My Uncle Who I Can’t Refuse

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My uncle owned acres of farmland in Wales near the coast. When we were young we’d occasionally stay at his for a few nights holiday with my Dad and my Mum. On my dad’s brother’s land was lots of trees and forestry parts great for climbing and making hide-outs, which was great for me as a little girl. I always enjoyed staying with Uncle Geoff.

Now as a freshly grown adult, and at 20 just out of my teen years I had decided to head back to Uncle Geoff’s farm for some peace and quiet over the month long Easter Holidays from my University to revise before my final exams.

It had been a fairly long journey by train, and I had spent the majority of the time entertaining myself by reading my book and intermittently fantasising about fucking the other passengers as we travelled along the long miles to the remote village in Wales that I was to disembark at. I often find myself very horny as I broke up with my boyfriend over a month ago and haven’t had sex since.

It was late evening and dark as I left the train the cold wind whipped around my body. Underneath my long coat my nipples started standing to attention in the chill as I watched my Uncle’s Golf rumble up the path to the station. He pulled the car up close to me and jumped out the driver seat. He came round the car and held the passenger door open for me, with his deep cigarette smokers voice said, “Welcome back to paradise, Lily. Do enjoy our balmy evening wind.” He smirked at his own sarcasm as I watched his eyes rake up my body.

“Thanks for coming to pick me up Uncle Geoff,” I warmly said to him. Then I stepped forward to give him a quick hug as a thank you like I always had since I was a little girl. “It’s such horrible weather, on the plus side this grim rainy and windy weather is perfect for studying. I’ll have no temptation to go outside!”

“Well it’s good for you and it’s good for my crops,” Geoff replied as he closed the passenger door, walked around the car, as he sat down in the seat he continued, “but it isn’t great for my poker playing, no-one’s going to walk to the pub in this horrible weather, and the Police have been so hot on drink driving none of us dare drive to the local pub anymore. Now, let’s get home.”

The farm house was much like it had always been, thick stone walls, his big wood fire burning in the living room and thick sheep skin rugs over the cold stone tiled floor. “I’ve tidied up the little guest room for you, it has nice clean sheets on the bed and I’ve left you a set of towels for when you wash.” He smiled at me, and I headed up the stairs to the guest room.

I dumped my bag on the floor and tested out the bed — it was a single and spongy. I left my coat in the room and headed down to the living room to sit with Uncle Geoff. As I walked in he was pouring us both a large glass of wine, and he passed me a glass and a cigarette. I leant forward and he lit it. “Thanks Uncle Geoff, our little secret. You know how angry Dad would get if he knew I was smoking, him being a reformed ex-smoker himself he likes to preach his anti-smoking doctrine at every opportunity, and I wouldn’t like to upset him.”

“No problem Lily, you’re old enough to make your own bad decisions now,” Then he winked, “Plus I find young women smoking most attractive. When I was young, I was smoking at 12. Back then they didn’t know how bad the cigarettes really were, and now I’ve turned 60 I see no point in giving it up. I’m healthy and the doctor says I’m fine, I guess it’s all the energetic work on the farm keeping me in shape and heath, well apart from the bit of a beer belly…” With that he lifted the bottom of his jumper a little to pull on a small bulge of flab for me to see saying, “We all know how to get rid of this, stop with the booze, but I love the liberation of a few drinks, and hunny I can see you do!”

My own glass was nearly finished. I’d glugged the wine down speedily while he’d been speaking, thinking I’d like a few drinks to get myself off to sleep nicely after all the travelling today. I shrugged innocently and said, “Sorry Uncle Geoff, I’m just a little thirsty,” To which he chuckled and filled up my glass again.

“Now let’s see if there’s anything on this infernal digital TV,” Uncle Geoff said to me and started flicking though the channels. At 11.15 on a Monday night there wasn’t much on the channels, we flicked up the numbers passing teleshopping, telebetting, past a range of badly filmed American sit com re-runs. “There’s never anything decent on,” Uncle Geoff grumbled and flicked the channels further up, a big titted middle- aged woman appeared. Her nipples were barely covered by the typing “XXX Milfs — Press Red button to Enter. £5.99 per rental.”

I blushed at the image. “That’s not quite what we were wanting is it Uncle?” I managed a nervous giggle at the situation.

“No, not at all.” Uncle Geoff replied, “Let’s see if there’s something better.” With that he switched one channel up and shot a mischievous look over to me, “Asain babes ataşehir escort – small tits, not really my thing. Oh, it’s fatties next, that’s definitely not what I want to be seeing. Now, this is a little better, younger girls. Doesn’t that blonde girl have nice titties Lily?” He asked me directly.

“Urm, they do look nice and round and firm I suppose.” I responded, shuffling a little awkwardly on my seat. I wasn’t sure where this was going, I took a huge gulp of my drink. “I do like this wine, why don’t you turn the channel over?”

He flicked the channels up one more, this time a busty brunette with pig tails stared out at us, her fingers cupping her boobs covering her nipples. Uncle Geoff commented, “These ones do look nice, they’re not a pinch on yours though, hun,” My Uncle smiled widely at me as I sat there stunned to hear the words coming out of his mouth. “Yours Lily, now they look nicer and rounder and a lot more firm since you’ve got older. Your titties look like a decent handful or more. You must win a lot of men over with a cleavage as deep as yours on such a slim waist. ” He shuffled his trousers into a different position, I felt slightly uncomfortable under his gaze. I swear I could see the hairs on his chest that poke out the top of his shirt raising and falling faster as his breath sped up from the excitement of saying such disgracefully naughty things to me.

I looked over at him earnestly and said, “Uncle Geoff, you really shouldn’t be making inappropriate comments about my body like that. Nor should we have the TV showing X-Rated images. You’re my Uncle and I’ve been told it’s not right.”

“Oh don’t worry Lily hunny, I was just making a passing comment about how you’ve grown. They’re hardly X-rated images darling, all their nipples and pussies are covered up. Although it would be so much better if they were all on show, don’t you agree? How many boys have you allowed to suck on your nipples and titties Lily?” He asked.

“Only t-t-three guys Uncle G-G-Geoff, and they were all my boyfriends,” I stuttered a defensive response.

“Did you let them bite on your pert nipples little Lily?” He enquired further.

“Y-Yes, I did.” I answered.

“Good,” Uncle Geoff replied. “I’m glad you’ve started to find your sexuality. It’s such a great gift, to be turned on, to orgasm and to give pleasure, isn’t it?”

“I suppose so?” I said.

“You like to give pleasure you naughty little girl, don’t you?” He asked.

“Y-Yes, I suppose so Uncle Geoff.” I was feeling a little scared of the direction the conversation was going.

“I bet you like to pleasure lots of boys. With a chest and body like yours I bet you use it like a little shut. Are you a smutty slutty little girl?”

I tried to respond, “Not really I’m…” but my Uncle interrupted me.

“Oh I bet you can be a dirty little whore. Lily, why don’t you give your Uncle Geoff some pleasure little lady? if you’ll touch those boys, you should let someone who loves you touch you too. What would please me the most right now, would be to see your pert nipples and all of your nicely grown breasts. You’re going to help your Uncle now aren’t you Lily?”

I could see no other option, and all things considered just having a peek at my nipples wasn’t as bad as other things he could ask of me given our isolated situation together. I shyly slid the neckline of my top down, so that both breasts were exposed tightly wrapped in a purple bra I had on. I slid the bra cups down so the tops of my tits and my nipples were exposed in the air of the farmhouse for my Uncle Geoff to lustfully admire. A shudder of revulsion slid down my spine, and oddly it left behind a tingle of horny excitement along with the disgust at how filthy and wrong the situation was.

“Very nice Lily, but I asked for you to show me all your breasts, and some is still covered by that pretty bra. You will take the bra off for me won’t you? Show me all of your titties like we agreed?”

“Uh huh,” I muttered as I reached behind my bra and undid the clasps, releasing my breasts completely from their confines. The flicker of light from the fire cast shadows across my exposed chest and I could see Uncle Geoff was drinking the whole scene in.

“I also asked,” Uncle Geoff continued, “To see your nipples pert, all erect and stiff. Will you pinch your nipples for me little lady, so I can see your nipples stiff like we agreed?”

I was shocked, the whole situation stunned me. Uncle Geoff had asked me to pinch my own nipples while he watched. Alone in the room with him I complied. I cupped my tits with my hands and rubbed my nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pulling both pink nipples out to attention for him.

Uncle Geoff licked his lips. “Oh yes baby, stay like that for my pleasure. I’m going to put the News on TV to listen to, why don’t you stay undressed like that so that I can keep watching your pretty titties.” With that he flicked the avcılar escort TV onto the 24 hour news channel and slid a hand into his pants. While I watched the news reporter reading the headlines with my chest uncovered he watched me.

After 15 minutes passed, the news section drew to a close and Uncle Geoff stood up, “Right, I’m going to bed, see you in the morning Lily.” He walked passed me out the room to his bed without so much as a backward glance.

I waited for his footsteps upstairs to stop, and assuming he was now in bed I headed straight to bed myself. I decided not to have a shower, instead opting to put my head straight on my pillow. I undressed completely, leaving my clothes in a pile. When I reached down to touch my pussy I was surprised to find myself wet from the night’s antics. I was shocked it had turned me on, even just a little.

I woke up to the sound of footsteps Uncle Geoff must be up and it must be late morning, I thought to myself. I got out of bed, wrap a towel around myself and head automatically to the bathroom for a shower. Closing the door I notice it doesn’t lock so I shut it behind me and drop the towel to the floor. I move and stand under the warm jets of water, then picking up the soap I rub foam all over my body. I pay special attention to cleaning my pussy, the hairs are all shaved off and it’s smooth and so soft to touch. I wash my hair and spray the water all over me. When I stepped out to wrap the towel around me, I noticed the door to the bathroom was open a crack. I couldn’t help wonder if Uncle Geoff had been peeking, it would be so naughty of him and, shit my nipples were standing stiff at the thought.

I went downstairs for breakfast dressed in a neat dress which was just longer than my fingertips when I stood up. It showed a little, but not all of my cleavage, and I put a cardigan on to cover me up more and keep me warm in the cold farmhouse. Uncle Geoff was sat at the kitchen table in his dressing gown still, he watched me enter over his newspaper.

“I haven’t had a shower yet young lady,” He said disapprovingly, “I forgot that women spend forever in the shower cleaning and whatever. I made breakfast while you were showering, it’s just some eggs, bacon and toast. Eat up”

I sat down at the table and crossed my legs, eating my food slowly. “What’s your plan for today Uncle?” I asked, trying to make small talk. “I’m going to revise.”

“Good Lily, well Tuesday is Poker and darts night with the boys from the pub but If the weather keeps up I won’t fancy the walk into town.” He tutted. “First off though I’ve got to do my rounds on the farm, check the animals and fields are all OK in this bad weather.” Folding his newspaper, he stood up and headed to the bathroom to get ready for his day.

I spent the afternoon reading through practice exam papers. At around 5pm Uncle Geoff came home, he was drenched to the skin from the rain. “I’m getting straight back into that shower to get warm,” He stated. “And while I get prepared, it’s your turn to cook. There’s meat in the fridge and vegetables in the cupboard. It needs to be a meal big enough for four of us as I have two friends coming over. We’re going to drink here tonight instead of the put as the weather shows no slgns of clearing up.”

“No problem Uncle,” I replied cheerily. I don’t mind cooking as it goes, and I think myself to be a fairly good chef. I was planning to cook a small roast with some creamy leeks for the guests.

I started preparing the vegetables and turned the oven on. It would take a while for this meal to cook. As I washed up the dishes and cutlery from the morning I spilled some water down my dress, so that it clung to me across the front with the damp. I hadn’t had time to get changed before Uncle Geoff came back down fully dressed. He looked with appreciation at my wet dress, his old eyes sparkling with mischief under his grey eyebrows. “I haven’t had time to get changed,” I said, responding to the way he was staring at my body.

“It’s no problem young Lily, I like the way you tease me,” He said.

“B-But I wasn’t…” I stuttered and turned away from his gaze, bending down to open the oven and turn the roast vegetables over, unavoidably giving him a good view of my ass as I bent down.

“No need to explain,” He cut in. “Stay like that, and in that, don’t worry. I don’t think my mates will mind either when they arrive shortly.” He smiled lustfully at me. My nipples were once again involuntarily erect under my bra, oh fuck. Why am I feeling slightly turned on by my Uncles creepy advances? He is so old, wrinkly, and demanding of me. Now I couldn’t get changed out of the damp dress.

The doorbell buzzed and Uncle Geoff welcomed me to meet his two friends. Trevor was very tall and thin, with long greying sideburns and a leather jacket. Pete was fat, with a pudgy double chin and big thick hands. “My niece Lily here has cooked us all a magnificent dinner” Uncle Geoff avrupa yakası escort grandly stated. “And doesn’t she look beautiful herself, all five foot five and double D of her!” and he chucked under his breath again.

“You look very becoming in that dress Lily,” Trevor said to me, “it is nice to make the acquaintance of such a beautiful young girl” He took my hand and kissed it, un-mistakenly I felt the tip of his tongue flicker on the back of my hand.

Pete took my wrist and pulled me to him, enveloping me in a big bear hug pressed tight against his belly. “I don’t suppose you remember Uncle Petey do you?” He said gruffly, ” That’s what you used to call me when you were little, Uncle Petey, I own the horse stables down the road. When you were a little girl on holiday here you used to come and ride my horses.”

A memory of Pete in younger days flashed through my mind, I remembered him thinner and with no grey hair.

“Now, let’s sit down and eat. Lily will bring you a drink if you’d like. We’re not at the pub tonight, but we still have our own little bar maid, aren’t we lucky lads?” He smirked dirtily again and they all chuckled together.

As I mixed up glasses of rum and coke for everyone at the table Trevor started to recount his last date. Describing an awful meal and a pudgy middle aged woman, “… I just wanted to get it up, just so I could stick it in her and at least get something out of the horrible evening, but I couldn’t get the little fella to rise… it was either too much drink or she was just too bad looking for my cock to want to raise up stiff for her!” He guffawed with laughter at the candid comment. “Not meaning to shock you little one, but we are all adults now.”

I was thinking to myself that none of the boys I had ever been with ever had a problem getting their cocks up, usually their problem was finishing too soon more than anything else. “It’s not really something I’ve experienced Trevor.” I said quite smugly.

“Oh look at her,” exclaimed Pete. “Now there I was thinking you were still all innocent and hadn’t even seen a cock erect yet!”

Shit. They were all looking at me.

“How many erect cocks have you seen in the flesh Lily?” Uncle Geoff asked me directly.

“Only two cocks, so far Uncle.” I replied.

“Two’s not many, eh” Pete continued.

“It could be worse,” said Uncle Geoff. “My niece is so pretty I expect she’ll have lots more erect cocks shown to her as she gets older. Come over here, Lily, hunny, thanks for the meal.” He was beckoning me over to him.

I approached Uncle Geoff and he pulled me onto him to that I was sitting on his lap. “She’s a wonderful looking girl, see how nicely her titties have developed lads?”

“Ohhh, yes,” said Trevor, “I would have no problem getting my pecker up for your niece Geoff.”

“She has turned into a curvy young lady,” Pete joined in, “With such pretty lips, nice legs and what an ass! She was always a cute teen, her growing tits bouncing as she rode.”

“Are you going to respond Lily?” Uncle Geoff asked me, “What do you think about their kind words?”

“T-Thanks Trevor, Thanks Pete” I replied from Uncle Geoff’s lap, my cheeks flushing from embarrassment at their intimate comments.

“I like watching her all embarrassed,” Pete rasped. “You’ll never guess what Lily did last night,” Uncle Geoff commented, bouncing me slightly on his lap, then he revealed, “I was lucky not to be embarrassed myself last night as ny pretty little niece Lily got those beautiful perky titties out so I could see all her milky white boobs and pink nipples.”

“Oh fuck!” Trevor exclaimed, “It’s making me hard now just thinking about that. Did you really Lily?”

I raised my eyes to meet Trevor’s inquisitive gaze and I nodded.

Uncle Geoff moved his hands so that he was holding my waist, he leant forwards and breathed in my ear, “Wouldn’t you like to please my friends naughty little Lily? I’m sure they’d like to see your boobs too. Would you let them look at both of them?”

My eyes drifted from Trevor to Pete. They both looked eager at the prospect of being treated to see my breasts. How could I say no? Uncle Geoff’s hands were already drifting up my waist, over my ribs towards my chest. My pussy pulsed a little on Uncle Geoff’s lap, it was all so wrong and naughty.

“I suppose I can’t really ignore your close friends wants, can I Uncle Geoff?” I submissively responded.

“Hah!” Uncle Geoff spat out, “Really Lily, you make me so proud to show you off like this,” With that his course hands cupped my breasts through my thin dress fabric, squeezing my tits together. Then he pulled the front of the dress down himself so Trevor and Pete could see my breasts themselves. “Look at how hard her nipples are already, I’m sure though if I give them a squeeze I can get the nipples even stiffer. Should I?” He asked.

“Go on!” Said Trevor excitedly.

“I want to see her tits after her nipples have been played with,” said Pete.

“Uh” I interrupted, “I don’t think you should?” then I gasped. Uncle Geoff had pinched his fingers onto my nipples, squeezing hard. He pulled the nipples out away from my chest, manipulating the rest of my boob with the palm of his hands. I couldn’t help cry out in surprise, “Oh fuck, wow!”

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