Peter and His Neighbours Ch. 02

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Peter had a long day at the office. He got home just after five. He had a quick shower and changed into a polo shirt and chinos. His doorbell rang at six. Joan and Jill were standing there. They both looked stunning. The outfits they were both wearing, showed both their voluptuous figures to perfection. He said, “Wow, you both look stunning. Would you like to come in for a drink or shall we have something in the hotel?”

Jill replied, “Flattery will get you everywhere. We had better go to the hotel as Alex was taken to the hospital this afternoon. It’s the best place for him. He has a very aggressive cancer. He hasn’t got long left; the best thing is its quick as nothing can be done. May and Sandy are putting a brave face on it. I don’t think the meeting will last as long as everyone is in favour of it.”

They arrived at the hotel and were shown into a room with a top table where May and Sandy were sitting. There were two waitresses with trays containing glasses of white and red wine, orange juice and mineral water. The only person that wasn’t there was Su. Peter was the only man there. Of the twelve women, there wasn’t one that Peter wouldn’t go to bed with. The two sisters, Mags and Kay, looked good. They both had everyday hairstyles and dressed conservatively. They both had great figures.

Ada and Viv, in fact, all the other women in the room looked stunning. Both Ada and Viv had a sparkle in their eyes. Everyone was sipping wine, including May and Sandy. Peter went over to them and said, “I am so sorry to hear about Alex, I was talking with him last month. He was laughing and joking. He was so full of life. My thoughts are with you all during this trying time.”

May replied, “Thank you, Peter, for your kind words. It’s a trying time. Alex wanted this Entry System. He put so much time and effort into it. I will make the presentation this evening, and hopefully later when we visit Alex, we will be able to tell him that everyone has agreed to it. We have three votes for it, from the interested parties that are not able to attend. I hope that it gets through, we only need another four votes.”

He replied, “I think that you will have it easy. I know Joan, Ruth, Jill and I want it. That’s four, and you will be voting for it, so now you have eight, and you win.”

May replied, “That would be wonderful. That will make Alex happy. The doctor has told me that Alex has only days left.”

Peter took her hand and squeezed it. She had her thumb between his thumb and forefinger. She was moving her thumb, in a slow sensuous movement, she said as she ran her moved her thumb in and out, “When things get back to normal you must come up for supper one evening. We must keep in touch.”

She was a sexy woman, and like Sandy, they both had stunning curves. He replied, “I would like that. Do you have my mobile number?”

She answered, “I have it, I checked in Alex’s contacts book. You are the only fit man around here. I will message you later on WhatsApp, if you don’t get my message by tomorrow then call the Penthouse, the number is in the telephone book.”

He then spoke with Mags and Kay. Mags said, Peter, I have been told that you are the expert on computers. Kay and I have both bought smartphones. We need a WiFi connection in the apartment. Is it possible that you could set this up for us? The man in the shop recommended a system which we have purchased. We both have laptops. It would be wonderful if you could connect those to our new system too.”

He replied, “Tomorrow after work, around five-thirty, I will have a look at it. It shouldn’t take long. Is that time suitable for you?”

She answered, “You are so kind. We will both be there for you tomorrow.”

The meeting then started. May was excellent with her presentation. She was giving Peter a lot of eye contact as she spoke. There was something very sexy about May. He did not doubt that they would end up in bed together. After the ten minute presentation, they took the vote. It was unanimous, everyone voted for it. May was so happy, she said, “I’m so pleased with this outcome. I can’t wait to tell Alex. He put so much time into this. The contractor will start on Monday morning; it will be operational by Tuesday lunchtime. Thank you all for supporting this. I believe we will all benefit from having it.”

Everyone clapped, then May and Sandy left. Ruth came over to Peter, she asked, “How are you? You look so good in casual clothes; I only see going in and out in beautifully tailored suits.”

He replied, “Thank you, I love your outfit. You look stunning. Your breasts are looking magnificent. Is the evening the best time to come and look at your printer, how is during the day at weekends for you?

She whispered her reply, “Both anadolu yakası escort are good, but in the evening no nurses will call. I am wearing a push-up bra; I love the way that it pushes my tits up. I am glad that you like it. I will buy more. When do you think you will come?”

He replied, “It won’t be tomorrow. I will message you as soon as I know. Can’t wait to play with those beauties.”

She whispered, “They are so sensitive that I can cum when they are played with and sucked. I will send you some pictures of them tonight; then you will be desperate to come and sort the printer.”

He smiled and blew her a kiss. He then went over to Joan; he had seen Jill leave five minutes ago. Joan told him that Jill had gone home to check on her husband and would meet them in the restaurant. Peter remembered that he hadn’t booked an extra person. He called the restaurant and changed the booking to three. Jill arrived at the restaurant at the same time as they did. They were all happy about the outcome of the meeting. They ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and their meals.

They were talking freely. Peter was listening. It was women’s talk. What people were wearing. What they were talking about. The wine was good. By the time the main course was served, they were on their fourth bottle. Jill said, “Peter, I think Ada and Viv would like a session with you. There are in their late sixties, but together they are terrific in bed. In fact, every woman, apart from the two sisters, is bisexual. Everyone there tonight would love a session with you. I don’t know how the sisters swing as they keep themselves to themselves.”

“They have lived here for over two years, and not one person I know of has been inside their apartment. Nobody knows a thing about them. They both have expensive cars with private number plates. Neither of them works. They are a total mystery to us all. They are always polite when you chat with them. I saw that you were speaking with them, did you learn anything?”

He replied, “They need to set up their WiFi. I will do it for them tomorrow evening. I only spoke with Mags. She seemed nice and honest. I will know more tomorrow.”

Jill said, “Let me know what their apartment is like. They had a lot of work done before they moved in. I am a nosey person; I like to know everything. I saw Mags speaking with you. She has the hots for you. Alex hasn’t been sexually active for over ten years. She’s good in bed and loves to give her partner pleasure. Sandy is the same. Don’t be surprised if you have a threesome with the mother and daughter. It’s over ten years since either of them had a cock, but they have had a lot of pussy.”

Peter just absorbed this and did not comment. Nobody wanted any dessert or coffee. Peter asked for the bill. Jill, who had been doing all the talking, Joan, who hardly had spoken a word, asked, “Is it OK if we go back to my apartment? I have Champagne in the fridge. I need to check on my husband. It also arouses me to know that he is sleeping in his bed and I am getting fucked in another room in the house. You will find the same with Ruth, Di and Viv.”

They went back to Jill’s apartment. Jill got the Champagne then went to check on her husband. Joan whispered to Peter, “She is so hot for you. She has drunk at least two and a half bottles of wine. She is desperate to have a cock. Thanks for last night, it was excellent. My cunt has been tingling all day. Concentrate on Jill tonight. Fuck her hard and deep, give her the same oral as you gave me. She will take it in both holes. Do that, and you will own her.”

Jill came back two minutes later, she said, “He is good, sleeping like a baby. Do you want to come to my bedroom? I have all my toys there, and I want to be eating Joan’s cunt as you are fucking me. But first I want you two to get me aroused.”

They followed her into her bedroom. Peter checked the time; it was ten minutes past eight. They all stripped. Jill’s tits were as big as Joan’s. Jill brought a big black dildo out of the bedside cabinet. Then she saw his massive cock, “That’s majestic, I have never seen one as long and thick as that beauty. That can take two tongues. Joan help me make that baby hard.”

They went down on him, and he went down on Jill. Both of them were licking and sucking his hard cock and balls. He was now sucking Jill’s hard clit; It was a big one. Her vulva was swollen, and her cunt was very wet. Within minutes, he was fisting her pussy; she was pushing her pussy against his mouth. She was also gripping his fist. Fifteen minutes later he had her ready for him. He had used her cum as lube; he could now finger her ass with three fingers. As he was fingering her ass, she was moaning with pleasure.

Jill ataköy escort then sat Joan on a chair, so that she could eat her pussy. She then knelt in front of her so Peter could ride her doggy style. Peter knelt behind Jill, rubbing his bulbous head against her hard clit. He then centred his cock on the middle of her pussy. With a gentle thrust, his cock vanished inside her cunt. He went in and out five times then withdrew it. He now teased her ass hole with his bulbous head. He positioned it in the middle, with a strong push he slid his full length inside her ass.

Soon he had a powerful rhythm going. He was going hard and deep. He was also rubbing her clit as he ass fucked her. His cock was stimulating her G-spot. Within fifteen minutes she had two orgasms. She was sucking on Joan’s clit as he rode her. He pulled out then went back inside her cunt. He started to pound her. Twenty minutes later Jill began to shake and tremble with a massive orgasm. She said, “That’s the best fuck of my life. Come out darling; I can’t take any more. What a feeling.”

He pulled out, and Joan said, “Peter, I am so close. Do me doggy style.”

He then bent her over and went into her doggy style. He went deep and hard. Five minutes later Joan started to tremble and shake. He felt her warm cum run down his cock. He pulled out and went to the bedside table where his glass was. He sipped some Champagne and said, “That was fantastic. I must go now as I have a busy day tomorrow. We will have to arrange another meeting soon.”

They all went into Jill’s ensuite bathroom. The shower was enormous with jets coming from everywhere. They dried themselves but only Peter dressed as Joan was going to sleepover with Jill. Jill took Peter back into the bathroom. She opened a drawer and gave him a small cardboard box containing Viagra. She said, “Take half of one of these tablets thirty minutes before your next visit. You took me places that I have never been to tonight. I will arrange another girl for your next visit. Is there anyone that you would like?”

He replied, “Surprise me, I will trust your judgement.”

She smiled then they kissed. He kissed Joan, then he left. He got back to his apartment; it was now twenty to ten. He poured a glass of wine then checked his messages. He had three. One from Su asking how the meeting had gone. He replied tell her that they would start on Monday with the installation and Tuesday lunchtime would complete it. He also hoped that her mother was making progress. He also asked how old was her mother?

The second was from Ruth. The message was, “This is all for you, love Ruth.”

There were five explicit pictures of Ruth. None of her face but her tits and pussy looked terrific. She had a fantastic body. Her breasts didn’t sag, and her big hard nipples looked superb. He felt his cock getting hard as he looked at the pictures. There was one of her spreading her cunt lips with her thumb and forefinger. Her clit was enormous. It was like a little cock. He knew that he would be looking at her printer soon. He messaged her back, thanking her for the pictures and also saying that he looked forward to seeing her soon.

The third message was from May, it read, “Peter, thank you for being there to support us this evening. I enjoyed speaking with you. When we arrived at the hospital, the Duty Sister told us that Alex was in a bad way. He was still conscious when we entered his room. His face lit up when we told him that it was a unanimous vote for the system. He smiled, and eyes sparkled. He then closed his eyes. Sandy and I were on each side of him holding both his hands. Five minutes later he trembled and gasped his last breath. Then he was gone.”

“Sandy and I then went to the cafeteria for a coffee. We both knew that this could have happened anytime. Both of us are happy that he is gone. He was on large doses of morphine. He is at peace now. I got home just before nine-thirty. Sandy wanted to have a sleepover with a girlfriend. We came home, and she packed a bag, and I drove her there. I have opened a bottle of Champagne, which I am now enjoying. I was wondering if you would like to join me? To be honest, I would love to kiss and cuddle with you. When we touched this evening, my pussy got very wet. I get so aroused when I think of you. I hope that you can join me. Your May.”

He replied, “My darling May, I am so sorry to hear about Alex. It is for the best I am sure. He passed away peacefully, and he was happy. He had you and Sandy at his side. I would love to join you. I love to kiss and cuddle too. To be honest, I can’t get your magnificent tits out of my head. Are you ready for me now? Your Peter.”

He then took half of one of Jill’s pills. He had a message ataşehir escort from Su, it read, “I am so happy to hear that. I can’t wait for Tuesday. Mum is much better. Yesterday, the Professor examined her. He found that a medication she had been taking was hurting her. He suggested another type of medication. The change is amazing; she is back to her old self. She didn’t look good for the last two weeks; she is now back to normal. She is sixty-seven though she looks like she is in her fifties. She will get out of hospital tomorrow, but she wants to come and stay with me. That means that I will have to visit you. Thinking about you. Su.”

He had a reply from May, it read, “Darling, come now. I am only wearing a dressing gown, my tits are very sensitive, but it’s my clitoris that’s the key to getting me aroused. I am waiting for you. M.”

He walked up the stairs to the Penthouse. He didn’t want to use the lift. As he approached her door, the door opened. He walked into the hallway. She closed the door. She led him into the lounge. She poured him a glass of Champagne. She undid the belt of her dressing gown then stepped out of it. Her body was stunning. Her vulva was swollen and looked perfect. She undid the belt of his chinos. He took off his polo shirt. When he was naked, she saw his cock and said, “That’s massive, but I love it.”

They lay on the carpet, kissing and touching for several minutes. She was very wet, and he was very hard. Then she went down on him. She soon had the full length in her mouth. She then concentrated on his bulbous head. She teased it with her tongue and lips. He positioned her so that they could sixty-nine. She had a great clit, it wasn’t as big as Jill’s but was very close. He started sucking it as he finger fucked her. She spread her legs wider and was pushing her cunt against his mouth.

Like Jill, he had used her lube to prepare her ass. He now easily could finger her ass with three fingers. She was moaning with pleasure. He sat on an armchair, and she guided his cock at the base inside her wet cunt lips. She then sat down on him. She was good. She was gripping his cock as she went up and down on him. After two minutes, he pulled out of her. She was squatting over him. He then put the tip of his cock against her ass hole telling her to sit on it. His hard cock then vanished inside her tight ass. She said, “That feels fucking wonderful. I have never had a cock in my ass before.”

Using her feet, she pushed up and down then she introduced a circular movement. She soon at it to a fine art form. Taking his cock from the base to the tip. Her tempo was speeding up. After six minutes she had an orgasm. He had been playing with her clit which may have helped with the orgasm, but May summed it up when she said, “This is a first for me. Your magnificent cock is stimulating my G-spot as you ass fuck me. Darling, this is so good.”

She had another orgasm five minutes later. He came out of her ass and went back inside her wet cunt. Up and down and around she went, gripping at the base and tip of his cock. He loved watching her massive breasts wobble as she rode him. He lent up and started sucking one of her nipples. He was still tirelessly stroking her hard clit. Twenty minutes later they both they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Peter, exploded inside her. He squirted forcefully for a good thirty seconds. When May, she began to shake uncontrollably. It took her a minute to settle down. She said, “That was an orgasm. I thought that my head was going to cave in.”

The kissed and cuddled for several minutes. May said, “Alex is not yet cold and you have given me the best fuck of my life. Do you think I am a slut?”

He replied, “No, you are a woman with an incredibly strong sex drive. You are so good in bed. I love how you grip; your cunt muscles are so strong. I enjoyed having sex with you. This is a tough time for you. Would you like me to stay the night with you? I must leave here by seven so that I go to the apartment and shower, shave and change.”

She said, “I want to be your slut, one message and I am there for you. I would love you to stay. I will wake you early. I will cook you a full cooked breakfast. I would like you to come to Alex’s funeral then after the service I want you to fuck me like you did tonight.”

He replied, “During the week is difficult for me as I have so much work. If you can arrange the service for a Saturday, then I can be there no problem. May, I am seeing several other women so I can’t give you exclusivity. If you want to share me, then you can be my slut when I am with you.”

She said, “It will be a big funeral, I will arrange it for a Saturday. Would you like a threesome with Sandy and me afterwards? Sandy and I have been lovers for years. We have shared a lot of women but never shared a man. We work well together. Have you ever fucked a mother and daughter?”

He replied, “Let’s go to bed. In the morning, as I fuck you, tell me all the slutty things you and Sandy like to do.”

They were both asleep five minutes later.

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