Nurse Dixie

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This is a continuation of the stories Head Nurse and Zach’s Nurse. It can also be read as a stand-alone story.

Nurse Dixie

I knocked on the door and was a little surprised when Bob answered. I was sure Anne had told me that her husband was not going to home this evening. Normally when we got together it was at my condo but since I had a temporary roommate, and he had a bunch of his friends visiting this evening, she offered her house for our almost weekly cocktail and gossip evening.

We had been working together as paramedics on ambulance for the fire department for about three years. During that time, because I had been a paramedic for ten year longer than her, I had been her mentor at work. Because she was ten years older than me, married, and had kids she become almost a big sister to me. We had definitely become close friends.

The last time we got together at my place, a little over a week ago, we probably had a little more than normal to drink. This had loosened our tongues more than usual and we ended up sharing some closely held secrets with each other. She had confessed to a one-time sexual experience with another girl. I confessed my desire to perform oral sex on a man.

“Hey Justine, Anne will be right down. How are you doing? How is the nursing going?” His very broad smile told me that Anne had shared at least some of the stuff that had happened in the last week or so.

After my confession to Anne about my long-held desire to suck the dick of another man, I made the mistake of also telling her that I found pictures of shirtless firemen in bunker pants hot. Actually, I had told her I thought that the stereotypical calendar pics of cowboys, construction workers, and firemen were hot. Since we worked in the same firehouse with firemen, she choose to focus on that and, in a big sister fashion, tease me about it. Worse, I admitted there was one that we worked with that I thought was really hot, Zach.

Amazingly, right after that confession the department had asked if I would take care of Zach who was being released from the hospital, where he had been for two months, for treatment for very serious burns to his hands while he was in a fire. His wife had found out that he was sleeping with many different women, while in possession of his phone, while he was in the hospital and kicked him out.

“I am doing well. The nursing is going great, still a little strange having someone living with me though. That is why Anne invited me over here tonight.” I responded although I was unable to look him in the eye.

“Yea, it sounds like it is going great. I am glad it is working out for you.” I am not sure, but I think he winked at me as he said that. “Hey Anne, Justine is here, and I am heading out. I should be home around 11:00.”

He gave a me quick see you later that I responded to with a nod. My mind was racing now, trying to decide how I felt about it being pretty obvious that Anne had told him about what was going on with me and Zach. In fairness, he was her husband, and I hadn’t told her to not say anything. I guess it was more of the question of why I raced to my phone to text Anne every time I had hooked up with Zach but was embarrassed that Bob knew.

I heard noise behind me and turned to see Anne quickly come down the stairs. I tried to stop it, but my eyes immediately went to her chest and I watched her sizeable tits bounce with every step. She stopped at the bottom and smiled.

“Hey, what are you drinking? I am opening a bottle of wine for myself.” She smiled at me and added a little chuckle at the inference that she would be drinking a whole bottle of wine.

“I will have what you are having. Thanks.”

She nodded and turned to go into her kitchen. Now my eyes were drawn to her well rounded but attractive ass that was squeezed into a pair of leggings. Before this last week or so, I had never really looked at her in a sexual way. I knew she was attractive, with a full head of slightly curly brunette hair, beautiful blue eyes, a pretty smile and some well-placed curves. I think I had forced myself to not view here that way because she was my work partner, married, and honestly, I had liked her playing a role of pseudo big sister.

She returned with two generously poured glasses of red wine and handed me one before we each sat down on the couch.

“So Princess, anything new happen with Zach today? When is the last time you had his dick in your mouth? Is the wine going to cleanse your palate of cum?”

Fortunately, I was expecting something like that from her, so I didn’t spit my wine out in shock at her very direct questions. Since my confession to her and since I had been telling her about what was happening with Zach, she had been regularly teasing me with comments like that. She had also taken to referring to me in feminine terms including nicknaming me Princess. Far from being offended by this, it in fact made me smile and even turned me on a little.

“This morning after our workout. kurtköy escort So, the answer to your third is no, pretty sure lunch and dinner took care of that.” I smiled at her.

“Oh, that is right, my dirty girlfriend likes to give his balls a tongue bath when they are all sweaty.” She gave me a big smile before taking another sip of her wine.

Zach had to wear very bulky compression gloves on his hands which restricted his ability to do things. They were designed to cut down on the scaring and swelling as his hands continued to heal. It was the reason I was asked to let him stay with me during his recovery. While he could do most things for himself, he occasionally needed help with stuff like meal preparation. A home health care nurse, a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist were making home visits to help with a lot of stuff, so I wasn’t really his nurse.

One thing the gloves prevented was him being able to do was jerk off. Because he had been in the hospital the whole time before coming to my house, he had not been able to have sex either. The result was it had been two months since his last orgasm when he got to my house. For a guy that prior to getting burned, was fucking what seemed like half the nursing staff at the hospital, who also happened to be his wife’s co-workers, he had a serious case of blue balls.

When the first couple of home health visits occurred, Zach had made inappropriate overtures to one of the therapists and the nurse. They had both threatened to not return if he kept up. When I confronted him about it, immediately after the home health care nurse left, he pointed out his hard dick as the reason for his actions. He told he had to get off soon because his balls actually ached. I choose that moment to drop to my knees in front of him and give the first blow job of my life. It was everything I had fantasized about and I loved doing it.

Unfortunately, after initially indicating he was okay with it, Zach later told me that he wasn’t gay and didn’t want, in his words, a faggot cocksucker blowing him anymore. That lasted just about twenty-four hours and while helping him with the shower the health care nurse hadn’t given him the day before, because of his inappropriate actions, I sucked him off for the second time. That had led to the current situation where I was blowing him once or twice almost every day.

“Yes, I do like when he is sweaty. That manly, musty smell is huge turn on to me, I admit it. So, your right, I guess I am a dirty girl.” I looked right at her smiling from ear to ear. “Speaking of dirty girls, have you put on anymore shows for Bob this week? Gotten fucked doggy style again?”

Her eyes showed a little shock at my confidence in saying that to her, but she grinned. Anne and Bob had been married for twenty years and she had told me that their sex life was pretty vanilla. Partly inspired by our confessions to each other she had recently asked Bob if he had any fantasies or things he had always wanted to try. It took some coaxing, but he eventually owned up to having a voyeur streak and wanted to watch her with someone else.

They hadn’t done that, yet, but he had asked to watch her get herself off, something they had never done before. That was followed by him fucking her hard doggie style which was very different than their normal couple times a month missionary position sex.

“No, but we had sex without going out dinner before hand last night so that was a step in the right direction.” She laughed and stood up to take our wine glasses in for a refill.

Anne had told me that over the years whenever Bob suggested that they go out to dinner that was his code for wanting to have sex later that evening. It was obvious that they had a genuine affection for each other but keeping things going in the bedroom had been a struggle. Anne hadn’t told Bob about her same sex experiment, that had happened just a few years ago while she was in paramedic school with a much younger study partner. She was worried that he would be hurt if he found out, especially years later.

She returned with another generously full glass of wine for each of us and I was beginning to wonder if I would need a Lyft driver to get home this evening. I remembered that Anne would have to work tomorrow and was surprised she was willing to risk a hangover during her shift.

“Anymore work outs with Kayla?” I asked her.

Kayla Rimpson was another paramedic in our department. Since I had been detailed for a month to take care of Zach, Kayla was assigned to work with Anne. She was a very fit and athletic woman who happened to be a very out, lesbian leaning, bi-sexual.

“We worked out again this morning. I am surprised my arms have the strength to lift this wine glass actually.” Anne replied.

“And? Just a workout? Nothing more?” I was smiling and my voice hinted at it being teasing but Anne had told me she did feel a vibe when they were together.

“Yes, there levent escort are some, I don’t know looks, maybe even lingering touches, but it is never overt.” She was looking down as she said that. “Plus, while I am not saying I would say no, I will only do it if Bob knew it was going happen. Not sure how to bring that up with him.”

“Hmm, maybe just say hey…. I think Kayla wants to hook up with me, want to watch that?” I took a sip of wine after saying that to hide my grin.

Anne laughed. “So, then I have to say to Kayla, I think you want to eat my pussy, can Bob watch?”

I laughed at that. I did have an idea of who to maybe get them into a position where all that could happen. Halloween was coming up in XXXXXXX days. I had been thinking about having a small costume party.

One of the reasons for that was Zach had made it very clear that he had the hots for Dixie the nurse on the old show Emergency. We had been watching the reruns while we at lunch every afternoon. Yesterday, I laid my head in his lap while it was on and slowly sucked and licked his dick and balls. I timed his orgasm to when Dixie was on the screen and he had been thanking me for it continuously since then.

If I did have the party, it was my intention to dress up like Dixie for it. I figured that since all the fire department guys were saying I was Zach’s nurse it would be good cover for that costume, and they would think it was a well thought out joke. I knew I would need Anne’s help for it I had hinted at it a couple of times but I don’t think she realized I was serious.

“So, what if you, Bob and Kayla all came to my house for Halloween for a costume party? That might be a chance for you and Bob both to live out a fantasy.” I looked her right in the eyes with a serious expression on my face.

“You are serious about that? I thought you were just kidding. You are thinking about really having a party?”

“Yes, I think it would be fun. It falls right in the middle of the shifts break so no one has to go to work the next day. I would just invite the guys on the shift and their significant others. Nothing big, just around twenty people I guess.”

“And the Dixie nurse costume? Are you serious about that?” She looked right at me.

“Uh, yea. I think it would be funny.” I didn’t look right at her as I responded.

“Is that the only reason? Or is it to turn Zach on? Are you thinking about more than just blow jobs with him now? You aren’t getting like emotionally attached, are you?” Again, she was looking me in the eyes as she asked the question.

“No, don’t be ridiculous. He is still an asshole, no matter how hot he is. I told you I am not gay. I just like sucking dick.” I said this as firmly as I could and with as I could conviction as I could convince myself of.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t totally convinced myself. I did find myself looking forward to being with him even when I wasn’t blowing him. We were doing workouts together every morning. That pretty much meant I would end up with his dick in my mouth right before helping him shower, I actually enjoyed both activities.

Yesterday, when I sucked him off with my head laying in his lap, while watching Emergency, after swallowing his cum I left my head there and continued to nurse on dick as it softened. He had laid one hand my head and there was a brief moment when he stroked my hair. It was the first non-sexual physical contact we had, and it had sent a very pleasant shiver through me.

I had honestly never contemplated more than oral sex with him before that but as I reluctantly let his dick slide out of my mouth and sat up there was a second where our eyes connected. I found myself forcing the idea of kissing him out of my mind. Later, when I was showering, I found my fingers at the entrance to ass and for the first time in my life let one slide into me. When I thought of Zach’s dick being there instead of my finger I immediately got hard and had to jerk off.

“I think the lady protest to much.” Anne responded to my apparently less than completely convincing response to her question. “Are you sure you don’t want to try something more with him? It is okay if you do.”

I am not sure why, maybe the way she was looking at me, like she cared and wouldn’t judge me, I decided to be honest.

“Okay, yesterday, I uh, I got off in the shower while thinking about him fucking me.” Even as comfortable as I felt with her, I couldn’t look her in the eyes as I said it.

“Oh, that is kind of hot. I shouldn’t tell you this, but the idea of being fucked by him is a pretty big turn on. Something in how he just oozes masculinity, it makes you want to just let him have his way with you. To totally give up control to him. I get it girlfriend, I really do.”

We spent the next hour catching up on work gossip, she told me how her kids were doing at college, and other more mundane subjects. When I looked at the clock it was getting close to eleven and Bob mahmutbey escort would be home soon. I had really slowed down on the wine the last hour and would-be able drive home without a problem.

“Okay, as always thanks for being such an awesome friend. I am going to get going. You probably need to get some sleep since you have to work tomorrow. Can you mention the party tomorrow at work? I will send out some texts, etc. but see if you can get some commitments from people to come.”

“Of course. Want to plan on lunch the next day and maybe do some costume shopping?” She replied

“Sounds, like a great plan.” I responded as I headed to the door.


Zach was asleep when I got home. There was plenty of evidence though that the guys he worked with had visited earlier. Mostly, it was in the form of beer bottles spread out around the family room and kitchen. I was pissed off that I would have to clean it up, but I was glad that they had come to see him. I decided I would deal with it in the morning.

I was carrying a bunch of bottles to the kitchen to throw in the trash the next morning when Zach came downstairs.

“Hey, sorry about the mess. I should have asked them clean up before they left.”

“No problem, guess they think I am your maid and your nurse.” I continued to the kitchen to the trash can.

“Seriously, I am sorry. Don’t get you panties all in wad.” He had followed me in the kitchen and had a smile on his face as he said that.

“My panties are fine, honestly. I am glad you had a fun night.” Not sure why I continued with the panties part of this conversation. “Bagels and yogurt good for breakfast? I thought we could work out a little later so it could warm up some.”

“Both the bagel and warming up before working out both sound good. How was Anne’s last night, you girl’s have fun?” His tone was playful and winked at me as he said it.

“We did. We talked about what assholes men are.”

I wasn’t sure why I allowed him to refer to me in a feminine sense, or why I had just used the word we in my response. I normally stood up to him when he pulled this macho crap unless it was during sex. For some reason it turned me on then. My brain started to analyze it and, while I already knew that when Anne called me girl, or princess, and names like that it was bit of a turn on, mostly because I knew she in on my secret. Obviously, Zach knew my secrets also since it was his dick that kept ending up in my mouth. With him there something more there, possibly the long-time paramedic felt like he had to stand up to the macho firefighters, in this case though maybe I wanted Zach to know I would be submissive to him.

“So, you up for a Halloween party here on Friday night?” I asked him, hoping the answer was yes because I am sure Anne was already telling the guys at the firehouse about the plan.

“Like a real Halloween party, costumes and all?”

“Yep. Nothing big. Pretty much just the shift and significant others.”

“Sure. That sounds great. Although I don’t have a significant other. My ex has pretty much spoiled my potential dating pool.”

“I don’t have one either. And I think the fact that you were fucking your potential dating pool, who happened to be your wife’s friends and coworkers, while still married, is what spoiled it. Told you men are assholes.” I smiled at him.

“Fuck you bitch.” He smiled also.

“You wish.” I said and got up from the table taking our plates and coffee cups.

I looked back at him to see if he was going to respond to that and thought I might have caught him checking out my ass a little. That was an interesting development and I felt myself getting turned on again by the thought of him fucking me.

I headed out of the kitchen telling him we would go on our run at ten thirty. He was up to three miles, at pretty slow pace, followed by lots of squats, sit ups and planks. Yesterday in the shower I noticed his washboard abs were starting to just peak through again.

I texted Anne- Zach is excited about the Halloween party. Have you mentioned it to the rest of the shift? How is your day going?

I headed up and changed into my workout clothes before a run through my social media to kill some time before Zach and I would go work out. I also got a text from Anne saying everyone at the firehouse was really excited about the Halloween party. I responded back that it was awesome and asked if she would help me with my costume and getting stuff together for the party.

She responded- Definitely, sounds like a great girl’s day, clothes shopping and party supply shopping. Since it in less than a week maybe we should start tomorrow.

I confirmed- tomorrow would be great, maybe lunch beforehand? How about we meet at Panera for lunch at 12:00?

Anne quickly texted back- How about 12:30 instead, going to the gym with Kayla at 10:00.

Interesting I thought and responded- Another gym date with Kayla, sounds hot.

She didn’t reply to my last text and I wasn’t sure if it was because she had gotten a call or she wasn’t sure what to say to that. I had to admit that I had been starting to picture Anne and Kayla in bed together and it was a pretty hot mental image. I also debated if it would be okay if Kayla found out about me and Zach.

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