My Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 02

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Connie’s and my affair seemed to have been confirmed by last night’s late tryst. We had tried to stay apart and let the flame die, but the flame wouldn’t go out. When I came to her in the wee hours our passion exploded in a lust-filled hour of love making and affection. We became exhausted and fell asleep without thinking about how our relationship was to continue. We didn’t even know how we would arrange to be togther the next day. Connie had to work and I needed to be home in late afternoon or early evening to be available for the daily conversation with my wife, Debra, up north helping her mother with a medical problem.

Connie had slept in her bed and, to be sure she got the best possible sleep out of the few hours left after our love making, I had slept on the couch. I awoke to soft lips kissing my cheek.

“Hi, Lovely Creature.”

“Good morning, Handsome Hunk.”

“I’ll bet you’re still tired.”

“Mmmm mmmm, I was just a little slow waking up, but I feel terrific. The injections you gave me last night must have been full of vitamins.” She kissed my cheek again. I wouldn’t let her kiss my mouth until I had brushed my teeth. “I’m making some tea. Want some?”

“Sure.” My sleepy eyes began to focus. I could see that Connie already had showered, done her hair and makeup, and partly dressed. She was wearing her sexy little silk dressing gown. “What a great way to wake up … being kissed by a lovely vision.” I sat up and kept the sheet covering my lap to retain a little modesty in a relatively non-romantic situation.

“Mmmm, flattery will get you everywhere.” She brought our tea to the coffee table, poured, and sat in the chair opposite. “I’m keeping my robe closed so that I don’t start enjoying your lusting stares again … and so you can keep a certain something reasonably under control. I should leave for work in a little while.” She sent me a string of tiny air kisses. “Are you going to go home this morning?” Sipping her tea.

“I don’t know … I don’t need to, but I’ll definitely have to go back later on.”

“I know … ” She looked hesitant … as though unsure of the strength of my feelings for her and what my thoughts about when our next time together might be.

To reassure her I went on, “Lover, … last night was wonderful and no matter how covered up you are right now, my hunger for you doesn’t go away.” I sent her a kiss. “Tomorrow is Saturday … I was kind of hoping you’d want to spend some of the weekend together … unless you’re busy … or think we should try to stay apart again?” I thought I’d better give her some space.

“Marrrkk – nnooo – I want to be with you!” She looked brighter and relieved.

“Staying apart was very hard for me … and it didn’t change my feelings.”

“I know. Me either.” She sent me a bunch of happy, little air kisses. Cute.

I sent her one back. “What would you think about coming to my place after work today and staying the weekend?”

“I’d love it!” Her face lit up in an affectionate smile. “I’ll come home for lunch and pack some things and leave for your place right from work.”

“I’ll stay and make lunch for you so you don’t go without eating. I don’t want you to lose your, er … strength.”


“Sex Goddess!”

She put her tea down, came to the couch and sat in my lap. Before I could protest my “morning mouth” her lips were on mine and our tongues were dancing. Hopefully, the tea had cleansed. Without her lips leaving mine, “There’s tuna fish salad in the fridge. Make me a sandwich and some tea.” More kisses, “You’re a sweet Lover.”

“I’m inspired.” Our hugging began to evolve into caressing and our kisses were becoming softer, moister and more lustful. I began groping for the opening in her robe so I could feel her tummy, boobs and bottom. We were heating up. “If you have to leave for work soon you’d better get off my lap, because that ‘certain something’ is coming to life, and so is the rest of me.”

She whimpered and whined into our kisses and reluctantly rose. “Ohhh, Honey … my … you know … is tingling already. I hope your ‘certain something’ can hold that thought until I can nurture it later.”

“Never fear.”

“Mmmmmmmmm.” She headed for her bedroom to finish dressing. After a few minutes she called out, “You could help me pack more quickly if you’d get some of my things together ahead of time?”

“Gosh, you don’t want me going through your things, do you?”

She came out dressed for work. “I won’t mind. After all, you’ve gone through everything I have on my body. I guess it won’t matter if you go through the same things in my drawers.”

We kissed cutely, “Makes sense to me.”

“When I get home I’ll just finish up and pack my secret beauty potions.” She was peppering my lips and cheek with tiny kisses, “I don’t think I’ll need many clothes … will I?”

I kissed her lips, “What a tease … the bare necessity would be something to keep you covered up while you’re driving over.”

“Uhnn … you’re such a bad boy.”

She suadiye escort left for work a short time later. I got my toiletries from the car and showered and shaved. After a little breakfast I started my assigned chores. Connie’s drawers and closet were very neat. Actually, she wouldn’t need to take very much. I found her shortest shorts and her shortest sport dress (the sun dress we pinned together). I found two pairs of panties and a bra with a bit of lace trim as well as a fairly sleek tank swim suit. Dressy sandals, sport socks and tennies finished the ensemble. I set it all out on the bed and added toothbrush, comb, brush and shower cap.

I had time to burn and decided to make her a present of some feminine undies. I’d noticed that most of her’s were either cotton or very tailored. I found a Victoria’s Secret in a nearby mall and selected matching bra and panties of the same sizes as those I had found in her drawers. They were briefer and lacier and silkier than her stuff, of course. I chose a creamy pale brown color which seemed to be Connie’s favorite. I avoided the raciest, sexiest styles because I didn’t want to make Connie embarrassed or uncomfortable. I resisted other temptations, like garter belt and stockings – or a teddy – or crotchless panties. Those things were attractive to me, but they seemed out of character for Connie and might be off-putting this early in our relationship and at our ages.

I got back in plenty of time to make her sandwich and tea. I put the new undies with the others on the bed.

I heard Connie drive up. I met her at the door and when she was inside I welcomed her with a warm hug. Our ‘Hello kiss’ began with closed mouths but lasted longer and longer with mouths opening and tongues playing lush games. Finally she murmured on my lips, “I could get used to this kind of homecoming.”

My hands began searching and caressing the soft, feminine places I enjoyed. I whispered, “I’ve done my chores. Your lunch is ready and I’ve put some things out for you to pack.”

“You’re such a good boy!” Her lips lingered and feathered mine and her hands began feeling my body. Her tummy and groin merged and blended into me. “I suppose you think you should be rewarded?”

“Mmmmmm, the thought never crossed my mind.”

“Of course it didn’t.” She flexed her groin, “Then why is your man thing poking into my tummy?” Her hand rubbed over the rising penis making a lump in my shorts.

“Well, maybe one or two thoughts,” and after another kiss a few hugging strokes over the curves of her hips, “You gorgeous sex goddess, it feels like you’re not wearing any panties.” With my hands on her soft bum I nudged my hardness into her and kissed her with hungry lips.

She squirmed against me, “Mm, Lover, I’ve been dreaming all morning of making you get stiff, and what you’d do to me then.” Her lips covered mine and she murmured on, “It made me so wet I had to put a tissue in my panties … I got so hungry for your stiff penis that … before I left work I took my panties off and stuffed a tissue you-know-where to keep my dress dry.” More kisses, “Could we have dessert before lunch?”

“Your morning dream has obviously come true … I’m stiff as a stick.” Our lips were together again. I lifted her skirt and found her bare hips and soft, naked bottom, “Mmmmmm, I love feeling you naked under your skirt. … Help me lose my shorts.” Connie had my shorts around my ankles in seconds and began fondling me. After another long kiss, “If your beautiful pussy has been getting wet I’d better kiss it and … make it better.” I dropped to my knees and lifted her skirt. She held it for me.

“Oh, Maarrrkk.” She leaned against the wall and opened her knees and thighs in a wider stance – thrusting her pelvis out to present herself. I removed the tissue and my hands grasped her bum between her legs and held her hungry vulva to my mouth. “Mmmmmmm … uhnn … uhhnnn … Honey, your mouth on me … .” She lifted one leg and rested her thigh on my shoulder.

Through my avid lips and tongue I breathed, “Your pussy is puffy … and pink … and wet. … It’s so beautiful when it puffs up like this. It’s so sweetly expectant … and ready for me.”

My tongue was licking through her moist, pink lips and poking into her vaginal opening. I sucked the luscious honey from her opening and, when I licked up to her clitoris I found it sticking out. I nibbled and feathered it, she flexed rhythmically. She sighed, “Mmmm, so very ready … unghnnn right there … and inside.” First one and then two fingers began their loving work. Her tummy shivered on my forehead. “Oh, Maarrrkkk, don’t stop!” Her bum shook in my hand and I could barely keep her clitoris in my lips, “Aauuuhhnnn … ooo … uhnn …. Loverrrr.” She went limp and I held her close.

“Your pussy is so lovable.” I kissed and licked it softly. “I think it needs more penetrating attention.”

“Mmmmm, lots more. …I’m glad you like my pussy. I daydream about your fingers and mouth loving me.” She regained her çekmeköy escort strength and pressed my head to her. “Lover, take my dress off … and let’s go in on my bed.” She began to unzip. After the dress came the bra. She took me in hand, “And I dream about this beautiful, hard cock … slurping and sliding and pushing way up in me.” I knew Connie was deeply aroused when I heard her refer to my ‘cock’. I stepped out of my shorts on the floor.

When we reached the bed she ignored the things laying on it. Leading me by my stiff erection she pulled me with her until I was kneeling between her welcoming legs. She didn’t let go but guided me to the plunge into her excited, expectant, succulent vagina. Her legs hugged and pulled me close while she pushed up into me. I leaned on my elbows and loved her breasts and coaxed them each to my mouth. Our squirming and plunging was slow but strong. She began to shudder and shiver with her second orgasm while I fed on her nipples. I followed right behind her.

We lay quietly, softly caressing. She began to be aware of the things I had set out for her. “Oh, Honey, are these the things for me to pack?”

“Mm hum, I hope I did OK.”

She took inventory. “You did just fine … What are these?” She held the new bra and panty set.

“Oh, I don’t know … I had some time on my hands and went to the mall.”

“But you shouldn’t …”

“I couldn’t help it! I just happened to stumble into Victoria’s Secret and …”

“Sure, sure – just stumbled …!”

“OK, I confess. I wanted to give you something pretty and feminine … because you’re so pretty and feminine … and I … I’m very … fond of you.”

“Oh, Marrkk, they’re so pretty …”, kisses and hugs, “I love them. This is my favorite color! … Thank you.” Our hugs and kisses were getting a little warm again. “I’m very fond of you too … can you tell?”

“Mmmmmmm, I can tell.” I would like to have spent the afternoon like this, but Connie needed to get back to work, “You’d better cut this out … or I’ll chain you to the bed … and you’ll never get back to work.”

“Lecher. You’re always making promises.” A last, affectionate caress and kiss. “Can I wear my new things?”

“I’d be flattered.”

“I love them.”

“I’m glad.” I held her snugly. “I’m going now. I need to clean my house up a little.”

“OK. I’ll miss you.”

“Not for long.” I kissed her love lips, hugged her thigh to my mouth, nibbled a nipple and finally kissed her. “I’ll be very hungry for you by the time you get there.”

“I hope so. I’ll hurry.”

I dressed and gathered my things, “I had a bite to eat at the mall. I’ll get some steaks and salad things for our supper.”

“Mm, that sounds good. Do you want me to bring anything?”

“Just your sweet, naked self.” I chuckled.

“Sex fiend!”

And then it dawned on me that we needed to be careful and discreet to avoid my neighbors noticing our weekend tryst in Debra’s absence. “But it just occurred to me – when you get to my place we’d better put your car in the garage – out of sight.”

“Oh! Riiigght.”

“When you’re almost there call me on your cell phone and I’ll open the garage door for you.”

“OK, Sweetheart.” Connie hadn’t moved off the bed yet. “I wish you didn’t have to go just yet.” Her sweetly feminine body was lazily arranged exuding an aura of languid, compelling sex. She was half sitting up with one knee over the other. The other hand was down in her nether region doing something in her crotch.

I leaned down and kissed her, “Me too, but I should.” I couldn’t resist, I sucked on her nipples and kissed my way over her tummy. She opened her legs and I kissed my way down to caress her clitoris and labia with my lips, finishing with soft kisses on her thighs. She brushed my cheeks with her thighs while I kissed. When I arose she opened her thighs more widely and lay before me in lush display. The warm, soft, pillowy cushions of her inner thighs where they cozied her loving place beckoned me, lured me, promised me their comfort. She stroked them in sexual presentation.

Her vulva squirmed in tiny sexual undulations and she sighed, “Mmmmm, you made me want you again … your lips are wonderful.” Her labia were moist and pink where they led to her welcoming vaginal flower. Her love juices were oozing down from her vaginal lips toward her anus. With graceful fingers she parted her petals and squirmed her vulva in sensual invitation. Her gaping vagina glistened eagerly.

“I can’t resist … you’re making your pussy and thighs so inviting … so beautiful.” I sent her an air kiss, “But I’ll make you late.”

“I won’t be late, Lover. Don’t be cruel … I’m starving for your beautiful penis.” She lay there pouting cutely, “Come here and give me a little kiss.”

I moved closer and bent to kiss her. Her mouth was soft and moist and she gently sucked my tongue while I began to undo my shorts. I had tried to leave but I was as consumed with desire as she. In a few moments şerifali escort I was standing beside the bed naked again. “Bring it to me, Darling.” She raised up on one elbow, grasped my hard erection and pulled me to her mouth. She kissed my thrilling penis tenderly and gently laved and sucked.

I looked down at her and hungered to have her hug my cheeks in the cushions of her beautiful thighs. I also hungered to bury my hardness in her beautiful, oozing vagina. Her vulva was puffy with desire and her thighs were so widely spread that her labia were partly open and their inner pinkness glistened with the moisture of love. “Sweet Love, your mouth is magical. … You’re making me so hungry for you … Your thighs are open so wide, and your pussy is so beautiful … and pink and wet.”

Connie whispered with lips brushing my glans, “Mmmmm, Lover … your penis is sexy. I like to kiss it … mmmmm it feels so soft and stiff and eager in my mouth.” Her mouth took me in again. “But my pussy wants more of it.” The way Connie was loving my penis with her mouth, I knew she must be filled with the same wonderful lust I was feeling.

Her ministrations began to focus my lust on her lips and an urge to cum in her loving mouth. “Darling, your mouth … and lips … are being so sweet.” I caressed her cheeks gently with my fingertips and thrust gently. Suddenly I was afraid cumming in her mouth would be a rude surprise, “Honey, Im almost cumming!” She whined quietly when I began to ease it out. “You’re so beautiful, I want to give your beautiful pussy another present before I go.” I pulled away from her mouth and bent to nibble on her clitoris. While I moved to mount her my fingers reminded her vagina of my coming.

“Maarrrkkk?” She was moaning softly.

“Mm hmm?” I slipped my ardent lover into her liquid glove.

“Aahhnngg … Thank you. My pussy loves your presents.” She devoured me and squirmed into her third lunchtime orgasm. She slithered and moaned and pulled me down for luscious kisses. “Unnhhnng … your cock feels so good in me. … Do you like to fuck me, Sweet Love?”

“I love to fuck you, Darling. Your pussy makes my cock … feel so good.”

“I like it … when you kiss me down there.”

“I love to make love to your sweet pussy. Your love lips are warm and wet, and I think they like to kiss me.”

“Mmmmmm, they love to kiss your lips … a lot. And I love your cock so much … especially when it’s fucking me.” Her sweet vagina felt like warm liquid caressing my plunging penis. In between kisses she whispered in my ear, “Lover, … would you like kissing and sucking my pussy … without hair?”

I whispered, “Mmmm, I’d love it.”

“We’ll see.” She squirmed around my stiffness and hugged me in her soft thighs. “I liked kissing … and loving your cock, Sweetheart. I want to love you like that again … soon.” And she emphasized her wish with more vigorous thrusts.

“I loved it too … your mouth felt wonderful – your tongue and your lips – and your gentle sucking.” I squirmed around in her. “But if your mouth were too loving to my penis … for a little too long … uh … uh … it would squirt in you.” My rhythmic thrusts were interrupting sweet nothings.

“Mm, I know … I’d love it. … That would make me feel so close to you.” She squirmed with me and pulled me deep until I could feel her cervix nudging me. The sweet feeling tingled under my glans and started the pumping in my root. Connie felt it, “Uhhnnn … Lover, you’re going to cum, I feel it. … Uhhnnn, me toooo, nnnn … so good … uuhhhnnnn.”

Our afterglow was affectionate – but short. Now Connie really did have to get back to work. While I was still in her and nuzzling her neck I murmured, “I’m glad you wanted to kiss your “Admirer” goodby. I still wanted to be in you … but I didn’t want to make you late.”

“Don’t worry, Sweetheart.” Her thighs hugged me and she held me in her while she continued, “Maarrk?”

“Mmm hmm,” still nuzzling.

She squirmed her pussy to massage my half hard, happy penis. “Sometime this weekend … I want you to cum in my mouth. … Would you let me take you in my mouth?”

“I’d love it … but only if it would be nice for you.”

“I wanted you to cum in my mouth when I was loving your sexy penis a few minutes ago.” Her thighs hugged and she squeezed her vagina around my penis. “I feel very warm and close to you when you suck on my clitoris and I cum on your lips and mouth, … and I want to feel even closer … when you ooze your cum into my mouth while I’m loving you.”

I squirmed and thrust into her, “I’ll love it.”

“Mmmmm, I’ll add that to this afternoon’s fantasies.” We kissed lushly and merged our loins one last time before our necessary parting, “I think I’d better get dressed.”

I dressed again too and gave Connie a parting kiss, “See you soon, Lover.”

She squeezed her Admirer in my shorts, “Mm hmm, bye.”

By mid-afternoon I had the house cleaned up and the groceries in. I put clean sheets on the twin beds in the guest room. I wasn’t sure either of us would be comfortable in Debra’s and my bed.

I shaved again, cleaned my teeth and took another shower. Just as I was toweling off the phone rang. I wrapped the towel around me and went to the kitchen to answer it. “Hello.”

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