My Twin Sisters

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An older sister discovers her younger sisters’ secret.


Katie POV-

My body slumped with pleasure after the effects of my last orgasm wore off. I pulled my fingers out of my sensitive area. My slit was soaked and I was so tired I knew I couldn’t have another. I laid on my bed in the room I shared with my twin sister Kathy with my shorts and panties around my knees, trying to recover. After all lustful thoughts left my mind, I could only think of one thing.

Damn, I was hungry.

I pulled up my shorts and headed downstairs to the kitchen. I was pretty sure Kathy was down there. My sister, who was also secretly bi, would probably want to 69 or something later. We had been experimenting secretly for a while. We both had boyfriends, but it was something about having another girl eating you eat that made the orgasm more intense. And what better person to do that with than your twin sister. The one who has seen every crevice of your naked body over the years. We also had a nineteen-year old sister Kama, but she’d probably never be into anything like that.

“Kathy?” I called. I was answered with what sounded like a faint whimper. “Kathy, is that you?”

When I got into the living room, I saw her. My eighteen-year old sister sprawled out on the couch fully nude, clutching her drenched pussy. Her brown hair spilled over the couch cushions and her face displayed anguish as she tried to restrain herself from screaming in pleasure.

The sight turned me on once again. I slid my right hand up my tank top, grabbing my braless breast. I silently approached the couch massaging my tits waiting for her to finish. When she did she looked up at me as I removed my shirt. I leaned down and we adalar escort connected for a kiss. Her hand was still in her slimy hole, and mine were still on my soft skin.

Kathy sat up, and I released my boobs and climbed over onto the couch. She grabbed my waist and I grabbed one of her tits with one hand and one of mine in the other. She began to pull off my shorts, and I lifted my hips to allow her to do so. I suck my tongue in her mouth, and there we were, grinding on each other, massaging our tits.

My slutty sister broke the kiss and began to lay down on the couch, pulling me by the arms beside her. I arranged my ass over her mouth and my head over her hips. Then slowly and gently, we dug in. As we ate each other out, a sense of trust washed over me. We had been together our whole lives, and now we were almost as close as we could be. I didn’t want that to change.

I let Kathy drive me into an orgasm.

Kama POV-

I took out my earbuds abruptly. The silence made my ears ring. Funny, I could’ve sworn I had heard something.

Oh well. I put them back in.


My hips buckled as the nude model on the screen had her pussy eaten by her girlfriend. I’ve always been a fan of girl-on-girl action, but too scared to try it. Besides, with whom? My friends are all 100% straight with boyfriends, and my little sisters would never be down for anything like that. But sometimes, I do have my dirty little thoughts about Katie, Kathy, and I having a threesome while our parents were away. Oh well. I guess I’ll just spend the summer masturbating.

I took my earbuds out again as I heard it. Then nothing.

As I was about to put it back anadolu yakası escort in, I heard the noise. The noise I had heard before. The noise I heard so often but was never able to identify.

It was almost like a soft moan.

“Katie? Kathy? You alright?”

No answer.

I had heard Katie go downstairs, probably to the kitchen, but I hadn’t heard the sound of the fridge being opened, the microwave beeping, or the stove being turned on.

While my parents were out at work, I was in charge. And if my sisters got kidnapped or killed by an intruder, I’d feel responsible.

“KATIEEE? KATHYYYY? HELLO?!” I called once more.

No answer.

I sighed and discarded my phone and earbuds to the side. I’d just have to go down and check on them. Why couldn’t those brats just answer?

I padded into the hallway, expecting the girls to be on their phones with headphones on, since they so obviously couldn’t hear me. The noise was probably their music being too loud.

But what I heard next was nothing like that.

Neither was what I saw.

“Awww, K-K-K-Kitty, f-f-f-fuck me!”

I looked into the living room and saw my little sister being fucked. Straight up fucked.

Well, not very straight.

Katie sat over Kathy’s mouth, the latter munching on the former’s clit.

Katie continuously called out to “Kitty”, Kathy’s nickname, while grinding her hips and making the most pain filled faces.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

What the actual fuck?

Why were they doing this?

What were they doing?

And most of all, why was I enjoying it?

I had already slid my hands in ataköy escort my shorts, rubbing my muff. Getting lost into the action, I closed my eyes and lifted my leg onto the couch to get a better angle.

Next thing I knew; I was being pulled to the couch by my naked sisters.

I don’t remember much after that, except for Kathy’s amazing tongue on my clit and the sweet-tangy taste of Katie’s pussy on my lips. Oh gosh, it was amazing.

Then, the girls pulled out the dildos.

Kathy slapped my ass hard with her tough basketball player hands. Tears stung my eyelids. She took my shoulders and bent me over the back of the couch so my face was in the cushions. Katie took the fattest dildo and shoved it up my tight asshole. I gasped. It hurt like hell. Then she started to thrust. At first slowly enough that I was able to adjust, but then faster and faster. The fat, plastic cock ramming my intestine felt so good, yet hurt so bad all at the same time. Soon my cries were replaced with screams of pure pleasure.

When I thought it couldn’t get better, Kathy put the vibrator in my vagina.

Mind you, these toys are meant for clitoral stimulation, not fucking. She held it in with one hand and fingered herself with the other. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to escape the vibrations. But This only lead to me bouncing back on the dildo up my ass. It was overwhelming at first, but then the orgasm I got later was amazing.

Fifteen minutes later, we sprawled out nude tiredly on the carpet. My thoughts had been replaced with euphoria. I didn’t even realize that I had just committed incest with my baby sisters.

“I need to hang out with you more often.” I remarked. “At this rate, this summer will be the best.”

“Oh, you’ve only see the beginning.” Katie said, slyly.

“Come on Kama.” Kathy begged, pulling me up off of the floor. “Mom and Dad aren’t coming home anytime soon.”

I bounded up the stairs, following them to their bedroom, ready for the girl-on-girl I’d been waiting for.

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