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My congregation is a member of the New Esoteric Christian Church. We are a flock of discriminating souls sharing a unique collection of beliefs. Some outsiders consider that we have unorthodox Rites and Liturgy. We perform Gregorian chants and use incense wafted from swaying censers. We observe the tenets of a religion that encourages sex for procreation but not for gratification. Once you have sufficient children, or are unable to have children, sex becomes wantonly superfluous.

Rejuvenation by prayer and group visualization is ecstatically gratifying. Imagine group hugs and sitting in a circle holding hands to focus positively on one individual’s problem? Not mainstream! We don’t have Sunday barbecues and parish outings nor know each other’s business.

The uniqueness of our religion means that we don’t all live locally. Congregants travel to gather for about three hours on Sunday and occasionally on a weekday evening for special observances. I have a few hundred believers scattered around town in various areas of the city. They are a devoted and bountiful assembly. I try to visit them in their homes at their request or by a social invitation whenever possible.

For example, I visited one couple I have ministered to for many years, Rex and Jill Shannon. Recently Rex had suffered some kind of stroke which had left him paralyzed in a coma. Consequently, they were unable to attend our Sunday services. Jill phoned to see if I could look in on them at my convenience.


I drove over to their luxuriant community. Rex’s single-level home is set on a half-acre treed lot. Jill welcomed me at the door and ushered me into the spotless living room. The fragrance of pine redolent of fresh cleaning. I settled in one end of a settee and Jill sat in an adjacent chair. Before her sat a jug of iced tea with glasses placed on a classy tray.

Jill Shannon is a 34-year-old government economics analyst who enjoys jigsaw puzzles and bird-watching. She is a gentle woman, always ready to help when needed. Jill was raised by her mother after the premature death of her dentist father when she was young

Her adherence to the enigmatic New Esoteric Christian religion bemuses her friends. As a vegetarian who plays tennis and speed walks, Jill keeps in fine shape. She is of average height with smooth, freckled skin. Her ginger hair and hazel eyes invoked the image of a Celtic enchantress.

She took me in to see Rex who lay on a bed with his eyes closed. This was not the Rex I remembered. Physically, Rex was of average build, a touch overweight but otherwise in good shape. A hint of grey hair above the ears indicated late thirties. He loved to watch sports and relaxed by doing crossword puzzles. Rex grew up in a working-class Boston neighborhood. His Irish mother left when he was young, leaving him with his father, who was a drunk.

Rex had a competitive ambitious character that led to a business degree from UMass. As a cultivated and congenial person, success beckoned Rex. His agreeable personality propelled him into management at an early age with an insurance company.

Rex’s room, which had been the dining room, was rearranged like a private hospital room. There was medical equipment with monitoring dials with blinking lights, and an IV stand. The sterile room breathed of a purified hospital area. Yet subdued lights and quiet, mellow jazz implied more of a piano bar ambiance.

We returned to the living room and settled down to our tea. I asked how she was coping. She sorely missed Rex’s companionship. They have been married for nearly twelve years and regretted being childless. Financially they were quite comfortable. Rex had great medical insurance and, if necessary, he would be eligible for long-term disability. This was fortuitous as Jill could devote herself to his care if necessary. After a long chat and tender commiserations from me, we prayed together. I was preparing to leave when Jill moved closer to me and asked in a hushed voice.

“Reverend, can I discuss a medical issue with you?”

“Of course!” I answered. “But my medical knowledge is about as good as my Chinese language skills!”

With a gulp. Jill continued softly, “This is more of a moral thing, really.”

“OK. Let’s see if I can help.” I probed, intrigued.

“Rex has been in this condition for nearly a month now. We have great health insurance and all our medical needs are taken care of,” she explained.

“A nurse comes in to see him twice a week.” Jill continued. “She takes care of all the medical matters. I look after his personal needs daily.” Anyway, she passed on instructions from the attending physician to ensure Rex was sexually relieved once a week.” Jill said.

She hesitated, unsure how to continue.

“This revelation startled me! Rex and I have a very low-key sexual relationship, in line with our church’s teaching. Both of us are rather inhibited. Just the basic missionary stuff. And no experimenting, if you know what I mean?”

Directing her gaze downward, eryaman escort Jill faltered

“We essentially followed the church teaching apart from the occasional lapse. Before this, Rex usually ended the evening by doing a crossword in bed.”

“And you?” I inquired

“Well, it’s hard to do a jigsaw puzzle in bed” she smiled demurely.

“Of course.” I needed to uncomplicate this explanation which I surmised was difficult for her. “This requirement must have come as quite a shock!”

“Apparently, it would be beneficial for Rex’s continued health and possible recovery.” Jill continued. “So I told the nurse to go ahead.”

“‘Good heavens, Jill! I can’t do that!'” barked the nurse. “‘It’s unprofessional and I could lose my license. Anyway, as a loving wife it should be your duty and your joy to assist in his recovery and well-being.'”

“After the nurse left, I made an attempt but it was frustratingly unsatisfactory.” continued Jill.

“First of all, I’m not really sure how to do it properly. I probably did it all wrong because I got no reaction from Rex.”

“It’s possible you can’t get a reaction at all depending on his condition.” I offered “Or maybe it’s just too early in his recovery.”

“Can you show me what I should be doing? Is that too shameless to ask of you, Reverend?”


Rex lay flat on his back, arms at his side, covered by a light bed-sheet. The room temperature was controlled for comfort. Jill folded back the sheet to reveal Rex in a loose-fitting nightshirt. I didn’t realize these survived the last century. Jill explained that it was way more serviceable than traditional pajamas. The lightly patterned cotton garment had a half dozen buttons down the front. Jill unbuttoned it up to his waist and folded it back on each side.

“So where do I start, Reverend?” asked Jill.

“I suggest that you bring some type of light lubricant or lotion so that you don’t irritate his organ. Is that what you call it?”

“If I need to refer to it, I just call it a ‘Willy'” Jill stuttered.

Rex’s penis just lay there vegetating on his thigh. It looked puny, probably shriveled up from underuse. As Jill went to fetch the lotion, I reflected on Rex’s collapsed member. It seemed rather sad just reposing there like a circumcised mislaid memory. A proclamation of emasculated promise. Jill reappeared with a miscellany of creams, oil, and lotions.

“Okay! Now apply the lotion generously to your hands and apply it to the shaft. Include the testicles. This segment here,” I pointed to the helmet-shaped onion, ” is the most sensitive, especially the rim.

And this bit,” I was holding Rex’s dick skyward so I could point parts out. “underneath is particularly sensitive.”

I stood back as Jill moved in next to Rex. She put her knee up on the bed with her other foot firmly anchored on the floor. Not the most lady-like position, but a steady placement for her task.

“I see,” mumbled Jill hesitantly, as she grappled single-handedly with Rex’s tool.

“Cup his balls in your left hand as you hold his member with the other.” I coached.

“Now try to massage or pump the rod. It will be difficult while his willy is so soft. But it will grow firmer soon.”

But it didn’t. Jill seemed to be tiring.

“Maybe talk to him a little. You could also try licking the head of his penis. We need to get him harder.”

After another ten minutes, there was still no improvement.

“Jill, take a time-out.”

She took a well-earned break from the unwieldy position.

“I’m not sure I can do this. Especially if he doesn’t respond,” she grumbled.

“You know, Jill, we don’t know how sensory Rex is. Maybe he can’t perceive or be aware of what we’re trying to do. But he can probably sense you are lovingly caring for him.” I encouraged.

“It doesn’t really matter what you say.” I continued “Sing your favorite song or chant a poem. Better still, send him erotic vibes that let him sense you are sexually excited to be doing this for him.”

“Let’s try again, Jill. Try sending those vibes!”

She started again while whispering sweet-nothings to Rex as she stroked.

After another ten minutes, she groaned and turned to me.

“I’m sure this is a waste of time. I can’t transmit any vibes. There’s just too much happening with the awkward position, the stroking, this vibe thing.”

“Please don’t get frustrated.” I tried to pacify her.

“If you don’t mind me asking Jill, do you have sensitive breasts or nipples?”

She frowned. “I guess so.”

“Well, just try playing with them. If that arouses you, maybe that message might transmit to stimulate Rex, like an EEG.” I suggested.

“Maybe. But can’t you see the awkward posture I’m in. And besides, I don’t have a spare hand.” she countered.

I explored. “Would it offend you if I tried to help?

“What? You mean that you would try to arouse me so that I could then excite Rex and get him hard?”

“Only if it would help” I offered.

“Maybe escort ankara it’s worth a try.” Jill conceded

I stood behind Jill and reached around to cradle a breast in each palm. I gently encircled and caressed each globe for a while. I attempted to roll her nipples but it was difficult to catch them precisely because of her sweater and bra.

“Let me try this Jill. It will be more sensitive for you.”

I glided my hands up under her sweater. This was more effective with soft skin and less material impediment. Through the fine texture of the bra, I could feel her buds coming to attention.

“Any more reaction Jill?” I asked.

“It’s not hard but it is swelling up a bit. Growing thicker but not longer.”

“That’s great Jill. We’re getting there!”

Jill’s breasts were not really large so I simply pushed her bra up over them. This gave me free access to her nipples which I could now tweak and pull and rim her areolae.

After a while, the effect drove Jill to jerk Rex off faster and she muttered at a higher pitch. I could feel her body responding; her breathing heavier. The droned monotone turned into a high prolonged hum as her body shivered.

Everything stood still for about half a minute. I gently eased my hands from her breasts.

“Oh, I think I’m done for today, Reverend. That made me tired.” She began, adjusting and straightening her sweater as she stood up straight. “Rex did not ejaculate but I know he felt the vibes. He was with us.”

I agreed. “That is an encouraging start, Jill. You’ve done super well. I’m positive Rex has progressed. He knows someone is here pulling for him; trying to summon him home.”

There was no reference to Jill’s orgasm. No hint that she had experienced anything. Maybe Jill presumed I hadn’t noticed. It was better that way, to disregard it as if it had never happened.

“You should try to get some rest yourself now.” I urged her. “You need your strength to get through this. I’ll leave you alone now. I’ll try to call by in a couple of days if you want.”

Jill thanked me again. “Oh, I do need a rest, Reverend! I appreciate all your help. Please stop by early next week. Maybe Monday?”


As arranged, I arrived early on Monday. Jill came out to greet me wearing a full floral skirt that whiffled in the breeze. complemented by a delicate beige sweater. She had the iced tea tray all set up. As we sat, she updated me on Rex’s condition. She had not tried to arouse him, thinking she could not manage on her own. She had spent time talking to Rex and reading to him.

We talked for a while and prayed together before going in to see Rex. The lotions and towels were set up. Again the room was shadowy while background music produced a tranquil ambiance. Jill unbuttoned Rex’s night-gown all the way and unfurled it to expose her husband’s pale torso.

She oiled up her hands and putting one knee on the side of the bed, leaned over to grasp Rex’s flaccid shaft.

“OK, Reverend, let’s see if we can make this happen again. Can you help me?”

“Of course,” I responded with confident assurance.

I closed in behind her and slid my hands up inside her sweater. To my surprise and delight, I was stunned to feel she was not wearing a bra. I luxuriated in the feel of her small, curvaceous breasts. Her protruding nipples responded immediately to my playful invigoration. After ten minutes, Jill’s breathing intensified as she initiated the purring hum that I recognized from last week.

“Rex is reacting a bit more now. We might have a breakthrough happening. Can we raise the arousal level a bit?” she added breathlessly.

“Leave it to me,” I assured her.

My right hand left her breast, grasped the hem of Jill’s wide skirt, and cast it above her waist to rest on her back. What a breathtaking vision! There were her lilac panties above creamy white thighs. She had one knee on the bed. Her other foot was secured on the carpet, displaying her vulnerable cotton-covered vulva. Because of the ungainly positioning, there was some “lip-slippage” exposing an outer lip outside the panties.

I gently stroked the top of each thigh alternating and slowly worked inward to the crotch of her panties.

I tenderly caressed the length of her pussy enjoying the touch of silk. Jill gave a little gasp and a quick jerk as I hovered at her clit. As I continued this rhythmic stroking, I included the denuded lip. I gradually moved the gusset of her panties over to expose her full womanhood.

As I smoothed amidst the wet lips, I took turns pleasuring her clit and rimming the entrance to her vagina. Jill was really jerking off Rex’s semi-hard tool and mumbling to herself. She raised her rear end to meet my finger. Finally, I slid in a finger and was rewarded by a gasp from Jill. She was so wet it just slid right in. She was making that high-pitched humming sound again. The humming grew louder so I inserted my middle and ring fingers and curled them back inwards searching for her G-spot. sincan escort I found the rough patch and tickled it while holding my thumb on her clit. My other hand twisting her erect nipple. This sent her over the top and she orgasmed as quietly and lady-like as she could. Her body was shaking so I just hugged her and held my arms around her as she calmed down to a nice relaxed state. Rex’s Penis was stood to very good attention.

I comforted her and assured her of the beneficial progress we were making. The road to recovery seemed within reach.

“We definitely got through to Rex this time. Look! His body is truly responding. I’m sure that inside he is in contact with us. I can see light at the end of this tunnel, Jill. We are winning!” I assured her.

“I’m so glad we are making progress. I’m feeling better about this now, and more confident.” she praised thankfully.

We withdrew to the lounge, and our iced teas, to discuss the improvement and our master plan at length.. Even now, there was no hint or acknowledgment of Jill’s orgasm. It was as if we had been performing a routine therapy treatment. After more conversation and some prayers I left, promising to return early the following week.


Monday morning unfolded into a radiant sunlit day. When I arrived at the Shannon home, Jill greeted me with a wide smile. She took my hand, squeezing it as we crossed the front entrance.

“Reverend, I’m overjoyed to see you. I’ve been exercising with Rex a little and he is reacting more each day. Even the nurse said he was looking much improved.”

Jill’s optimism was palpable.

“The nurse assumed I had complied with her directives all on my own. I didn’t tell her I had the auspices of a healer behind me.”

Jill conspiratorial confided. “These medical people have a dilemma with that kind of stuff.”

“Oh!” Jill hesitated, “I managed to shave Rex down there. The area is now well-groomed and sanitary, I think. Somehow more wholesome!”

We had our tea and chatted unhurriedly. Then we prayed and meditated in silence to compose and prepare ourselves. Jill led the way into Rex’s room. Everything was set up in the prescribed format. She peeled back Rex’s nightshirt and oiled her hands. Her ministrations had made Rex’s dick more visually enticing.

“Right, Reverend! We’re anxious for a breakthrough today. I can feel it!” she boasted. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

Jill adopted her usual posture with her left knee on the bed while her right foot was on the carpeted floor. She leaned right over so she could minister to Rex’s organ proficiently.

I took my stance behind Jill. Today’s top was a finer, lighter material, very loose-fitting. I started by playing with her braless tits, now quite familiar with her hot spots and preferences. I saw what a good job she was performing on Rex’s cock. She had refined her technique so that Rex’s response was markedly quicker

As I sensed her arousal, I lifted her skirt high onto her back. Surprised astonishment and delight; no panties! I took a minute to admire this phenomenal vision. Her vulva was a fabulous sight, glistening with a hint of moisture. I sensed she might have done a little trimming on her own behalf.

I wet my fingers with saliva and moved in for that first caress. Gently stroking the length of her treasure. She seemed to enjoy this, especially when I separated her outer labia and tapped at her entrance.

Rex’s cock was now getting a fantastic workout. Jill was doing the high-humming thing already.

My penis was rock-hard as I loosened my pants and let them sink to my ankles. I held open Jill’s labia and substituted my massaging finger with a throbbing dick. Sturdily stroking between the folds of her lips, I paused to hover at her entrance. Jill was thrusting back demanding a penetration.

That is when Jill had her first orgasm. I felt it ripple through her body.

As I continued, Jill’s attention to Rex’s joystick quickened.

I pressed the hood of my organ past the gateway of Jill’s pussy and lingered. Jill gave a slight gasp and then pushed back at me even more. That was the signal. Jill let out an emphatic squeal while she increased the pace of masturbation of Rex’s cock. Slowly I penetrated her velvet love channel to the hilt. Then slowly out and back in. I moved from a gentle slow fuck to a frenzied shagging as the pace of her attention to Rex’s cock increased. She was humming and squealing at an increasingly higher pitch. She was squeezing my pounding dick so tightly.

Jill was emitting little squeaks and groans. I could no longer hold back and blasted off, spouted a huge string of sperm inside her honey pot. Jill expressed a kind of primal yell, her body contracting and convulsing as her second orgasm hit. Jill’s orgasm coincided with Rex’s ejaculation. As she spasmed and twitched, Rex ejected a long stream of jism up into Jill’s face and another up his belly and chest.

“Yes! We did it! Yes!” Jill cried.

This was a magic moment! My hand went back to Jill’s breasts and I held her as she leaned back to rest her head on my shoulder. Time stood still until my softening penis slipped out of Jill’s vagina. Even Rex’s dick stood down and retracted to its passive, forlorn state.

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