Nice Lady

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Hi, I’m Joan. I’m 58, blonde blue eyes, in great shape and horny ass hell. Divorced 3 times, never again. My son just went back off leave, and I’m just a little lonely. I was cleaning his room and found his porn magazines and I spent the afternoon reading through them. Saw something I haven’t tried even after three marriages.

I got ready to go shopping and could not help but admire myself in the mirror, I could fill out a pair of blue jeans I had a great-looking ass. Thanks to my second husband I had some nice pair of 34Cs. A regular workout routine and hours on the treadmill kept me fit and trim. Being very body conscious my clothe fit just perfectly

And I wore very expensive clothes. I wanted to be noticed.

I headed into town, not quite sure of my first stop yet. I happened to drive by an adult theater, It caught my attention, especially after reading porn mags all afternoon. Why not, I thought, parking the car and walking back to the theater.

I purchased a ticket and got the once over, I admit I do like guys checking me out. As I stepped in, I couldn’t help but think wow what a dump. I finally found a seat and tried to make myself small or etlik escort smaller anyway. I was impressed by the actors, handsome men beautiful women, all very young, of course.

Not only that, but I was wide-eyed at the sucking and fucking on the screen. Two guys at once, never tried that. I noticed someone sit next to me. I didn’t let it bother me, without me noticing there was someone on the other side.

Feeling uncomfortable I started to get up. When I felt my hands being pulled into the laps next to me, before I knew it I had a cock in each hand. It had been some time since I held a man’s dick it felt good, and I had never held two. The one on the left was rather large and oozing pre-cum freely.

The man on my left said, “don’t just hold them, start jerking.”

Then two hands rubbing the inside of my thighs. I gasped then hands unbuttoning my blouse. I wanted to stop them, I swear, but I preferred not to let go of the cocks. Once the nipple tweaking started I was lost. I was starting to breathe heavy when the zipper of my jeans was pulled down. I was almost on fire.

“Lift your ass, so we can get to your pussy,” the man on the ankara eve gelen escort left whispered.

So, I lifted my ass my Jeans and panties were slid down to my knees. Then fingers slid into my wet pussy. I was out of it jerking two cocks and moaning. Suddenly, I had a handful of cum then another they kept finger my cunt and squeezing my tits till I orgasmed. I haven’t climaxed like that in years.

We all scrambled to get ourselves together to get out of there.

The man on my left said, “Mike by the way, next time wear a skirt no panties or bra.”

All I could think was there sure as hell won’t be a next time. The following week I went about my normal routine, I couldn’t help but think about my experience in the theater, just thinking about it made me wet. I’ve always been a slut, but that was over the top.

I find myself outside the theater the same time as last week, I’m wearing a short skirt, garter belt and stockings, no panties or bra. I sit in the same seat. Soon Mike and his friend show up. I’m already wet.

Mike says, “you know what to do slut.”

I reach for both cocks and begin to stroke them. ankara escort My skirt is pushed up my legs spread wide, fingers penetrating me, blouse opened my breasts exposed. I have two then a third explosive orgasm. I can’t believe how drained I feel, ready to get up and leave now. Someone behind me reaches over the seat and grips both my boobs.

Mike growls “get on your knees’ slut, I’m not asking.”

I slide off the seat on to my knees, I get pushed down on all fours, Mike kneels in front of me his friend behind, shortly I’m filled with a cock from behind and one in my mouth, I’m in heaven, a sluts dream. Swallowing Mikes load, and a load in my pussy, I think I’m done. Starting to get up.

Mike says, “oh no bitch you have a whole theater to go, laughing only ten or twenty more”.

“What?” I gasp.

Not getting an answer I realize I’m going to be gang banged. A bunch of firsts for me. I suck and fuck with enthusiasm. Finished them all, exhausted, throat jaw and pussy sore. Covered in cum. More dicks in my mouth than in 30 years of marriage, I have never experienced such exciting sex in my life. I stumble on my way out, Mike steadies me.

“See you next week?” he says.

“Yes, next week” I answer.

“Say you want to stop up my place for a drink and a fuck?”

“Sure,” Frank “not quite ready to turn in yet.”

Frank became a very good friend and guided me through many seedy adventures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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