling deep, lifting the rise of her breasts higher yet, her exhale settles her deeper into the slumber. Another shot like this would not come again though, I knew that much. I slid down to the side of the couch, sliding my strong arm in under her knees, the other under her shoulders as I easily picked her up, my 6’5″ muscular frame hardly noticing the extra weight as I gently lifted her from the narrow couch, and stepped lightly through the room to the base of the stairs of the quiet house.

She was lithe in my arms, her curvy strong body curls naturally into the cradle of a strong embrace. Fire red curls stream is silk rivers, hanging gently over my arm, pale smooth skin warmed by my touch. She stirred quietly, murmuring nothing coherent as I carried her up the wide stairs, and into her room.

I walked in, up to her queen-sized bed, and put her gently on it, smelling the unmistakable scent of sweat and sex in here… my my… someone has been enjoying her evening. I wonder where the boy… or indeed girl… went?

Without thought or provocation she wrapped her arms around my neck.. sleepy instinct when being carried. The dream moves on, the waves of grass caressing her skin, she warm and glows in the radiant light. She stirred as I set her down. She blinked a few times to adjust to the darkness, squinting at first to see who was here.

I gently put her down on the bed, moving the cover out of the way as I felt her arms wrap around my thick neck. I smiled as the smell of sex was even stronger on the bed. She must really have worked that boy over I muse for an instant as I smelled her skin, her youthful strength. As she rested on the bed I slid my hand down her flat belly and down the top of her toned thigh.

“Who…?” she whispered. It was barely a question. The gentle caress calms the alarm in her, she stirs further awake, the dream of fulya escort fields now gone, or is this yet another dream? it is hard to tell.. but the touch, that touch is real enough.

“Shh… It’s just Uncle Carmicahel. Go back to sleep…” I whispered back. I slid my hand along the upper and outer curve of her strong thigh, feeling the smooth and warm skin under my hand. I so yearned to run my hand over her magnificent chest, fondling those big and firm breasts, play with the hint of an erect nipple I can see through the fabric of the white tanktop… I must resist it….

“Ssshhh..” is what she hears, the rest a dim murmur. Her head tucked down into the sound, and she obeyed, not fighting the urge to sleep on. That touch, that caress, it tugged at her, makes her drift between sleep and wake, her body responds, shifts, turns into the touch and when she stretches back out the thin little top pulls tight over plump ripe breasts with pearls of pink nipples dotting through the material. Her thighs shifted together, barely-there lace panties rubbing gently on her folds. Oh gawd…. she is amazing… I just watch the heavenly body moving… those thighs rubbing together, the slender and strong hips on the bed, the perfect curve of her breasts rising and falling in the tight top. The nipples now firm shadows in the dim light of the room… I slid a hand over her belly again, feeling her abs under smooth skin, so strong… I managed to think how amazing it is that she could keep herself so strong and yet not show a bulging 6-pack of muscles, but remain so soft and feminine. I marvelled as my hands explored… Oh gawd… hand sliding further up… up… Her belly rippled gently from the tickle of the touch, she smiled in her sleep and rolled her head gently back and forth. She drew in a deep breath and it is held, lifting her tender young breast high off her chest, straining the top further, looking as though she might rip it apart. The thoughts rocket through my mind. Oh fukk… how can I possibly resist something like this?

I slid my hand in under her top, gently caressing the inner and lower curve of those round orbs of pleasure as I lifted it, leaning in to gently kiss her left nipple, pushing the top over the curve of those magnificent breasts, where it gently parked itself, stretched across her upper chest. My tongue and lips played gently with the pink hard little bud. She drew a shuttered breath, jiggling her breasts against my tongue and then she moaned in her sleep. Her body knew how to respond, she needed not be awake or think, she needs to rest, to ease under the touch and let her body enjoy. She was made for this.. enjoyment. The ripe sweet scent of her arousal started to fill the air, the friction of her thighs rubbing causing her to stir and cream. Her bare feet run one up and down her calf as she hummed to herself, lost in heavenly dreams. Her nipples are turgid pebbles, dusky red and filling with blood as they are suckled upon, toyed with. Her belly tightened, twisted and she breathed slow and deep.

This is what glorious dreams are made of. I gently cupped the firm round breasts, nibbling and lapping at the hardening nipple, then over to the other, feeling her back arching gently under the onrushing waves of pleasure now flooding into her. Oh how wonderful her body is to react to a simple touch like this… so strong, so soft and warm, and so very sensitive… She was arching up, her body exclaiming a resounding ‘yes’ at the touch, tall and gentle, stretching her lean young form and straining all her muscles. It felt good.. too good. Her hand lifted, searching, but her eyes remained closed. Her hand searched for something to touch in return and she founds my thick neck, nails light on my skin, just touching.

The thought speed across my mind… I wonder if I could tame one as strong as this wonderful girl… could she be made to submit under the pleasure I could provide, or would her youthful strength and what I can only assume, awesome stamina, simply wear me out… Such thoughts are so dangerous. Should I pit myself against her I could lose. Under the heel of a girl this lovely, I am sure there is no end to what she could dream up. I have seen her parents spoil her, and how she treats her boyfriends. I must only come to the conclusion that she has the might to tame them, and uses them as she sees fit once she is done with their “treatment”.

However, the bare thought of having a girl like this addicted to what I could do, tamed in on my cock… oh lord… I feel a deep throb in my trunks at the thought… maybe I could… I slid a hand off her firm breasts down her belly, down… into the hem of her lace panties. Her hips rolled. They are slim but curving as a womans does, she is young and fit, but she is all girl, shaped for speed and sex. The faint touch of something low on her belly and instantly she rose from the bed, heels dug into the covers, thighs flexing to lift her bottom from the bed, all of her lifted easily, with the flexibility gebze escort of a gymnast and the grace of a ballet dancer. I bit my lower lip as I saw the reaction. I must dare, even though the consequences may be dire. I wonder if she will just brush me off and laugh at me, drain me with her power, or of I actually stand a chance… I slid a hand into the lace panties, feeling her legs gently part a degree or two to allow my fingers to trace down to her heated folds. My tongue and lips still on her hard and now glistening nipples.

What else is a man for but to please a woman? This is her belief, this is all that she knows. She is beautiful and fair and boys… men… they yearn to please her… She lets them, uses them and then is done with them… They are weak, she will only be satisfied by the strong. She has never know strength in a man before. None have even gotten close. This touch between the smooth bare folds alights her fire, her hips begin to dance and sway, pressing up into the touch, needy for it… so needy for it. I responded by caressing the folds of supple sensitive skin, caressing and teasing as I felt her hips rising, gyrating, swaying. My tongue lapping, flicking the hard nipples, seeing a bead of sweat form on her forehead at the sensations that are now crowding up at her.

I felt her light but strong hands on my neck, holding me to her firm breasts, as I teased and played with it, the ridge of my index-finger trailing across the hood of her clit.

She was writhing, her whole body squirming upon her bed, under my mouth, under my hand, her body drawn to every sensation I was offering. She stirred, half awake, half asleep. She wants this dream to go on and on, but is it a dream? Is it real? Would she let just any man please her? Would that not make her a slut? She would hate to be called that even if it were true, she would balk.. fight against the image. But her body betrays her. It craved the carnal pleasure. It desired more of my touch and little by little she builds, every muscle tightening, her sweet tender peach of a pussy drenching my fingers and pulsing tighter and tighter. She wanted this, wanted this sensation, would do anything for it. Would I just give it to her? Would she have to demand it? Would I make her beg for it? Her body moved as if in conflict with itself. I felt the strong body under my touch grow restless, as my now glistening finger tapped the hood of her clit, teasing it before rubbing it for 1… 2…..seconds, then withdrawing, feeling her hips trying to push up as I caress the glistening labia, then as they settle I tapped hood again, rubbing her clit 1… 2… 3… then withdraw.

If I am to stand any chance against this tigress I must work to unbalance her now. Once she realizes what is happening there will be no more chances, I fear.

“Mmmm mmmm.” It is a gutteral moan, low and throaty. She is greedy, needy and gets what she wants. Her body wants more, demands more, but how will she get it. It could stop at any moment. She is a long languid jungle cat, stretched out on the alter before me; the hunter. Would I sacrifice her to my pleasures? To my desires? She is normally the strong one, and it shows that this is new territory to her. Her hips churned and jumped, straining against my finger tips, always seeking more more more, sometimes not finding it when I pulled my hand away and then her moans turn desperate.

“Mmmm more…” I hear whispered. Is it demand or plead? I was loving the insecurity in her movements and voice. I am sure that were she awake she would simply have taken what she wanted, and once she does wake up I am sure she will, but maybe, just maybe, I can unbalance her enough so that she can’t break me easily or quickly, give me a chance to actually make this a challenge… I rubbed back onto her clit. 1… 2.. 3.. 4.. then off again, nibbling on her nipples slightly as I caressed her now almost dripping folds.

“Mmm aaaahhh.. again.. please again.. ” The please is a rare word for her. It must be because she is still half dreaming, half awake. Her pearl beneath my finger pulses and rolls. It makes her shimmy and squirm and hump at my strong hand. Yes she is a greedy slut, always anxious for more… more…

“MORE…” Would I you deny her? Could I? Would I give in as all the rest do, would I be satisfied with one night of pleasure? For that is all the weak are allowed… one night… will it be enough for me?? Slowly her eye lids lifted, long sooty lashes bat slowly over vivid green eyes. She looked at me, watched quietly as I fondled her and brought her pleasure but she says nothing.

I heard the voice, and biting down gently on her erect nipple, lashing the hard nub with the tip of my tongue as I let my finger slide down over the hooded pearl, the movements of her powerful hips the only stimulations I am providing, simply something to grind herself again, and her thighs moved, shifting her hips, rubbing up against it, needily. How can I survive a girl like this… gültepe escort Look at how strong she is… maybe I still have a chance… I lapped at her nipple as I hooked my finger slightly, caressing the opening of her pussy as the palm of my hand rubs into the hood over her most sensitive pearl.

The more she wakes the more it builds. The more it builds the more she wants. Her hand stiffened on the back of my neck, clutching at the broad expanse. It is a little hand compared to mine, compared to any part of me she is little. but size doesn’t matter in these things, it is the WILL that matters. Who wants it more, who will serve who, who will yield? She shook and trembled, her muscles all tightening as I massaged her sensitive folds and clit.

“Ohhhh god… yes… please…” Then looking at me, waiting, searching my face to see if I are serious or just playing around. She wants to see what I answer as she whispers out.

“Make Me Cum.” I met her gaze, holding it as I slowly slid my finger deeper into her, watching for any sign of weakness or doubt in her utter control and strength as I gently hooked it into her, expertly finding her g-spot, rubbing into it as I palm at her clit, gently rubbing it down, my tongue out, lapping at her nipple as I lay, my face resting against the curve of her firm breast. Would I yield as all the rest do? Would it be that easy to tame me? Her little spot found, rubbed… it pushes her nearer and nearer the edge of oblivion. She fucks and rides and grinds against my hand, forcing my head all the harder to her breast. No weakness shown, not to me, if she even has a weakness I’ll have to demand to see it. For now she lets me bring her along, right to the edge…OOoooo gawd… oOooo gawd… She teeters on the edge… right there… her whole body quaking. Would I simply let her have it?

“Please Uncle Carmichael… Please…” I smiled quietly as I bit down onto her nipple harder, knowing that she is strong, but wondering still if the orgasm will make her stronger or make her falter for a moment… Only one way to find out as I thumbed her clit, much like pressing a firingstud, shooting lightingbolts of pleasure into her as my finger perfectly rubs her spot deep in her, feeling her walls tightening and quivering around my finger!

“Oohhh fuckkk fuckkk fuckkkkk” she groaned out, arching up off the bed, only heels and crown of her head touching the sheets. She cries out wild and free and humped my hand without shame, fucking that thick fingered hand and seeping her juices down my palm. She cums hard, her body rocked, she is gone into the wind, gone into the lust. She is lost there, panting and gasping for breath, quivering with the waves of pleasure. She whimpers out

“More… more more… please more… please… please…” I felt her tighten around my fingers, her arm locking me down to her breast as she came, and with the heel of my palm rubbing into her clit as I don’t stop. Indeed, quite the opposite.

I kept rubbing into her gspot, sliding another finger into her as I rubbed her hooded clit with my palm, not letting her come down. She may have gotten smaller boys to stop and think it is “their turn” with an orgasm this hard and this physically displayed, but I have broken many girls before, and I know when to keep a good hand in play, rather than fold at the first sign of effect. She panted, her body wanting to relent, to sag and enjoy the ripples of pleasure as she comes down. But I do not stop and she looked at me, trying to look stern. Her knees came together and clutched at my wrist.

“Ohhh that is enough dear uncle thank you.. you may go now. ” But I do not stop and she can’t help but let her body sink back under the spell of the strong hand. I let her see I am undisturbed by her command. She shakes again… so close to the edge still… so close. Feeling those strong thighs close around my wrist, the sudden flashing realization of those legs locking a boy in who wants to withdraw, escape her powerful squeezing muscles, looking up at him as he thrashes, defenseless, unable to not cum hard in her hot pussy as she just holds him to her, as I continue rubbing into her, feeling her hot spasming walls around my fingers, now spreading into a gentle V, stretching her somewhat as I keep rubbing her inner surfaces, tighten, quivering, as her hips spasm.

“I said I’ve had enough.” Her voice quaking with each word but I do not listen, instead I teased her body viciously, palm and fingers working in harmony over her raw and sensitive clit and cunt… oohh sweet lord.. she can’t help but to cum harder the second time. She screams out loud, bucking wild and free against my hand, splattering it with girly cream. She shakes… she trembles… she wants to come down… wants to rest.

“Please Uncle… please let me rest…” It is much less of a command now. I was listening to and feeling how she came again, her body arching and flexing hard, her inner walls constricting around my finger and releasing, over and over, as her breaths almost became ragged. As she laid back down onto the bed, I could smell the sweat on her now. I lifted my head off her breasts, gently holding her eyes with mine as I slid my fingers from you, dripping with her nectar now, but still palming her heated folds, not letting go.

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