Not Just Another Night

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I came home fro work to find a note that my wife and the kids were gone for most of the night. She took them shopping with her mother. This meant I would not see them for hours.

Well, I thought, just another night alone.

That was the farthest thing from the truth!

About 5 o’clock the phone rang. It was my sister-in-law and she was looking for my wife. I told her they were all out and she said she was almost at my house. She asked if she could come over anyways. Of course I said yes. Anything to get a look at her. She is 21 years old and absolutley adorable. She is kind of a free spirit. She almost never wears a bra and is always dressed pretty sexy.

About 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang. I answered it and there she was in a tight pair of hip hugger jeans and short t-shirt that showed her tight belly.

“Hey Vicki, come on in”, I said.

“Hi Johnny, what’s up?”, she said as she passed by me.

“Nothing, what brings you out here?”, I asked as I checked out her ass.

“I just wanted to stop by and see everyone.”, she smiled.

We walked into the kitchen and I offered her a beer. She sat at the counter and we started to drink and bullshit about nothing really. She complained about her job and her new ex-boyfriend. I listened and chimed in about my work. We ended up talking about our sex lives, or lack thereof. Marriage and 3 kids will kill a sex life! She seemed surprised that I wasn’t getting it much these days. She complained that she hasn’t had it 2 months. I laughed and told her that was nothing, I was 3 1/2 and counting.

We were well into our 4th beer when this conversation started so she was getting a good buzz.

“You poor baby.”, she cooed. “That must be horrible, I will have to have a talk with that sister of mine.”

“Don’t bother, it falls on deaf ears.”, I said.

I was starting to get a good buzz going myself when Vicki stood up and stretched right in front of me. I could clearly see the outline of her tits under her t-shirt and her thong was visible when she raised her arms up high. I easily started getting a hard on.

Now, Vicki can be a real tease and that is exactly what I was expecting. I thought to myself, “Fuck it, let me see how far I can get.”

“Nice thong.”, I said.

“OH I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that to you.”, she giggled. “So, do you like the color?”, she asked as she pulled up the strap of it.

“What do you think? Of Course I do, blue is my favorite color.”, I replied. “I would ask if you had the matching bra, but it is kind of obvious you aren’t wearing one.”

“Oh you dirty boy.”, she laughed as she cupped her ample breasts.

I knew by the look in her eyes that she was onto me but she was eating bahçelievler escort it up. I was actually enjoying the tease.

I got up to clean up the empty bottles and Vicki was following me around the kitchen. I joked,”I gotta take a piss, you want to follow me there to?” and I headed for the bathroom. To my amazement she follwed me right in. Well the buzz was with me and my usual shyness was gone. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock free. Vicki just leaned on the counter and watched.

“I am never gonna be able to go with you watching me.”

“Oh sorry.”, she said, “Here let me hold it.” She reached out gently and held my dick in her hand.

I closed my eyes and concentrated. Slowly I began to piss. Once I got it started it flowed like a fire hose. Vicki never missed a beat she held on watched in amazement.

“Wow, you really have to go.”, she said. She quickly flicked her finger through the stream. “That is so warm.”

As I finished pissing my cock began to swell in her soft hand. Vicki never let go and just started stroking me. She pulled me by the dick so she could sit on the toilet and examine my hard on.

“I like how hard this is.”, she cooed.

Without another word she lowered her lips to my swollen cock head. She slid her tongue over it’s entire length and back up to my piss hole. She squeezed the last few drops of piss out and slurped them up. What followed was one of the best blowjobs of my life.

Vicki was an expert. As she slowly downed my entire prick, her hands worked magic on my swelling balls. When my cock was in the back of her throat, she would flick her tongue out across my balls. She withdraw my dick from her mouth and traced the bulging veins with her tongue tip.

By this time, my cock was dripping with her spit and she began jerking me off as she slowly and gently sucked each of my balls into her mouth. I was building up a huge load at this point and did not know how much longer I could take this treatment.

“OH shit Vicki, I am so close”

“I can tell.”, she slurped. “I want this monster load right here on my tongue.”, she demanded.

Well, that was all I needed. She jerked me harder and I groaned as I shot blast after blast of hot cum all over her tongue and lips. Vicki sucked every drop into her mouth. Licking her lips and swirling my cum in her mouth, she looked me right in the eyes and showed me her prize I had just deposited in her mouth. With a smile she gulped down the whole load.

“Well that was quite a shot, I guess it has been awhile.”

Vicki stood up and grabbed my cock again and led me from the bathroom and directed me right to my bedroom.

She pushed me down on the bed and bahçeşehir escort slowly removed her clothes. Too my surprise, her body was even more amazing than I anticipated.

Her tits were firm with long erect nipples. Her tummy was tight and her ass was absolutly perfect. When she removed her thong, I was delighted to see she was completely shaved and her pussy lips were hiding a wonderful surprise that I was soon to find.

Vicki looked my right in the eyes and said, “Now you will eat this pussy!”

How could I argue. I stood up and laid her on the bed. I crawled between her soft thighs and kissed her inner thigh area. Her pussy smelled so sweet. I continued to tease and kissed down to her ankles and then her toes. As I sucked her toes she visibly got hotter. Her nipples stiffened even more and she let out a soft moan.

I kissed back up her legs and up to her belly button. I swirled my tongue around it and started to kiss down her belly. I reached the top of her pussy and was greeted with the biggest clit I had ever seen. I pulled the hood back to reveal it in all its glory. It was huge. Nearly a full inch and a half of pleasure.

I held her moist wet lips apart and kissed the head of her clit. Her entire body shuddered and shook. I gently suck it into my mouth and hummed my tongue over it. Letting it slip from my mouth, I parted her lips with my tongue and slipped it into her soaked pussy. Her cunt was on fire and it was dripping wet by now. I teased her piss hole and pushed my tongue against it. I continued back into her pussy and circled her hole again before I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. She was going crazy.

“Eat my cunt you nasty boy!”, she moaned.

I quickened my pace on her swollen pussy. I wanted her to cum like never before. I spread her ass cheeks and let my tongue slide down to her puckered asshole. I rimmed her and slid my tongue in as far as I could.

“That’s it you dirty boy, eat my ass.”

As I looked up, I could see her monster clit throbbing. I licked back up to it and bagan to suck it faster and harder. I slipped a finger in her wet cunt and reached for her G-Spot. I found it quickly and began to massage it. Within a few seconds her cunt flooded with juices and burst like a water balloon. My face was soaked and she came with a scream. Her pussy continued to squirt through the entire orgasm. The bed was soaked and so was I.

Vicki looked down at me and said, “That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had, what did you do to me?”

“You just had your first G-Spot orgasm.”, I stated proudly.

“I felt like I was gonna piss all over you.”

“That is normal.”, I said.

“I want you to bakırköy escort fuck me so hard, right fucking now!”, she begged.

I stood up in fron of her and directed my cock to her mouth once more. With no thought she impaled her face onto it. Taking the whole of my dick into her throat again. My balls were resting comfortably on her chin. I pulled free and pushed her back onto the bed.

She pulled he legs back as far as she was able to and this spread her cunt wide open. I kneeled between her legs and grabbed my hard cock and playfully started slapping her pussy with it. I rubbed my head over her giant clit and she moaned.

“Stop teasing me and stick that hard cock in my cunt!”, she cried.

I placed the tip against her wet hole and slid my length into her. She gasped as my balls reached her ass.

I began to pump her slowly, building momentum until I was slamming into her for all I was worth. The sound of my balls slapping her ass was music to her ears because she was moaning louder and louder.

“That’s it baby, fuck me hard.”, she groaned.

Her first orgasm hit and it was like a train. She was bucking under me and her nails were digging into my back. I could feel her cunt juices splashing all over my cock and balls. We were fucking in a a puddle of her juices.

I turned her over and entered her from behind. My balls were now slapping against her clit. With a clit the size she had, this was a definite bonus. She must have cum four times while I fucked her liked that.

I was sliding a finger in her tight little ass as I hammered her. I could feel my cock thrusting in her through the thin membrane of her ass.

Vicki looked over her shoulder at me and begged, “Please baby stick in my ass right now.”

I was more than happy to oblige her. I pulled out of her dripping pussy and put my cock head against her wet asshole. She steadily pushed her ass back on my cock. When my head popped into her ass she let a groan.

“That feels so good.”, I said.

“Fuck it Johnny, fuck my ass!”

I pistoned in and out of her ass. She was very relaxed and cock drove in and out of her easily. I could pull out and get a clear view of her wide open ass. She was flicking her swollen clit as I ass fucked her. I was so close to cumming but I wanted this to last forever.

“Oh baby, I am gonna cum!”, I moaned.

Vicki pulled off of cock and swung around putting her face right in line with my cock.

“I want it all over my face Johnny.”

She grabbed my balls and squeezed them as i jerked my dick off in her face. She was waiting with her mouth wide open.

“Here you go baby, all for you, UUUUHHHH!”

I blew another monster load across her face and lips. It was dripping down her nose and cheeks. She rubbed my cockhead across her lips and sucked the last few drops out. She then took her fingers and guided the rest of my jizz into her mouth and swolled every drop.

I lay back on the bed exhausted and she laid down next to me.

“Wow”, she said, “I gotta come over more often!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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