Pool Gal

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“Are you kids doing ok?” he asked as they floated by. They were all at the water park, just him and his kids. “Fine Dad” they told him. “Ok then” he said. “I might go in for a dip at the other pool so I’ll just meet you back here” he told them.

The water park had all kinds of fun things to do and different watery things to try out. Open water or even some overhead caves and hiding places to investigate. It wasn’t that packed and one could find some peace being alone.

All kinds of people were here. Singles, families, seniors and lots of teenagers were now playing around. Like his kids, everyone seemed to be having fun.

While he was talking to his kids, a middle-aged woman sat down on the same bench as he and was also talking to her older kids. “Don’t worry about me,” she told them. “I won’t leave the park,” she said.

She wasn’t bad looking he thought. She was about his age. And had about the same mileage lines on her face as he had. “Life is hard,” he thought and everyone pays their dues. He also noticed she didn’t have a ring on her finger either. It couldn’t hurt to say hello he thought.

“Hi there,” he spoke. “It looks like we both have the same kid problems in this sun. I just can’t keep up with mine here in this water park” he said as he smiled at her mature beauty.

“You’re right,” she said as she lowered her shades and smiled at him. “I just let them go and I’m sure they won’t leave without me” she chuckled as she opened her arms away from her chest and took in a big breath and let it out real slow.

“I’m going to have to do more workouts it seems,” he said as her deep breathing was causing his cock to start its launch mode and was growing. He let his eyes drift down to her rising and falling breasts and could see her growing nipples through her swimsuit.

“Want to come swimming with me and explore?” he asked as he stood up and faced her. His cock had pretty much grown to full length by then as it made a huge bulge in his swimming trunks. “I’ll rub your shoulders,” he teased.

She knew the bulge in his swimming trunks could only be made by a huge cock that needed attention. Maybe eight, maybe nine inches she thought? Her divorce two years ago had left her many long and sleepless nights alone in her bed. She couldn’t get out much due to kids, her job and things at home. She yearned for a cock to hold; to caress, to fill her mouth and her pussy. To once again taste a man’s cum oozing down her throat. If only he knew just how wet he had made her.

She thought of all this while looking at the bulge in his trunks. He held out his hand to her and she stood up, took off her glasses, put them on her towel on the bench, took his hand to squeeze it softly and told him “Yes, I would love to.”

He didn’t care that his cock had made a huge tent in his trunks in front. He was proud of his manhood and he knew by the way she had stared at it, that she liked it too.

They held hands together walking down the steps into the shallow end and kept holding hands until the water covered their hips. During this walk, there was hardly anyone around and they took advantage of this to look in each other’s eyes, lick their lips and smile seductively to each other.

They let go of their hands and pushed forward in the water. The large area pool they were swimming in was only about five eryaman escort feet deep. He had pushed a little more forward than her. So she pushed again and came up behind him. “Mind if I hitch a ride?” she asked as she put her hands on his shoulders and lightly dug her nails in his skin.

He felt her lips first on his ear, then her hands, then her breasts pushing into his back. She asked him for a ride, then felt her nails lightly gripping him. “Mmmmm” he told her as he felt her fingers moving all over his chest. He decided to move to one of the cave entrances to get at least a little privacy.

She had wanted to do this for soo long now there was no turning back. Some things you just have to say yes to and this time, her sex would not take no for an answer. She started lightly kissing his ear as she brought her one arm around his shoulders and neck. With her other arm, she felt his strong chest all around. She felt him all over in front and let her hand move down below his waist.

His breathing had increased, as he got closer to the cave entrance. She was sucking on his ear and feeling his chest on the way. His cock was about to bust. Being held in confinement, it was now needing some release and attention. His balls were throbbing and he knew he was carrying a cum load that was going to explode.

She kept her hand close to his belly as it worked itself under the waistband of his swimming suit and down to his cock. She heard him breath in really fast as she wrapped her fingers around its base and pull up. The suit he was wearing had a lot of extra room for her to keep pumping his shaft. She let go of him for just a second to fill her hand back up with his balls. She gave them a steady but firm squeeze, and then went back to pumping his cock.

He wasn’t about to interfere with what she was doing. He was loving her lips on his ear, moaning, feeling his chest but then, fell into complete lust as she took hold of his cock. All of her fingers were gripping and pulling his cock. Even when she had him by the balls, he felt her hunger.

As they got to the inside of the cave, he noticed a protected covered area that had steps one could sit on next to the open covered area. Just before they got there, she reached down and pulled his swimming trunks down to his knees. She also reached down and pulled one leg out of the bottom of her two-piece swimsuit and pulled her breasts out of her top.

As they got to the steps, he pulled her around and was greeted by her swollen breasts and pink nipples. He brought his hands up to hold them and met her lips as they kissed. Lighting went through his tongue as he felt her electricity meeting his.

He lifted her legs up and felt them wrap themselves around his waist and felt her hips moving in circles, up and down. He felt his own cock moving in circles as well, trying desperately to find her and bury itself inside her sex.

He found his mark but they missed. He held himself steady and waited for her. She didn’t disappoint him. He help steady her as she stopped, moved slowly and placed her pussy on top of his cock as they each held themselves there.

They opened their eyes, their bodies completely frozen in motion, and stared with open lust as they both started nodding yes with their heads until nature couldn’t stand it any longer. Their lips crashed together sincan escort as they both pushed hard to connect, and fuck.

She was instantly impaled at both ends. This wonderful man’s cock hand just filled a voided space in her that had been empty for years. Her honey had been soaking her from the inside and had been oozing out between her pussy lips since he took her hand to come here. It now provided lots of lubrication for his cock to slide home.

His tongue was searching and shrinking her resistance. She wanted all he could give her without him holding back.

He never felt such lust in his life. This woman, this sexual angel wanted him. He felt her fucking his cock as no woman ever had while milking his balls and urging him on. Her tongue was telling him to keep going, take what you want here and now, that she was very ready and needed this. Now fuck me hard with your cock mister, she thought.

She felt him grow inside her. She felt the large end of his cock growing larger each time he pulled out of her to press itself on her clit before he pushed it back in. Sometimes fast, and sometimes slow, she was bringing out the animal fuck in him. She was drooling all over his neck and shoulder as he was bringing out the animal slut in her.

He was alternating his hands back and forth, squeezing her ass, then moving up and squeezing her breasts. At one time, he lifter her high enough to suck, lick and gently bite her pink nipples. He felt her pussy open wide for him as he shoved his swollen cock deep in her pussy, then squeezing her cunt tight so his cock couldn’t leave.

It started with her toes. Her toes had started going numb as she felt her feet start shaking uncontrollably. Her legs were loosing their strength as they started shaking as well. She wrapped her arms around his neck tighter as her shaking had now overtaken her whole body………then it froze her. Every part of her was now alive and moving in harmony together, as her own white light of pure pleasure had arrived.

Unlike other women who he had make love to before, he never felt a woman going through what he was feeling now. He was with her, but it was as if she had been taken overtaken, and it was turning him on that he helped cause this. He kept shoving his cock inside her as she froze on him and started making sounds he never heard before coming out of a woman. He also never felt his cock so hard as he continued to pleasure and fuck her. Besides, he was now getting close.

It wasn’t a black out that she went through. It was more of a white out. She knew she was fucking him, feeling him, letting him do to her what she had been missing. It was a separation of mind and body that she had read about, but had only happened once before to her. Closing her eyes, she saw them both from about three feet away, fucking hard and in complete bliss.

They were connected, mated and tied and only two people could be as they pleased and lusted for each other without holding back. As she came to her senses, she felt him getting closer to loosing it. His breathing was changing; he was tightening his ass cheeks and was pounding his cock faster and faster in her cunt. If she didn’t act now, she wouldn’t find out how much he had for her, or how this man who had brought her to the white light, tasted.

“Put me on the steps batıkent escort hon, for me, please, I want you to come in my mouth. I want it inside me, just do it, do it now” he heard her say. She was kissing his lips and telling him the same thing over and over. He knew he was loosing control and if he didn’t move right now, both of them would loose this moment.

He reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks very hard and squeezed while moving her over to the steps. All of his control and focus kept him from falling as he moved up the steps inside the covered and discrete cave. Stepping up to her and placing his cock inside her mouth……..he let it happen.

His grip on her ass made her moan in pleasure as he moved her to the steps. She now saw the cock that had been pounding her cunt as he moved up the steps. She knew water didn’t stick together like the drool that was hanging off his cock as he brought his fuck stick to her mouth. It was her pussy juice still clinging to him as she inhaled his cock and lovingly wrapped her tongue around its head. She felt the drool drop down on her breasts.

He didn’t want to fall over into the water or on the steps, so he put his hands on each side of the hair on her head and let her control how fast she took him. He wasn’t disappointed. She sucked his cock all the way in and down her throat and held him there. Her hands came up and lightly took each one of his balls in her fingers and lightly squeezed and felt them throb. She started sucking as hard as she could and she massaged them. Then, it happened……………….

He didn’t loose control of holding back his cum; it was taken away from him. The vacuum she created when she took his cock in her throat was like nothing he felt before. In waves, his orgasm took over as he felt the white liquid from his cock leave him as he watched her look up at him and moan as he gave her more and more…..over and over.

It was everything she had wanted. She wanted his cum soo bad that she forced his cock down her throat. She felt his balls quiver and did suck his cock for all she could. She had practiced taking a huge dick down her throat with her own dildo before and was now sucking cock for real this time. He was coming so much that some of his cum had overflowed over her lips and down to her breasts. He tasted very creamy and there was so much. She knew by his taste that he ate well, took care of himself and didn’t smoke. Men who did take care of themselves always had better tasting cum.

He felt the last waves of his orgasm pass as she took him out of her throat. She lovingly took his cock and balls in her hands and proceeded to tongue bathe him all over. She licked off his cum as well as her own pussy juice that was clinging on to his balls. She couldn’t get enough of this man who had gave her what she had been waiting for. It was all very well worth it. She pulled up his swimsuit, gave his cock a quick kiss then pulled the suit all the way up. She then pushed her breasts back in her top, put her leg back into the bottom part of her suit and pulled it up. She then told him “back in the water hon.”

To be taken care of sexually like that was indeed a dream come true they both thought.

After they were back in the water, they held each other and kissed deeply for a long time…..and just floated. He found out that she and her kids were just passing thru on vacation and lived on the east coast. She did make him memorize her phone number and made him promise to call her. He would do just that.

They were going to swim here again together next year…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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