Sex Between Friends

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This story contains light dom/sub themes and all characters personally identify as “Strait” despite women going at it with strapons.

Annabell was happy being a sexual object. She liked looking like one of the pretty things she’d play with as a child, but more naughty. She was thirty years old, but still acted like a playful teenager. Her short hair was dyed blue, her denim shorts rode up high on her asscheeks and her shirt was pulled up to her clavicales to let her modest assets jiggle down in front of the camera. She was athletic and still filled with youthful vigor and curves. She was a teacher and an artist, but there was one thing in her life that she enjoyed more than anything else, and it was making her husband David happy.

Her husband was a thousand miles away, fighting in a war in the dessert. Connection speeds were terrible, so they had been sending each other video recordings. First it had been normal conversations. Then it had become more raunchy. David had let slip that he’d been feeling lonely and Ann couldn’t take it. She didn’t want him to be tempted by any other women, or worse, be horny and alone. All she could think to do was strip and touch herself for the camera and send him anything and everything she could.

When he’d met her they fell in love nearly instantly, but she was conservatively minded and demanded that they get married before going all the way. He agreed, but she’d still been wary about trying anything strange in bed. Now, as she massaged her breasts in front of the screen she found herself wondering what kinky things David would want to see her do. She humped the air and licked her lips as she squeezed her tits.

And then she quickly stopped the recording and covered her face. This was insane. What if her family saw this? Or her coworkers, or students? What would they think? She sighed and put down her shirt over her breasts. That would be enough for this recording. She sent it to David’s email with the text, “I love you.” And closed her computer. Part of her had grown up after all, and it was the part that told her that this was scary, and embarrassing. She changed into her bedclothes and crawled into her cold, lonely bed again. David had been gone for so long. They’d only had sex a few times, but it was the only time she’d ever done it with anyone. She only knew it that one way. Now she was so curious, so horny, and so insatiable that she couldn’t sleep. When morning came she was exhausted. Coffee wasn’t enough and she nearly fell asleep during her lessons.

“Late night?” Ann blinked. Margret was one of her friends from a few years back. They met occasionally at a nearby bar. Her husband was stationed with Ann’s, so they could relate and talk about their issues on that front.

“Yea.” Ann nodded. “Couldn’t sleep.”

“Worried about David?” Ann nodded. Margret sighed and took another sip of Jin and tonic. She had long blond hair that poured down over her shoulders. She was older, and had an even more mature frame. She’d had three kids before, but kept herself fit at home for her own husband. It was Margret who had first introduced Ann to the idea of sending sexy videos. Margret was the kind of woman Ann wished to grow up into, even though Ann realized she was already grown up. She was more filled out, wiser, stronger, and forthright about everything. “I understand.”

Ann smiled. “I just wish I could do more.” She admitted. “David and I never got to talk about things he liked. I don’t know if I’d just be freaking him out if i-” She stopped.

“If you what? Did something more wild?” Margret asked, jabbing an elbow playfully at the younger woman’s ribs. “I’m sure he’d love it if you were more creative. John certainly was.”

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Ann started. “What kind’s of things do you do?”

“Oh,” She looked around carefully before smiling, leaning in, and whispering, “Well, first it was just teasing, you know. But I thought he’d like it if he knew I was enjoying myself. So I touched myself a bit. I was a bit worried he’d think I was having fun without him, or I was a pervert or something, but he said he loved it!” She smiled. Ann was relieved. “Then, well,” She leaned in closer. “He doesn’t know this, but I also looked at his browsing history on the computer he left behind.” She chuckled nervously.

“What?” Ann’s eyes widened.

“I know, invasive. But it was for a good cause!” She argued. “I mean, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him, but you know how men are, they never like to talk about anything that might make them seem vulnerable.” She rolled her eyes. “He didn’t want to ask me to do something just to get teased or made fun of because of it.”

“Wow.” Ann nodded, “So, what did he-” She shook her head. “Never mind, I shouldn’t pry like that.”

“No, it’s fine.” She inched closer. Ann was afraid their faces would touch if they were any closer. “I was never very adventurous, so it turns out he was looking as pictures of girls,” She paused, “Getting it from behind.” She clarified after another pause, “Up the butt I mean.” She said quickly. “He was looking up that kind of stuff.”

“That’s antalya escort not too weird.” Ann nodded.

“I didn’t think I’d be into it.” She explained, “But after I tried it a few times and John kept telling me how sexy it was to see me do that kind of stuff, I really got into it.” She seemed a bit embarrassed now. “I feel like I discovered a big part of myself then. He keeps telling me how badly he wants to put it in there when he comes back. And that just makes me feel great!”

Margret had given Ann a lot to think about that night. She was about to turn on her webcam again to start recording. She was thinking about touching herself a little bit more than usual this time, maybe touching herself in different places. But then she considered looking through her husbands search history. Ann felt terrible just thinking about that. It felt like she would be violating her husbands privacy. If he wanted her to know something, he’d tell her, and she was supposed to trust him about it.

But then she started wondering what it was, if there even was anything. She had to investigate.

She booted up his old desktop computer and idly checked the browsing history. Nothing, it was clear. She felt relieved. If there was something, she wouldn’t be able to find it. But now that his computer was running she couldn’t stop herself from searching a little bit more. Maybe he had downloaded something. The chances were so low that she didn’t feel too bad about searching.

But then she saw it. She searched random naughty words to see if there was a file or folder with that name and she came across a video. “Busty_Babe.mp4”. She gulped. It was hard to think of it being anything other than porn. It wasn’t in any specific folder, just a file that had been downloaded a long time ago. She looked down at her own breasts with a sudden feeling of shame. Did he want a girl larger? She shook her head. She was overthinking things. She hovered the cursor over the file for a moment in hesitation. Did she really want to know? She already felt like she wasn’t good enough just from the filename. She gulped and clicked.

The video was short, and not what she was expecting. She immediately saw a woman with a rack twice her own size looking down at the camera. Then the image zoomed out and Ann witness her thrusting a black plastic cock into another woman bent over a bed. The dominant woman fucked her bare naked bottom and they both moaned loudly. Ann suddenly realized the volume was at full blast.

“You like that tiny tits? You fucking dyke!” The words rang out loud enough for the neighbors to hear. The dominant woman mercilessly bullied the smaller, lanky girl.

Ann desperately tried to lower the volume as the other woman screamed, “Fuck my fucking cunt! Make me cum! My pussy is soooo wet-” She unplugged the speakers in a panic and silently watched the spectacle continue in silence, covering her face and looking past her fingers in embarrassment. She was panting and sweating. Her body felt hot and confused. She watched the video till the end before closing the window, and the computer, and laying down in bed, deep in thought with eyes wide open. The words and images continued to haunt her.

All the next day she couldn’t get the video out of her head. It simply burned into her brain. Was that really something David liked? Maybe it was downloaded on accident? She desperately wanted Margret’s opinion on this. That night at the bar she told her friend everything. She had expected laughter, or shock, or perhaps even disgust. But she didn’t expect what Margret said next.

“That sounds like fun.” Her face was stoic and thoughtful.

“What do you mean?” Ann wondered aloud.

“John said he has a thing for girls doing it together too.” She shrugged. “It’s a pretty common thing. I’ve thought about sending him a video like that. If you wanted, we could do one together.”

Ann was flabbergasted. She hadn’t even considered anything like that, let alone with Margret. “Us? Together? Like that?”

“Sure. You’re not gay are you?” She asked. “Then it wont be too weird. We’ll just put on a show for our boys. I’ll ask John if he’d be okay with David seeing me like that. You can ask David if he’d be okay letting John see too.” She smiled. “Unless you are uncomfortable doing something like that.”

“I don’t know.” Ann admitted. “To be honest, it actually makes me feel,” she tried to find the right words, “Like I’m not good enough on my own.”

“Oh honey, it’s fine!” Margret shook her head. “Guys are just like that!”

“But you know what the filename was.” Ann continued, “And, well,” She looked down at her own assets, then Margret’s, “I think he’d be looking more at you than me.” She admitted. “And I don’t know if I like that.”

“I can understand that.” She nodded. Ann was glad. “If you change your mind, we can make a night of it. I can bring dinner, a few drinks,” She smiled, “Maybe a lot of drinks.” Ann chuckled, “and we can see where it goes. No pressure.”

“That sounds like fun.” Ann agreed. “How about you come over tonight? But, no promises!” She was happy to be so close with Margret, fethiye escort but she didn’t know if she wanted to be THAT close.

She tried desperately not to think about Margret’s suggestion as her friend arrived with several bags. One was food, another was drink, and the third was a mystery. She wore a pretty red dress and heels.

They talked about news and weather and other things that weren’t sexual at all. But then Margret finally asked, “I called John, and he said he was interested. Did you get a chance to talk with David?”

“Yes.” Ann admitted. “He said he’d be-” Ann hesitated before awkwardly laughing and finished, “Really interested.”

“You don’t have to feel pressured to do anything.” Margret shook her head.

“I’m actually really afraid that I’ll like it too much.” It was a scary thing to admit, but Margret was her closest friend now. “I mean, I love David, and I want what we have to be special. And I’m afraid that if we do this then it won’t be honest. It isn’t just a show. I’ll actually be having sex with someone else, and enjoying it, and I can’t do that to him.”

“That’s brave of you to say.” Margret nodded. “But I have a solution.” Margret smiled. Ann nodded for her to continue, “How about you just pretend I’m him? You know, call out his name and everything.” Ann felt her chest clench at the thought. “I’m sure he’d love that.” Ann’s world was going crazy. She’d never thought she’d consider doing anything like this. “You can email him, and tomorrow we can-“

“L-Lets do it.” Ann nodded quickly. “If I don’t do it now I might chicken out later.” She explained and gulped.

“Well alright then.” The mature woman said with grace. “Lets get this set up.”

They moved to the bedroom and set up the camera. Ann felt her heart race, still unsure of what she was going to do. “Margret-” She turned from the camera to see her friend dropping her dress to the floor. Her pink underwear was color coordinated. Her waist was thin and her hips swayed like a pendulum. “You look great!” Ann blushed immediately. “I mean, I’m sure David will think so. I mean John! I mean, oh god,” She looked away. “I’m not so sure about this.” She’d never looked at her friend like this before.

“It’s okay sweetie.” She saw Margret walk up to her and hold her cold, sweaty hands. “No need to be nervous. No matter what happens, I’ll still be here for you.”

That helped a lot. Ann took a deep breath before turning away from Margret and removing her own clothes. She hadn’t thought to make them match. Her panties were black, and her bra was red. She gulped awkwardly and covered herself. “S-So how far do we want to go?” She asked.

“As far as you are comfortable with.” Margret put her hands on Ann’s hips from behind. Ann imagined Margret’s hands caressing her sides up and down, pressing her sexy body up against Ann’s back and causing shivers of lonely lust to escape her desperate body.

And then it happened. Ann’s throat tightened as she felt her friend grind up against her, slowly and carefully. Fingers tickled at her midriff and her pelvis convulsed. She felt herself grow wet. Her mouth opened wide to tell Margret to stop, but nothing but a whimper came out. She felt the fingers feel out under her breasts and just over her waist.

“I think everyone would like to see more of these beautiful bulbs,” She felt the hands grasp over her bra cups. “Don’t you agree?”

“Uh-huh.” She felt her head nod. Her mind was somewhere else. She tried to focus on the camera as the tightness on her chest was released and she was suddenly wearing nothing but her panties. She would have covered herselfif Margret hadn’t done it first. Her loving, motherly hands cupped and squeezed her sensitive mounds.

“You’re gorgeous.” She heard her friend whisper in her ear. The words made her shiver more than the caress. Margret’s fingertips toyed with her topless chest and tapped at her ribs and stomach. “And so thin!” the fingers toyed at her waistband. Ann moaned on accident as she breathed out. She covered her mouth in embarrassment with both hands. Her voice rasped on a sharp inhales. She felt her butt touch Margret’s thighs as she leaned back and into her. “Now let me-” She heard her friend say before she heard Margret’s bra hit the floor. “That’s better.” Ann’s eyes went wide when she felt her friends bare breasts on her back, the two boulders pressing down like water balloons. She whimpered in envy as her own nipples were tweaked and turned and teased. She wished it hurt, or felt nothing, but it felt so good.

She felt the hands turn her by her waist and she faced Margret. The woman was even more beautiful now. Her boobs seemed to defy gravity. She pressed them against Ann’s and smothered her boyish chest with their mass alone. Ann felt the pressure and saw Margret’s smile. Then she felt her friends hands down her back and spine. The fingers crawled under her panties and explored her ass before searching between her legs and finding her pussy. Ann groaned and shook as Margret found her pleasure. “You are enjoying this. I’m glad.”

Ann tried not to kaş escort love every minute of it. As experienced hands played with her body she saw Margret’s eyes close as her face drew near. Her red lips inched closer to Ann’s. Ann was breathing heavily. She gulped and let her jaw go loose. The woman met Ann’s face and locked lips. She immediately took a role of power and dominance over the smaller, younger woman. She forced her tongue inside of Ann as if to start the fucking early, and she gripped Ann’s ass as if to claim it. Ann could only muster up a whine and a moan through her nose. Ann found her own hands touching Margret’s hips and feeling awestruck by how wide they were. How feminine she was. Ann could never compete. Ann was a little girl to this woman.

The lips left her breathless and heaving as Margret smacked her lips. “You taste good.” She giggled. “How about you turn around and I try a little something I found at the store.”

Ann held her breath as the matriarch turned and sauntered to her bag. She lowered her panties to her ankles as she bent down, showing every inch of her glorious womanhood. Ann felt dizzy as she saw Margret strap black leather tight around her hips and legs, but left her pussy bare from bellow. She rose, the cock dangling from between her thighs.

No No No NO! Was all she heard in her brain. This was wrong. Wrong on so many levels. Her lungs seized for air as the motherly beauty stepped forward, her fat cock swinging in time with her tits. Every step filled her brain with more “No!”. And yet Margret gently turned Ann’s shoulders around towards the camera and bent her over the bed. It was just like the video she had seen. She was the tiny tit-bottom bitch. She tried to calm down.

“You’re sopping wet.” She heard Margret and gulped. She heard a disgustingly sexy spurt and wet slapping sounds. “But more lube never hurts.” She looked back to see Margret jacking off her dildo. Ann felt her body tremble in anticipation. “Here we go,” She felt the wet member touch her inner thigh and shivered, “I’ll take it slow.” She heard Margret chuckle. Then she felt the soft hands pull down on her waistband, the last of her clothing, and strip her bare. Ann felt like a little girl over her mothers knee. Her cheeks clenched. “Relax.” Lubed fingers touched her back and rump, feeling her up and kneading her flesh.

“Ahh!” Ann covered her mouth again, mortified.

“I haven’t even put anything in yet!” Margret teased. “I guess I should speed up.” She felt the cock rest like a hotdog between her cheeks and press against her pleasure and dirty hole. It slipped all over like a live fish. Then it seemed to slither and press softly against her sphincter. Ann gasped as the bulb almost popped into her unsuspecting asshole. “Just kidding!” She heard as the pressure lessened.

“N-Not funny!” Ann laughed out. She felt so awkward, vulnerable, and submissive. She was still chuckling when Margret pressed against her womanhood. “Hahaha! Aha! Ah! Ahh!” Ann’s giggles turned to moans as the toy pierced her. “D-David!” She said, remembering the last time she had felt anything like this. She was nervous and horny and embarrassed at herself. “David, it feels so good!” The cock was tight in her. Just staying like this could have gotten her off in time, but Margret began to sway her hips side to side, and in and out. “Oh!” Ann hadn’t felt anything like that. She pounded the pussy like waves pound the shore.

“Ann,” She heard Margret between soft, loving, circular thrusts, “You’re so cute when your trying not to get off.” Margret mused.

“Sh-Shut up!” Ann felt ready to bust. She squirmed and tried to fight the growing surge inside. Margret was so slow, so methodical, and so forceful with her movements. She’d ask her to slow down, but that might have felt even better. “D-David!” She looked up at the camera, her eyes watering. “Da-Da-Da-Da-Da!” She couldn’t finish the name as Margret feminine hips filled her cunt full of cock. “DA-DAVID!” She hid her face and moaned. She whined like an impudent child. “So Good!” Her voice pitched higher. She felt so close already. She couldn’t come this fast. David’s first night with her had been something special. It had been hours. She couldn’t come in just a few minutes. She felt her friend goad her pussy closer and closer into climax.

“Hmm, what else did you say was in that video,” She heard Margret muse to the rhythm of fucking her friend, “Oh right, heh, David will love this.” Ann had no time to argue. She felt a disciplining hand swipe her buttocks, “You like that, bitch?” Ann gasped out as Margret continued, “Are you going to cum for me baby? Cum for David and John on camera?”

“Wait! Wait!” It was too late. “I’m, I’m!” She grit her teeth as she tried to hold back the storm of sex and failed as a palm spanked her again. “Ahhh! Fuck!” She screamed as thunder quaked her bones and sweat rained from her naked skin. She came on Margret’s merciless cock and the woman didn’t even slow down, in fact, she sped up. Ann did not have the air to speak out. She moaned and groaned and yelped out like a bitch. Another slap across her slutty butt caused another series of convulsions across her horny, tingling body. She trembled under the motherly might of her big-titted master and her cock. Her voice howled like an animal when Margret gave her one last slap across the ass and sent her into a final frenzy of ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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