Naked Earnings Ch. 03

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I’m Dan, a 45 year old white guy, after the passing of my wife I returned to my old home and my son Tim. For an old guy I’m in good shape, 5′ 6″ around 140 pounds. I’m a pretty solid body, firm muscular legs and firm strong arms. My son is taller than me and in better shape. He is like some Greek god, with sculptured chest and abs, muscular legs and a well formed ass. He is horse hung, like myself. We sport a thick eight inch cock. His cock and balls are beautifull. I see his beautiful androygnus face with full lips. I imaging they are soft like his mothers were.

Oh God…it feels so good, that wonderful feeling of my hard dick inside a willing wet mouth. The feeling of my cock being socked and played with as warm soft hands fondles my hanging balls. Then I feel my cock sliding into the tightness of an asshole. I feel my balls bounce against that firm soft ass that I fondle as I my hot member slides in and out of the tight asshole….oh God it is wonderful and I feel the hot wetness of my cum bubbling out of my cock head, I feel its warm stickiness on my balls and thighs….I feels wonderful and I drift off into bliss….

Bright light, warm and dazzling is shining on my eyes and it calls me to wakefulness. Oh, I left the shades open and the sun came in. I look at the clock and it’s like five in the morning. Well I’m awake and I might as well get up.

I reach over to pull off the covers put they resist, I realize I had a wet dream, and a rather good and big one last night, the sheets are very stained and stuck to my dried cum stuck to my bare skin as well.

I look at my morning hard on and I’m amazed as usual at the huge hard thing, I measured it a few times, I am bit vain. It’s eight inch with a inch girth is impressive standing like a piece of stiff wood. I look over my elderly but gym firmed and jogging firm body, not bad for an old guy. I get my socks, running shoes, sweatshirt, and stuff my member into the tight form fitting Lycra bike shorts, and walk quietly out of the house for a morning run trying to be careful not to wake my son.

I think of my son as I jog in the neighborhood. I’ve seen a lot of my son since I came back to live in the family home after the death of my wife. Seen a lot of him since he is mostly parading around naked! He has made good use of our full size swimming pool, and the weight machines esenyurt escort I left at the house when I moved out. I wonder if he uses them naked? Probably does.

I just can’t imagine him parading around naked in front of my wife. She loved my large strong body but was always telling me to dress and cover up like a proper adult.

He has inherited my package, that’s for sure. That thick cock and balls is a mirror of my own horse hung member. He has inherited his mother’s shapely ass, hips. The arms and legs that he has strengthened is from me. He is like that marble Greek gods made of marble. I’m sure that all the girls in his school dreams of fucking him.

I am lost in the reverie and mange to make my way back to the house as I feel a familiar sensation in my prick it is still firm. Hanging around him and his exhibitionist ways makes me horny. Oh my god, then there is the blow jobs! I just recalled the web site and the morning blow jobs.

I enter the house and quietly make my way to the laundry. I pull the sweaty clothes off of me and dump them into the hamper. Then I realize that wasn’t too bright. I’m naked and I didn’t bring my robe with me to cover up. Oh well, I’m sure my son is asleep, so he won’t see me walk naked through the house to my room.

“Morning Dad,” my naked son says as his hand rests on my bare ass.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“I heard you go out and come back in. I bet you need a shower, can I join you?” He says with a dazzling grin. “Besides,” He says as his hand approaches my chest and then makes its way to my penis “I should help clean you off, I did take advantage of you last night, do you recall?”

I do. As I was watching him on the computer sucking off guys, I was jerking off and he was in the room jerking off as well watching me. He came all over me.

“Won’t you let me clean you up?” He says as his large hands brushes my engorge dick. It feels so good.

“Please Dad, let my do this for you. We been apart for so long and I’ve missed you, I dream of you and wonder if you will like me how I grown up. I wonder if my own body is like yours. I’m so happy to know that my member stacks up to the size and girth of your own. “

His hands on my dick feels so good, the sound of pleading in his voice for acceptance, etiler escort how can I coldly brush him away now, I’ve abandoned him for so long. A son needs a father for guidance and advice and I wasn’t there.

“Come with me, let me clean you up,” He takes my hand in his and I let him take me to his shower. The thought that I will feel his hands on my flesh, that I might let him roam all over my body touching my skin is heady, and so arousing. I feel drunk and in a fog. I step into the bathroom and the shower is a glassed in one, big enough to fit two people comfortable. I forgot what money I lavished on building this home. I step into the shower and my son follows, I can feel his cock brush against my ass cheek. He turns on the shower head and it cascades down with its warm wetness. I spot on the shower floor a phallic object and point to it.

“Oh you see my dildo, I use it on myself every morning,” my son explains. “You seemed to enjoy mom’s would you like me to slip it inside you for a morning wake up?”

I feel my head nod. I can’t believe any of this is happening.

My son picks up the realistic shaped dildo and pours shower gel over the head. The liquid flows over the head and cascades downward over the silicon’s cock shaft completely coating it. It is dripping with the shower gel and glides over my sons hand as he turns me around, gets on his knees to face my ass.

I spread my legs apart and I can feel the slicked moist head of the dick push against my asshole. My son is firm and constant in his pressure and soon the slick silicon cock slips into my asshole and then he pushes it all the way into me, filling my hole. I feel him turns on the dildo’s vibrating mode and oh god it is amazing…. It is an amazing way to wake up.

My son washes my hair as he stands behind me, I lean my body against his as he does so. His own aroused penis slips and slides against my ass. When he finishes with my hair he turns off the water and begins to lather up my body. He takes control of my wet body and his soapy hands roam all over me. He gets down on his knees to soap up my ass, legs and then comes around to face my hard prick and as one hand soaps up my hanging balls the other works on my hard cock. He gives me a soapy hand job. He brings me to the edge but then stops.

“Dad,” he fatih escort asks still on his knees in a soft voice, “Could you wash me?”

I nod yes. He then slips the dildo out of my ass and reapplies a coating of shower gel to it and then slips it inside his own asshole. He stands up and I begin to take the soap and apply it to his wet naked skin. As I enjoy the feel of his young firm skin under my hands, I notice the empty feeling in my ass; I wish I still had it in me.

I lavish attention on his chest, nipples, stomach and his wonderful firm ass. Then I do his strong legs to finally get to his erect cock. I’m on my knees just as he was, and gets to stare with wonderment at his cock’s firm beauty. I reverently touch his low hanging balls and soap his warm, wet hard prick. I can’t believe it; I’m giving my son a hand job. He is in bliss and I am as well. I want to bring him over the edge, to see his hot cum spurt out, but my son stops me, he says he has to get going.

“But could you apply sun tan lotion to me? I don’t want to get sun burned when I’m outside.”

I say yes.

We quickly wash the soap off our body, brushing against each other as we switch who gets to rinse off. We towel off and then step naked out of the bathroom.

“I guess I should put my boxers on, then I’ll do you,” I say.

“Hey, Dad, those boxers are so old school. Why don’t you try one of my thongs, I bet you’ll like how it feels. I will go get them.”

Before I can say anything he disappears and returns with a teal cotton thong. It has a wide sloping band in the back. I take it and with a shrug, step into them and put them on. The fabric band in the back slips between my warm ass cheeks. It feels interesting, and I’m surprised at how comfortable they are.

He hands me the sun tan lotion and I begin to coat every inch of my son’s exposed bare skin. Carefully covering his ass; I spread his ass cheeks apart and work the lotion between them, I even slide a lotion greased finger into his asshole for a moment. Then I work on his legs, leaving the best for last. With his whole body, slick with the protective lotion I settle in to work on his hanging balls and his hard on. I find myself once again giving my son a slick hand job. My son is moaning and his eyes are closed. This time he doesn’t stop me.

But then we hear the sound of a car coming up the drive way.

Oh no, not now, he is so close to the edge!

“Thanks, Dad. That was great. But I got to go.”

I release my hold on his erect cock and then my son walks naked out of the house to meet his first stranger to go suck on his cock. He begins his morning job of giving men blow jobs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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