Party Animal

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You know it seems that I get all the lousy tasks to do at work. I spend all day doing the grunt work and getting to watch my worthless boss taking clients to business lunches. One day in particular is worst than most and I think that things can’t get any worse. So when one of my coworkers invites me to his birthday party I accept without hesitation – I need something to look forward to.

The party is at the weekend and that Saturday evening I find myself driving to this guy’s house. The weather is gloomy and wet which has an equally dampening effect on my spirits. Things don’t get much better at the party either – most of the guests are couples and I feel a bit out of place on my own. I try to circulate a little but it is impossible to break into the closed circles. I am soon trying to think of an excuse to leave that won’t offend my buddy.

I turn around to head into the kitchen for another drink. I’m not paying much attention to where I am going and I hear a little yelp and feel a soft collision as I turn. I snap my head around and see you reeling away from me a little. Reflexively I take hold of your upper arms to prevent you from tipping over backward.

“Oh boy, I am _really_ sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going” I say. “Did I hurt you?”

“No” you reply “you just took me by surprise, that’s all”. There’s something in the way that your eyes sparkle when you speak … maybe I am imagining it. But your eyes are so beautiful, it feels as though they _should_ be twinkling.

We talk for a while and I discover that you are an old friend of my buddy’s wife. While we speak I take the opportunity to observe and admire you. Your party dress compliments you perfectly, its lines show enough but not too much of your body. I am enchanted by your beautiful lips and watch trance-like at the shapes they form as you speak. As the evening wears on I find myself basking in a pleasant warm glow that comes from being in your company.

The party is beginning to wind down now, which comes as a surprise to me – time seems to have flown by whilst I have been in your presence. People are starting to leave and I ask, with as much nonchalance as possible, whether you would like to join me for coffee. I inwardly cringe at having posed such a loaded and transparent question and fully expect a swift negative from you. My jaw practically drops through the floor in disbelief when you accept. This stuff is only supposed to work in the movies!

As we walk outside I start to read off directions to my place in case we get separated. You look a little sheepish and I ask why. You explain that you got a cab here and did not drive. ~Well” I say “I guess that means you ride with me then. Unless you want to get a cab to my place” I say, jokingly.

“Oh, a ride with you would be just fine” you reply. Did I spot a mischievous twinkle in your eye?

On the way back I have difficulty in concentrating on driving, kurtköy escort for out of the corner of my eye I can see the top of your legs, the sheen from your stockings accentuating your thighs. I do manage to get home without driving into a tree, however, and I park the car on the drive and switch off.

Suddenly you place your hand on the inside of my thigh, tantalisingly close to my crotch. I turn to you and our eyes meet – I feel a jumping sensation in my chest and an involuntary twitch in my groin. I slowly and deliberately lean across until my face is in front of yours, never breaking eye contact. I pull you to me until our lips are pressed hard together. My tongue jabs between your lips and as I do so your hand wanders fully up between my legs. I do not even attempt to conceal the hardness developing there.

We spent what seems like an eternity petting heavily in the car. Outside the rain eases a little and we make a dash for the door. Once inside we embrace and again kiss passionately. My hands trace lines up and down your spine while you dig your fingers hard into my ass. Our bodies are pressed together, so much so that I can feel your breasts pressing into my chest and you can feel my erection pressing into you.

I pull away from your lips and start to kiss my way across your beautiful face, from the side of your mouth to just under your right ear. I pause momentarily to carefully nibble your earlobe which draws a giggle from you. I continue kissing down the side of your neck to your right shoulder, my hot breath tickling the bare flesh as I go. When I get there you bend forward and kiss my neck, each contact of your lips causing my skin to tingle. I move across to your other shoulder and once again you lean forward but this time as you plant your mouth on my neck you firmly pinch the skin between your teeth. I emit a deep, satisfied moan before kissing my way back up your neck and across your face until our lips are again one.

My cock is now pressing so hard against my pants that it is starting to hurt. I let go of you briefly so that I can pick you up. I carry you to my bedroom and lower you onto the bed. As I pull at the zipper at the back of your dress you unbutton my shirt. I remove your dress and you are lying on my bed in your lacy black lingerie. I start to kiss around your cleavage, feeling the warmth emanating from your breasts. The sensation of their soft flesh on my lips is fantastic.

I am about to unfasten your bra when you pull my shirt down over my arms. I look at you quizzically – I cannot move my arms now. I watch semi-helpless as you unbuckle my belt and pull down my pants. You then start to stroke the bulge in my shorts, occassionally darting me a wicked look. You continue to torment my cock in this way so much so that I am thrashing my head from side to side in frustrastion and ecstasy. Then you yank down my shorts, my cock bobbing back up to rigidness in front malatya escort of you.

With a look of pure evil you take my shaft in your hand and proceed to lick at my shaven balls. Occasionally your tongue licks around the base of my shaft. This continues for a good while and my head is swimming from the sensual assault. You move away slightly and pull my shaft down so that it is pointing directly at your wicked mouth. My balls flex in anticipation as you pull back on the skin and fully reveal my soaked, bloated purple tip. With your eyes looking deep into mine you envelop my prick with your mouth. I momentarily feel overcome with weakness as you start to suck on it, your tongue darting around the head and shaft. I watch your tits hypnotically sway back and forth as you work expertly on me.

I am losing control – I start to feel a familiar and pleasant tingling sensation develop at my root. It makes its way toward the tip and you can feel my tool begin to stiffen and swell in preparation for its final, violent act. I am ready to come. I want it. I want it now.

And then you stop.

I am gasping, stranded on the edge but nothing happens. I beg you to finish but you do nothing. I start to cuss at you as I feel my orgasm begin to retreat. Without a word you climb onto me and look me straight in the eye. Your eyes burn fiercely and defiantly at me. I feel wild with desire at your proximity and sqirm determinedly out of my shirt. I hear stiches tearing as I shake it from my arms. Taking hold of you I roll you roughly onto your back and pull your panties off. I bury my face between your legs and lick, nibble and suck on your throbbing clit. I am in no mood for mercy and I eat your cunt roughly, forcing moaning sobs from you. All the while my face is becoming covered with your juices and I have to occasionally pause and lick my lips. I feel your body bucking now and hear you gasping for air. “Yes, yes” you implore me. I feel the clit throb beneath my oral assault. The tempest of orgasm begins to embrace you.

And then I stop.

“NOOOOOO!” you cry, and try to push my head back between your legs. I have none of it and climb up onto you, an evil, smug smirk on my face. “Bastard” you shout at me. “Bitch” I softly reply. I kiss you heavily on the lips – I can taste my juices on your lips and you can taste yours on mine. This seems to placate your fury a little.

I reach behind your back and unfasten your bra. Your tits fall slightly apart as they are released. I start to kiss around the erect nipples and your murmurings start to become more approving. I take care to explore your nipples with my tongue and then with nibbles. Your chest rises and falls more rapidly as your arousal again increases.

I sit up and roll you over. You take hold of the headboard and thrust your your ass up a so that your pussy peeks out at me. You watch over your shoulder as I take hold of my shaft and guide it into kayseri escort you. My head parts your pussy lips and slides effortlessly into your sopping wet cunt. We both deeply moan in satisfaction as I enter you.

Holding you by the hips I start to pump you from behind. As you look over your shoulder back at me I can see your tits swinging beneath you. The sight is so erotic that I almost lose it and shoot my load there and then. Somehow I manage to recover my composure and return to a less frantic pace. I can feel that you are close and I start to increase the tempo again. Your head falls between your arms as you suck in air. I lean forward and play with your tits as I continue to pound you. Your juices flow out of your hole and down onto my balls, only to get flicked up onto your pussy again as my balls rock forward as I ram home into you. You scream encouragement as you come, your cries almost deafening me.

You look over your shoulder at me. My gaze is unyielding as I continue to pound you. My cock can feel the rhythm inside your cunt as waves of pleasure assail your body. Another orgasm builds and swiftly tears you up. I gradually ease the pace as you come down from your climax.

I gently pull my cock out of you and it is shiny from your cunt juices and my pre-cum that has been constantly dribbling from my tip. I take hold of my shaft again and squeeze, making its tip swell and harden. I place my other hand on the small of your back and press my tip against your puckered asshole. You gasp when you feel it nuzzle up between your cheeks. I press forward a little but your ring will not yield – my shaft flexes and buckles against the resistance. I squeeze harder on my shaft until it feels like my cock will burst and try again.

It seems like nothing is going to happen when I finally feel your ring give a little and yield. I gently guide my tip into you but I have to work hard to stay inside as your tightness constantly threatens to eject me. I work my way into you until I am totally buried in you. I can feel your cunt again dribbling onto my balls which are now nestled between your legs.

Holding you by the hips I start to slide back and forth inside you. The sensations is unbelievable – you are so tight and my cock is being squeezed harder than I have ever experienced before. We are both in deep ecstasy now as I resolutely fuck you in the ass. You moans rise again to screams as another orgasm crashes into you, followed rapidly by another and another. I can now feel myself beginning to come and my thrusts become deeper and more frantic. I roar as I feel a hard contraction between my legs. Your ass is so tight that my cum has difficulty in entering you. The pressure is fantastic, making my orgasm more and more intense. With a great effort my cock shoots its hot, copious load inside you.

The room spins and wobbles around us. You hold onto the headboard for stability as I hold onto you to do the same. I withdraw and we both collapse onto the bed, exhausted. You roll into my arms and we exchange tender kisses. We are overcome by a feeling of total relaxation and drift together into a deep and contented slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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