Pleasantly Interrupted

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It’s 2:00 am when I slide into bed behind you. Your body is warn and soft to my touch. The light of the full moon silhouettes your face – you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Softly and slowly, I run my hand up the side of your body from just above the knee over the swell of your hips, down the concave of your waist and up across your ribs to the swell of your breast. I cup your warm, soft tit in my hand, gently kneading it, squeezing your hardening nipple between my thumb and forefinger, softly pulling it until you mew like a kitten.

You respond to my caresses by rolling over onto your back, pressing your hip against my hard cock. My hand drifts across your chest to your other tit where again I squeeze it and tease your nipple into cherry pit hardness. You slowly rise from the unconsciousness of sleep, stretching and feeling around you as to ascertain what has brought you from your slumber.

I lean towards you and whisper in your ear, “Hello, precious angel,” as my hand finds its way down between your legs to the warm, wet folds of your cunt. I cup your mons, pressing the heel of my hand against your still enfolded clit. You have yet to open your eyes as your hand grasps my cock and starts to squeeze and stroke it, taking time to spread the lubricant of pre-cum over its head.

“You know the very best ways to wake me up,” you half mumble, “and I don’t mind it at all.” In the moonlight, I can see the sly smile that crosses your lips change quickly to a pursing as I apply more pressure to your cunt. Probing the lower part of your labia, I find your special dampness leaking out and spreading toward your anus. I probe that dampness and find no resistance as my finger slips into your folds.

I bring my finger up to your lips and gently spread your juices over them before lifting myself onto my elbow and planting a long, deep, slow kiss on your beautiful mouth. Our tongues meet, probe, entwine and release. I squeeze your tit, somewhat harder, now knowing how it heightens your erotic feelings. Your hand cups and squeezes my balls, then, making a circle of your thumb and forefinger, you stretch them so they hang as on a hot summer’s day.

You spread your legs, and I feel your cunt, wet and swollen. I push back the covers, looking down between your legs to see the moonlight illuminate your shaved bare lips. “Turn your ass towards the window,” I tell you. You do, knowing that your womanhood will now be on show, knowing that I will become fixated by the site of you, that I will soon spread your cunt eryaman escort wide and take a long look at your hot, wet hole, praise you for the woman that you are, probe the depths of your succulence and…

“What are you doing?”

I snap from my dream. “Writing you a new piece of erotica for you,” I say.

“May I read it?”

You lean over my back. Your braless tit pressed against my neck.

“Hmm. You write the sexiest stories, but they’re so different from our real life. Why don’t I inspire you, and then you can write about what we did and submit that to Literotica.”

Your tongue probes my ear as your hand slides inside my shirt, rubbing my chest. You grab a handful of hair; pull my head back kiss me, long and deep. You kiss down my neck to that collection of nerve endings near the collarbone and nip.

I reach behind me and run my hand up the back of your thigh, not really surprised to find that the T-shirt is all that you’re wearing. Pushing you back a bit, I turn the chair and slide my hand between your legs. Your cunt is sopping wet as I slide two fingers deep into it. You squirm and let out a low moan. You take off your T-shirt and pull my head to your beautiful large tits.

With my free hand, I grab your right tit, squeeze it and pull it to my mouth. I suck your puckered nipple and feel you squirm some more. My other hand, meanwhile, has found its way to your clit where I squeeze that hard bud, that trigger of ecstasy.

Standing up, I remove my shirt while you grab the bulge in my jeans. I tilt your head back and go probing for your tonsils. You undo my jeans and push them down to the floor, then kiss down my chest, lowering yourself to your knees. Finally, you reach my crotch and take my cock into your mouth. You quickly take in all that you can, moaning those little sounds I love to hear you make when you suck me off.

I look down to watch you gorge yourself on my meat. You work my cock as if you haven’t had any for a dozen years, though we made love just yesterday. Slowly now, you pull your mouth away leaving a long string of saliva run from my swollen cock head to your lips.

Kneeling in front of me with your knees spread wide, you look up at me with that special hunger in your eyes. That hunger that says, “I’m only going to stop fucking you when you can’t walk anymore.” Now, stroking my cock, you get up from your knees and pull my face down to yours and kiss me deeply. I feel you melt into my arms as our naked bodies rub together, each feeling the heat of the other. Your sincan escort tits against my chest, my cock pressed into your stomach. “Eat me,” you whisper.

Now it’s my turn to get on my knees, which I do gladly. I lift your leg and place your foot on the office chair, turn your thigh outwards so that I have clear access to your sopping cunt. I stick my face between your legs, smelling your hot scent. Starting at the top of your slit, I work my tongue down over your clit, making you thrust your hips toward my face. I probe down further, lapping at your heat.

I turn now, so that my head is bent backwards, allowing me to wash my face with your wetness. My tongue darts out and finds your clit. I lick it, feeling it twitch beneath my ministrations. Your moans are non-stop. My balls are heavy and aching. My cock feels like a steel rod. I take myself in hand and start to stroke. “Oh yes,” you breathe, “jerk yourself off for me.” I work my cock slowly, not wanting to cum yet, but enjoying the mounting pressure. Your heat, your scent, your moans make it hard for me not to cum, yet I won’t spend myself in my hand.

I rise from the floor and pull you close to me. We kiss again. A long multi-level kiss, sometimes gentle, sometimes hard, always passionate and probing.

“I need to fuck you, now.” “I want you inside me, now,” we say almost simultaneously.

Grabbing my cock, you drag me to the bedroom. “Watch this,” you say as you lie down on the bed, spread your legs and start fingering your clit. “Watch how I do this, because this is what I want you to do while you fuck me.” As I stare, spellbound, you place your forefinger and middle finger on either side of your clit and start to stroke it, slowly at first, then starting to build up speed. You close your eyes, focusing on the sensations that you are causing yourself. Lost in your physicality, your hand moves from your clit down into your hole. You probe yourself, sliding both fingers up your cunt. You start to plunge your fingers in and out of your hole, pulling and squeezing your nipple with your free hand. Your legs spread wider and you pull your cunt lips with both hands, spreading yourself wide.

“Fuck me, now.”

Moving from the foot of the bed, where I’ve been stroking my cock while watching you masturbate, I kneel beside you, taking in all of your sweet, sexy body. I bend down, briefly, between your legs and lick your clit. You roll onto your side as I climb in behind you, sliding my cock into your dripping cunt with one long stoke. batıkent escort You press your ass toward me as I enter you, your breath catching as my cock fills your cunt. You spread your legs as I move my hand around your thigh and up to your hard clit. Showing you that I did pay attention to your demonstration minutes before, I place a finger on either side of your clit and stroke it while I slowly fuck your cunt. You pump with me and against me, wanting every inch of my cock to be buried deep inside you.

I feel the pressure building in my balls, straining for release. I’m just getting ready for that last manic push to cum that is the sign of a great fuck (as compared to the slow build-up of making love), when you stop and pull away.

“Lie on your back,” you tell me. I do as you quickly straddle my legs and slide yourself down onto my cock. You place your hands on my chest and start to rock your hips, that special motion that says, “I’m the one doing the fucking, now.”

Again, just as I’m ready to blow my wad, you stop moving. “One more time,” you whisper hoarsely, “and I’ll make your dreams come true.” You sit up, still on my cock. “I love the feeling when you are so hard, and fill me so much,” you say. Then, your hands on my waist, you start to slowly slide up and down my rod.

The pressure of having my rock hard cock at a perpendicular angle from my body, combined with the heat, wetness and ridges inside your cunt, is ecstasy. With your eyes closed, you work your cunt up and down my cock, lost, for a moment, in your own world. You open your eyes and heatedly look at me. Then your hand slips down to your clit and you masturbate yourself while you start to slowly pick up speed.

“Put your hands behind your head,” I tell you. “Let me see you in all your glory when you cum. You are so beautiful like that. Your gorgeous tits stuck out, your clit all swollen and poking out between your cunt lips.

“Fuck me, honey. Fuck me hard!”

Moments later, in one seemingly endless spasm, we both cum. I grab your hips and push you down hard onto my cock, feeling your clit press against pubic bone, your cunt squeezing my cock over and over again while I pump what seems like gallons of cum up into you. Wordless hollers escape our lips, ragged breathing fills the air, the smell of sex permeates the room.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the spasms subside. We hold each other closely, one’s breathing matching the other’s. We lie down, touching each other intimately, softly, gently, feeling the heat of each other’s body, our hearts slowing to a normal pace.

I lean over you and kiss your sweet lips. “You are the love of my life,” I whisper against your lips. I turn then and straddle you, face to crotch, and we mutually clean the love from each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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