Nan, Mom and Me Ch. 06

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Please bear with the start of this chapter as it describes events over the intervening years…………..

After a couple of years, Mom and I decided to have another baby before she was too old. We had a boy this time and named him Joseph Daniel; he was nicknamed JD by the kids at school.

When Mom brought him home, our lives continued on the same track. Whenever Mom would feed JD I was always there to help drain the excess milk from her beautiful teats.. We also kept up the routine of Mom lying on her side feeding and me sliding my cock deep into her cunt. We would often go to sleep like this when the baby had been put back in his cot.

Nan still came and joined us a couple of times a week and I would visit her every night just to have a taste of her hot sweet pussy as the entrée before joining Mom.

This seemed to work out for all of us. The children were spoiled by all of us but were also taught right and wrong and pulled up for any misbehavior. So they grew up within a firm but loving family.

I eventually changed jobs from Lecturing on Health Education to working on Computers and decided to work from home. We had plenty of room for me to set up an office. Nan was getting older and not quite up to chasing the children if they got a bit unruly so it worked out well that I could be home to give her a hand with them. Mom went back to work as a Real Estate Agent as it was the type of work she loved, but managed to cut her hours back so that we could all be home most days when the children got home from school.

We move a few years ahead ………………………

Grace Francis was ready to go to College and JD was nearly finished High School. Gracie had her Eighteenth birthday a couple of weeks before she was to start college and we gave her a big birthday party with about 20 of her friends. I arranged it to be held at Fran’s and my favorite restaurant and I am pretty sure everyone had a great time. Grace went to a club with her friends for a few hours after the küçükçekmece escort party broke up and Nan, Mom and I wended out way home.

When we arrived home, we decided that as we had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours, that we would have a well-earned threesome. With the children home most of the time, it had been hard to sneak an evening with Nan, and I would have to make sure Grace and JD were sound asleep before I could join Mom; and we had to keep it a lot quieter than we had before.

We all went up to Mom’s room and I stripped Nan and then Mom. Then they both had to undress me. I had Nan lie on the bed on her back and I knelt down and parted her legs. What a wonderful sight! In the meantime, Mom got on the bed beside Nan and started to lick and suckle her nipples and breasts. I couldn’t wait any longer and I buried my face in that musky field of hot woman. I stayed there just munching and licking her for about twenty minutes and then decided that it was time to fuck her.

By this time, Mom had crawled up over Nan’s face and was having her pussy eaten too.

I stood up and positioned myself at that entrance; it was pulsating as she waited for me to insert my rigid prick. I entered her softly and gently, working my rod in inch by inch until I was fully inside that velvet chamber of hot love juice. We fucked for about another twenty minutes or so until Nan couldn’t hold back any longer and she screamed that she was cumming. I also let go of a load of spunk that I had been saving for a couple of days and we were in a glorious union cumming together.

WOW, that was some workout. We all just lay on the bed and gathered our breaths and our resources for the next round. I made Mom lay back this time and went straight for that plateau of pleasure I knew was waiting for me. I didn’t get to spend as much time with Mom as she was feeling so horny. She dragged me upward and after a lot of French kissing between the three of us, I headed kurtköy escort for Mom’s tits. I licked and sucked there for about ten minutes but Mom was impatient for her fuck. We proceeded to set up a rhythm and Mom let out a loud scream.

“Dan, give it to me, please. I ‘m cumming……I’m cumming,” and she did. A load of sperm from my cock joined with the river she let loose and we just collapsed.

We hadn’t realized that Nan had left the room while this was going on. So we just settled down for a cuddle before I had to go back to my own room before the kids came home.

I woke to find myself still in Mom’s bed about two hours later and Grace was standing at the bottom of the bed with a curious look on her face.

“Dan, what are you doing in Mom’s bed?”

I was silent for a moment and then I realized that it might be time to let the cat out of the bag and explain things to her. After all she was old enough now. I asked her where JD was and she told me that he had stayed at one of his mate’s places the previous night.

I woke Mom and told Grace to sit on the side of the bed. I knew this was going to be difficult but as long as I had Mom supporting me, I hoped that we could sort this out without any rancor; especially with Grace going away to school.

Mom started by hugging Gracie and holding her in her arms and telling her that we had something important to tell her and that it wasn’t to be discussed outside the home. That we would tell JD when he reached his majority in a couple of years.

We then explained our earlier years and how we started to be involved in an incestuous relationship. We didn’t mention Nan at this point. Just her Mom and me was enough for her to handle. We told her how much we loved each other and her and her brother and that they were actually my children. We let that sink in and were surprised that she didn’t scream and rant at us.

She looked at me and smiled shyly and said, “Can I call you Daddy maltepe escort now?”

I was amazed at her reaction. She told me that she always felt a very close affinity to me but never thought it was that close. She curled up beside us and cuddled her Mom and then turned to me and asked me if she would be able to join Mom and myself sometimes, when she came home on breaks.

This was all moving too suddenly for me. I looked at Fran (Mom) as if to say – where do we go from here?

I asked Gracie to go to her bed tonight and think about what we had told her and then come and discuss it with us again.

I turned in the bed and looked at Fran. “What are we going to do darling? You realize what Gracie wants. She wants to sleep with both of us. Do you know if she is still a virgin?”

“I thinks so Dan, but maybe I had better have a separate talk with her this morning just to make sure she knows what she really wants.”

“Yeah, that might be a good idea, I would love to be the one to take her virginity. Maybe after she has finished College, she could then carry on the tradition and have my baby too.

“Well, lets get this one over first and then prepare ourselves to explain the whole thing over again to JD. I don’t think that will be so hard though, boys seem to be more willing to accept different behaviors.

When we eventually got up, Fran went to Grace’s room and I went downstairs to let Nan know what happened and to start breakfast. I explained to Nan that I hadn’t included her in the mix for the moment but if she wanted to, she could tell Grace about her part in the relationships; once she got used to the idea of Fran and myself. I also told her that Grace now knew that I was her father and wanted to join Fran and myself in the bed in the near future.

Fran came downstairs after speaking with Grace and told us both that Grace still wanted to join her Mom and Dad in a family fuck fest. She was still a virgin as far as men were concerned but had broken her hymen with a dildo six months earlier.

So, we proceeded to make plans for the next weekend. Firstly, we had to make sure that JD was not in the house. Grace thought she could arrange for him to stay over with one of his mates.

Looks like there will have to be another chapter added eh?……………………

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