Natalie’s Dirty Underwear Ch. 02

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If you read and enjoyed the previous story about how I pleasured myself with my pretty neighbor’s dirty laundry you will like this.

Natalie, her husband Chris and their little boy Matt were going away on vacation for ten days. We live in next-door apartments with a translucent glass separation door between our balconies. For the past two years we have had an arrangement for one of us to water the flowers and plants on the balcony when the others are away from home. They had looked after our plants in June and now it was our turn.

Two days after they had left I opened the separation door and went onto Natalie’s balcony with my watering can. I made several trips filling up the can in my kitchen before all the plants were watered. When I had finished I walked along the balcony and looked in through their windows as I am a curious person (actually I was hoping that maybe she might have left a pair of her panties in view). It was obvious that they must have got up late and left in a hurry because the beds hadn’t been made. Alas, there were no panties in sight.

It was then that I noticed that the window door to one of the bedrooms didn’t look like it was properly closed; it stood out a bit from the door frame. I played around with it, breaking two fingernails until it opened. I was right, it hadn’t been closed properly. Wow, I could get in and snoop around! Not at the moment though, my wife Nelly was in and she wouldn’t be going to visit her mother until the afternoon. Be patient I told myself, hopefully there will be some dirty panties for my enjoyment. It had been several months since I repaired Natalie’s leaky sink and explored her laundry basket.

As soon as my wife left I went next door. I went into the two bedrooms and to my amazement I saw that there was a single bed in one room and two bunk beds in the other room. As the beds were unmade I quickly saw which was Natalie’s bed as there were some long blonde hairs on the pillow of the lower bunk bed. There was a teddy bear on the upper bunk. My God, I thought, she sleeps in the same room as her son Matt! Chris must be an absolute asshole to allow this; sleeping by himself with such a gorgeous young woman in the next room. I would have made the kid sleep by himself.

I went çapa escort into the bathroom where I had found Natalie’s dirty panties the last time. The laundry basket was still there and my heart pounded in anticipation as I opened the lid. There wasn’t much in there, I suppose she had done some washing before they took off on vacation. There were a couple of Chris’s shirts on top and some of the little boy’s clothes. Then I found a bra, a pair of white silky panties and a white cotton thong. I looked into the gussets and saw there were stains in both. The thin part of the thong that had been up her ass had some poop stains on it. I licked around inside the bra cups. Her lovely tits had been in here and I imagined I was licking her nipples.

Then I took the panties and the thong into the bedroom and examined them more closely. The panties were exquisite; tiny and silky with pretty lace all around the top. I sniffed the delicious perfume in the gusset. I could smell the pee and the faintly fishy smell of her pussy and then the odor of her ass. My cock was so hard as I held them against my face, inhaling the scent of Natalie’s juicy cunt and her asshole. The thong smelled very strong. As well as the odor of her urine there was the smell of her poop. This thong had been right up between her ass cheeks and tight against the lovely girl’s anus. I held the panties and the thong together under my nose and sniffed them. God, it was unbelievable! I was going to shoot loads of cum with these!

I looked at Natalie’s bed. She had slept here last night, her beautiful body maybe naked between the sheets. Then I had an amazing idea. I took all my clothes off and got into her bed. I snuggled down and pulled the covers up. I could smell her scent on the sheets and the pillow and I imagined caressing her lovely, firm body and kissing her pretty face and full lips. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst. I held her panties to my nose and breathed in the delicious smell of her pussy. My God, I couldn’t believe it! Here I was, completely naked, in the bed of the woman who drives me mad with desire, sniffing her dirty panties! The feeling was indescribable and beyond my wildest dreams. There was also the sense of danger; cihangir escort what if somebody came in? They were on vacation but maybe a friend or relative would come by to do something, or what if they had a problem and had to come home? I didn’t care, this feeling was so wonderful that I just couldn’t resist. I licked the gusset and tasted the sharp, bitter taste of her pee. I want to fuck this girl so much, suck her pussy and lick her asshole but it’s impossible; having her dirty panties is the next best thing.

I pulled the covers down and saw that I had made some pre-cum stains on the sheets; never mind, they would soon dry out. I stroked my cock with the panties and decided to shoot my load in them. The soft, silky material felt so good on my throbbing prick, and the pre-cum was oozing out. I wrapped the tiny panties round my cock head and started to jerk off. It wasn’t long before I came a big load of thick white sperm.

I lay there for a few minutes enjoying this superb moment. Never in my life had I had an experience like this. Sure, I’ve cum in Natalie’s panties before but not in this situation, not in her bed which is such a private place. I couldn’t stop smelling her scent on the pillow and sheets; she was here just a few hours ago. It was like I was in bed with her!

I went into the bathroom and wiped my cum off the panties with a Kleenex, which I had to remember to take with me when I left, and put them back into the laundry basket. I knew they would soon be stiff and stuck together but I would soften them up on my next visit so Natalie would never know what I had done. Then, still naked, I had a quick look around the apartment. I opened a wardrobe and saw some of her clothes. I found some black stockings and a pair of really high heeled shoes. My God, she probably wears these when Chris fucks her, the lucky bastard. I wonder if he takes erotic photos of her? I take pornographic photos of Nelly and have posted lots on the Internet without her knowledge. I saw a laptop in Chris’s room and thought that I would try and get into this and see if there were any pictures of Natalie in sexy poses. I could imagine her in stockings and high heels, on her knees on the bed with her ass in the air esenyurt escort and exposing her magnificent snatch and her tight little anus. Shit, how I would love to take her like this and slide my rock-hard dick all the way up her ass, sodomizing her and filling her colon with my massive ejaculation.

I looked in the toilet and thought this is where she takes her panties down and pees and poops. I stood in front of the pot and imagined her sucking my cock while she pissed and squeezed out a big turd. I saw a porno recently where a girl was squatting over a guy and pissing on his face and in his mouth, Natalie could do that to me any time.

Passing through the hall I saw some keys on a chain hanging from a hook next to the front door. I took them down and saw that there was a label on each key. I read them off – garage, cellar, front door. Jesus Christ! A key to the front door? I looked through the spy hole in the door and there was nobody outside. I opened the door and put the key in the lock. It turned! I gave it a couple of tries and just couldn’t believe it. I could have a copy made! My own key to the apartment of the girl of my dreams.

I was going to get dressed and then I thought of the thong. I decided to wear it. I put it on and pulled the thin bit right up tight against my asshole. It felt really erotic. I put on the rest of my clothes and went out onto the balcony, closing the door carefully behind me. I walked down to the local shopping center which is only ten minutes away and had a copy made of the key. I had an erection as I walked along, feeling the thong pressing against my asshole. It was a gorgeous feeling, especially when I thought that it had been between Natalie’s firm, round buttocks that I always admire whenever I am behind her; she really has such a lovely body.

During the next week I only went into her apartment once more. It wasn’t easy because Nelly was often home and I couldn’t let her find out what was going on. I took the little panties I had ejaculated in out of the laundry basket and pulled and rubbed them around until they were soft again, I put the thong back in too. In addition to Natalie’s poop stains there were now some of mine as I had worn them a few times.

They came home from their vacation and gave us a bottle of good wine in appreciation of our looking after their plants and flowers. If only they knew; that key to their apartment was the best gift I could ever have. I now have unlimited access to Natalie’s dirty underwear to enjoy at my leisure whenever I have the opportunity.

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