N.U.D.E. Ch. 05

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Intro: In part one (found in the Exhibitionism section), Miss Helene Jean Ponsonby, managing director and owner of her family company saw a sign to a mysterious organisation situated next to her offices. She went in to find out what they did, was mistaken for a client, and ended up exposing herself to the receptionist who reciprocated in a mutual masturbation session. She left, not finding out what their company name, N.U.D.E. Ltd stood for. In part 2 (in the Exhibitionism section), she returned the next day still curious about their name and was subjected to an unconventional examination of her sexual interests and desires. This was against the backdrop of fighting off a boardroom coup.

However, as her journey of sexual liberation and discovery is occurring, so is her capacity to fight back; again in unconventional ways. In part 3 (in the BDSM section) we joined her at the end of the second day recounting the events of her journey home from the office where she has been ‘advised’ about purchases in a sex shop, and in turn used her business skills to advise the owner in return for his toys, then entered a clothing shop specialising in leather wear. Here she has explored her dominant side, with tutelage from an attractive Domme Aunt and her sexy and submissive niece. In part 4 (Mind Control section) she starts to put into action some of the things she had promised herself she would do the previous day, including seducing her Deputy Marketing Director and Company Secretary. There is a plot afoot to unseat her from the Board, but alliances can be broken and reassigned with the right assistance. Unusual circumstances call for unusual means. In Part 5 (Incest section) Helene has consolidated her alliances and is ready to use her power to the full…


I stretched out naked on my big brass bed. The tough metal frame and Vi-Sprung mattress was one of those expensive necessities I had chosen to invest in only yesterday. If I was to change my sex life, there was no place for single beds or even doubles. No, this was a super king size with a firm base that meant years of promised pleasure. Also, now I had taken full control of my inheritance, my late father’s mansion was the logical place to move in to.

The idea had suddenly occurred to me a few days ago while Emilie de Caune, my Company Secretary, was buried nose deep in my pussy. I needed a place that could accommodate my ‘playthings’ and yet had space for me to withdraw from the world at times. That was something I still required; an oasis of solitude that in the case of Ponsonby Hall was my separate wing. This had been mine from a child but I’d hardly seen it through Boarding School in England and finishing school in Switzerland,and had not been there since Daddy died, so currently I had decorators in to spruce it up.

Just as I’d got to know my father really well, working together to make a successful electronics business in the Valley, so he died. Mummy I had not seen for a few years as she had returned to England, distraught and with no interest in the business. Now I needed my allies and I knew just where to start. I picked up the phone and dialled.

“Uncle Albert?” I asked, not recognising the male voice at the other end.

“I’ll get him sweetie,” replied the camp voice. It was one of Uncle’s boyfriends probably. There was a long silence.

“Queen’s residence, can I help you?”

“Uncle! You are outrageous. Besides since when have you declared as exclusively an arse fucker?”

I heard the palpable silence.

“Helene? Geez I didn’t recognise you. Likewise, since when did you shed the prim language and say it as it is? My God, have you had brain damage?”

“No Uncle, just a reorientation of my thinking thanks to a brilliant clinic, but it’s not that I want to talk about…”

“Shame,” he interrupted. “It’s so refreshing to hear my best loved niece talking like a slut. God, I thought the nuns had reprogrammed you to be Mother Theresa with a plum in the mouth.All I wanted was for you to take cock or cunt!” He laughed, almost choking. I could imagine it. He was almost 70 now but with the body of a 40-year-old gymnast. I could picture him at one of his astonishingly debauched parties with his fine head of grey hair bobbing up and down on some man’s cock or woman’s pussy. I’d always been invited once 18 and always gone (curiously), but sat like the Mistress of Tweed drinking at most one Buck’s Fizz then left discretely. My panties would always be soaking but the nuns had driven those fine censors into my brain – guilt and shame – no matter how fascinated and aroused I’d been.

“Uncle! I need you to be serious for a moment.”

“Ok, so long as you tell me about this change in you. Dammit, it makes me excited just thinking about it!”

And I bet I knew what that meant. I’d seen his cock – huge! And that is when I had a sudden flashback to something I’d clearly suppressed. It was my mother on her knees in the kitchen at a party and…my God…it had istanbul rus escort suddenly come back…it was my Uncle fucking her mouth! It was a startling memory. Dominic from N.U.D.E. Ltd. had been right. I had some hidden memories to uncover.

“Helene?” I could hear the concern in his voice.

“I…I’m here Uncle, it’s just…oh never mind. Let’s get down to business. I have a problem to sort out. Two directors are plotting to remove me as Chair and trying to find allies.”

“So who is it?” He asked, the change in tone telling. I loved the way Uncle could switch from hedonist to entrepreneur and serious Director the next.

“It’s Daniel de Caune and Jason Banks.”

“Nothing new there, the old poof and his croney up to their usual tricks?”

Never PC, always direct, that’s Uncle. They may have been usual, but he needed to know their seriousness.

“Well Emilie tells me her husband is plotting to gain a controlling share through use of a loophole in the articles of the Company, whereby he has been buying shares and has called a special General meeting to put new plans for the progress of the business. That includes removing me and his wife too. He has made a pact with someone from outside the Board who has a high level of funding available.”

“Emilie? How did you get that meek little lapdog to talk?”

I hesitated, but no, if I was to make a line in the sand and really live this new life then he should be first to celebrate the coming out of Helene…

“I fucked her,” I said as nonchalantly as I could.

Again, silence.

“I think we need to meet, but before we do get your mother on the phone and tell her to get that sexy arse of hers out here on the next flight. It’s time she stopped grieving and moping about in that big house in the Old Country.”

“Yes,” I said, smiling, remembering that image one more time of mummy on her knees.”I’ll call immediately. She can stay with me, I’ve moved back into Ponsonby Hall.”

“About bloody time! Get Emilie along too. Haven’t seen her in quite a while, er, can I share her?”

“You, my lovely Uncle, are incorrigible!”

“I know. Fights like this give me a real hard-on.”

I giggled like a schoolgirl, which released a whole new set of memories….


“Uncle Albert!” I said, greeting him warmly as he stepped out of his Rolls. He was clearly taken by my extremely short skirt and pure silk blouse, cut low to show my breasts that I’d chose to leave unfettered. I’d picked my highest heels, deliberately, knowing what would happen when we climbed the sweeping curve of the stairs to the drawing room. With my height in those Jimmy Choos, I knew I looked fabulous

I saw his eyes scan fleetingly my face, a broad smile getting even wider as he stared blatantly at my tits, down to my long legs and back to my bosom, where his gaze stayed as he spoke. My nipples responded, hardening under his gaze.

“Well, well,.well. At last the swan has emerged. Well actually she was always there: just dressed in the most fucking awful tweed suits and prim little dresses that hid those magnificent tits.”

“Thank you Uncle and I’m sorry I have been hidden from yours and everyone else’s gaze for so long. In just over a week I’ve made some dramatic steps to catch up with life and get in touch with my sexuality, but we have more pressing issues to address. Come, follow me,” I gestured, inviting him to follow me up the stairs.

I heard the sigh. I knew he would be looking directly up my skirt at my shaven labia rubbing so delightfully against each other as I climbed to the drawing room. I felt a slight reddening of my face, but that sudden sense of embarrassment felt strangely arousing. Was that the modicum of submissive in me? I knew my pussy lips were shining and wet.

“Come on in Uncle,” I invited, as I opened the door to the room. I glanced down to see an unmistakable bulge in his white chinos. He was ever the dapper dresser and that magnificent cock of his was clearly pointing high and right. He’d once claimed never to use Viagra and I suspected I had just seen the proof. My thoughts became overwhelmed with lewd images: he with my mother, him with me and Emilie, who was quietly standing by my large glass topped table.

“Uncle, this is…”

“…Emilie,” he interjected. “It is a long time since I have had the pleasure.”

The heavy innuendo in that statement could not go unnoticed, as Uncle Albert swept across the floor and took her hand, before kissing her on each cheek.

“You look ravishing my dear. Or is it more you have just been ravished?” he asked, smiling as his eyes took their familiar route to assess her body and he inhaled deeply. “I can smell your cunt juice. Am I right?”

“Oh, yes,” she acknowledged proudly, unfazed by Uncle’s typical directness. “Mistress has aroused me and spanked me soundly,” she said, in an almost childlike voice. “It was a gift kadıköy escort in exchange for the information I am going to give you.”

“So show me your spanking,” Albert instructed quickly, smiling sweetly at us both. And before I could protest, Emilie was bending over the table and had lifted her little skirt to reveal the most delightfully red posterior that matched her equally fiery pussy hair. She assumed the position programmed via Dominic’s Psycho-hypnosis. This had left the autosuggestion that the more she revealed about her husband’s plot, the more pleasure she would be given by me and my entourage.

“Beautiful,” Uncle said simply, releasing his enormous aching cock from his trousers and in a trice thrusting without ceremony into the wet engulfing cunt lips of my latest conquest.

She screamed, but not in pain. No, her face showed absolute delight. Her arse must have been stinging, but clearly she was relishing the heat; thrusting as Uncle’s heavy balls slapped against her thighs. She could do nothing but take the assault, whilst her eyes looked glazed with pleasure and her body flattened against the glass. I could imagine those firm little titties squashed out like eggs on a plate. Mmmmm.

At the peal of the front door bell, I left them; the sounds of fucking echoing into the large hall. Emilie’s penchant for screaming (something also programmed in by Dominic as a counter to an instruction to be quiet given by her louse of a husband) meant no one could doubt what was happening. It was hard to tear myself away, and not least because I’d made up my mind that incest was not a sin any more. Well readers, who could resist a cock like that? Another ‘thank you’ to Dom whose boxes of electronic tricks were aiding my liberation by the day.

I opened the door to Yvette. My smile must have signalled approval. She wore a light blue dress, well above the knee, and her huge breasts (previously hidden like mine had been) were just about held behind the V of her plunging neckline. The clinging silk emphasised nipples that stood like rocks at sea. Her hair she’d had cut short, showing off her long, slender neck. I liked the delicate lobes of her ears, once untouched but now sporting lengthy designer earrings in the shape of two silver men, naked and erect.

“Mmmm, gorgeous,” I said, reaching out to touch one of them, though the statement was more than just about the engorged cocks on the jewelry, “I approve. Where did you buy them?”

“Rebecca’s new business venture. The sex store you asked her to turn around. Well, here is one of her first innovations; sexy or what?” She asked, laughing. I could tell this was still all daring and new for her, just like me.

“Just wonderful,” I replied, moving in close to hug her and plant my lips firmly on hers. Wow, in just a few days I could feel her respond like an absolute pro. Her tongue slid into my mouth, hunting and pleasuring as its tip slid sensuously over my teeth and duelled with my own hungry ‘glossa'(sorry readers, too much Latin education). She was an excellent kisser. From frump to hump in just a few days was one of my best achievements, but Yvette exceeded my expectations in the way she was responding to the release of her sexuality. I could not help but be delighted as those amazing mammaries heaved and pressed hard against me. Dominic had been right. When he used his gizmos on her she needed only little tweaks of the neurones to help remove her reserve. “Just a few permissions were needed,” he’d said. Phew, she was hot.

It took a lot of willpower to break away. I satisfied myself with a quick grasp of her firm arse that was clearly pantyless and her hands doing the same to me. I could have jumped her there and then, but we had serious work to do. Besides the increasingly frequent screams of pleasure from upstairs suggested Uncle and Emilie were close to reaching their climax; well about the third in quick succession to be more accurate for my Company Secretary. I suspected my relative was capable of withholding his cum for a long time.

“I’m so glad you are here darling. Welcome to Ponsonby Hall. Let’s go to the Drawing Room where my Uncle Albert and Emilie de Caune are waiting, Well fucking really as they could not resist using the time efficiently,” I said warmly with a giggle. Well what else could I say? As we ascended so we heard the loud masculine grunt of Uncle, clearly spilling his seed at last into my Board’s Secretary. Not to mention her screaming orgasm, so high pitched it seemed as if it could break glass.

“Wow!” exclaimed Yvette

“Yes, wow!” I replied, indicating the route and delighting as I looked over my shoulder and watched her animated tits swinging and straining against the low cut V of blue. “I think she has just christened every one of the 20 plus rooms with the sound of that orgasm,” I continued, laughing and feeling so excited by the future promised by Uncle both at work and home, but in the short term I wondered how I was going kartal escort to get through our secret meeting without the need to fuck this gorgeous woman.

“Here we are,” I announced, as I pushed open the heavy oak door, to be met by the sight of Emilie and Uncle sitting at the table as if butter couldn’t melt in their mouths. However, one gift from Dom’s treatment of my own sexuality was heightened visual and auditory acuity. It meant that when I looked through the glass top I could see that Emilie was sitting with her legs apart, cum dribbling onto the chair and down her legs, and the digits of Uncle’s left hand lost within her red thatch. This was going to be some challenge to my self-control.

I instructed Yvette to lay out the documents she had brought. Again tested by the glorious view of her naked arse cheeks slowly revealed as she stretched out to spread the papers. ‘Good girl,’ I thought, as her pussy was clearly smooth as a baby’s bottom and not a little wet judging by the glistening large lips. Such wonderful strong thighs and calves I noted; so lovely to lick and stroke.

‘Pull yourself together,’ I said to myself, gritting my teeth in some pathetic way meant to steel my resolve. To think, one week before my prissy Ms Ponsonby self would have been disgusted and probably spoilt everything by telling everyone off. Now my problem was a very different one.

I sat down and let Yvette present her findings, as instructed.


It was five hours later that we had our plans agreed. Charlene Bourlet, my family’s lawyer, arrived after we had held a closed session of the ‘fabulous four’ with Uncle just so focused and driven to protect the family business. He had been such a strong supporter for so long, but now he had stepped up one gear more showing a determination that left me feeling no one could beat us. The plan was agreed, with just my mother to sign everything off once she arrived.

“Where the hell is that mother of yours?” Uncle asked impatiently while sitting back drinking a glass of the best claret I could find in the cellar. With one very wet hand now on Emilie’s knee, the other imbibing, he looked so relaxed and yet his voice signalled some irritation. Why should he expect anything other of mummy? She had been devastated by Daddy’s death and had withdrawn back to the old estate in the UK. I’d never visited there in years, but she had apparently used some of the inheritance to renovate the house. Yet she seemed to have no visitors other than her younger sister, my Aunt Agatha, who lived in London and then once a year my father’s brother Uncle Albert and my cousin Andrew, Uncle’s son and heir. I’d last seen that spotty urchin when he was about 18 and due to go to live in Mauritius with his sister Juliette and their French mother. Now Auntie Suzon was a prude in need of a lightening up. Another ex-convent girl apparently. I could hardly remember her.

“She promised to be here within 24 hours, so I expect her any moment now. My driver is on alert to pick her up from the airport and bring her straight to us, but given how isolated we are they are going to be some time,” I answered, mesmerised by the sight of Uncle’s fingers having moved to toy lightly with Emilie’s red pubic hair. She was being such a slut, with her legs wide apart and showing no embarrassment at all that Charlene, Yvette and me could see everything. I found myself smiling as I noticed that my lawyer was clearly aroused but trying to be so professional. She was moving her papers slowly from the table, obviously making sure there was no obscuring of her view while pretending to be the serious adviser. I decided to test her.

“Erotic isn’t it?” I whispered in her ear, knowing the little blow of air on her ear lobe would probably arouse her further.

“Er, pardon?” she replied, giving me a look that suggested I had just caught her with her hand in the cookie jar or somewhere more intimate. Her blushed skin looked cute, I thought.

“Erotic, isn’t it?” I repeated, using my most breathy voice close to her beautifully delicate ear. It was all I could do to not give it a kiss or even better, a lick. “Uncle likes to toy with his women, and he is so good. Enormous cock too you know,” I added, coolly.

“Has he?” she asked a little louder than perhaps she intended, clearly surprised as her eyes widened and she licked her lips. She looked down, eyes darting away from Emilie’s now wide open thighs to Uncle’s obvious bulge that in those chinos left little to the imagination.

“Oh yes and I am sure if you asked he would show it to you, or better still skewer your tight pussy on it,” I offered candidly and not a little excited by the idea that I might get Charlene to shed her professional image and become another notch on Uncle’s bedpost; and hopefully mine.

“How do you know it’s tight?” Surprising me with her husky reply that oozed sexual tension, if not a little amusement in her tone.

I giggled, then said, “Well, you are unmarried, 40 years old and clearly so busy you probably have a hard time finding a good fucker despite your beauty.” I giggled again, enjoying this banter.

It was her time to laugh as she retorted, “You little Sherlock Holmes! But the flaw is I might have a huge vibrator at home to keep me open and ready for a good shag.”

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