Neighbor Boy’s Ass

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My wife Carol wanted to move into a townhouse. I didn’t want to do it but she complained until I gave in. It didn’t take long until I met one of my neighbors. His name was Kyle and he was an eighteen year old student. He was this tall, slim, good looking guy. After talking a few minutes I said he should drop by some afternoon. I normally got home around 3:30 and Carol wasn’t home for another two hours.

Kyle took me up on my offer. The doorbell rang and there stood Kyle. I don’t usually eye up men but Kyle had on tight shorts and a t-shirt. I could easily make out his bulge. Kyle came in and sat down on the couch. We chatted for a few minutes but my eyes were trained on his cock. I didn’t think he was wearing any underwear. I couldn’t stop looking.

Kyle said he had just broken up with his boyfriend. Yes, he came right out and told me was gay. I just took it all in. Kyle also said he was into older men. I was thirty-three at the time. I had never been with a man before. Kyle was coming onto me. I was certain of that. He had his legs spread for me to see his bulging dick. I did something that even shocked me. I got up from my chair and sat next to Kyle on the couch.

We ended up kissing each other. I admit it, I was excited and my cock was getting hard. We didn’t kiss for very long. Kyle broke away and told me to stand up. He loosened my pants and pulled them and my underwear down to the floor. Kyle leaned in and took my bone into his mouth. Damn, this felt better than when my wife did this. I normally had to beg her to suck me off.

Kyle wrapped his hands around the back of my thighs. He drew me into his open mouth. I ended up throat fucking my neighbor boy. Kyle was taking me deep. My balls were hitting his chin every time I slid into his mouth. We were looking at each other. Kyle looked up to see how I was reacting. I threw my head back a few times. This was the best blowjob I had in a long time.

Kyle looked at my face and nodded his head. He was telling silivri escort me it was okay to let go. I held off for some time. Kyle then pushed a finger into my rectum. He definitely found my prostate. It was getting difficult to hold back. He got me so agitated that I finally let loose. I unloaded down his throat. I was full that day. I probably squirted five or six times. Kyle kept swallowing my sticky load down.

My balls were aching by the time he finished me off. Kyle pulled away. Some of my cream was running down his chin.

“I better go and get cleaned up,” he said to me.

Kyle stood up and went into our bathroom. I heard the faucet running and Kyle soon returned to the living room. He said he enjoyed our oral sex and would I like to get together again. I told him that I wanted him again if possible. We exchanged phone numbers. Kyle said he would try and text me around midnight. He left and Carol arrived about thirty minutes later.

She said she had a shitty day at work. She was complaining most of the evening. I barely heard anything she said. My mind was on Kyle. I knew we had to get together soon. My wife went to bed early. I went and sat in the kitchen waiting for Kyle to text me. I heard my phone going off promptly at midnight. Kyle got me worked up right there.

He said he wanted me right now. I said there was no way I could leave. Kyle told me he was fingering his asshole. He wished I was buried inside him this very minute. My cock got so hard reading all this. We decided to see each other as soon as I got home from work. I didn’t even go into my house. I knocked on Kyle’s door. He was standing there with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

I entered and Kyle led me to his bed. His parents weren’t due for some time yet. He pulled the towel away. I got to see his dick for the first time. He was probably longer than me. His cock was on the thin side. I stripped out of my clothes and şirinevler escort we got onto the bed. Kyle was on his back. We started running our cocks together. If that doesn’t make you hard I don’t know what will.

“I need you to fuck me hard Tom,” he pleaded with me.

I moved the tip of my erection to his gaping hole. I slowly began to push into Kyle. It was a perfect fit. We immediately got into making hot man love together. I stretched my arms out on either side of Kyle’s body. He brought his legs up around my back. I took him as deep as I could. My balls slapped against his ass cheeks as Kyle gripped me with his muscles.

Kyle grunted and groaned as I fed his every inch of my thick bone. I wanted to stretch him and make him my lover.

“You’re so fucking big!” He told me.

That kind of talk was getting me so turned on. I certainly never felt this way when I fucked my wife these days. I used Kyle’s ass that afternoon. I was pumping deep into his hole. Kyle had his hands on my chest. He soon told me he wanted me to cum inside him.

“Let me feel you explode,” he said.

I held out a little while longer. I didn’t think I would have much left after the day before. I surprised myself. I blasted Kyle’s greedy ass with my man seed. Kyle milked my bone of all my cream. We were both shaking after we finished with our fuck session. I left my cock inside Kyle until I finally went soft.

“Damn, that was so hot!” He told me.

I did pull out and we got cleaned up. Kyle used his mouth to lick up all of my spunk on my cock. He went into the bathroom and emptied out. Time was getting late. We had to wrap it up before his parents and my wife got home. Luckily that night, Carol didn’t need sex. I felt spent and I didn’t feel I had anything left in the tank.

Kyle and I came up with a plan to spend more time together. On Saturday, I told my wife I was going to the gym. I met Kyle at a cheap şişli escort motel. We got a room and had a few hours to spend in bed. We got into a sixty-nine position. It was my first time sucking cock. Kyle pumped his prick down my throat. I gagged at first but I took as much as I could.

Kyle said he was normally a bottom but he wanted my hole that day. I was a little reluctant but I got onto my back. Kyle got my legs up over his shoulders. He fed me his stiff cock for the first time. God, it hurt! He took me deep with his long shaft. After awhile I started to beg him to fuck me harder. Kyle began to pile drive my virgin hole.

He stretched his legs out and gave me a fucking I would never forget. We were like two wild animals in that bed. My ass was so sore but I didn’t care. I needed to have Kyle as my lover for good. I am betting I took his cock for a good hour. When Kyle let out this loud grunt he poured his loving into my bowels. There was so much of his cream in me. It was dripping out my hole when we finally finished.

Kyle got up above my face. I was made to lick his cum stained cock clean. We then kissed each other. I tasted my own cum for the first time. After we cleaned up some, I had to stop and get some breath mints. I also changed into my workout duds before I went back home. I was sweaty alright but not from lifting weights. Our lovemaking went on until it was time for Kyle to head to college.

Kyle said he would be true to me and not take up with any other guys. I didn’t believe that for a second. I was sure there were plenty of other gay guys that Kyle would hook up with. My concern was what would I do. I was getting tired of pretending that my wife and I had this wonderful marriage. I didn’t really know any other gay men. I was horny for cock and needed to come up with a way to get it.

Kyle is at school now. I hear from him infrequently. He never says he is true to me and I don’t ask. I finally went to a gay club. It wasn’t my cup of tea, to be honest. I have hooked up with two guys. I have found out they both love to be fucked, which is fine by me. I use condoms this time around. I do miss having my young lover take my bare cock up his ass.

Time will tell how everything finally works out. I am still hoping to find a replacement for my young gay lover.

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