Sexy Mandy Eats an Educator

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“Now Sweetie, you let me handle this problem, soothed fifty-year-old Mandy Collins as she took a drag on her cigarette. She flipped the half-finished smoke out the open convertible top. Her smokey exhale, drifting in the breeze.

“As Brando said in The Godfather, I’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse!” smiled Mandy tossing her platinum hair. She smirked, giving DeShaun a wet lipped smile.

DeShaun, a cocky eighteen-year-old black youth, was Mandy’s newly adopted son. Mandy had kept the lad on a short leash, but boys will be boys, and he was caught with a copy of one of the porn magazines featuring Mandy.

The school had a zero-tolerance when it came to guns and porn, and her adoptee faced expulsion. What just came to light was that DeShaun was caught wanking in the boy’s restroom.

Now Mandy had to pave the way to get DeShaun back in the Principle’s good graces and back in the classroom.

Looking at Mandy, DeShaun felt his cock stir in his Nike basketball shorts. Even though the blonde-haired beauty had sucked him off less than an hour ago, he was getting a boner looking at her sitting in the ass, hugging bucket seat beside him.

“Principle Daniel’s is a hot looking bitch, but moms she’s a fucking hard ass. I don’t think she likes black boys.” laughed DeShaun as Mandy reached over and squeezed his muscular thigh.

“Honey, who couldn’t like you?” asked Mandy moving her long red nails under the edge of the Nikes, her fingertips feeling the warm skin of his testicles. Stroking the egg inside the leathery sack playfully, Mandy knew it would excite the teen and take his mind off the bitch kitty in the Principles office.

“After I finish my Tete ta Tete with your Ms. Daniels, we’ll visit my friend Sally DeAngelo,” said Mandy with a naughty murmur. “She’s always pleased as pie to have company.”

DeShaun smiled and spread his thigh, giving Mandy easier access to his balls, but was surprised when she removed her stroking fingertips.

“Don’t look so sad, sweetheart.” soothed the busty porn mom, “You’ll be getting plenty of pussy at Sally’s; she loves young black pork.”

Wheeling the convertible into the high school parking lot, Mandy parked, taking up two parking spaces. Lounging on the school steps were three teenage boys were loitering and cutting up when the sports car whipped to the curb. They watched the beautiful driver exit the vehicle with a wiggle of her shapely hips.

The young wannabe gangsters ogled the mature woman’s long dark nyloned legs tucked in a pair of six-inch Python skin spikes. The boys watched the hot blonde light a black cigarette, then they all commented to one another as she smoked.

“How would you like to have her bringing you to school every day?” they said in unison, nodding their heads in agreement.

Mandy stood next to the car in her cute white button up the front sundress enjoying her gold filter-tipped cigarette. Swinging her Chanel handbag over her tanned shoulder, a breeze caught the hem of her mid-thigh skirt, whipping it up around her waist, ala Marilyn Monroe.

Getting an eyeful of Mandy’s pantyless bald pubic mound, the teenagers stared at the hot cougar and her impromptu strip act.

“Son of a bitch, she’s naked!” exclaimed the oldest kid nudging his buddies. “Damn, no hair on her pussy!”

Smoothing down her dress, Mandy saw the young boys watching her. Deciding to tease them, she put her index finger between her red-lipsticked lips and worked the tip gathering a mouthful of saliva. She let the spit drool down her chin into her magnificent cleavage.

“Awwwwwww Man!” the trio of teens groaned in unison, all thinking about having sex with the platinum-haired beauty who was tempting them.

Smiling, Mandy blew the boys a kiss then entered the glass school doors. Watching Mandy’s buttocks undulate under the short white dress, DeShaun was antalya escort tempted to smack his adoptive mom’s big asscheeks but only smiled, knowing she was putting on a show for his classmates.

Shaking his head, he thought, “This should be good, Miss Daniels was a hot white bitch, but he didn’t know if she could handle Mom’s Mandy.

“Where is the office?” asked Mandy, pirouetting on the spikes of her snakeskin cum fuck me’s. Touching her fingers under DeShaun’s chin, she whispered, “Kiss your mother.”

Leaning into his adoptive mother’s embrace, he let her cover his mouth with hers. Smothering his lips with her kiss, Mandy playfully licked the tip of his nose. Touching her lips to his cheek, she added a lipstick lick to his jaw, then kissed his neck before taking a final pull on her black cigarette.

Dropping the cigarette on the hallway tile, Mandy defiantly ignored the: “No Smoking” sign on the wall announced in bright red letters.

She took DeShaun’s hand and led him through the door, embossed, “Ms. Daniels, Office of the Principle.” a wisp of cigarette smoke trailing behind them.

Sitting behind a small reception desk, a very young-looking girl sat filing her nails. She glanced, shooting Mandy a dull, boring look. followed by a long pause before she asked, “Can I be of service?”

“Mandy Collins for Ms. Daniels.” Mandy snapped as she tapped her long sharp red nails on the desktop. “I have a two o’clock appointment.”

“Go right in, Principle Daniel’s is expecting you.” grinned the girl, her nail file never missing a stroke during her manicure.

Pointing at a pair of chairs, Mandy directed DeShaun to wait for her, “Sweetie stay here but leave this little cutie alone.” laughed Mandy giving her ass an exaggerated shake as she entered the office.

Mandy observed Principle Daniel’s office was much more extensive and decadent than the spartan outer reception area her and DeShaun had entered earlier. This woman is more than a Principle thought, Mandy. She’s the queen bee in this hive of higher learning.

Chanel perfume, cigarette smoke, and pussy assailed Mandy’s senses just before noticing the brunette sitting behind an executive business desk in the corner of the office.

A sly smirk parting her full red lips, Mandy sniffed the aroma, “I smell cunt; somebody has been fucking in here.” she thought, looking at the beautiful woman seated across the room.

“Principle Daniels, thank you for granting me an audience.” smiled Mandy biting her lower lip suggestively. “I realize you must have a very demanding schedule, and I don’t wish to inconvenience you.”

Mandy did a quick appraisal of the woman sitting behind the desk. She was in her mid-fifties, brunette, perhaps five foot nine. Principle Daniels looked more like a porn actress than an educator.

She wore a pearl on black ribbon choker around her elegant neck and long crystal chandelier earrings that dangled nearly touching her shoulders. A long white VS120 cigarette pursed between her full crimson lips.

Mandy watched the sexy Principle smile as she took a long, thoughtful pull on her cigarette. She gave Mandy a condescending sigh as she exhaled a perfect cone of smoke across the desktop at Mandy.

“Yes, Mrs. Collins, I was happy you are taking an interest in DeShaun’s education,” she said as her smile parted her sensuous lips. Leaning forward, the lapels of her black trench coat like dress draped open. The movement revealed a Grand Canyon of cleavage between her magnificent tits.

“Thank you. I think DeShaun was in the wrong place at the right time,” said Mandy taking a chair that hadn’t been offered. She settled her ass on the seat and crossed her nyloned showgirl legs, her spiked pump dangling suggestively.

“He’s new in school, and he’s black,” smirked Mandy, her eyes still enjoying the delicious set of tits fethiye escort on display.

Principle Daniels opened her desk drawer and took out a well-thumbed copy of the magazine featuring Mandy. Principle Rita tossed the glossy mag on the desk in front of Mandy.

“That was in his possession in the restroom when he was observed masturbating in the stall.” said the sexy Principle as she crushed out her cigarette. Then she sat back, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. The tanned twins displayed proudly.

“It seems to have made the rounds of the male student population.” added the haughty raven-haired Principle, a naughty smile on her botoxed lips.

Crossing her legs, Mandy smirked, “Yes, it was a big seller!” she quipped, standing up and walking over to the large desk. Casually she flipped the magazine open to the centerfold. The stapled foldout was a high gloss photo of herself with her face buried in Sally DeAngeo’s bald twat.

The fiftyish educator lit another of her VS 120’s and alternated her looks from the photo then into Mandy’s green eyes. With each glance, she licked her red buttered lips between inhales on her cigarette.

Mandy smiled. She had the Principle’s number. The black-haired bitch liked pussy, and Mandy was hungry for a taste of this bitch kitty.

Principal Rita was so fucking easy. The rest was the icing on the cake, as they say.

Mandy took the long white cigarette from Principle Rita’s finger’s and French inhaled a mouthful of the creamy smoke. She leaned close to the older woman and streamed the smoke across the remarkable tits staring her in her face,

“What will it take to get our DeShaun back into his twelfth-grade classes?” asked Mandy, taking another cheek hollowing pull on the 120 cigarette, Calmly she placed the lipstick smeared cigarette between the Principle’s pursed lips.

Not waiting for an answer, Mandy placed her fingers on the black jacket lapels and pushed them off Rita’s tanned shoulders, exposing the upper slopes of the fabulous teaching titties.

The slut’s massive boobs were even more spectacular uncovered. Dusky silver dollar aureoles bulls eyed with thick brown nipples that begged for some girly attention.

Turning to face Mandy, Rita touched her red nailed finger to her glossy red lips, then moved the finger to Mandy’s open mouth, then slipped it inside so Mandy could suckle it.

“To open negotiations, Kiss me, Then kiss my titties, Then kiss my cunt.” hissed the brunette as she French inhaled another boob expanding mouthful of cigarette smoke.

“That will get his sweet black ass through the door. After that, he has to show me how much he appreciates what I’m doing for him.” Rita smiled sweetly, sarcasm dripping like warm butter.

“My cunt is so fucking wet.” thought Mandy leaning to kiss the black-haired beauty. “She thinks she’s running the show, but I knew I was going to eat the bitch the moment I walked through the door.”

Slipping her tongue into the Principle Daniels mouth, the first thing Mandy noticed was the unmistakable taste of pussy. Creamy, tangy, and addictive.

“This slut has been eating cunt today.” Mandy almost laughed out loud. “She is going to be so fucking easy! So fucking easy!”

“Kiss my tits!” ordered Rita breaking the deep kiss. Rising, she settled her asscheeks on the desktop. She sat like a princess, then squirmed her buttocks on the red desk blotter.

Watching the pompous bitch wave her hand like she was riding a school homecoming float. Mandy just shook her head with disgust, “That cunt!” she thought, opening her Chanel handbag, she took out her pack of Sherman Black and Gold cigarettes then lit one and stared at the woman, the fucking tits drawing her gaze like a magnet.

“40DD’s” quipped the brunette Principle. “I knew you wanted to ask!” Rita snickered, kaş escort taking a snap to inhale on her Virginia Slim cigarette. “Now, kiss them!”

Cupping the massive tit in her fingers, Mandy rubbed her black cigarette across the milky white breast, then traced the gold filter along the light blue veins just below the tit surface.

Kissing the slope of Rita’s right titty, Mandy’s lips tattooed it with her red lipstick, then she repeated the same to Rita’s left boob, covering the big boob in red lip kisses.

“Beautiful titties, darling!” Mandy meowed, nuzzling the other breast. “I could kiss these sweethearts all day.” Whimpering softly, Mandy took one of Rita’s thumb thick nipples between her lips and sucked the teat into a stiff, erect nugget.

“Suck it bitch! Suck my fucking nipple!” growled Rita tossing her head back, the black hair whipping like a horse’s mane. “Suck Principle Rita’s tittie!”

Mandy looked up from her sucking and placed her Sherman cigarette between her lips, letting the black cigarette dangle suggestively. Taking the black cloth belt in her fingers, she yanked it open. The black dress opened, revealing Rita’s slightly rounded belly.

Giving a soft whistle of appreciation, Mandy gave Rita’s clean-shaven pubic mound and pussy a lip-smacking stare. The plump hairless peach was a sight to behold, the labia pink and swollen and wet.

Licking her lips, Mandy noticed a string of white pearls looped around the woman’s hips, The expensive gems splitting the center of the bald mound of Rita’s cunt, the pearls separating the delectable pussy lips.

“Kiss it! Suck it! Eat it! Make me cum!” grunted Rita scissoring her black nyloned thighs together. “Make me cum, you bitch!”

“Yes, Principal Daniels. Eat your cunt! Make you cum!” laughed Mandy ashing her cigarette in the ashtray on the desk, Dropping into a lewd squat between the teaching slut’s spike-heeled suede knee-high boots. “I’m the teacher’s pet!” Mandy

grunted, smacking her lips.

Licking the smooth bulge tucked between Rita’s thighs, Mandy zeroed in on the erect clitoris peeking from under the hood, “Peek a boo!” she giggled, kissing the blood congested clit, her tongue lazily circling the swollen nub. “You like that, you slut?”

“Oh, God, Yes! Lick Me!” Rita screamed, her big bum bouncing on the desktop. “Eat my cunt, you bitch!”

Burying her nose in the wet pink labia, Mandy nuzzled the woman’s pee hole and the frothy mommy vagina, using her long tongue, she searched Rita’s insides.

“I’m going to cum! Oh, Fuck! Oh, Fuck Yes! I’m cumming!” squealed the big titty teacher as she took a quick drag off her cigarette, her throaty orgasm coming in smokey yelps. Lifting her ass slightly, Rita forced more of Mandy’s tongue into her birth canal.

“Cum, you slut!” taunted Mandy getting a taste of juice oozing between the educator’s swollen pussy lips. A squirt of Rita’s tasty orgasm saturated the front of Mandy’s dress, soaking the silky fabric.

“Oh, Sweet Mother Fucker! Eat my twat!” screamed Rita, her tangy liquid soaking the desk blotter. “Fuck! Your Good!” laughed Principle Rita moving her asscheeks in the puddle of her juices.

Smacking her glistening red lips, like a teen tasting her first cock, Mandy savored the tangy tart taste of the woman’s insides. Pointing her black cigarette at Rita’s satisfied twat she giggled.

“Is school out?” still giggling, Mandy stood up and smoothed the front of her cum smeared sundress. “How about a little detention for a bad girl Ms. Daniel’s?”

Principle Daniels slid off the juice saturated desk blotter and took a final pull off her VS 120 then crushed out the cigarette.

“You bitch, you scrambled my ovaries.” groaned Rita looping the belted sash around the black dress. “I think we’re going to hire you to teach oral hygiene to our students.”

Picking up her handbag Mandy stepped over to the voluptuous educator. She kissed Ms. Daniels on her full lips and whispered. “When does DeShaun start back to school, Ms. Horny Bitch?”

Rita grinned, “Eight AM sharp and inform him to bring his rubbers. It might get wet!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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