Serving at Bar Sappho

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I felt like I was going to faint…oh, no…or possibly be sick.

Damn, Josie … get a grip! I forced myself to breathe deeply and calm down. It’s only nerves.

I just know that I must have a split personality. The Josie that works in the bank would never be in this situation… I could lose my job… ‘oh, shit!’ I drew another deep breath and told myself to calm down and enjoy the experience.

It was that other part of me, the one that enjoyed several glasses of wine and beautiful dominant women, that had put me in this situation. I still can’t believe … oh, let me explain.

You may already know that I work for a large bank, between their Barcelona and Amsterdam offices, and when in Amsterdam, and I find myself looking for some like-minded company after work, I tend to head for a girls-only bar called Bar Sappho. On this particular occasion, I had a few glasses of wine too many, I guess, and the small add behind the bar that I had thought funny when I came in, suddenly sounded like fun and a great idea, helped of course by Saskia behind the bar.

Wanted: Serving sluts for a charity night.

Must be submissive and hard working.

Apply behind the bar.

I am submissive. I love to be told what to do, how to dress and how to entertain a strict but loving Mistress. I do so enjoy that tingling feeling of fear and embarrassment when I’m instructed to dress in some provocative, slutty outfit, something I would never, ever, normally wear and then told to pose for my Mistress entertainment. But not for lots of someones’! I’m actually very shy, which is probably why it turns me on so much, and Saskia knew it.

‘You’ll have fun, Josie. It’s going to be a great evening and its all for charity. I’m going to put you’re name down so don’t argue.’

There was a delicious sexual chemistry building between Saskia and I, which I was enjoying, so I hadn’t argued, or at least I hadn’t protested too much.

However, once sober I had been worrying all week. When I had returned to Bar Sappho the next night, Saskia had declined my attempts at getting any details and refused to let me back out. She would only say that there were only two others who had applied, and that it was all for charity. Its funny how that word ‘charity’ hangs so heavily on someone isn’t it.

So here I am, back at Bar Sappho. It’s Saturday night and I’m feeling sick with worry and embarrassment. It’s all well and good reading an erotic story, or watching a film, or seeing someone else placed into an embarrassing position and imagining how thrilling and sexy it must be, but imagine doing it for real, surrounded by real people.

These heels are too high and my skirt is far too short to be out in public. Normally I loved to wear costumes or lingerie to excite someone, but there had to be forty people out there. I drew a deep breath and glanced at the two girls waiting silently beside me. Pip, an American, is a little shorter than me and is very pretty. She’s the blond cheerleader type, and seemed eager for the evening to start. When Saskia had given us our serving uniforms earlier, Pip was the only one that was thrilled – she did look good.

The other girl was Anna and she was even more nervous than me. Anna is Dutch, red hair cut quite short and big breasts. We were friends and often met when I was in town.

The serving uniforms were very provocative. A cross between a French maid’s outfit and a tavern wench costume. I stared down at my feet in their very high, black heels, that were just a little too high to be comfortable, and my legs, clad in black fishnet stockings held up by thin suspenders on a garter belt. The frilled black skirt was deliciously short, exposing a lot of leg between hem and stocking tops and was flared by several sewn in petticoats. It was only just long enough to hide my tiny thong. Completing the outfit was a black waspie which, I had earlier discovered, is a type of narrow corset pulled, very tight by laces at the back. It was worn over a white blouse, cut to bare my shoulders while still allowing a plunging neckline that exposed ample cleavage, it was antalya escort made of soft ruffled linen and lace. Around my neck was a thin choker of white lace on black velvet, and of course we were all heavily made-up.

Yes, I did feel incredibly sexy, but also incredibly exposed. There are a lot of people out there!

I would love to have had this outfit laid out for me by a beautiful mistress and made to serve her, but to be here in Bar Sappho, serving all these people?

‘Girls, we’re going to announce you in a few seconds.’ Saskia handed us each a small drink, and we threw them back without bothering to ask what it was. Saskia grinned. ‘I just want you to mingle with the serving trays and be the provocative, sexy minxes that you are. The ladies are allowed to grope and touch you, but I want you to try not to react to them, all right? Let them touch.’

‘Yes, Mistress Saskia,’ we all chimed, bobbing curtseys as she had instructed us before. She drew me into an unexpected kiss, her tongue forcing its way past my lips and for a moment, I was lost in a wonderful embrace. I felt her hands cup my bottom, finding their way under my skirt. And then, with a last pinch, she pulled back, smiling, before drawing Pip towards her for a similar embrace. Once Anna had received her kiss from Saskia, we were presented with trays of drinks and Saskia went out into the bar ready to announce us.

The glasses on the tray were tinkling as we waited, shivering with anticipation, and then we heard Saskia call for silence in the bar.

‘Ladies, Mistresses all for just this night.’ There were a few whistles and calls from the crowd. ‘Welcome to Bar Sappho and our very special, charity night. We have three delicious serving sluts who will soon be mingling with you. They each carry a tray of our finest Bar Sappho shooters that are free to you all. However, as this is charity night, we hope you will leave a nice donation somewhere with our sexy serving sluts.’

There was a murmur of voices and some laughter before the sound of Saskia clapping her hands to call for quiet.

‘Please welcome our first slut, Josie – come on out Josie.’

I forced my legs to move, pushed out my chest and tried not to totter too much on my heels. As I swept through the curtain into a blinding light there was a chorus of whistles and was suddenly glad I was wearing so much make-up – I was sure I was blushing deep red underneath.

‘Come here, Josie. Stand up on this chair.’ She held her hand out for support and I took it gratefully. I was so nervous, my legs were trembling and I felt so exposed. I glanced about at the crowd of smiling staring women, their eyes moving hungrily over my scantily clad body, and shivered.

‘Remember, ladies. Our serving sluts are, indeed, sluts…aren’t you, Josie?’

‘Yes, Mistress Saskia. I’m a serving slut.’

‘If you would like to grope our sluts-‘ I felt Saskia’s hand slide up my leg and my legs parted slightly, the glass’s on the tray tinkling as I trembled, and then her hand was fondling my bottom. ‘-then please do grope them, but don’t forget your charitable contribution. I looked down to see Saskia making a show of folding a twenty Euro note, then it disappeared under my skirt and I felt it slipped under the edge of my knickers.

‘Now just to tempt you,’ continued Saskia. ‘You can see that this slut is more than worthy of your attention. She has a very pretty bottom … turn around and bend forward Josie.’ I did as she asked and, as I bent over and pushed out my bottom, I felt Saskia raise my little skirt further, and my bottom was slapped softly on each side.

‘She has a deliciously shaven pussy,’ there were calls from several women to see my pussy and I began to panic as Saskia turned me around. ‘No, this pussy might possibly be seen later, but not now I’m afraid, ladies. ‘I breathed a sigh of relief, ‘but I will show you what our serving slut has hidden in her top.’ Holding the tray of drinks, I could do nothing as Saskia reached up and carefully folded down the front of my blouse. Suddenly, my breasts were uncovered and exposed fethiye escort for all to see. She pinched my nipples and they immediately became erect. I didn’t need to glance down to see puckered pink areoles gathered tightly around each hard nipple. It was so embarrassing. There was a collective sigh from the women in the room and then cries of dismay as Saskia covered me once more.

‘There is a price tonight for any favour from our sluts,’ called Saskia above the noise as she helped me down. ‘Our next slut is Anna.’ I made to walk off into the crowd with my drinks tray, but Saskia held me back and whispered in my ear. ‘Did you enjoy that, my beautiful slut?’

I was a mass of confusion at that point. Glad to have stepped down from the chair but now scared of moving amongst the crowd of women. I didn’t know what to say. ‘Yes, Mistress,’ I stammered, trying to keep in the character of the evening.

‘Good, because I’ve decided that I want you to be my personnel slut tonight. Once all this is over you’ll be coming home to serve me, so don’t make any other plans.’ It wasn’t a question. She didn’t wait for an answer. She merely pushed me forward towards the leering group of women, several of whom were reaching out for drinks while others reached out for other parts of what was on offer. It was all I could do to hold onto the tray as I felt hands cover my breasts, slide around my bottom and legs, and the middle finger of one hand quickly pushing against my vagina through my G-string. Smiling, laughing faces surrounded me. One attractive goth took my face in both her hands and forced a kiss on me, forcing my lips apart with her tongue. I could hear Saskia talking about Anna, who must now be on the chair and I broke the kiss and pushed forward through the crowd, my left nipple receiving a painful pinch as I broke contact with one group only to be swamped by another.

It was only moments later that I glanced down and saw I was holding an empty tray so made for the safety of the bar curtain, Saskia was waiting on the other side.

‘Why what a delicious sight,’ she purred as I came through. ‘Let me just frisk you for charitable donations, hands up.’

I stood, holding my hands above my head, as Saskia firstly pulled down my blouse, kissed each erect nipple and removed several bank notes from within the blouse. She then spun me around, pushed me down over the counter, raised my skirt and pulled more notes out of my knickers.

‘Mmm, well done. Over 100 Euros.’ I made to rise but she held me pinned down with a hand on the small of my back. I felt my knickers being pulled to the side and a finger ran down my wet pussy lips. I opened my legs inviting the intrusion and two fingers slipped into me making me gasp. They were quickly withdrawn and my bottom slapped.

‘Up, bitch.’ I turned, feeling both turned on, but also cross at being called bitch. I’m very femme and don’t like being bullied or called nasty names. But then, before I could say anything, she had sucked on her fingers and drawn me into a deep kiss – and the last of my evening’s inhibitions melted away.

‘Out you go, my little slut. Don’t forget you’re my property now.’ She slapped my bottom again and propelled me to the door where a tray of shooters was passed to me and I went back out into the bar.

For a couple of hours, that was how my evening went. It was hard work. Walking about with trays of drinks, being groped, pinched, kissed and abused by the bar full of women. We took a break at one and I was delighted to be told we needn’t carry the trays again.

‘We’re going on to the next stage of the evening,’ said Saskia with an evil grin. ‘Have any of you girls heard of a body shot?’ She didn’t wait for an answer but indicating I should follow, pushed through the curtain into the bar.

‘Ladies, quiet please.’ I reluctantly followed behind and waited for the certain humiliation that was going to follow.

‘Now as the evening progresses our sluts are pleased to offer a very special ‘Bar Sappho’ body-shot to any ladies that feel the need to part with another twenty kaş escort euros. Josie and I will now demonstrate, with the help of Pip who will pour an iced baileys for me.’ She drew me by the hand towards the bar and the crowd of eager women gathered round to witness my humiliation.

‘Please Saskia … don’t make me do this,’ I whispered urgently.

‘Do what?’ she asked with a smile. Pulling a stool in front of me, she gripped my arm and made me climb up.

‘Ow, that hurts!’ I protested.

‘Sweet Josie needs a little encouragement ladies,’ cried Saskia, and then added in a quieter voice so only I could hear. ‘You’re my little slut now, Josie dear, so kneel on that bar and push your pretty little bottom out for me. Head down, bottom up … do it!’

I stared into her beautiful deep, blue eyes and then did as she asked. The bar hushed as I made my way from the stool to the bar top, in as lady-like way as possible. Stifling a sob, I knelt on the folded towels, buried my face in my hands and presented my bottom to the bar. I’ve done some humiliating things in my time, and enjoyed most of them, but this was by far the most humiliated I had ever felt. It didn’t help when Saskia folded my skirt over my back and slapped my bottom. I hid, glad that whatever was going to take place I didn’t have to look at their faces.

‘As you can see, Josie presents us with a truly delicious sight.’ There were calls and laughter from around the bar. ‘You have, I am sure, all heard of a body shot, but here at Bar Sappho we always want to go that step further so Josie is going to provide me with Bar Sappho’s first pussy shot.’

I felt my knickers being worked down and I wiggled my hips to help which brought more lewd remarks, especially as my freshly shaven pussy and ass were now displayed for all to see. Saskia spread my legs further as she placed her head on the bar under my exposed pussy, and then the iced baileys was dribbled onto me and I jumped at the shock before relaxing as the incredible feeling of the chilled liquid collected around my puckered hole before running down over my vagina and dribbling into Saskia’s open mouth.

I heard her making a show of enjoying her shot, and then felt her tongue lap at my pussy teasing the last of the baileys to drip onto her tongue. I tried to look back under myself at her but couldn’t see past my breasts. I contented myself in the lewd feeling of chilled exposure and only responded by pushing out my bottom further when she called for the next person to enjoy a shot. A few moment later, Pip and Anna were next to me in similar positions and we were used for pussy shots until my back was aching so much that I just had to move.

As I made to stretch my back, I felt a hand hold me down and Saskia’s voice assured me it was her.

‘Let me clean you first Josie.’ I pushed out my bottom expecting to be wiped down but again felt her tongue as she lapped the sticky remains of over twenty pussy shots from my vagina and anus. I was so turned on at this point I think I would have agreed to anything. I was turned around and sat on the bar stool where Mistress Saskia kissed me, allowing me to taste what had been poured over my pussy. I didn’t object as she went on to lower my top and pour more baileys onto my chest. I cupped my breasts for her, guiding the liquid as it dribbled towards my erect nipples, and then threw my head back in ecstasy as she sucked first one, and then the other into her mouth. Pip’s face loomed above me and then she was kissing me. I became lost again in a world where hands moved all over me, groping, pinching and probing. My nipples were sucked and someone was back between my legs lapping at my pussy.

When Saskia brought me up for air, pushing the reluctant Pip aside into the arms of another woman, I was made to offer a number of nipple shots and several other pussy shots, before Saskia drew me aside and we slipped away.

I took great delight in serving her that night. She took me to her small Amsterdam apartment where we showered together. She took great care in cleaning me of all the sticky residue of the evening, and then once dry, she gave me a gauzy black nightdress to wear, took me to her bed, and made love to me. I decided I liked being Saskia’s slut. Maybe I shall tell you more of her … but we’ll leave that for another time.


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